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Found 1,000 results

  1. Mikul

    Freight trap

    Mission name: Freight trap Feel free to review my mission and criticise it in comments! It uses DYOM 8.2 and i highly recommend using autoaim or an gamepad to play it! Download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60609
  2. Mikolajek451

    AmmuNation: AIM Course [MAP]

    http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60489 Test your speed in the aim course - with diffrent variety of weapons, and levels. It's fun map - based on the "ammunation side mission" but in that, you can actually check your time [how fast you completed it] by the timelimit in the right side. Send me picture links, or YouTube videos if you completing the map - tell your best times from the Weapon levels Thank you, and see you! Yeah, pretty much fun map - with the diffrent weapons - you can test your aiming speed. It is done on the unacessable "ammunation" interior [or how do you wanna call it] - and you have an timelimit on the right side, which is counting your time - you can send VIDEOS and screenshots from your BEST runs so far. Thank you, this is the fun map If you want some changes - tell me. I can do more of an "running" enemies instead of standing.
  3. (Logo created since 14/01/2019) Welcome to Ghost Ship REMASTERED. Yep, you got that right. Remastered, not a remake. I've decided to remaster and improve one of my favorite mission-packs I made 8 years ago. 8 YEARS AGO!!! Holy moly. I'm giving this mission-pack a beautiful polishing touch. Improving a lot of things, making it look better than it was 8 years ago. (if you want to see the old topic: go here) 7th DYOM Awards Nominee for "Most Promising Mission-Pack" and "Best DYOM Video" Chapter 3 Trailer Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! (click the image to download the missions) ------------------------------------------------------------- What's New? Removed the PDA. Removed Trophies. Fixed grammar, more dialogue added. Added background music, ambient sounds and other sound effects Re-edited enemies, more variety and more stronger. Chapter 5 re-worked from scratch with new locations and features from DYOM# add-on. New Easter-Eggs! (5 Dancing Lukas locations, a secret easter-egg on Chapter 5) Improved cutscenes, improved atmosphere, new objects. Story a bit changed, more improved. Improved and longer Boss Battles. Added brand new DLC chapter of Tom and Selva. And many more! You'll see for yourself! STORY 1990, San Fierro, San Andreas. A ship, full of people, deliveries and weapon cargo, had to arrive to San Fierro, suddenly stops nearby. A heavy rain starts pouring and the San Fierro Police Department are worried that something might have happen. The Pier 69 tried to contact with them, but... no one answered. The SFPD believes that their long-time enemies have captured the ship and stole the weapons. Chris White, is sent alone to investigate and evacuate any survivors. But he has yet to discover... the true horror within the Ghost Ship. CHARACTERS MISSIONS Recommended to play with headphones on. Recommended to use PROFESSIONALKILLERS cheat code. Strongly recommended to use the sound files. Recommended not to use any kind of mods. COMPLETE EDITION (Coming Soon) (Full Soundtrack) (Full Package from Mediafire) Complete Edition has all the files, includes all chapters and the extra chapter. It also includes CLASSIC missions from the original Ghost Ship. It also has the "G.S.R." mission, which is a demo mission for the cancelled project "Ghost Ship Remake" Complete Edition comes with all the scripts, characters and the full Soundtrack that you may use, it's Royalty Free. Chapter 1: Investigation Begins (Download) (Sound Files) (Lots of thanks to @AnDReJ98 for testing before release) Chapter 2: A Nightmare (Download) (Sound Files) Chapter 3: A Tale of the Ghosts (Download) (Sound Files) Chapter 4: The Truth (Download) (Sound Files) Final Chapter: For The Better World (Download) (Sound Files) (Missions designed with DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ) Extra Chapter: A Storm is Approaching (DLC) (Coming Soon) Trailers EASTER EGGS Throughout your journey in the Ghost Ship, you will notice odd things! These are Easter-Eggs! Try and find them all! Green Goo's Chapter 1 3 - in the mission So It Begins 5 - in the mission Within The Ship 4 - in the mission Her World Chapter 2 1 - in the mission Trapped in a Nightmare 2 - in the mission Living Quarters Chapter 3 2 - in the mission Access Code 2 - in the mission Laboratories 2 - in the mission Nemesis Chapter 4 3 - in the mission Story Unfinished Chapter 5 5 - in the mission On The Move 4 - in the mission The Tower Flying Chairs Chapter 2 3 - in the mission Trapped in a Nightmare 2 - in the mission Living Quarters Chapter 3 2 - in the mission Access Code 1 - in the mission Laboratories 4 - in the mission Nemesis Dancing Lukas There's always a one dancing Lukas in each chapter. Try looking for "Big Smoke" skin character dancing in these missions: Strange Portals The Way Back Military Level Story Unfinished The Tower The Secret Final Easter Egg In the final chapter, mission The Tower, try looking around the haunted city of San Fierro for a friendly Ghost after jumping off the crane. She will lead you to the final secret easter egg. UPDATE & CHANGES BLOG If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above! Support my work by checking these links out
  4. El Penguin Bobo

