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Found 88 results

  1. Hello! I'm Midoalon. I just started being a member of the DYOM community roughly 3 years ago but I just got serious a year ago and began to design and create missions. Some of my missions met moderate success and I felt prepared to start a series. A friend (who shall not be named ) told me that if I wanted my series to attract attention, I should start a topic in GTAForums so, that's why I'm here Anyways, enough about me, it's time to get into the actual story: The series tells the story of Rick Templeton, an ex-criminal with a dark past who was hiding out in Greece. When he is invited to stay with his best friend, Dan Arlington, he arrives via the ship, the Dreamgiver. I drew my main inspirations of the series from THBP's Long Theft Auto and the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV. So please forgive me if my series and the two storylines are very similar as I'm still a novice in designing missions. But I can assure you the experience of my series will be unique. As of my current progress in the series: Chapter 1 is complete and is available on the DYOM website in the link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42706. But Chapter 2 is still a work in progress. I hope that my topic will stimulate interest in the series and if you have any suggestions you would like to make, please comment on the topic. Please notify me immediately of any grammatical errors or bugs and crashes in the missions to allow me to correct them ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to read this!!! P.S: All credit goes to Theory of Thug in making the logo.
  2. The John David

    [MP] The Chainsaw Killer 2

    The Chainsaw Killer returns again, my friend, this is my new upcoming mission-pack. Give them a feedback and comments. Thanks! 2 months ago, at the Las Colinas, Alex, Dandy, Mike, and Teddy are manage to get rid the Chainsaw Killer Man. Citizens from Los Santos are back to normal state. However, Mike has now leaving his friends and going on San Fierro, in a few days later, Dandy has planned to start his vacation on Angel Pine and he his friends to join him too! They celebrating themselves at the Angel Pine. However, some kind of suspecious guy hiding in midnight of the Angel Pine, heading to the store supplies and trying to kill anyone else who present there. Meanwhile on morning, Dandy and his friends are going to store to get more foods, but they found only as a pure dead bodies lying everywhere. Police has finding some proof who did all this crime again. But, now, a new killer returns with a chainsaw holding. Full Horror Mission Pack = Download Here Initial Release Date = May 2, 2016 Reviews: https://youtu.be/4sLPDnlagwA Theme Song: Jhan Dave; for making a new season of The Chainsaw Killer WoodmanTheSnake; for the headers and logo Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for making DYOM aka Design Your Own Mission And for all Designers who give some honorable feedbacks
  3. -Ronnie-

    Unfinished Business [MP]

    Because everything is Just Business... Unfinished Business is a small mission-pack of nine missions. You'll take the role of Ronnie Freeman who tries to track down and revenge his associates who stole his money.This MP almost has everything: action-adventure, stealth and fairly boss fights.Also i included music tracks to make the atmposphere more interesting. Ronnie Freeman and his associates storms the bank in Los Santos to rob the vault.When they reached the vault Ronnie is betrayed by his associates and fights his way out of the bank but Police arrives and he gets busted.He spends some hours in Los Santos prison and then somebody unknown pays for his freedom in exchange for a favor. Chapter 1: 1. Intro : The Heist 2. Paid Freedom 3. Prison Break 4. Business is just business 5. Last Task Chapter 2: 1. Hunting the hunted 2. My friend's enemy is my enemy 3. Betrayer 4. The Other Side of the Coin Download Download sounds Reviews: JhanDave's Review: overall 4.1/5 or 81/100 Ronnie Freeman: The Protagonist.After the heist in Los Santos bank to rob the vault Ronnie is betrayed by his associates and police arrived and cought him.Now he is determined to find those who stole his money and take revenge. Kelly Thomas: Ronnie meets Kelly in Alhambra Club and they have fun together.In general her role is minor in the story and she appears in few missions only. Achilles Ronson: The guy who paid for the release of Ronnie.Upon releasing Ronnie from prison wants him to do some jobs for him and he will help him take revenge. Mike Garcia: Achilles wants Ronnie to sneak to the prison and free his friend Mike however they got spotted and managed to escape from police to a hideout. Officer Mark Jones: Jones interrogates Ronnie to learn about the heist and his associates.Ronnie does not talk at all and he takes him back to prison. Johnny Smith: He was a best friend of Ronnie until the heist in the bank.Johnny was always a selfish person and he managed to cooperate with Brad and Jack to use the help of Ronnie to get the money and then betray him.Antagonist later in the story. Brad Noel: Antagonist later in the story.One of the members who were part of the heist. Jack Williams: Antagonist later in the story.One of the members who were part of the heist. Security Men: The security men owed by Achilles can be found in various missions and locations such as the Alhambra Club.They are armed with 9mms, Uzis, Tec9s and MP5s
  4. -Ronnie-

