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Found 88 results

  1. Storyline status: FINISHED! San Fierro 1990. City of drugs,gang violence,cartels,mafia.Crime is all over the place. Thugs are using the situation to profit anyway they can. From small time pickpocketing to robbing entire bank convoys. Whole system is corrupt and city officials themselfs are using the situation to profit. Mayor force in city right now is Mexican drug lord Julio Cruz along with his corrupted officials that work for him. Cruz was dominating force in SF for few years and gained fortune smuggling. Right now new gangs are forming, each one trying to get a bite of the action. Local thugs Layne and Fred, who are friends since childhood are trying to profit robbing people on street. Their lives change after one unfortunate incident... MAIN CHARACTERS: Layne Allen Protagonist of the storyline. Small time thug. Born and raised in SF. Knew Fred since childhood. Cunning and fearless. Has no problem getting his hands dirty. His lack of experience and empathy for people are considered his weakness. Lover of Japanese bikes, and racing. Fred Young Is childhood friend of Layne. They went through lot together, saving each others lives couple of times. Fred is known hothead, incredible driver and lover of Japanise bikes, not a fan of guns, but if needed its not a problem for him. Fred has his fingers deep in life of SF. He gets information and along with Layne commits robberies. Nikki Nikki met Layne during a race couple of years ago. They got close to each other and eventualy started dating. Their relationship was kinda strained lately,but their feelings never faded. Nikki is a motorcycle fanatic along with Layne and Fred. She used to work around bikes since young age and learned a lot about them. The currently works at a garage fixing cars and bikes alike which is owned by Michelle Meyers. Julio Cruz SF drug lord, controls almost entire smuggling and drug dealing operations in San Fierro. He gained wealth while he stayed in Mexico. There he organised his own drug cartel. Taking out his competetors he became the leading force in Mexico. Business was ripe for taking in USA so he moved to SF and gained powerful friends in city officials including Kenny Veron. He brought his brother Ricardo Cruz to SF who became respected police officer (Thanks to his brothers money and influence). Julio seeks to keep his business flowing while he manages it with hand of steel, while keeping city in chaos. Julio is merciless and cunning. Not afraid to get his hands dirty if needed, but he prefers to keep his hands clean. He is usualy calm minded but when pissed he becomes a deadly to everyone around him.Known to be paranoid. Ricardo Cruz He was born in Mexico five years after his brother Julio. Ricardo always looked for inspiration in his brother. Unlike his brother Ricardo was keen on making in life using brute force. He trained under lot of famous and respected trainers and fighters. Julio brought his brother with him to SF and offered him to join police ranks for Julios profit. Ricardo accepted without hesitation. He is excelent brawler almost best of the best. Not very bright, but obeys every order given by his brother. Kenny Veron Was born in midwest where he lived untill his early 20s. He became involved in politics. His job made him move to San Fierro in 1970s. At first he did everything to help the people of SF untill he realised that he achieved nothing. After nervous breakdown he had a change of heart. He reached for Julio and offered his a business deal. Currently Kenny is congressman for the city and in free time avid golf fan. Kenny is very inteligent and calm person. But his mind is full of evil plots and destruction. Carl Ferret Carl Ferret is a bankrupt businessman that owned the Brown Streak company. He bankruped after getting into dept to local dealers. In order to save the company he was fired and left forgotten,homeless and broke. Carl vowed revenge. He swore to himself to get back on feet and destroy his own employees. Carl is known to be psyhotic sometimes. Known liar and manipulator (Reason he made it big in first place). Besides he is a coward (Sole reason he didn't betray Layne in first place. He was afraid of getting murdured). Cheng Fu Cheng is the leader of SF Triads. Just like most criminals Cheng is fearless and little nuts. He leads his gang in path of gambling as a way of making cash. Although he doesn't mess with Mexicans Cheng isn't afraid to mess with them. Since Layne lives in his territory (Chinatown) Cheng is fully aware of Laynes exploits and moves. He later on indirectly bribes Layne to help him fight for his side. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS: Janice Gun expert.She is old friend with Layne. Janice would often take Layne on shooting ranges and teach him to use all sorts of guns. She works as a repair person for firearms and in freetime experiments with firearms trying to make her own weapon to sell to army. Chief Tayler Chief Joseph Tayler is current hightest ranking cop in SFPD. He is a honest, kind and brave person. He has been doing his job successfuly for over 10 years. Tayler is a thorn in Ricardo Cruz's side. Ricardo cannot uphold his promise to his brother without removing Tayler from his position. Officer Knight Officer Knight is a veteran in the SFPD. He joined around 20 years ago. He was openly against Ricardo joining the SFPD since it was obvious that Ricardo is a mindless brute. He isn't afraid to say what he thinks. Mexican cartel: Lead by Julio Cruz. Current HQ in San Fierro. Most powerful and influential organiastion on west coast. Controls 80% of drug trafficking that passes through San Fierro. Mexican cartel was created from lot of separated organisation in Mexico. Even though that its called 'Mexican' it had lot of members that aren't Mexicans, some even never been there themselfs. Julio Cruz made Mexican cartel after rising in power in one previous organisation. He killed his own boss and named himself boss of the organisation renaming it Mexican cartel. He fought all competition destroying them anyway possible. With every destroyed organisation Julio got more recruits. He build his power on fear. After few years Mexican cartel was most powerful organisation in Mexico and controled whole state not just the drug flow. After business started to dry up Julio decided to relocate the cartel to San Fierro which was paradise for drug dealers. Five years before the storyline takes place Julio arrived and took over the town with force. Thanks to cartel city is under high crime rate and goverement is helpless when it comes with dealing with the situation. In year 1990 power of the cartel is starting to diminish and lot of smaller gangs are trying to get a piece of action. Local Thugs: Local thugs is name for lot of smaller organisations operating in San Fierro. They are all small time. Making cash dealing on streets and stealing. They also like to trade arms time to time. Local thugs are not problematic party while they operate individualy, but could become a giant force if they somehow united. Bikers: Bikers are a state big organisation. But they don't answer to one leader. Each part of the organisation has its own leader and its own way of earning cash. They are mostly thiefs and dealers. They love old school bikes and shutguns. Bikers are known to be very violent when someone messes with their bussines. Russian Mob: Russians are don't have any real presence in San Fierro. they mostly smuggle arms from Russia and sell them in USA. Their main area of pressence is Los Santos where they are mayor force. In San Fierro they send squads sometimes to deal guns to local thugs. They mostly mind their own bussines. They aren't intrested in San Fierro drug trade. Triads: Triads have been around for a long time. Hanging out in Chinatown these street thugs can be serious problem. They make their money owning betting shops and lottery games. They mostly stay out of SF drug scene and don't interfere with Mexicans since Julio doesn't have intrest in gambling bussines. Not yet that is. All chapters together ready for downloading: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35871 Chapter 1: Street Kids: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35293 1. Ripoff 2. Money for nothing 3. Trouble 4. Mr.Cruz 5. Take it easy 6. Thing we love the most 7. Repossesion 8. Don't mind me Chapter 2: Go with the flow: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35447 1. Intro/What's next? 2. Sea Food 3. Our turf! 4. Not while I draw breath 5. Typical brutish 6.​ Truck stop 7. Guilty if I say so 8. Expanding 9. Help us,help yourself 10. We mean business Chapter 3: Money: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35770 1. Intro 2. Fallen Businessman 3. Piece of cake 4. Closing the deal 5. Ride on the wild side 6. Just visiting 7. They all fall down 8. Message for an old friend 9. Ripe for taking Chapter 4: Breaking the ties: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35870 1. Intro 2. Ending the contract 3. Lost hope 4. Rampage 5. Serious firepower 6. For our lost ones... 7. Outro Progress (More detailed) -My current pace of making missions is 1 mission at a day. -I have rough sketch how storyline is gonna progress and whats gonna happen. Its not decided 100% yet. -Ending of the story is decided and I can proudly say I'm VERY happy how it should look. -If this storyline lives up to my expectations I might even do more storylines that connect to this one and its characters (Think about it like 3D GTA era characters. Not HD. Not yet!) -I've been around for a long time. I used the name Nyhhichi. Not realy active, but some of you might remember. -Stoyline is gonna contain 4 chapters around 7-10 missions each. - As of 14.1.2015 I might have to slow down my development proces due to preoccupation with other things in my life that matter more to me than DYOM. Missions are gonna come no worries. It only might take a little longer to make them. Expect Chapter 3 to be finished and uploaded before end of January. I'll try to stick to 1 mission per day rule as much as possible. -24.1.2015 Today I start working on the last chapter of this storyline. Its gonna be grand, its gonna be epic. I just hope I don't get lost in the mess . -25.1.2015 2 missions are finished and ready (Intro and first one). Today I spend lot of time making the longest objective wise mission (yet). And after 75 objectives I'm proud to say it works as intended and it didn't crash a single time. The ending chapter is gonna be epic -29.1.2015 Unofficial (playable) last mission is created and only outro for the series remaining. This is it! Tomorow(30.1) last mission is gonna be created. I will test missions and storyline myself to be sure that there are no fatal crashes. After that upload follows. -30.1.2015 ITS DONE! All is done. I just need to test them one last time and Its gonna be uploaded. I will also make a arhive with all storylines together for easier downloading. Expect that to be up sooooon. Final Words: I want to thank everyone that has visited, played, rated, commented on my work. Feedback is appreciated highly. Thank you once again, and have fun
  2. Huzaifa khan