    The Adventures Of Claude Speed

    STORYLINE After three long years in the war, Claude Speed has to come back to Los Santos to meet his mob boss, Mr.Cabone. But once he comes back, everything in the city has gone bad. The city is filled with gang wars, drug dealers, and Mr.Cabone has lost his territory. Now, it's Claude's job to survive the raging streets and bring the mafia back to normal. DOWNLOAD Chapter 1 is now available. Download it here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56805 IN CASE IF PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE CHAPTERS Chapter 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56846 Chapter 3: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58154 Chapter 4:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58833 Chapter 5: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58877 Chapter 6: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58885 Chapter 7: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58923 Chapter 8: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58955 Chapter 9: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58982 Chapter 10: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/59068
  5. Hello San Andreas players, as I've finished with the first Grand Theft Auto title and GTA: London 1969, this time I will replicate all the GTA: London 1961 storyline missions into GTA San Andreas. This includes all the main (phone) missions, the secret/car missions and the "Kill Frenzy" challenges (Well, I made it like Frenzy is the actual name of the enemy). Here is the first chapter, containing the only mission available so far.With that said, I sincerely hope you have fun with my storyline.. And don't forget to comment, feedbacks would be greatly appreciated! CHAPTER 1: WHEN WE WERE VERY SMALL http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/58696 LEGEND: -Phone missions: Purple character -Secondary missions: Blue car -Kill Frenzy!: Blue skull


    Hi. now i'm create Mission Pack, before start my English is very very very bad! OK,Mission one is English. CANCELED PLAYERS JAME:Original Player. He's First gang CANCELED Mission 1:First Blood Elizabeth Queen From British Attack United States and try to capture San Andreas but Jame And Fateh Group.... CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD 2019 Canceled Again sorry for my bad English Im from Iran OH
  7. 1992, Los Santos - a full of people and crime in a place, wanders everywhere in the streets. All Gang members travel everywhere in the town of Los Santos, a start of gang war, and for they all dignity of humanity A 19 years-old man, David Michael, has left Liberty City and went on Los Santos, seeking for revenge from his brother, Douglas Michael, he's just like a made men who's solving his brother's death and who will he know about who killed his brother. His parents went on Europe for vacation for 2-3 years. By now, David has its own disipline guy, and continues his life, no matter what it takes to him. Full Storyline = Download Here [initial Release Date] - April 11, 2016 Leagoo Madness Grove Street Families Ballas Street Families https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9mwkkX1eg8&feature=youtu.be Jhan Dave: for making a new storyline WoodmanTheSnake: for the awesome headers Special thanks to the guy who give me some ideas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW: for making Design Your Own Mission AKA DYOM And for all Designers who support this topic
  8. FlufferzTheCat

    The Carter Chronicles

    The Carter Chronicles Description Shane Carter was a powerful man in Los Santos. He was a great shooter, and leader. He worked his way up the ladder to sucess in the criminal underground of Los Santos. Unfortanatly, after being arrested on tax evasion, and 4 counts of murder, he was sentenced to life behind bars. After another neutural gang leader who is trying to get his earned respects in the city of saints, arrives to help break him free their lives take a twist on the long road of owning the streets. Will they prevail? Or become and old wives tail? Official Score (Soundtrack) All soundtracks used in missions should all be 100% copyright free, meaning if you were to upload any mission from this pack to a social website (Youtube etc.) You should not get any claims for copyright. If you do however, please contact me imideintly, so i can try to resolve the issue and help your channel as well. You can contact me on either of my Youtube channels, FlufferzTheCat, or TheMobJob via private message. Mods Being the sucky person I am, i am not able to produce mods. The ones in this pack are made by other people. If you see your mod used, please let me know so i can credit you. If you wish for your mod to be removed, I can and will do so. Installing the mods in my pack, use modloader. A tool that allows you to mod your game, without long term change of files. No need to backup any files, just drag and drop to your directory and when you do not want/need them anymore. Simply delete the folder, or disable them in the options > Mod Configuration in the games menus. Mission Listing/Completion Green - Complete Yellow - WIP Red - Not started/Planned Chapter One In The Naked Night The Halo of a Demon Faster Than A Cheetah Rodeo Ruckus Easy as can Be The Battle of the Los Santos River The Rules of the Sands Chapter Two A Change of Plans Burning Down the (Ware) House Death Squad Deliberance The Deal Zhou's Offer Attack on Turf ???? ???? Video Previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFRpwJ6GQtY Make sure to give a rating of this pack on the DYOM website, and subscribe to my Youtube channels, TheMobJob (GTA5, Funny Moments), and FlufferzTheCat (GTASA DYOM)!
  9. BlackRazor15