    San Andreas Warfare 2 [MP]

    DESCRIPTION: First of all i suggest you play San Andreas Warfare to understand the story. San Andreas Warfare Link San Andreas Warfare Topic Plots about the story are revealed within cutscenes and timeouts so pay attention! Army Ranks: Nothing special, complete missions in the correct order and Powell will get promoted. Powell won't definitely reach the rank of General. If the playable character is not Powell there is no ranks. Skiping missions you'll lose parts of the story unless there is a bug. 25 years later Sergeant James Powell is now old and retired, his son however Mark Powell follows his footsteps.After months of training Mark joins the SWAT Unit in Los Santos.Immediately is sent to discover a terrorist activity but when he learns evidence about their secret the leaders shot him and left him for dead. List of Missions and Acts: Act 1: 1. Intro 2. The Resistance 3. Stealth Mode 4. Deadly Experiments 5. Blood Brothers 6. Fight for the Resistance fighter Act 2: 1. Duty Calls 2. The Marines 3. Assassination Target 4. Tank Commander 5. Hunter or Hunted? 6. Scientific Troubles Act 3: 1. Apocalypse Begins 2. Infected Hill 3. Dread Father 4. The Arena 5. Underground Experiments Act 4: 1. Military Warfare 2. Painted Red 3. Eliminator 4. Undercover Assignment Act 5: 1. Lost Cause 2. The Spy Who Betrayed Me 3. Promises to Keep Act 6: 1. Unexpected Proposition Choose the end: 1. Final Mission: Join Ivchenko 2. Final Mission: Fight Against DOWNLOAD San Andreas Warfare 2 People Reviews: Overall: KevinDYOMAcount 9/10 A Dollar Bill 3/5 KC10a's Review (so far) Act 1 Intro 65% Finished the MP and want to write a review? post it below and i'll add you. Trailer Made by Jhan Dave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HsaYOpB-YY Characters: Mark Powell: Rank is advanced within missions.One of the playable characters he is the son of Sergeant James Powell.Mark followed his fathers footsteps and joined the SWAT unit in Los Santos.During his first mission he learns evidence about a terrorist secret but he got spotted and the leaders shot him and left him for dead. James Powell: He makes a rerurn but his role is minor.He is a playable character in one mission only.James Powell is hired once again by Foley to find a nuclear bomb. Sofia Jackson: She is the daughter of General Jackson.She is a follower of Powell for his missions but her role in the story is minor. Sergeant Danny Collins: He is also a playable character.He becomes a friend of Powell when he joins the SWAT unit for first time.Like other military members he fights along side Powell for his missions. Colonel Shepard: He is the current Commander in the army base of Area 69. He provide Powell with military missions as well as other members. Warrant Officer Johnson Max: One of the members who fights along side Powell.Dispite his rank he follows Powell's orders.His class is gunner he prefers to eliminate his enemy with his M4. Sergeant Jason Colton: He is a member who fights along side Powell.His class is sniper and his accuracy is perfect even in close combat. Colonel Dalton: He becomes the commander of Area 69 after Shepard.His role is similar to Shepard he provides military missions. Father Francisco: He is also a playable character.During the zombie apocalypse he tries to find supplies for their nearby hideout.He randomly finds the wounded Powell in the barn and takes him to their hideout for medical treatment. Hudley: During the zombie apocalypse he runs the arena in Grove Street, Los Santos. Because his last fighters killed in action he suggested Powell and his team to replace them in exchange for information about the nearby hidden lab. Dr Miles: His name revealed in later missions.He has orders from General Ivchenko to create specific machines for human experiments namely zombies.He appears for first time in a ship to San Fierro.His lab was destroyed when he compromised and managed to escape with helicopter. General Ivchenko: The primary antagonist.As general of the Russian Army he tries to conquer San Andreas by any means necessary even human experiments.He has a whole army to fight for him and he knows many ways to slip away from complicated situations. Commander Alexandrov: He is the second in command after Ivchenko.He is a boss fight near the end of the story. Sergeant Ivanovich: One of the three antagonists.There is no much to say about him he is a boss fight near the start of the story. Main Military Enemy: They are the primary military enemy.They are armed with AK-47s, Berreta 9ms, MP5s, Tec9s and Uzis.Watch out for the shotgun dudes! they can instantly kill you. Main Military Ally: Obviously they are your allies.They are armed with M4, MP5 and 9mms.In some missions they help you in combat but they aren't followers. San Andreas Warfare 2 - by Heisenberg_GR: Part 1 and 2 Screenshots:
  5. Gangster_-Ƶ

