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Found 81 results

  1. Hello, designers, welcome to my new project to do, after i take two days to take a break that i've decided, i've now present you this. Six months later, after the Spetsnaz Headquarters Base Zone have success to stop all the russians all over the area. A new unknown terrorist has making another invasion of San Fierro again on July 23, 1986. They working some kind of project trying to destroy San Andreas. July 26, 1986, A new base for Spetsnaz Headquarters. Now it changes, it's called: North Wind Venturas Headquarters. Grekov Mateo, and Utopia Simile, are hero agents who stop all the russians last six months. But now a new war begins from a unknown terrorist. Grekov Mateo 2nd Person Shooter - (Hero Agent) Utopia Simile Grekov's Best Partner - (Hero Agent) Peter Smith Leader of North Wind Venturas Headquarters. Ember Smith Co-operation of North Wind Venturas Headquarters on July 26, 1986 Singularity Arron Leader of the unknown terrorist who invaded the San Fierro on July 26 Barton Blaze Supporter for Singularity Arron. Troy Planet Machine Gun Masters (Dangerous Enemy) Rose Astarte A woman scientist who's working with Singularity Arron [Full Mission Pack] = Download Here [Note]: You must play first the previous Battle San Fierro Regeneration Health - Click Here Jhan Dave - for planning the next season of MP. WoodmanTheSnake - for the awesome headers Dutchy3010 and PatrickW - for making Design Your Own Mission aka DYOM. And for all Designers who support this topic.
  2. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60489 Test your speed in the aim course - with diffrent variety of weapons, and levels. It's fun map - based on the "ammunation side mission" but in that, you can actually check your time [how fast you completed it] by the timelimit in the right side. Send me picture links, or YouTube videos if you completing the map - tell your best times from the Weapon levels Thank you, and see you! Yeah, pretty much fun map - with the diffrent weapons - you can test your aiming speed. It is done on the unacessable "ammunation" interior [or how do you wanna call it] - and you have an timelimit on the right side, which is counting your time - you can send VIDEOS and screenshots from your BEST runs so far. Thank you, this is the fun map If you want some changes - tell me. I can do more of an "running" enemies instead of standing.
  3. Shogun Pacino

    The Heist

    Carl, Sweet, Kendl & Ryder plan to make a heist to the Los Santos bank. All you have to do, is to follow the damn train to do the heist and help them. Download here Screenshots
  4. The John David

    [MP] Battle Los Santos

    1999, on the first day of June. An attack on town was occured by the first day of June, led by Spetsnaz, special forces units of russia, taken over Los Santos and preparing to launch a surprise attack, People have overrun the whole town of Los Santos, a riot has happened. On the Natick Army Soldiers Systems Center (NASSC). a soldier, Carlisle Kenny, was one of the best soldier of NASSC. He was a best men and has a high accuracy that can perform tactical combat skills. And his friend, Jeffry Billy. One of Carlisle's partner. A commander of the NASSC, Lamont Tatton, ordered Carlisle Kenny and Jeffry Billy to infiltrate Los Santos and find out what's goin on to the town. Get all the information from the Spetsnaz Russia and transport it from Lamont Tatton. Leader of Spetsnaz russia, Martin Denis. He's planning to create his project "Spiridus" A monster jet fighter that can destroy a whole city, causing an apocalypse to all town. Martin Denis right-hand, Yefrem Grigory. A mafia russia joined for Martin and has a very skilled tactical combat. One of NASSC's best soldier and have a tactical combat skills Commander of NASSC Carlisle's partner joined on NASSC Spetsnaz's Russia Leader, attacked Los Santos on first day of June Martin's right-hand and has very skilled tactical combat. An old partner from Carlisle. ---Agent Kenny's Skin--- Full MP + DLC Available - Download Here Initial Release Date - May 3, 2017 DLC Release Date - May 8, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4hOltSCy04 Jhan Dave; for creating a new MP Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for DYOM
  5. TQR

    Codename B0A4

    BIG THANKS TO MIKOLAJEK451 (JACOB ITALY) FOR HIS AWESOME RECORDING OF THIS MP. THANKS SO MUCH MIKOLAJEK451! I APPRECIATE IT! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhbXG15ol670EpYOmZe3Lg NOTE : THIS IS A MISSION PACK NOTE : THIS MISSION PACK IS ZOMBIE SHOOTER Be sure to PM me any issue. http://gtaforums.com/user/1107239-tqr12345/ This is a Mission Pack made by It contains 18 missions and it all makes makes sense. These missions are playable,easy and some are short. Please rate this when you're done. BACKSTORY : A spec ops unit wakes up with a part of his memory temporarily lost. He goes through many risks to get out of San Andreas,which is infected by a virus,whose patient zero is codenamed B0A4 CHARACTERS -Anthony (Alive):The protagonist of this mission pack. He takes things seriously and is medium-tempered. -James (Alive):James is a sergeant who survived the overrun of Area 69 by the infected.He is a calm and strategist man -Randall (Dead):A soldier of the San Andreas Army. Gets killed by B0A4 in a Meat Factory in San Fierro -Shawn (Alive):A soldier of the San Andreas Army. Not many information is known about this man. -Aaron (Alive):A soldier of the San Andreas Army. Not many information is known about this man. -Lee (Dead):Anthony's childhood friend. Gets killed by B0A4 in the desert -Paul (Dead):Anthony's friend from the SA HQ. Gets killed by B0A4's rocket in the desert -Chief (Dead):The Chief of San Andreas Spec Ops Unit. Dies in the Area 69 overrun. -General (Dead):The General of San Andreas. Dies by B0A4's rocket in the desert -B0A4 (Alive):The one who started mayhem around SA.Very intelligent and dangerous.Gets killed by Anthony in the end,after killing Randall.Thus,Anthony takes revenge and (maybe) kills B0A4 -Scientist (Alive):A survivor from Area69 overrun. Nothing is known about this man -LSPD Officer (Dead):A coward officer who cheated death once,but died in the LVPD overrun -LVPD Officer (Dead):An officer who died in the LVPD overrun -Jane (Alive):Anthony's girlfriend.Dies in the LVPD overrun,or Anthony supposes so. -Other survivors MISSIONS - 18. DOWNLOAD http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50893
  6. Huzaifa khan

    Grove Boys Revolution [MP]

    Hello! everyone I started my new project Grove boys revolution. This Mission-Pack is related to gang wars but the Mission-Pack based on story and I try to make my Missions unique as I can. And improve my previous mistakes. All I want is your feedback and opinion The story of the Mission-Pack based before the event of San Andreas. In Los santos there are four gangs Ballas, Grove Street, Los Vagos and Los Aztecas and all their gangs had their leaders Ballas runs under the co-operation of B-Dup's. Grove Street runs under the co-operation of Sweet. Los Vagos runs under the co-operation with OG loc and Los Aztecas runs under the co-operation of Cesar. All the gangs in los santos wanted to take over the other gang territories, In these conditions the one bad decision of Vagos gang turned a war between Grove street Vs Vagos and then the war grow bigger. In these circumtences Ballas the most biggest gang of los santos shake their hands with Vagos gang and they started to taking over the grove street territories and killed their members then grove street started a revolution and shake hands with Aztecas after that Grove Street and Aztecas started a revolution and finish the hold of bad boys in the Los Santos. Grove Boys Revolution (Complete Series) All Credits goes to the Dyom Developers Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome modification Dyom. HardluckStyle for the amazing logo and my friends who play this MP.
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