    [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer

    January 20,2009 - The First Mission 47 need to kill "Malcolm Sturrok" and the 2nd need to kill "Vinnie Sinistra" And you need to save "Victoria" in 4th Mission Stay Tuned... Agent 47: Diana Burnwoord: Victoria: Carlton Smith: ENEMIES: Agent 48: Vinnie Sinistra: Alexander Leland Cayne: Sergei Zavorotko: Blake Dexter: Malcolm Sturrok: [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer More Characters Added soon in Chapter 2.... Thanks. to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome mod DYOM. And Jhan Dave My Friend. Thanks.
  10. Gangster_-Ƶ

    {MP/SL} The Golden Bullet

    LINK TO THE MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k3codctqk3ylx61/The+Golden+Bullet.rar LINK TO THE DYOM SITE DOWNLOAD: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41321 TRAILER FOR "THE GOLDEN BULLET": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GClZ6eI8x0 Las Venturas - the city of casinos and mafias. Get thrown into the shoes of Joey Rizzo. A proud and high-ranking member of the crime family: The Ferrari's. The Ferrari's have been in conflict with two other families (The DeLuca's) (The Romano's) and one street trash gang (The Blue Jakz) for years. But when Joey was sent to retrieve a top-secret package that all crime groups wanted, a full-out war was unleashed upon the Ferrari family. Every mob/gang teamed up to eliminate the Ferrari's out of existence. It's now up to Joey to show these other crews what the Ferrari family is all about! Joey will have to use his wits and strength just to end these gangs/mobs against him and his family. But this isn't your everyday, ordinary crime pack either. Plenty of crazy moments will be present. Hope you'll enjoy! Joey Rizzo: Joey is a loyal/proud high ranking (Made Man) mobster of the Las Venturas crime family: "The Ferrari Family". Joey will do whatever it takes to please his family. Whether it be a typical hitman job, or even more crazier jobs. Doesn't matter, Joey will do it. Even if someone talks trash about his family, he'll take care of them. Don Vito Ferrari: Whenever you talk to Don Ferrari, you're talking to one pissed off crime boss. Don Ferrari will get pissed at just about anything. Even the smallest. Whether you screw up a job, or even call him by his real name, Vito, he'll get pissed. The Don favors Joey a lot. Considers him "The son he never got". The Don only has one mission. And one mission only: To defeat all rivals and take control of Las Venturas. The Don may have a low temper but that doesn't change his humorous side to him. Sonny Ferrari: "What am I a clown? Do I amuse you? Do I make you laugh? Am I here to f*cking amuse you!?!" -Sonny Ferrari. Sonny, being the son of the Don, definitely takes a lot of traits from him. Such as his low temper and humorous side. Sonny doesn't care what people think of him. But he can be pretty cruel sometimes. He treats Joey like a brother. Sonny has his entire life planned out: To run the family business one day and take control. Vinnie Marcelo: What are three good words to describe Vinnie Marcelo? Probably would be: "Alcoholic" "Joker" and "Relaxed". Vinnie just simply wants to have a good, and stress free time all the time. He's a lieutenant in the Ferrari family and is proud of his status. Sure, sometimes he may be rude, but, he just wants to keep his 'tough' and 'firm' status about him. He'll risk anything for the family. Whether it be a simply hideout take-down, to even a bullet to the chest, Vinnie will do it.. For the family. The Ferrari Family: Joey's family. Very loyal and high ranking in the family. The Ferrari family was the only family in Las Venturas until the other crews appeared out of nowhere and started war. Now they must defeat them and show who owns the city! The DeLuca Family: Sworn enemies with the Ferrari family. Hates the Ferrari's the most out of all the crews in 'Venturas. The DeLuca family is cold and pose a major threat to all crews. As they're the most powerful. They don't care who they kill, as long as they get a quick buck and become more powerful. They want to become an unstoppable force in LV. Not only control the crime game but even control the politics and police force. The Blue Jakz: Petty street gang trying to own 'Venturas. Nothing special here. Even though they're small and unorganized, they couldn't care less. They still want to own the city. The Romano Family: Major allies with the DeLuca family. They want the same goal as the other crews. Own LV and that's it. They're not as powerful as the DeLuca family, but, they still pose as a threat. They + the DeLuca family, give the Ferrari family a real challenge. The Romano Family and the DeLuca family plan to split 'Venturas if they take control. -GangstaZilla203; Creating the DYOM -Rockstar Games for the GTA franchise -Dutchy3010/Patrick W for the DYOM modification -FunkyRJ for the headers -And all those that support/play my missions!
  11. Next Previous