    {MP/SL} The Golden Bullet

    LINK TO THE MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k3codctqk3ylx61/The+Golden+Bullet.rar LINK TO THE DYOM SITE DOWNLOAD: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41321 TRAILER FOR "THE GOLDEN BULLET": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GClZ6eI8x0 Las Venturas - the city of casinos and mafias. Get thrown into the shoes of Joey Rizzo. A proud and high-ranking member of the crime family: The Ferrari's. The Ferrari's have been in conflict with two other families (The DeLuca's) (The Romano's) and one street trash gang (The Blue Jakz) for years. But when Joey was sent to retrieve a top-secret package that all crime groups wanted, a full-out war was unleashed upon the Ferrari family. Every mob/gang teamed up to eliminate the Ferrari's out of existence. It's now up to Joey to show these other crews what the Ferrari family is all about! Joey will have to use his wits and strength just to end these gangs/mobs against him and his family. But this isn't your everyday, ordinary crime pack either. Plenty of crazy moments will be present. Hope you'll enjoy! Joey Rizzo: Joey is a loyal/proud high ranking (Made Man) mobster of the Las Venturas crime family: "The Ferrari Family". Joey will do whatever it takes to please his family. Whether it be a typical hitman job, or even more crazier jobs. Doesn't matter, Joey will do it. Even if someone talks trash about his family, he'll take care of them. Don Vito Ferrari: Whenever you talk to Don Ferrari, you're talking to one pissed off crime boss. Don Ferrari will get pissed at just about anything. Even the smallest. Whether you screw up a job, or even call him by his real name, Vito, he'll get pissed. The Don favors Joey a lot. Considers him "The son he never got". The Don only has one mission. And one mission only: To defeat all rivals and take control of Las Venturas. The Don may have a low temper but that doesn't change his humorous side to him. Sonny Ferrari: "What am I a clown? Do I amuse you? Do I make you laugh? Am I here to f*cking amuse you!?!" -Sonny Ferrari. Sonny, being the son of the Don, definitely takes a lot of traits from him. Such as his low temper and humorous side. Sonny doesn't care what people think of him. But he can be pretty cruel sometimes. He treats Joey like a brother. Sonny has his entire life planned out: To run the family business one day and take control. Vinnie Marcelo: What are three good words to describe Vinnie Marcelo? Probably would be: "Alcoholic" "Joker" and "Relaxed". Vinnie just simply wants to have a good, and stress free time all the time. He's a lieutenant in the Ferrari family and is proud of his status. Sure, sometimes he may be rude, but, he just wants to keep his 'tough' and 'firm' status about him. He'll risk anything for the family. Whether it be a simply hideout take-down, to even a bullet to the chest, Vinnie will do it.. For the family. The Ferrari Family: Joey's family. Very loyal and high ranking in the family. The Ferrari family was the only family in Las Venturas until the other crews appeared out of nowhere and started war. Now they must defeat them and show who owns the city! The DeLuca Family: Sworn enemies with the Ferrari family. Hates the Ferrari's the most out of all the crews in 'Venturas. The DeLuca family is cold and pose a major threat to all crews. As they're the most powerful. They don't care who they kill, as long as they get a quick buck and become more powerful. They want to become an unstoppable force in LV. Not only control the crime game but even control the politics and police force. The Blue Jakz: Petty street gang trying to own 'Venturas. Nothing special here. Even though they're small and unorganized, they couldn't care less. They still want to own the city. The Romano Family: Major allies with the DeLuca family. They want the same goal as the other crews. Own LV and that's it. They're not as powerful as the DeLuca family, but, they still pose as a threat. They + the DeLuca family, give the Ferrari family a real challenge. The Romano Family and the DeLuca family plan to split 'Venturas if they take control. -GangstaZilla203; Creating the DYOM -Rockstar Games for the GTA franchise -Dutchy3010/Patrick W for the DYOM modification -FunkyRJ for the headers -And all those that support/play my missions!