    Grove Boys Revolution [MP]

    Hello! everyone I started my new project Grove boys revolution. This Mission-Pack is related to gang wars but the Mission-Pack based on story and I try to make my Missions unique as I can. And improve my previous mistakes. All I want is your feedback and opinion The story of the Mission-Pack based before the event of San Andreas. In Los santos there are four gangs Ballas, Grove Street, Los Vagos and Los Aztecas and all their gangs had their leaders Ballas runs under the co-operation of B-Dup's. Grove Street runs under the co-operation of Sweet. Los Vagos runs under the co-operation with OG loc and Los Aztecas runs under the co-operation of Cesar. All the gangs in los santos wanted to take over the other gang territories, In these conditions the one bad decision of Vagos gang turned a war between Grove street Vs Vagos and then the war grow bigger. In these circumtences Ballas the most biggest gang of los santos shake their hands with Vagos gang and they started to taking over the grove street territories and killed their members then grove street started a revolution and shake hands with Aztecas after that Grove Street and Aztecas started a revolution and finish the hold of bad boys in the Los Santos. Grove Boys Revolution (Complete Series) All Credits goes to the Dyom Developers Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome modification Dyom. HardluckStyle for the amazing logo and my friends who play this MP.
  3. -Completed- Hello guys and welcome to my new Project. First of all in the Description you will read some things you should know about GTA: Tommy Vercetti Stories. This Project is a Classic GTA Storyline and have many missions. It's completed and includes 3 Chapters. The story is fictional and based on GTA: Vice City events and I'm well readed of Character's history. You MUST install GTA: United 1.2 and the skin of Tommy Vercetti. You can find the links of Tommy Vercetti's Skin & GTA: United 1.2 on Downloads section. Don't forget to give a feedback, I'll appreciate it! -Liberty City 1971- Liberty City is the worst place in America, full of crime and violence. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. Tommy Vercetti is just a 21 years old kid who don't care about his family's shop but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The Sicilian "Leones" Mafia wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. The shop of Tommy's father is one of the shops which the Leones want to take over but his father Claudio refused to pay them. After Uncle's Leone order, Don of Sicilian Mafia, his hitmen killed him. His father's death made him more angry and became a criminal. Forellis helped him to stand again on his feet. Tommy didn't took it personal but an opportunity to become a Made Man of Forelli's Crime Family and rise on the Most Wanted men in Liberty City and he made it, but with a different way. Tommy Vercetti - Protagonist Claudio & Alessandra Vercetti Harry Rigano Sonny Forelli Giorgio Forelli Lee Cirillo Marco Forelli Mike Forelli Yoshio Takayama Robert Quinn Lance Vance Ken Rosenberg Forelli Crime Family Sicilian "Leones" Mafia Sindacco Crime Family Snake Heads MC Yakuza Uptown Yardies - Mission - Turf War - Take Over - Setup - Heist Teaser Trailer Official Trailer Review by Jhan Dave: Review by Lion killer: Review by SaintsAreComing: Review by Hardluck Style: GTA United 1.2: http://www.gtaunited.net/downloads.p6.html Tommy Vercetti Skin: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7vhthjdddpp7bh6/Tommy+Vercetti+Skin.zip DYOM Storyline: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40511 Heisenberg_GR - Creating the Storyline Rockstar Games - GTA: San Andreas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - DYOM Mod ATP, LiveLife, cj2000 & ManDog - GTA: United 1.2 Jhan Dave, Hardluck Style, Lion kill & SaintsAreComing - Reviews [WARNING] You must install GTA: United 1.2 and Tommy Vercetti's Skin to play this Storyline!
  4. Martin_Strada