    Project -X- Mission Impossible

    The mission name: Project-X The story is about an important file called "Project-X" This file is full protected by the Enemy, 6 of the best members have agreed to do the mission and get the file by their own way. Michael The Sniper of the squad, he has amazing sniping skills, and he's the captain of the squad. Johnny The Engineer of the squad, and Named "The Beast" he earned this name because he shows no mercy, Specially in using Tanks and Rockets, He never fails to success. Nick The bomber of the squad, He uses C4 to finish his targets. And he will be the one who will get the file from the protected area. Kyle The Assault of the squad, he uses his mind to destroy his enemy, he shows no mercy while applying orders Brian The Supporter, He's not taking a part of the mission, He'll just send Support Packages to his squad in case of they need to. Jacob The pilot of the Squad, He'll be their Airstrike, and he'll do his best to keep his Squad safe from the tanks, airstrikes and heavy fires. Mark He's using the control panel and a live gps to locate the danger for them, tells them the plane and everything they need to know. Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44523 Please leave a comment.
  12. There was a project called "GTA V To SA" by xxGTAXIVxx & THBP they long time they didn't uploaded more missions You will find old missions and random events here "http://gtaforums.com/topic/670946-gta-v-to-sa-xxgtaxivxx-thbp/" So I decided to make Last mission of the series the third way. NOTE: This mission is really big so I divided it into 6 parts first 2 parts having intro and mission's starting cutscene and the others have gun fights and I am not professional in DYOM so please sorry if you not find it dank Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton task Franklin to kill Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his failure to kill Michael's family. Weston then gives Franklin three options. A, listen to the FIB Agents, or B, Weston himself, or C, try to save both of his mentors. After Weston leaves, Choosing C leads to this mission, and has him call Lester. Franklin Clinton Michael De Santa Trevor Philips Devin Weston Steve Haines Stretch Wei Cheng Lamar Devis Lester Crest NOOSE Merryweather Security FIB Ballas Wei Cheng's Mafia Protagonists Dead(Wasted) If Franklin dead If Micheal dead If Trevor dead Protagonists Arrested(Busted) If Franklin arrested If Micheal arrested If Trevor arrested Protagonists Car Dystroyed If Franklin's vehicle get dystroyed If Micheal's vehicle get dystroyed If Trevor's vehicle get dystroyed Friends dead If Lamar dead If Lester dead http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44209 Mirror media fire with SD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jiwphp8tbypy8gd/GTA+V+to+SA+The+Third+Way+mission+full+by+iFaizan.zip This mission, GTA 5 "Third Way"- iFaizan Grand theft Auto San Andreas 1.0 en - Rockstar Games DYOM-Design Your Own Mission - Dutchy3010 and PatrickW Previous missions of GTA 5 - xxGTAXIVxx & THBP


    This is GTA REVOLUTION. The best complete conversion mod for gta san andreas, with unique and never seen modifications, that will put San Andreas back in the game .... GTA REVOLUTION GTA Revolution is a complete conversion mod for gta sa, including a story mode (DYOM) for the player to experience a unique and never seen experience. The mod used mostly from other people and were edited by me, for this new delivery of ACH_GAMES. All rights and credits are in a text file, including credits at the end of the game (GTA REVOLUTION) The game is now finished and ready updated, all errors and bugs were fixed, including story mode (DYOM). Download LINKS : Version 2.2: https://mega.nz/#!jd4hzSZJ!0RFj36va7G0Bl8h4ZoxxJ8AShVknx4naRQwGzdCJSOw Unfortunately the history mode is not compatible with version 2.2, but I will leave the version 2.0 link which if compatible, but some bug will be present in this version, but that does not remove the incredible and unique experience of the gta revolution Version 2.0: https://mega.nz/#!aIpB3bIS!qEFWt8MG5GiCKAcsQM4QgfTzcxKLeP0cRkPQorD5Uh8 Not to mention the incredible DLC of the GTA REVOLUTION, which adds more history with 8 incredible missions (DYOM) epics, including the introduction to JETPACK DLC MISION (DYOM) : https://mega.nz/#!PQgkBATK!krAnjHh4m-cMrbptMT6YvOaiFnhge4vK6VKRIcB2hRU About the story (DYOM): The story unfolds in the year 2016 in the current san fierro state of san andreas, criss a hero of the city, discover the incredible secret of the governor of san fierro corrupt. Criss and his team will do everything possible to stop it and make sure it will never happen again .... It will move sky, sea and land if it is necessary to stop it. GamePlay and History (DYOM) Images: Trailers in youtube (Spanish) : Trailer oficial : Trailer Gameplay (SPANISH) : Trailer DLC (SPANISH) : Trailer MOD Spanish (GTA REVOLUTION) : Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Agusch2010/?ref=bookmarks Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr7Vm1VrOJ5B_6K1LBAJKdA/featured Coming soon GTA THE WALKING DEAD .....
  14. G.O.T.H