  6. !!COMPLETED!! Welcome to this new MP, I cancelled my previous MP named GTA SA San Fierro Stories because it was too boring to design. But Im here with this new MP, Enjoy!!!! A Guy named Michael Johnson married with a girl named Martha Jones, now she became Martha Johnson. Michaels brother also live with him, named Steve Johnson. All of them living a happy life, but one day, Michael goes for a walk. After some time, he heard a thrilling sound from behind a shop, he go to place from where he heard sound, he see that 2 terrorist killing the vice president of Los Santos, Mr. James Roy. After few seconds, terrorists ran away, and Michael is still astonished. Police Officer Mr. Adam Smith came and arrested Michael in the crime of killing Vice President of Los Santos, they dont know the truth. Now his brother Steve had duty to rescue his brother. He talks with police, give some cash to them and rescue Michael???? Or he takes help of the guns???? WHO WINS CRIME or TRUTH? MICHAEL STEVE MARTHA MR. JAMES ROY MR. ADAM SMITH Review by Huzaifa Khan: A Trailer will be displayed here. (by Heisenberg_GR) A Gameplay will be displayed here. (by Grand_DYOM) A Gameplay with Commentary will be displayed here. (by AnDRej98) Download Mod SAN ANDREAS STATE PRISION before playing this MP. This is very, very important mod. Without this you cant play this MP. Mission 1 - The Turning of happy life.... Mission 2 - The police is worst.... Mission 3 - Aim of Small brother Mission 4 - Now in LV.... Mission 5 - Be Careful.... Mission 6 - Now or Never Mission 7 - End of Adam Mission 8 - Again Happy life... WHO WINS CRIME OR TRUTH CLICK HERE KC10a for creating this MP Dutchy3010 & PatrickW for creating AWESOME modification , DYOM! Anyone who make trailer for me/Heisenberg_GR for trailer (in advance) Anyone who make gameplay for me/Grand Dyom for Gameplay (in advance) Anyone who make gameplay with commentary/AnDReJ98 for gameplay with commentary. (in advance) Anyone who make review for me/KevinDYOM Account for review (in advance) Graven & FunkyRJ for headers. And all the people who played this MP.
  7. Hello guys and welcome to the main page of my new story, Stories from San Andreas. Hope you enjoy playing it. I worked a lot for it and if you see any mistakes please tell me. So here it is. Stories from San Andreas Introduction: The streets of the Los Santos are ruled by gangs. Gang Wars can be seen on daily bases. The most Popular gangs are Grove Street Families, Rollin` Heights Ballas and Los Santos Vagos. Ganton is the Grove Street territory and their main place. David, the protagonist of the story, is 18 year-old boy who lives in Ganton. He became part in GSF gang. David however, don`t like this gang stuff. He has a friend, Mark, who is also involved in gang work. Mark is a drug dealer but he is warned by Sweet multiple times. Now he is forbidden to do drug dealing. But Mark never listens Sweet and he always continues the bad work. David however is not like him. David is a loyal person. And he never betrays his gang. But still because of misunderstanding, he gets kicked from the gang. Now he makes his way throughout the city. This story happens 2 years before Carl returned from Liberty City. Characters: David Jakus: The protagonist of the story. 18 year-old boy who lives in Grove Street and get involved in gang activity. He makes his way throughout the state of San Andreas after getting kicked from the gang. Mark: David`s friend who got involved in gang activity long time before David does. He used to drug deal but got warned by Sweet and he also got kicked from the gang with David. Toni: One of the enemies. He saw Mark doing the drug deal and blackmails him that he will tell it to the cops. In reality, he is one of the Ballas. He got killed in the gunfight with David and Mark. Download Link: Click Here Required Mods: No mods required...
  8. Warning!!! This SL/MP Is complete, see the tag? So don't ask for ,,when it is done or ETC" I Will make the second chapter. Hello everyone, my name is QED, and i'm gonna show you my latest DYOM series (for now). I'm gonna start with the story, then i give the link. Story: Timmy Hellrock came to Carpati, Romania, because Rankie told him to go for a deal. But Timmy finds out he just wants the owned money then he punches one of his gang members and take his gun. Then Timmy blasted 'em all! But the police was after him, so he flied to Las Venturas. Well, the link is here http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39925 Enjoy the storyline/Mission pack! ~QED
  9. The John David