    Mark*s New Life

    Story: You are Mark, a Guy, where he lives Liberty City for 10 years, he*s worked with Leone*s Mafia, he*s moving to San Andreas, because his old friend lives in Los Santos, Mark*s friend called: Jeff, doesn*t pay the money to gangs: Aztecans, Vagos, Ballas and Grove Street... Jeff*s old good friend is Kane, he*s got a lot of guns.. Kane have a good and helpfull friend is Max, he*s lived in Las Venturas in while.. Does they gonna stop Gang War and do a free life? Characters: Mark: He*s lived in Liberty City for 10 years and worked with Leone*s Mafia Status: Arrested Jeff: He*s an Mark*s Old Friend, he doesn*t pay money to 4 gangs. Status: Alive Kane: He*s have A lot of guns. Status: Alive Cesar Vialpando: He*s a Aztecan Leader.. Status: Unknown Sweet Johnson: He*s a Grove Street Leader Status: Unknown (CJ) Carl Johnson: He*s a Gangsta of Grove Street Status: Unknown Lee: He*s a Leone*s Mafia Leader, a Mark*s Friend Status: Dead Max: He*s a Lee*s Friend, a real man.. Status: Dead Woozie (Wu Zi Mu): He*s a Triad Leader.. Status: Dead Uncle Raines: He's a Jeff's Uncle, he's 60 years old and he's have a lot of guns Status: Dead Alex Saim: A friend of yours, that helped you to fight the gangs Status: Dead Download: Chapter 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rzzf1789xe8f44i/Chapter+1.rar\ http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47819 Chapter 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pd5s3c83p3e33uc/Chapter+2.rar\ http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47820 Chapter 3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ab1gf1dk2j1ee12/Mark%27s+new+Life+-+Chapter+3.rar Chapter 4: https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Mark's%20New%20Life%20-%20Chapter%204.rar?role=personal Chapter 5: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Mark%27s+new+life+-+Chapter+5+FINAL.rar Dlc's: N/A Special Thanks to: Dutchy 3010 and PatrickW for making Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Modification Called: Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) Stay Tune Guys! Thanks for Watching my topic and Bye!
  5. Martin_Strada

    [Mission Pack] The Torn

    Mission series status: FINISHED Hey guys, welcome to my mission pack: The Torn, this mission pack is about the GSF known as Grove Street Families want to be at the top. Ballas and Vagos will be your most dangerous enemies. I'm working with two mission packs, The Torn and Fort Carson Stories. This DYOM will have 2 Chapters and 14 missions in this mission pack. Check more for story and characters. Summary: You are a new member in the gang Grove Street Families, Headed by Sweet Johnson, Grove Street Families need to stop Ballas and Vagos and takeover the places. You are Sean Paul in the Grove Street Families, the gang contains operatives who do almost everything: Stealth, Assasination, Assault, Sabotages and the list goes on and on. GSF (Grove Street Families) is a small gang between Seville Boulevard Families, however Grove Street wants to be ice cold killers. You follow Sean Paul through his short-lived carrer in the Grove Street Families. Paul finds himself in between crime and violence. he wants to use his skills being put the test againist Ballas and Vagos, and some Drug Dealers. Character list: Characters Name: Sean Paul Characters Description: A man, who's want to be in Grove Street Families on the top. A killer. He's will be playable character Characters Photo: Status: Dead Characters Name: Rick Thomas Characters Description: A Sean's best friend, he's a helpfull member, he's will helps to kill your enemies. Characters Photo: Status: Dead Characters Name: Sean Sweet Johnson Characters Description: A leader of the GSF known as Grove Street Families, his brother moved to Liberty City. Characters Photo: Status: Alive Characters Name: Brian Johnson Characters Description: A gangsta of GSF known as Grove Street Families, he's a Sweet's brother, his another brother moved to Liberty City. Character Photo: Status: Dead Characters Name: Unknown Balla Gang Member Characters Description: A Balla gang member, his name is unknown, he wants Sean dead. Characters Photo: Status: Alive Characters Name: Kane Characters Description: A leader of the Balla Families, most dangerous man in the Los Santos Characters Photo: Status: Alive Characters Name: Maddog Characters Description: A raper of entire Los Santos city, he's working with ballas. He's your enemy. Characters Photo: Status: Alive Characters Name: Anthony Harris Characters Description: A good detective, he knows everything about the Ballas and Vagos Characters Photo: Status: Alive All Missions: ZIP FILE WITH ALL MISSIONS ---> https://www.mediafire.com/file/9tit5et55ce40zc/The%20Torn.rar Chapter 1: Vagos Compound: A first mission to destroy the vagos van, it has full of drugs, and they can poison Grove Street. The Meeting: A meeting with Drug Dealers and Kane, Kane has a deal, but your task is to stop him. Rooftops: Clear all HQ of Ballas and find all plans about the Grove Street. No Way Out: An escape to the Ballas HQ, from police. Let me Burn you Out: Anthony sends a coordinates, what happens next? Incoming Dogs: Grove Street Families planning to go Ballas Mansion, But Kane, Maddog, knows it. Plan's Rising: Grove Street Families is moving towards the ballas mansion, but Kane made a smart move. Coma: Coma Chapter 2: Besieged: Rick is besieged by some Vagos and Balla members. Killing for Drugs: A drug meeting with Ballas and Vagos members Welcome home: Guess who's back? Battle of East Los Santos: A battle with balla members and Grove, Seville members. Brothers in Arms: Sweet is doing a meeting in Johnson's house, and ready to bust Ballas and Vagos. Countdown at Jefferson: GSF (Grove Street Families) Is moving towards the Jefferson Motel to bust a Ballas. Phrase Update list: Phrase 1: Chapter 1 is completed, chapter 2 is in Work in progress. Phrase 2: Chapter 2 is started in progress. Phrase 3: Chapter 2 is finished to work, Chapter 3 is in Work in Progress Phrase 4: Chapter 3 is started in progress. Phrase 5: All mission pack is released
  6. G.O.T.H