    [MP] The Police Business

    Mission pack status: COMPLETED Hello, guys. I'm new and I've made first mission pack series that I hope you'll like it. Since I've started making in lot of months to finish this, with lot of effort for this mission pack. It contains 29 missions and 4 chapters on it. So, I hope you play it enjoyfully Story: In the city of Los Angeles, it is full of crimes and gangsters all around the city. The polices had a hard time to clear the particular problems. Steve "Scaraff" Ben Johns, the new recruit of the police forces and services. He always wanted to be a police since his childhood to protect and serve the community and city of LA. However, due to his "higher level of protecting the citizens", he suggested the citizens is in danger from the even infuriate and derange of unknown gangs, causing him more confusion in mistake way. He'll try his best to clear the problem all around the community.. Characters: Name: Steve "Scaraff" Ben Johns Photo: Description: Major time playable character/protagonist of this series. He is a new recruit member of police forces. He wanted to make the community much safe and peace. Name: Frank "Orbi" Sims Photo: Description: Minor time playable character. He is best friend of Steve since childhood. He is fat with a decent behavior. He's been served for a week before Steve would recruit. Name: Keith "Ketien" Salvo Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is valiant and polite person that he is believed that he's been served for many years. Name: Robbie Perkins Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is well-meaning person with a immature behavior. He's been served for few years. Name: Luke Wells Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is one of a member of the police forces. Name: Dwayne Gilbert Photo: Description: He is Luke's partner under the police task. He is one of a member of the police forces. Name: Dale "Delt" Warden Photo: Description: One of the minor time playable character. He is the FBI who helps investigate about Rusk gangs. Name: Sean Dustin Photo: Description: He is Delt's partner of the FBI Team. He's the one who knows information about Rusk gangs. Name: Troy Wells Photo: Description: He is Luke Wells' brother. He is just a civilian who wanders around his block. Enemy Characters: Name: Rusk Gangs Photo: Description: They are the Rusk gangs who has hatred towards polices and citizens. Their head of gangs is Freddy Rusky Name: Freddy Rusky Photo: Description: He is the head of the Rusk gangs. He has hatred and dislike towards both polices and citizens because he believed that his budget is worthless to earn because of them. Name: Black Mobsters Photo: Description: They are mixed Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese mobsters who has same behavior with Rusk gangs. Their head of this crime is Tsing Choi Sik Name: Tsing Choi Sik Photo: PHOTO UNKNOWN Description: He is the head of the Black Mobsters. He has the same hatred as Freddy Rusky. He wanted deal with Freddy Rusky for join effort in doing their own heist mission, or even annihilating the polices. However, their deal did not got so well. Name: Sebastian Reds Photo: Description: He is Tsing's elite agent. He's a former and traitor member of U.S Forces for stealing military hardware and equipment. Name: "Bookie" Photo: Description: He is Tsing's personal henchman. He is loyal to the Black mobs. He doesn't speak English and is only speak Vietnamese. Link for mission pack: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43910 Requirements: *Download the sound effects for more realism. Here's the link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/f47z18 Notes: *It doesn't connected to GTA Timeline. So, it's settings was set in alternate real world. I did this because I want real world. *It quite humorous when having characters with weird names. It is their own callsign. *When you're using headset, make sure you adjust your volume correctly what suits your hearing. The sounds may not properly optimized
  15. Jeremy The Former Boxing Legend About Mission: Generally, Mission is about fighting... Short Introduction: We are Playing as Jeremy (main character). Jeremy was a Boxing Legend, but One Day He became a Drinking alcohol Degenrate... But in heart he still want to return to fighting. Screenshots: Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46530 Mission By: sapert (J.M) Extra Notes: Hello, I'm New on this forum, this is my second post and first mission that I publicate. So please, be lenient... Also it will be great if You will give me some useful hints or ideas for the future if you have any. Thanks!
  16. NOTE : This is just a single mission You play as three Ballas who are willing to take over Grove Street at all costs. They all come up with a plan against the tight security level of Ganton. ACT 1 as Ben - Snipe the Grove Street Famillies members. TIP : Aim for the heads,some of the targets' health is set to higher than 100 HP. ACT 2 as Jack Be sneaky and timing is necessary. It is easier to do this act with headshots. TIP : Climb on the house near to OG Loc's house. ACT 3 as Chris Be very accurate and find a hiding point as fast as you can. TIP : Shoot the shotgunner and Desert Eagle first. ACT 4 as Jack Be very accurate,and don't climb down,or don't go rogue with no hiding point. It'll guarantee a very decrease of health. TIP : Grab a SMG as fast as you can ACT 5 as Jack Be careful and find a good hiding point. A good one can be the roof with your friends,if you have a stable recoil of your gun. TIP : Sneak behind the last wave. DOWNLOAD http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50974
  17. VenomDYOM