    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 [Completed]

    Hello, guys. I'm working now with my new project. Hope you will like this. Since i'm vacation today, i will work this faster, but i might take some days to finish this. About: Medal of Honor (Heroes 2) - is a first-person shooter. Developed in EA Games. Sergeant Liteunant, a player soldier who trying to finish his jobs and missions. Story: June 6th 1944, War has broken into our hands, led by OSS Operative John Berg to infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime called Germans. OSS are planning to annihilated all Germans, however, the germans planning something, we don't know what it is, but we might find out. Therefore, we must bust all their files as soon we can, they know we might find something there. Goodluck, Liteunant. Download MP: Medal of Honor - (Beach Attack) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Sink U-boats) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Destroy the guns) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Through the Sewers) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Monastery Assault) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Destroy Train) - Click Here Medal of Honor - (Base Demolition - Final Assault) - Click Here [MP] - Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - Click Here Screenshot Required Mod: (FPS) - First Person Shooter - Click Here Trailer [Note]: You have to download FPS first before you play this MP. Credits:
  10. The Story-line Required's Given Below; * This Story-line Required's DYOM V8.1 * Try to Use Clean San Andreas No CLEO Mods Eddy Jones was a top Drugs Dealer in Liberty City and the most Criminal guy. The Police of LC was Under him. The Guards alway's keep their eye on their mansion and protect any causes. But after hearing the News from San Andreas about his mom death. He decided to travel Los Santos San andreas and start a new type of Life. More Inforamations in Story-line. Eddy Jones was the top drugs dealer in Liberty city. The police was also under him but after coming back in San Andreas Los Santos he changed his life and doing other peoples jobs Mark Ivon was a Scientist in College. Eddy Jones and mark Ivon was best friends they work on same jobs grown up same and study together. His parents was died in Accident and now Eddy jones take-care of him. Cesar Viplandoar is a leader of Aztecas Gangs of Los santos. He is also a good friend of Eddy Jones Truth is also was a scientist of a army HQ. But some jealous peoples blame on them and he was fried from that HQ. And now he live like simple peoples. He helped Eddy Jones in Everyday and he gave him the right Choice. Edward Jones the most Wanted mobs in San Andreas. He is a Devil. He order to kill Chief Minster and prime Minster And Now his next Target is President to kill him and take over the whole of SanAndreas in his hands. Full Version: WWW.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39352
  11. The John David

    The Chainsaw Killer [Complete]