    [MP] The Police Business

    Mission pack status: COMPLETED Hello, guys. I'm new and I've made first mission pack series that I hope you'll like it. Since I've started making in lot of months to finish this, with lot of effort for this mission pack. It contains 29 missions and 4 chapters on it. So, I hope you play it enjoyfully Story: In the city of Los Angeles, it is full of crimes and gangsters all around the city. The polices had a hard time to clear the particular problems. Steve "Scaraff" Ben Johns, the new recruit of the police forces and services. He always wanted to be a police since his childhood to protect and serve the community and city of LA. However, due to his "higher level of protecting the citizens", he suggested the citizens is in danger from the even infuriate and derange of unknown gangs, causing him more confusion in mistake way. He'll try his best to clear the problem all around the community.. Characters: Name: Steve "Scaraff" Ben Johns Photo: Description: Major time playable character/protagonist of this series. He is a new recruit member of police forces. He wanted to make the community much safe and peace. Name: Frank "Orbi" Sims Photo: Description: Minor time playable character. He is best friend of Steve since childhood. He is fat with a decent behavior. He's been served for a week before Steve would recruit. Name: Keith "Ketien" Salvo Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is valiant and polite person that he is believed that he's been served for many years. Name: Robbie Perkins Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is well-meaning person with a immature behavior. He's been served for few years. Name: Luke Wells Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is one of a member of the police forces. Name: Dwayne Gilbert Photo: Description: He is Luke's partner under the police task. He is one of a member of the police forces. Name: Dale "Delt" Warden Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is the FBI who helps investigate about Rusk gangs. Name: Sean Dustin Photo: Description: He is Delt's partner of the FBI Team. He's the one who knows information about Rusk gangs. Name: Troy Wells Photo: Description: He is Luke Wells' brother. He is just a civilian who wanders around his block. Enemy Characters: Name: Rusk Gangs Photo: Description: They are the Rusk gangs who has hatred towards polices and citizens. Their head of gangs is Freddy Rusky Name: Freddy Rusky Photo: Description: He is the head of the Rusk gangs. He has hatred and dislike towards both polices and citizens because he believed that his budget is worthless to earn because of them. Name: Black Mobsters Photo: Description: They are mixed Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese mobsters who has same behavior with Rusk gangs. Their head of this crime is Tsing Choi Sik Name: Tsing Choi Sik Photo: PHOTO UNKNOWN Description: He is the head of the Black Mobsters. He has the same hatred as Freddy Rusky. He wanted deal with Freddy Rusky for join effort in doing their own heist mission, or even annihilating the polices. However, their deal did not got so well. Name: Sebastian Reds Photo: Description: He is Tsing's elite agent. He's a former and traitor member of U.S Forces for stealing military hardware and equipment. Name: "Bookie" Photo: Description: He is Tsing's personal henchman. He is loyal to the Black mobs. He doesn't speak English and is only speak Vietnamese. Link for mission pack: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43910 Requirements: *Download the sound effects for more realism. Here's the link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/f47z18 Notes: *It doesn't connected to GTA Timeline. So, it's settings was set in alternate real world. I did this because I want real world. *It quite humorous when having characters with weird names. It is their own callsign. *When you're using headset, make sure you adjust your volume correctly what suits your hearing. The sounds may not properly optimized
  7. Curtis

    Gangland Problems [MP]