    DESCRIPTION: A mission named by me named Shot for Mission Of The Week #102 started by Huzafia Khan And I am sorry for forgetting turning off Wanted Level, since the mission is autorun, I can't fix it. Type AEZAKMI if you don't want to mess with the cops. STORY: Tom Cooper, a old man and a resident in the "collapsing" village Aldea Malvada. His best friend, Harry, somehow got a conversation with Tom, but Brad stops them and warns them about the Soviets that will attack their village. Will they survive? Will they die? Find out more in the mission. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52875
  18. GKHEAT

    Unbreakable bonding

    Story Hi, friends i make a mission on two best friends. Alex's health is poor. He's got a shot.James fights those people to get his revenge but he gets frustrated and Alex again saves him. There friendship is deeper than sea.Together they face difficulties and they win.Nobody can break their friendship.Unbreakable Bonding. characters 1. ALEX 2.JAMES (alex's friend) 3.ANTONIO (enemy) DOWNLOADS http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52725 If my above mission is corrupted then try this one.. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52728 and also use SD http://www.mediafire.com/file/82tia562nchn2no/SBYKU.rar CREDITS 1.GKHEAT (MISSION DESIGNER) 2.DYOM 3.DUTCHY3010 and PATRIKW (FOUNDERS OF DYOM).
  19. Hello! I'm Midoalon. I just started being a member of the DYOM community roughly 3 years ago but I just got serious a year ago and began to design and create missions. Some of my missions met moderate success and I felt prepared to start a series. A friend (who shall not be named ) told me that if I wanted my series to attract attention, I should start a topic in GTAForums so, that's why I'm here Anyways, enough about me, it's time to get into the actual story: The series tells the story of Rick Templeton, an ex-criminal with a dark past who was hiding out in Greece. When he is invited to stay with his best friend, Dan Arlington, he arrives via the ship, the Dreamgiver. I drew my main inspirations of the series from THBP's Long Theft Auto and the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV. So please forgive me if my series and the two storylines are very similar as I'm still a novice in designing missions. But I can assure you the experience of my series will be unique. As of my current progress in the series: Chapter 1 is complete and is available on the DYOM website in the link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42706. But Chapter 2 is still a work in progress. I hope that my topic will stimulate interest in the series and if you have any suggestions you would like to make, please comment on the topic. Please notify me immediately of any grammatical errors or bugs and crashes in the missions to allow me to correct them ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to read this!!! P.S: All credit goes to Theory of Thug in making the logo.
  20. The John David