    Hello guys, and Welcome to my new project i present on you all. Hope you're gonna like this Story: Once upon a time, in the middle of forest on Los Santos, there's a unknown person who have a chainsaw, however, this guy isn't ordinary person only, these known as "Killer". In March 4, 1999. There's a three person in the Las Colinas, they are, Teddy, Alex, and Dandy, trying to figure their investigation to find out who is this killer. But it won't be easy to figure it. Characters: Teddy Mark: Alex Mateo: Dandy Albert: Mike Alchamote Released Missions: [table][/table] Missions Link The Chainsaw Killer Part 1 Click Here The Chainsaw Killer Part 2 Click Here The Chainsaw Killer Part 3 Click Here The Chainsaw Killer Part 4 Click Here The Chainsaw Killer Part 5 Click Here The Chainsaw Killer Final Part Click Here [tr] The Chainsaw Killer Full MP Click Here Credits:
  12. DOWNLOAD Complete series For more detailed informations click here. Episodes From San Fierro (EFSF) is a mission-pack series that takes place in San Fierro and Bayside between 1988-1995. It contains two stories: The Street Life (perquel) and The Chronicle of Bryan Robinson (original). All 2 stories are connected to each other and have their own style, different side missions/activities and shows San Fierro from 2 different point of views. Idea first came in 2011 to show city from Bryan's eyes (now named The Chroicle Of Bryan Robinson), when he comes back from Germany. It was basically 'Episode' since it showed us one point of view. Now i came up with idea to remake the story and write one more (prequel) story that will show us San Fierro from another point of view in different style. Although the third story (sequel) was planned to be added, there were not enough elements and would be pointless since the story is already completed, also from other character's views. Better grammar Better quality of missions (DYOM V8) More understandable story Missions more related to story Mission name changes Deleted useless missions More side missions New activities in/outside missions New story (sequel) Five years ago, Bryan and George Robinson, two brothers started working for San Fierro Rifa street-gang. Few months late, George had some incidents with Italian mafia in local coffee bar, what caused a drive by between George, Bryan and their friends from Riffa, and Italian guys who called themselves 'Gracia gang'. Drive-by ended by crashing George's car into wall in East San Fierro. Then there spawned shooting between Riffa and Gracia. Gracia was more in better position, then Bryan saw there is no chance in surviving, he left his wounded brother George and got away, packing his stuff and flew to Germany. Five years later, Bryan finally decided to come back to San Fierro and finish the unfinished business that he should have done a long time ago. Characters: Bryan Robinson Bryan is 37 years old guy who was born in San Fierro, Paradiso. He was member in San Fierro Rifa street gang unit drive-by happened between Italian mafia and Rifa gang members. Since that moment, he left to Germany, for peaceful life. Five years later, he comes back to San Fierro to finish the unfinished stuff that he should have done a long time ago. John Stark John is 37 years old guy, one of Bryan's best friends. They went to school together when they were kids, later Bryan and John didn't see each other often because John was too busy with his work. As soon as John finds out Bryan has joined Rifa, he tried to tell him to leave because of dangerous reasons, where Bryan refuses. After Bryan left to Germany, he gave his house to John to use while he isn't here. Since he lost his job in early 1993, John joined Triads to get protection and money. Wu Zi Mu Traid leader Wu Zi Mu, also known as Woozie is powerful man in San Fierro. He has running his illegal business for a long time and doesn't want anyone to stand on his way. He's currently in far with Da Naga boys. Woozie meets Bryan and starts looking for him often and thinks he is a good solution for some of Traid's problems. Hose Rovaldo Hose, also known as Black Fish is 52 years old, second leader of San Fierro Rifa gang and ex Bryan's boss. When Bryan left the city, Black understood the situation but still couldn't forgive Bryan for doing it on that way. Since Bryan came back to San Fierro, Black is trying to get him back in the gang and remain the friends. George Robinson George is 44 years old guy, Bryan's brother who has been member of San Fierro Rifa gang. George had some incidents with Italian mafia in local coffee bar, what caused a drive by between George, Bryan and their friends from Riffa, and Italian guys who called themselves 'Gracia gang'. Drive-by ended by crashing George's car into wall in East San Fierro. Then started shooting between Rifa and Gracia. Gracia was more in better position, then Bryan saw there is no chance in surviving, he left wounded brother George. After that moment, none knows where