    Logo made by FunkyRJ 2003, San Fierro and Las Venturas I'll be joining DYOM Contest #8 with this mission pack IF i do it in time. This mission pack will also feature sound for most, if not all, missions. But mostly they are minor Ambience songs that only play during the cutscene. This mission pack will include (Optional) skins. If skins are not installed then you see the skin i would choose for that character if i could not use mods for this mission pack. Story In this mission pack, we see the gang world of San Fierro and Las Venturas through the eyes of the triads. More precisely, you play as the well-skilled Triad member Su Xi Mu, which the triads can't do without. You help triads with defeating enemy rivals in this "small" (around 20 missions) mission pack. Su Xi Mu was first only a translator for Ran Fa Li, but in 1995 Farlie left San Andreas without Suzie. Suzie now being thrown onto the street life of not being a translator anymore but a Mountain Cloud Boy assossicate, he tried to do his best to go to a shooting range regularily and improve his aim to help Woozie and his triad gang to success. Suzie had a special power in him that made him learn gunmanship really fast, helping Woozie with the problems in San Fierro and the Casino in Las Venturas. As years passed, Suzie and Woozie kept doing the same over and over while the world was changing very fast. With that, new divisions of the Triad gang in San FIerro were made, like the Fit Cobras which was made by Woozie's old associate from China, Hu Li Chan. There were new gangs forming every year, such as the Thugz which started off as just five hoodlums dealing drugs at the side of the street like it was still the 80's. But later there came more people interested in the organization and it became a street gang. The Thugz are not that big of a gang and anyone with enough power and time could wipe them out. Furthermore, The Vinci mob was formed in 1997 as a small Italian family business in Vice City, but then people started to ask for help and jobs and started getting recruited. In 2001 the Vinci Mob traveled to Las Venturas to take over Caligula's Casino after the sudden hit on a guy named Paulie, the previous owner at that time, which wasn't part of any organization so anyone could take the chance to take over the casino. The Triads have been having quite a conflict with them too. Characters Missions Downloads Skins: Here Optional Hellenbach GT Car: Here Sounds: Here Missions: Here DYOM site download: Here (missions only) 100% Done (22 out of 22 missions) Theme Trailer(s) and videos All Gangland Problems-related videos are to be seen on the DYOM site now.
  8. Martin_Strada

    Brad Wilson - Silent Assasin

    Hello, folks. Martin here. My new mission series called: Brad Wilson - Silent Assasin. ''completed MP'' and it will consists 9 missions. All my missions is all about stealth killing and mass murdering. Write a reply to my missions Summary: Brad Wilson is a agent or Silent Assasin of Shadow Walkers HQ. His life is do stealth killing and mass murdering people. He's working for a lot of years about 6 years. 4 months later. He's disobeyed the orders to his leader: Jason. His bodyguards are need Brad Wilson get killed. Brad wants a friend: James to help to Brad.. Brad is a best silent assasins in Shadow Walkers HQ company. Did he's gonna complete all tasks and kill all bodyguards and leave San Andreas? Characters: Brad Wilson: Playable Character. Mark Kanerson: A guy, who's blind, and he's giving tasks to complete to Brad. Jason Haison: He's a leader of Shadow Walkers HQ, he's giving tasks to complete to Brad. James K'Gaim: He's a gangbanger of Gain's Street, Brad helped him to snipe triads while helping him. Raines Laoius: He's a mafian leader of Las Venturas, a bad guy. ZIP FILE: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ckogwo Mission 1: Killing in San Andreas- https://www.sendspace.com/file/629vlu Mission 2: Live or Dead- https://www.sendspace.com/file/4gx268 Mission 3: Ambush- https://www.sendspace.com/file/ukc3mb Mission 4: Agent'N'Black- https://www.sendspace.com/file/bpnhux Mission 5: Bomb Q- https://www.sendspace.com/file/rik8ad Mission 6: Home Run- https://www.sendspace.com/file/y57q4d Mission 7: A Long Way- https://www.sendspace.com/file/vqv471 Mission 8: Shadow Failures- https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=DYOM8.dat
  9. spyderblack66

    (MOTW#3)GTA Tenpenny Stories DYOM

    http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28806 In this mod you play as Frank Tenpenny see the story unfold from the other side of the game script recreated with dyom v8.1 news GTA TS final fix bugs Add 17 missions Fix bugs in the mission cleaning the hood when you did not get life you could not touch the heart and repaired the dsl completely bugs to put the savepoint I put it after and I change the number of mission for example in view of mission 6 I put the mission 7 by mistake and tube to rebuild everything nodio much work making you enjoy my storyline recreated with dyom that mod exists but this I wanted to rebuild with dyom v8.1 any error warn me have fun! how to save progress press YN save load and abort storyline
  10. Hey there. I'm back for more Mission-Pack to do. So I would like you to give this as much feedback as you can. Feel free to comment below. And my PC fixed now. A para-elite named: Red Section, also known as Terrorist, started an invasion in San Fierro on November 9, 1986. A Red Section leader; Markov Bautista and his mens; Gabriel San Diego, and Tryfon Vastillios. However, Grekov's still continued becoming agent with his two best agents, Peter and Ember. A terrible bad news happening again on San Fierro, has invaded again by an unknown terrorist. (Protagonist) - Best IPCA Agent Peter's Son Ember's Dad (Antogonist) - Leader of the Red Section Corrupt Russian leader joined on Red Section. One of Markov's men. One of Markov's men. His best partner Traitor of NWVH, joined on Markov's Organization and playing them from the start Full Series + DLC = Download Here Initial Release Date = November 5, 2016 Initial Release Date - [DLC] = November 12, 2016 https://youtu.be/wPW6-Gy3pqI Jhan Dave; for making new B.S.F.3 Series Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for DYOM - Design Your Own Mission
  11. The John David