    [MP] The Chainsaw Killer 2

    The Chainsaw Killer returns again, my friend, this is my new upcoming mission-pack. Give them a feedback and comments. Thanks! 2 months ago, at the Las Colinas, Alex, Dandy, Mike, and Teddy are manage to get rid the Chainsaw Killer Man. Citizens from Los Santos are back to normal state. However, Mike has now leaving his friends and going on San Fierro, in a few days later, Dandy has planned to start his vacation on Angel Pine and he his friends to join him too! They celebrating themselves at the Angel Pine. However, some kind of suspecious guy hiding in midnight of the Angel Pine, heading to the store supplies and trying to kill anyone else who present there. Meanwhile on morning, Dandy and his friends are going to store to get more foods, but they found only as a pure dead bodies lying everywhere. Police has finding some proof who did all this crime again. But, now, a new killer returns with a chainsaw holding. Full Horror Mission Pack = Download Here Initial Release Date = May 2, 2016 Reviews: https://youtu.be/4sLPDnlagwA Theme Song: Jhan Dave; for making a new season of The Chainsaw Killer WoodmanTheSnake; for the headers and logo Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for making DYOM aka Design Your Own Mission And for all Designers who give some honorable feedbacks
  21. Hello, guys, welcome to my new project i'm working on today, soon i cancelled my previously storyline called "GTA: Episodes from LV" because i'm too bored for designing it. So i tried to cancel it. September 11, 1985, a peaceful place. San Fierro, has many years build by the goverment and approve it as a city, however, December 23, 1985, a new invasion started by the russians. Citizens from San Fierro Ordered by goverment to evacuated them. Russians are attacking and destroying houses, buildings, and bridges on the way to Las Venturas and Los Santos. Agent GM aka "Grekov Mateo". An IPCA Goverment Agent on Spetsnaz Headquarters base zone, has now to infiltrate the San Fierro, and stop all the russians for making a new invasion. No matter what the russians are after, we must stop all of them. For people's sake, for our lives, we must seize our victory! Right here! Right now! Grekov Mateo An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. A 2nd person shooter. Sagara Mateo An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. Leader of Spetsnaz Headquarters base zone. Utopia Simile An IPCA Goverment Agent on Las Venturas. One of Grekov's best partner in IPCA. Yhangi Mangu Leader of the Russian invaded the San Fierro on December 23, 1985 Samuel Mangu An assistant for Yhangi Magu, one of the russian teams. Timonaty Illam Right-hand of the Russians. Ember Smith - A spy in San Fierro after the invasion started by the russians (Shown this on next season of it) [Full Mission Pack] = Download Here GTAGarage MP Link - Download Here Jhan Dave - for creating and planning this project Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - for making Design your own Mission aka DYOM Heisenberg_GR - for making me a headers And for all Designers who support this topic
  22. -Completed- Hello guys and welcome to my new Project. First of all in the Description you will read some things you should know about GTA: Tommy Vercetti Stories. This Project is a Classic GTA Storyline and have many missions. It's completed and includes 3 Chapters. The story is fictional and based on GTA: Vice City events and I'm well readed of Character's history. You MUST install GTA: United 1.2 and the skin of Tommy Vercetti. You can find the links of Tommy Vercetti's Skin & GTA: United 1.2 on Downloads section. Don't forget to give a feedback, I'll appreciate it! -Liberty City 1971- Liberty City is the worst place in America, full of crime and violence. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. Tommy Vercetti is just a 21 years old kid who don't care about his family's shop but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The Sicilian "Leones" Mafia wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. The shop of Tommy's father is one of the shops which the Leones want to take over but his father Claudio refused to pay them. After Uncle's Leone order, Don of Sicilian Mafia, his hitmen killed him. His father's death made him more angry and became a criminal. Forellis helped him to stand again on his feet. Tommy didn't took it personal but an opportunity to become a Made Man of Forelli's Crime Family and rise on the Most Wanted men in Liberty City and he made it, but with a different way. Tommy Vercetti - Protagonist Claudio & Alessandra Vercetti Harry Rigano Sonny Forelli Giorgio Forelli Lee Cirillo Marco Forelli Mike Forelli Yoshio Takayama Robert Quinn Lance Vance Ken Rosenberg Forelli Crime Family Sicilian "Leones" Mafia Sindacco Crime Family Snake Heads MC Yakuza Uptown Yardies - Mission - Turf War - Take Over - Setup - Heist Teaser Trailer Official Trailer Review by Jhan Dave: Review by Lion killer: Review by SaintsAreComing: Review by Hardluck Style: GTA United 1.2: http://www.gtaunited.net/downloads.p6.html Tommy Vercetti Skin: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7vhthjdddpp7bh6/Tommy+Vercetti+Skin.zip DYOM Storyline: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40511 Heisenberg_GR - Creating the Storyline Rockstar Games - GTA: San Andreas Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - DYOM Mod ATP, LiveLife, cj2000 & ManDog - GTA: United 1.2 Jhan Dave, Hardluck Style, Lion kill & SaintsAreComing - Reviews [WARNING] You must install GTA: United 1.2 and Tommy Vercetti's Skin to play this Storyline!
  23. -Ronnie-

    San Andreas Warfare 2 [MP]