George disappeared. Rumors were saying he has died by falling into water while trying to get away from Gracia. Killer Unknown killer who appeared 1 year before Bryan came back to San Fierro. He killed two big city businessmen and disappeared. When Bryan came to the hotel, Killer appeared from nowhere, killed two men and drooped bomb on the hotel. None knows his next steps. Mao A guy who appeared in hard moment with little tricks that could be very useful for Bryan. Triad from Liberty City, and old friend of Woozie, he has been always helping Woozie in hard situations. Now Woozie asked him to keep an eye on Bryan and help him as most as possible. Gangs/Criminal Organizations: Triads The San Fierro Triads are large gangs originating from Hong Kong, who have since moved to San Fierro. There are three Triad factions in San Fierro consisting of a set hierarchy with small sets answering to larger sets; the Blood Feather Triad, which would later be slaughtered by their rivals, the Da Nang Boys; the Red Gecko Tong, which is led by Ran Fa Li; and the Mountain Cloud Boys. The most prominent gang in the group, the Mountain Cloud Boys, is operated by the blind Wu Zi Mu and answers to the Red Gecko Tong. San Fierro Rifa The San Fierro Rifa (or Rifa) is the sole Mexican gang based in San Fierro, later seen to be collaborating with Big Smoke, the Ballas, Los Santos Vagos and Russian Mafia in the narcotics business. The Rifa also appear to work as thugs and protection for the Loco Syndicate. After death of former leader T-Bone Mendez, Rifa lost large deals for drug trade and fall on lower level than they used to be. Da Naga Boys The Da Nang Boys are at war with the local San Fierro Triads and were responsible for the massacre of the Blood Feather Triad, a subset of the Triads. They have also targeted the Triads' leaders, namely Ran Fa Li and Wu Zi Mu, in one instance attempting an assassination. The gang is extremely violent, with major interests in protection, narcotics and human trafficking. While the Da Nang Boys are portrayed as a major Vietnamese gang in the city Missions: Episode 1: Welcome Home - Download 1.Welcome Home 2.Old Chapter 3.New Times, New People 4.Confusion 5.Little Flashback 6.Steal The Stolen 7.Complicated Victory 8.Party On The Ship 9.Cleaning The Hood 10.The Game Just Started 11.Outro Episode 2: Stand up & Finish It - Download 12. A Job For Beginner 13. Special Reward 14. Beginning Of The Hell 15. Unexpected 16. Close Encounter 17. Through The City 18. Easy Way To The Point 19. Singing Like Rock Star 20. Dead End San Fierro in late 80's is like Liberty City in 60's, but with newer style. The streets of crime that are filled with gangs, and the one of them is Rifa. San Fierro Rifa, known as Rifa is the famous gang in San Fierro that controls the biggest part of the city. They are in war with Triads. Recently, rumors started talking about Italian mafia called: Gracia, which is interested in some business with companies in San Fierro. member of San Fierro Rifa, George Robinson doesn't want to get involved in their stuff only if they don't think of touching Rifa's streets. But things, seems to start complicating lately. Characters: George Robinson One of the most respected and skilled Rifa members, ranked on the similar level as T-Bone. Although not a Mexican, he was offered to join by T-Bone after successfully helping the gang to make up one big drug trade. George doesn't like drugs or getting involved with it that much, but since drug trade is main focus in the gang, he accepted making deals and transports. He has elder brother Bryan and lives in the Paradiso. Hose Rovaldo Also knows as 'Black Fish' is a member of San Fierro Rifa and one of the George's closest friends. He got George to the Rifa, suggesting T-Bone it would be really worth having George by side. Hose used to dislike American food, but once Luis showed him some food at the Burgershoot, Hose fell in love with it. He has been a Rifa member for a long time, knowing many things and what happened in history. Luis Recently came from the Mexico and joined Rifa when his brother Fernando invited him. He's one of the George & Hose's closest friends, often hanging in the hood at Gracia. He knew to use guns since he was kid now can show his skills at the bettel or when it comes to that. Professional weapon user and great support. Sam Is a local dealer and George's friend since high school. He's been into drugs since school and was trying to get George into business but without success. He makes only single, small drug deals. Because Rifa is the generally controlling the drug trade ground, he was allowed to have his own small drug business with help of George. Mao Triad member from Liberty City who comes often to San Fierro if problems with other gangs/organizations suddenly occur. He assists Woozie and lead the main tactic in defeating the enemy. Often called in Liberty City 'The fastest dragon' by Triads there. He is one of the