    [MP] Battle Los Santos

    1999, on the first day of June. An attack on town was occured by the first day of June, led by Spetsnaz, special forces units of russia, taken over Los Santos and preparing to launch a surprise attack, People have overrun the whole town of Los Santos, a riot has happened. On the Natick Army Soldiers Systems Center (NASSC). a soldier, Carlisle Kenny, was one of the best soldier of NASSC. He was a best men and has a high accuracy that can perform tactical combat skills. And his friend, Jeffry Billy. One of Carlisle's partner. A commander of the NASSC, Lamont Tatton, ordered Carlisle Kenny and Jeffry Billy to infiltrate Los Santos and find out what's goin on to the town. Get all the information from the Spetsnaz Russia and transport it from Lamont Tatton. Leader of Spetsnaz russia, Martin Denis. He's planning to create his project "Spiridus" A monster jet fighter that can destroy a whole city, causing an apocalypse to all town. Martin Denis right-hand, Yefrem Grigory. A mafia russia joined for Martin and has a very skilled tactical combat. One of NASSC's best soldier and have a tactical combat skills Commander of NASSC Carlisle's partner joined on NASSC Spetsnaz's Russia Leader, attacked Los Santos on first day of June Martin's right-hand and has very skilled tactical combat. An old partner from Carlisle. ---Agent Kenny's Skin--- Full MP + DLC Available - Download Here Initial Release Date - May 3, 2017 DLC Release Date - May 8, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4hOltSCy04 Jhan Dave; for creating a new MP Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for DYOM
  12. Jeremy The Former Boxing Legend About Mission: Generally, Mission is about fighting... Short Introduction: We are Playing as Jeremy (main character). Jeremy was a Boxing Legend, but One Day He became a Drinking alcohol Degenrate... But in heart he still want to return to fighting. Screenshots: Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46530 Mission By: sapert (J.M) Extra Notes: Hello, I'm New on this forum, this is my second post and first mission that I publicate. So please, be lenient... Also it will be great if You will give me some useful hints or ideas for the future if you have any. Thanks!
  13. ACH_GAMES Present Missions of the GTA V for GTA SA (DEMO) This is only a small demonstration, I will soon get a part 2 Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx27MjfO23J4dElZZThXeGdzbUE


    ACH_GAMES Presenta Gta SA The Walking Dead COMING SOON 2017


    This is GTA REVOLUTION. The best complete conversion mod for gta san andreas, with unique and never seen modifications, that will put San Andreas back in the game .... GTA REVOLUTION GTA Revolution is a complete conversion mod for gta sa, including a story mode (DYOM) for the player to experience a unique and never seen experience. The mod used mostly from other people and were edited by me, for this new delivery of ACH_GAMES. All rights and credits are in a text file, including credits at the end of the game (GTA REVOLUTION) The game is now finished and ready updated, all errors and bugs were fixed, including story mode (DYOM). Download LINKS : Version 2.2: https://mega.nz/#!jd4hzSZJ!0RFj36va7G0Bl8h4ZoxxJ8AShVknx4naRQwGzdCJSOw Unfortunately the history mode is not compatible with version 2.2, but I will leave the version 2.0 link which if compatible, but some bug will be present in this version, but that does not remove the incredible and unique experience of the gta revolution Version 2.0: https://mega.nz/#!aIpB3bIS!qEFWt8MG5GiCKAcsQM4QgfTzcxKLeP0cRkPQorD5Uh8 Not to mention the incredible DLC of the GTA REVOLUTION, which adds more history with 8 incredible missions (DYOM) epics, including the introduction to JETPACK DLC MISION (DYOM) : https://mega.nz/#!PQgkBATK!krAnjHh4m-cMrbptMT6YvOaiFnhge4vK6VKRIcB2hRU About the story (DYOM): The story unfolds in the year 2016 in the current san fierro state of san andreas, criss a hero of the city, discover the incredible secret of the governor of san fierro corrupt. Criss and his team will do everything possible to stop it and make sure it will never happen again .... It will move sky, sea and land if it is necessary to stop it. GamePlay and History (DYOM) Images: Trailers in youtube (Spanish) : Trailer oficial : Trailer Gameplay (SPANISH) : Trailer DLC (SPANISH) : Trailer MOD Spanish (GTA REVOLUTION) : Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Agusch2010/?ref=bookmarks Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr7Vm1VrOJ5B_6K1LBAJKdA/featured Coming soon GTA THE WALKING DEAD .....
  16. Hello, guys, welcome to my new project i'm working on today, soon i cancelled my previously storyline called "GTA: Episodes from LV" because i'm too bored for designing it. So i tried to cancel it. September 11, 1985, a peaceful place. San Fierro, has many years build by the goverment and approve it as a city, however, December 23, 1985, a new invasion started by the russians. Citizens from San Fierro Ordered by goverment to evacuated them. Russians are attacking and destroying houses, buildings, and bridges on the way to Las Venturas and Los Santos. Agent GM aka "Grekov Mateo". An IPCA Goverment Agent on Spetsnaz Headquarters base zone, has now to infiltrate the San Fierro, and stop all the russians for making a new invasion. No matter what the russians are after, we must stop all of them. For people's sake, for our lives, we must seize our victory! Right here! Right now! Grekov Mateo An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. A 2nd person shooter. Sagara Mateo An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. Leader of Spetsnaz Headquarters base zone. Utopia Simile An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. One of Grekov's best partner in IPCA. Yhangi Mangu Leader of the Russian invaded the San Fierro on December 23, 1985 Samuel Mangu An assistant for Yhangi Magu, one of the russian teams. Timonaty Illam Right-hand of the Russians. Ember Smith - A spy in San Fierro after the invasion started by the russians (Shown this on next season of it) [Full Mission Pack] = Download Here GTAGarage MP Link - Download Here Jhan Dave - for creating and planning this project Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - for making Design your own Mission aka DYOM Heisenberg_GR - for making me a headers And for all Designers who support this topic
  17. Story: The Mission Pack begins with a cutscene showing a wounded Agent 67 wandering through a dark hotel corridor and arriving at his room. Upon entering, he collapses and begins to have flashbacks regarding previous assassinations he committed, beginning with the aftermath of killing Ivan*s Dad: Alexander Grovchenko at the end of the First The Assasin Codename 67.This mission pack is not to mention the presence of rain or snow in every level and peculiar, unnatural events occurring in some levels. In the Mission Pack, 67 visits several locations, including Romania, Kamchatka, the United Kingdom, Rotterdam, Budapest, Hong Kong, and finally Paris. While 67 suffers, a doctor sent by the Agency arrives unexpectedly and treats 67, then flees when he discovers GIGN officers surrounding the hotel. At the end of the game, 67 regains consciousness in the hotel room with an expired mission briefing. It is revealed that 67 was hired to kill a US ambassador, Richard Delahunt, and a famous tenor at an opera house in Paris, but was also tasked to kill their mutual friend, Inspector Albert Fournier who has sent a team of police to capture 67 after discovering his hideout. 67 discovers the situation he is in and moves on to kill the inspector and escape the area. He then makes his way to the airport, where he boards a plane and escapes the country. His contact, Diana, reaches him on the plane and suggests that his target may have been tipped off. Characters: Ivan Grovchenko: He*s a dangerous,Wanted Agent 67 Diana: She*s giving to Agent 67 complete the Missions Theme Song: Download: 1.Intro: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44168 2.Asylum Aftermath [silent Assasin]: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44182 3.Asylum Aftermath [Mass Murderer] http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44183 4.Meat Gusar*s Party: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44789 5.The Sergei Bomb: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44794 6.Lordingold Manor: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44804 7.Rendezvous in Rotterdam: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44805 8.Deadly Cargo: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44808 9.End http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46340
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    Project -X- Mission Impossible