    DESCRIPTION: First of all i suggest you play San Andreas Warfare to understand the story. San Andreas Warfare Link San Andreas Warfare Topic Plots about the story are revealed within cutscenes and timeouts so pay attention! Army Ranks: Nothing special, complete missions in the correct order and Powell will get promoted. Powell won't definitely reach the rank of General. If the playable character is not Powell there is no ranks. Skiping missions you'll lose parts of the story unless there is a bug. 25 years later Sergeant James Powell is now old and retired, his son however Mark Powell follows his footsteps.After months of training Mark joins the SWAT Unit in Los Santos.Immediately is sent to discover a terrorist activity but when he learns evidence about their secret the leaders shot him and left him for dead. List of Missions and Acts: Act 1: 1. Intro 2. The Resistance 3. Stealth Mode 4. Deadly Experiments 5. Blood Brothers 6. Fight for the Resistance fighter Act 2: 1. Duty Calls 2. The Marines 3. Assassination Target 4. Tank Commander 5. Hunter or Hunted? 6. Scientific Troubles Act 3: 1. Apocalypse Begins 2. Infected Hill 3. Dread Father 4. The Arena 5. Underground Experiments Act 4: 1. Military Warfare 2. Painted Red 3. Eliminator 4. Undercover Assignment Act 5: 1. Lost Cause 2. The Spy Who Betrayed Me 3. Promises to Keep Act 6: 1. Unexpected Proposition Choose the end: 1. Final Mission: Join Ivchenko 2. Final Mission: Fight Against DOWNLOAD San Andreas Warfare 2 People Reviews: Overall: KevinDYOMAcount 9/10 A Dollar Bill 3/5 KC10a's Review (so far) Act 1 Intro 65% Finished the MP and want to write a review? post it below and i'll add you. Trailer Made by Jhan Dave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HsaYOpB-YY Characters: Mark Powell: Rank is advanced within missions.One of the playable characters he is the son of Sergeant James Powell.Mark followed his fathers footsteps and joined the SWAT unit in Los Santos.During his first mission he learns evidence about a terrorist secret but he got spotted and the leaders shot him and left him for dead. James Powell: He makes a rerurn but his role is minor.He is a playable character in one mission only.James Powell is hired once again by Foley to find a nuclear bomb. Sofia Jackson: She is the daughter of General Jackson.She is a follower of Powell for his missions but her role in the story is minor. Sergeant Danny Collins: He is also a playable character.He becomes a friend of Powell when he joins the SWAT unit for first time.Like other military members he fights along side Powell for his missions. Colonel Shepard: He is the current Commander in the army base of Area 69. He provide Powell with military missions as well as other members. Warrant Officer Johnson Max: One of the members who fights along side Powell.Dispite his rank he follows Powell's orders.His class is gunner he prefers to eliminate his enemy with his M4. Sergeant Jason Colton: He is a member who fights along side Powell.His class is sniper and his accuracy is perfect even in close combat. Colonel Dalton: He becomes the commander of Area 69 after Shepard.His role is similar to Shepard he provides military missions. Father Francisco: He is also a playable character.During the zombie apocalypse he tries to find supplies for their nearby hideout.He randomly finds the wounded Powell in the barn and takes him to their hideout for medical treatment. Hudley: During the zombie apocalypse he runs the arena in Grove Street, Los Santos. Because his last fighters killed in action he suggested Powell and his team to replace them in exchange for information about the nearby hidden lab. Dr Miles: His name revealed in later missions.He has orders from General Ivchenko to create specific machines for human experiments namely zombies.He appears for first time in a ship to San Fierro.His lab was destroyed when he compromised and managed to escape with helicopter. General Ivchenko: The primary antagonist.As general of the Russian Army he tries to conquer San Andreas by any means necessary even human experiments.He has a whole army to fight for him and he knows many ways to slip away from complicated situations. Commander Alexandrov: He is the second in command after Ivchenko.He is a boss fight near the end of the story. Sergeant Ivanovich: One of the three antagonists.There is no much to say about him he is a boss fight near the start of the story. Main Military Enemy: They are the primary military enemy.They are armed with AK-47s, Berreta 9ms, MP5s, Tec9s and Uzis.Watch out for the shotgun dudes! they can instantly kill you. Main Military Ally: Obviously they are your allies.They are armed with M4, MP5 and 9mms.In some missions they help you in combat but they aren't followers. San Andreas Warfare 2 - by Heisenberg_GR: Part 1 and 2 Screenshots:
  24. Warning!!! This SL/MP Is complete, see the tag? So don't ask for ,,when it is done or ETC" I Will make the second chapter. Hello everyone, my name is QED, and i'm gonna show you my latest DYOM series (for now). I'm gonna start with the story, then i give the link. Story: Timmy Hellrock came to Carpati, Romania, because Rankie told him to go for a deal. But Timmy finds out he just wants the owned money then he punches one of his gang members and take his gun. Then Timmy blasted 'em all! But the police was after him, so he flied to Las Venturas. Well, the link is here http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39925 Enjoy the storyline/Mission pack! ~QED


    ACH_GAMES Presenta Gta SA The Walking Dead COMING SOON 2017
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