biggest Rifa problems when it comes to facing with Triads. T-Bone Mendez Officially the leader of San Fierro Rifa. At some point in the past he joined the San Fierro Rifa, and eventually became the leader. Under his leadership, the Rifa confronted the Varrios Los Aztecas, Mendez himself killing two of Cesar Vialpando's friends. His main point is to expand the drug trade as most as possible. Although he respects the work that George is doing, he keeps eyes on George because of possibility for George to take over T-Bone's leadership and gang overall. Bryan Robinson Elder brother of George who doesn't think it's good idea to be associated in any kind of stuff that George is associated. Peaceful person, sometimes assist George and lives with him in Paradiso. Fernando Also known as 'Fred' is a minor character and brother of Luis who has been a long time in the gang. He is holding all the weapons of San Fierro Rifa in the Gracia, which some of them are free. Dave Is a Los Santos drug dealer and a long time friend of Sam. He came to SF with his friends Josh & Mike who are also from LS, to plan a robbery at the airport with Sam. Josh Along with his brother Mike, is a illegal weapon dealer and a long time friend of Dave. He came to SF with Mike and Dave to plan a robbery at the airport with Sam. Mike Along with his brother Josh, is a illegal weapon dealer and a long time friend of Dave. He came to SF with Josh and Dave to plan a robbery at the airport with Sam. Gangs/Criminal Organizations Triads The San Fierro Triads are large gangs originating from Hong Kong, who have since moved to San Fierro. There are three Triad factions in San Fierro consisting of a set hierarchy with small sets answering to larger sets; the Blood Feather Triad, which would later be slaughtered by their rivals, the Da Nang Boys; the Red Gecko Tong, which is led by Ran Fa Li; and the Mountain Cloud Boys. The most prominent gang in the group, the Mountain Cloud Boys, is operated by the blind Wu Zi Mu and answers to the Red Gecko Tong. San Fierro Rifa The San Fierro Rifa (or Rifa) is the sole Mexican gang based in San Fierro, one of the most serious gangs in San Fierro with the biggest drug trade in region. Leaded by T-Bone Mendez and assisted by their best & one of most respected member George Robinson. After successfully made deal about territory with Da Nagas, the problem with Triads still stayed on hand. Da Naga Boys Currently quiet, are the ship-street gang active in Esplade north and few ships around San Fierro. East Boys The East Boys are a small group of people that recently moved to Bayside & San Fierro. Their main opportunity is drug trade, although not big, they started installing in the east San Fierro before they got destroyed by the Rifa. Their status is currently unknow, except it's known they still remain in Bayside. Italian Mafia Two Italian businessman have moved from Las Venturas to San Fierro trying to make a different step from usual Italian business (Casinos). Planning to open a factory in Gracia and named themselves 'Gracia' have a rival, Rifa which were holding that territory way before Italians came there. Missions: Episode 1: The Streets Of Mine - Download 1. On The Run 2. For Justice 3. East Trouble 4. Worthless Step 5. Gang War 6. Esplanade East 7. Easter Basin 8. San Fierro Bay Episode 2: Drugs Are Serious - Download 9. A Mess 10. Just Drugs 11. Random Bullsh*t 12. It Ain't Going Like That 13. Photographer 14. Side Fun 15. Running Away From Hell Episode 3: End Of The Street Life - Download 16. Old Friend, New Enemy 17. Blow It The f*ck Up! 18. Warning 19. Preparing For The Trip 20. Dangerous Way Out 21. Beginning Of The End Rockstar Games - GTA San Andreas Dutchy3010 - Design Your Own Mission PatrickW - Design Your Own Mission AnDReJ98 - Story writer, mission designer, producer OgiElman - Additional work on story Dyom123 - Writen review of Episode 1 (TCOBR) Gammoudicj - Writen review of Episode 2 (TCOBR) & (TSL) Revolver1 - Writen review of Episode 1 (TSL)
  13. Alan Eastwood

    The Agent Mr.X

    You take the role of Mr.X, an agent trained by SFPD who works in a special division that specializes in terrorists attacks. Agent Mr.X has been sent on a mission to stop two dangerous terrorists who carried out a robbery on the millitary base of San Fierro. The weapons that they took could cause a nuclear holocaust and your objective is to stop them at all costs. You'll encounter many enemies and some of them will be out of the ordinary. Survive. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 1- El líder italiano (The Italian leader) 2- El bote yakuza (The Yakuza Boat) 3- ¿Qué carajo pasó? (What the f*ck happened?) 4- El sobreviviente (The survivor) 5- La cosa menos insesperada (The thing least unexpected) 6- ¡La horda ya llegó! (The horde is here!) 7- Adiós amigo mio (Goodbye, my friend) 8- El fin de la raza humana (The end of the human race)
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