    The mission name: Project-X The story is about an important file called "Project-X" This file is full protected by the Enemy, 6 of the best members have agreed to do the mission and get the file by their own way. Michael The Sniper of the squad, he has amazing sniping skills, and he's the captain of the squad. Johnny The Engineer of the squad, and Named "The Beast" he earned this name because he shows no mercy, Specially in using Tanks and Rockets, He never fails to success. Nick The bomber of the squad, He uses C4 to finish his targets. And he will be the one who will get the file from the protected area. Kyle The Assault of the squad, he uses his mind to destroy his enemy, he shows no mercy while applying orders Brian The Supporter, He's not taking a part of the mission, He'll just send Support Packages to his squad in case of they need to. Jacob The pilot of the Squad, He'll be their Airstrike, and he'll do his best to keep his Squad safe from the tanks, airstrikes and heavy fires. Mark He's using the control panel and a live gps to locate the danger for them, tells them the plane and everything they need to know. Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44523 Please leave a comment.
  19. The John David

    [MP] Medal of Honor Heroes 3

    Finally! I'm done my problems at my house. Time for business here. Sorry for cancelling the previous MP called "The Walking Corpse" because I'm running out of ideas. During the broken of World War 2. The hero "Sergeant Berg" has now stopped the half of germans. However, things are getting harder and harder the mission. Moreover. The german was creating a massive, destructive weapon called "Atomic Bomb" to destroy half of San Andreas. We can't let them do that. Your objective is to infiltrate their base and wipe out all the germans and their plans. We must stop this war, no matter what it takes, in order to save humanity. Goodluck, Sergeant. He's a hero who wipe all the half of germans during the broken war. He's a captain who tells for briefings, infiltration, and more info from berg. Full Mission-Pack: Download Here Initial Release Date: August 20, 2016 I have only few mods below here for you to download. This is recommended to play the demo and the Full. First Person Mod American Soldiers Skin M4 Weapon Skin German Skin https://youtu.be/swKfEIFetic Jhan Dave; for making a new season for Medal of Honor Special thanks for Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for the DYOM
  20. The John David

    Ridge Racer: Deathmatch Race

    Do you want a race for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well if you say yes. Then you're on the right place. This is just a race for fun only for you guys. There's no story about this MP. It's just only a race. V1.0 Features - Released and Tested on August 26-27, 2016 - First released (Single Race Mission only) - Added some great stunts/ramps. - Fixed actor aggresive routes - Fixed other stuffs V1.1 Feature - Tested on August 28, 2016 - Added Tournament Mission Mode - Added soundtracks while playing - Added new enemy vehicles (Cheetah and Infernus) - Fixed some bugs/crashes V1.2 [Final] Feature (New) - Tested on September 7, 2016 -Added Drag Race Mission mode Jhan Dave; for making this project Dutchy and PatrickW; for making Design Your Own Mission aka DYOM
  21. There was a project called "GTA V To SA" by xxGTAXIVxx & THBP they long time they didn't uploaded more missions You will find old missions and random events here "http://gtaforums.com/topic/670946-gta-v-to-sa-xxgtaxivxx-thbp/" So I decided to make Last mission of the series the third way. NOTE: This mission is really big so I divided it into 6 parts first 2 parts having intro and mission's starting cutscene and the others have gun fights and I am not professional in DYOM so please sorry if you not find it dank Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton task Franklin to kill Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his failure to kill Michael's family. Weston then gives Franklin three options. A, listen to the FIB Agents, or B, Weston himself, or C, try to save both of his mentors. After Weston leaves, Choosing C leads to this mission, and has him call Lester. Franklin Clinton Michael De Santa Trevor Philips Devin Weston Steve Haines Stretch Wei Cheng Lamar Devis Lester Crest NOOSE Merryweather Security FIB Ballas Wei Cheng's Mafia Protagonists Dead(Wasted) If Franklin dead If Micheal dead If Trevor dead Protagonists Arrested(Busted) If Franklin arrested If Micheal arrested If Trevor arrested Protagonists Car Dystroyed If Franklin's vehicle get dystroyed If Micheal's vehicle get dystroyed If Trevor's vehicle get dystroyed Friends dead If Lamar dead If Lester dead http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44209 Mirror media fire with SD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jiwphp8tbypy8gd/GTA+V+to+SA+The+Third+Way+mission+full+by+iFaizan.zip This mission, GTA 5 "Third Way"- iFaizan Grand theft Auto San Andreas 1.0 en - Rockstar Games DYOM-Design Your Own Mission - Dutchy3010 and PatrickW Previous missions of GTA 5 - xxGTAXIVxx & THBP
  22. Martin_Strada

    The Assasin Codename 67 2

    STORY: 2000 a year where a lot of mafia*s in Los Santos,One Assasin and His Brothers are want to stop them You Will Manage a Silent Assasin or Mass Murder called;Ivan Grovchenko Diana Is Giving some Tasks,are you think they will kill Gangs And Other sh*t! CHARACTERS: Ivan Grovchenko; He*s a protoganist,his are a Silent Assasin Called Codename 67 Diana: She*s giving some tasks to complete THEME SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_5X3Yf7Ems DOWNLOAD: Chapter 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44163 (9) Spook O Meter http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44164 (10) Final Mission http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44165 Special Thanks to: Dutchy 3010, PatrickW for doing this mod called Design your own Mission Jesper Kyd for doing the amazing soundtracks for Hitman Game
  23. CrisPK

    [MP] Ganton 5

    INFORMATION Hi all. First thing is that I was bored of all the same theme missionpack. Only Chronicles of... Bla bla... GTA: bla bla stories... Zombie bla bla.. Gangwars bla bla... So I decide to make something completly diffrent with a lot of things that everyone miss. Second is that my MP haven't advenced story because I focus mostly on gamplay. A lot of Hyped MP have boring missions like "drive here, kill him, back home" and most of gamplay are cutscenes talking about story (and I dont know why people give them 10/10. :V). Third thing is... Who am I? I may look like beginner in DYOM but I've watching DYOM for a long time and played a lot of MP, SL and I made (I think :V) "BREAK THE META" MP. Maybe a lot of you will hate it because of preatty simple story but as I said, I focus mostly on gameplay and innovating my missions with new staff. Last thing is that I see Rytuklis thread "A message to designers." and a lot of senior DYOM designers only comment others MP but they are do nothing with thier "expirience in DYOM" or just making boring and out of ideas sequels of thier Mission Packs (example: Huzaifa's Gangwars. No offensive.) without trying something new and this is very sad. Okey, we talk about DYOM community so now lets talk about this MP. Ganton 5 were made for A LOOOOOOT of time and ideas in my head. Sometimes I stop making missions when I were out of inspiration and sometimes I back to this after 3 months. So you can imagine how long I create this. Anyway... I have a lot of ideas about future Ganton 5 MP but it depends whether will popular. If you want to get information about my MP/Missions first you can sometimes visit my blog (http://crispkworkshop.blogspot.nl), I will try to post news often. The End. Enjoy playing ^^ Why should you play Ganton 5? - Multi-character. You play as 5 diffrent characters in every mission with thier special team roles as driver, hacker etc. - Unique Special Part system in car. - New "mechanics" like hacking etc. - Difficulty missions with simple cutscenes and advenced gameplay. - Missionpack will updated with new DLC wich will contain new missions. DOWNLOAD http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43697
  24. FlufferzTheCat

    The Carter Chronicles

    The Carter Chronicles Description Shane Carter was a powerful man in Los Santos. He was a great shooter, and leader. He worked his way up the ladder to sucess in the criminal underground of Los Santos. Unfortanatly, after being arrested on tax evasion, and 4 counts of murder, he was sentenced to life behind bars. After another neutural gang leader who is trying to get his earned respects in the city of saints, arrives to help break him free their lives take a twist on the long road of owning the streets. Will they prevail? Or become and old wives tail? Official Score (Soundtrack) All soundtracks used in missions should all be 100% copyright free, meaning if you were to upload any mission from this pack to a social website (Youtube etc.) You should not get any claims for copyright. If you do however, please contact me imideintly, so i can try to resolve the issue and help your channel as well. You can contact me on either of my Youtube channels, FlufferzTheCat, or TheMobJob via private message. Mods Being the sucky person I am, i am not able to produce mods. The ones in this pack are made by other people. If you see your mod used, please let me know so i can credit you. If you wish for your mod to be removed, I can and will do so. Installing the mods in my pack, use modloader. A tool that allows you to mod your game, without long term change of files. No need to backup any files, just drag and drop to your directory and when you do not want/need them anymore. Simply delete the folder, or disable them in the options > Mod Configuration in the games menus. Mission Listing/Completion Green - Complete Yellow - WIP Red - Not started/Planned Chapter One In The Naked Night The Halo of a Demon Faster Than A Cheetah Rodeo Ruckus Easy as can Be The Battle of the Los Santos River The Rules of the Sands Chapter Two A Change of Plans Burning Down the (Ware) House Death Squad Deliberance The Deal Zhou's Offer Attack on Turf ???? ???? Video Previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFRpwJ6GQtY Make sure to give a rating of this pack on the DYOM website, and subscribe to my Youtube channels, TheMobJob (GTA5, Funny Moments), and FlufferzTheCat (GTASA DYOM)!
  25. BlackRazor15

    [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer

    January 20,2009 - The First Mission 47 need to kill "Malcolm Sturrok" and the 2nd need to kill "Vinnie Sinistra" And you need to save "Victoria" in 4th Mission Stay Tuned... Agent 47: Diana Burnwoord: Victoria: Carlton Smith: ENEMIES: Agent 48: Vinnie Sinistra: Alexander Leland Cayne: Sergei Zavorotko: Blake Dexter: Malcolm Sturrok: [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer More Characters Added soon in Chapter 2.... Thanks. to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome mod DYOM. And Jhan Dave My Friend. Thanks.
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