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Found 125 results



    Looking for dedicated players into cars. would want to host meetups/drag races/street races/drifting nightly. Any kind of automobile fun. My psn is elite_smoothiez if interested.
  2. Hey guys I have a small youtube channel and am looking to form a group of players in gta v to do online races and other stuff for videos. If you play on xbox one and are 15 or older and are able to use skype while we play your exactly what im looking for. Respond if your interested and ill give you my skype. thanks
  3. Reaper Lords are an active outlaw gang on Red Dead Online and we are recruiting mature, respectful and loyal new members for PS4 and XB1. 1 minute recruiting video We are a highly organized and tight-knit crew that was founded on GTA in 2013. We still play GTA and other games together, but with the release of Red Dead Online we have moved to Red Dead as our primary gameplay environment. We have members world-wide ranging in age from 17-45, with the majority being mid-20's to early 30's. On Red Dead we enjoy playing as a friendly, but formidable outlaw gang. We play all game modes, but are most frequently in freeroam riding in large formations, hunting, participating in lobby challenges, and engaging with other posses. We do not use our large numbers to grief friendly players, but frequently push trolls and griefers out of lobbies, so we can enjoy the game in peace. Many of our members are active on youtube, twitter and instagram, working together to create videos and photos. Our crew has been featured by VICE, Kotaku, Rockstar Games and others. You can Google "Reaper Lords" to find the articles. Outside the game we organize frequent meet-ups in the US & Europe. Past meet up locations have included Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Dublin, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Baltimore. We have also raised nearly $10k through game-related events to benefit several charities. We are not a casual crew and membership must be earned by demonstrating commitment and ability to uphold our standards. We frequently hear that we take the game too seriously, but for us any specific game is secondary in nature. Gaming is just what brings us together. We truly are like a big extended family and that's what we value most. All prospective members must apply through our website. If your application is accepted, one of our Enforcers will contact you within 5 days. If you do not hear back, your application was rejected. Feel free to post questions below or contact me @Dirty_Worka on Twitter or Instagram. LORD DirtyWorka President - Los Santos Reaper Lords MC
  4. HomicidialJoker

    Black Snakes or Die

    We are looking for crew members to play GTA 5 online with. I Play on Xbox Live but I am willing to let people start other chapters on other systems.
  5. jakelawrence

    KING OF PURGE - RECRUITING (look inside)

    KING OF PURGE (PS4) ----------------------------------------- Information We are recruiting all members from the ages of 16+ (preferably). We are a crew with a lot a banter and we are the most wanted people in the GTA free roam lobbies. We chill together in lobbies and hunt down our arch enemies. We take down other crews with ease in death matches, LTS etc. We do loads of car meet ups and races as a crew. What we are looking for: - Deadly GTA players that know how to tear things up in sessions. - People with a lot of banter (but not racist or offensive banter), and that can have a good laugh. - NO NOOBS at the game. - People that can obey the rules. Rules: - Don't kill other crew members in free mode. ​- Try and be active and loyal to this crew. - Destroy anyone that isn't a part of KofP. If you want to join contact me on PSN : jakelawrence6 LINK : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/king_of_purge Thanks for reading !!!
  6. DaChronicLungz

    (360) realistic gameplay

    yo... so if anyone on the 36 is tryna get on gta wit me hmu.. gamertag is DaChronicLungz invite only sessions. free aim. no supercars. no killing another player UNLESS granted permission by a server mod. instances would include: setting a bounty on person A so person B (B for Broke mfer lol) can repair a car/purchase clothes etc. if you find yourself beefin wit a player, let it be known verbally n well set up a standoff to settle sh*t. examples of things we do: realistic gangbangin. I'm talkin pistols only unless you run back to the car for the chopper... n only one person can use it at a time (even tho technically speakin we all got em on us)... you MUST have patience for this typa stuff.. stalkin our prey may take a minute. no walking thru an ops block.. deadass serious even try to avoid jumping curbs/switchin lanes much even when dippin from cops drifting. hella driftin, mountains, docks, alleys, everywhere lol boxing. uk what that sh*t is. bmxing. you can do a lot more than originally thought after a few minutes riding together... crazy creativity happens here lol BikeLife. dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, and cafe racers/crotch rockets w/e tf they're called only. bmx bike allowed if we're in the hood at that time... offloading. REALALISTIC ONLY. hill climbs, river passes, etc... parties. we just turn tf up sometimes. there's a lot more lol I'm just gettin tired of typin. bottom line. If you got patience, a lil imagination, n isnt some sheltered squeeky kid hmu. ps, ballaz are the ops. especially the stripey mfer in shorts. He talks hella sh*t on LifeInvader I swear to god I'm gonna beat his ass
  7. Crew leader looking for players for heists, missions , vip, etc etc . I'm looking to recruit players on both the PS3 and ps4 . Add my screen name - mjnzelda ( no caps)
  8. XSophieBabiieeX

    SASP Recruitment

    San Andreas State Police If you are a fan of police roleplay in gta v, then SASP is the crew for you, before you read any further a working mic is required, if you do not own a working mic then do not bother to read any further. You must also be aged 15 or over. SASP is on all consoles and PC, i myself am 2nd in charge of the PS3 Side, we have 3 divisions Trooper/Traffic, SWAT and FIB, if you do not want to be any of those, do not worry, we also take on civilians who will act as obviously civilians during patrols, so our troopers have some people to pull over. Unlike other police role play crews we are very active and host patrols weekly, for PS3 our patrols are always on a friday at 9pm EST, i am from the UK so that is 1am for me. If you are interested then simply head over to http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/ and fill in a citizenship or trooper application, depending on what you want to do. Also can i ask if you do apply, there is a box saying "Have you been referred by anyone currently on SASP?" Tick the yes box and simply just put CPT.Sophie. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police here is our social club page, but do not bother applying to join there as you MUST fill out an application form on our website before being invited to the crew, thanks. If you have any questions before applying then feel free to either kik me at XsophiebabieX if you have it Hope to see you on the force, yours sincerely, Captain.Sophie (2nd in charge of PS3 side and leader of SWAT)
  9. We are the agents. The survivers of the killing apocalypse in the cities. We are searching after people willing to kill the bad and protecting the good. This is a role-playing crew. Our allies are JSOT and PIET. RULES: 1. Be respectful 2. No random killing or annoying 3. Listen to your commander 4. You'll be rewarded for listening to us 5. +16 years old Rules may change by time! How to apply: 1. Post a comment of your motivation. And try to explain why you want to join. Fill in this: Social Club Username: Gamertag: Age: Rank: Past Crew Experience: Division you wish to join [infantry/Air/A.M.D.]: Time Zone: 2. Apply at the crew page here 3. Show a Commander what you can and know. 4. There you go. If you are an active player you shall be promoted. Our organization is built up in 3 divisions: Agents Division: ::Help the other Divisions Agent: Clothing: Gloves: any type u want Body armor:(visible) any type u want Cargo pants or Team pants Jacket under body armor Rebreather: If you dont have it ask the division Leader for help or any commander in the division Some kind of earpiece Customize the rest. Vechicles: Maibatsu Sanchez(Black) Weapons: Pistol or .50 cal Assault SMG or PDW All of things above you shall use/have when we have meetings or you meet someone in this crew. CERA Division:(Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency) ::Protect the targets Unit 1(Shadow ops)(works in the city) Engineer: Clothing: Black gloves Black Heavy Utility vest Black heist top Cargo pants Gas mask(drug lab outfit) Black Bulletproof Helmet Parachute (no flag) Vechicles: Insurgent Matt black Weapons: Homing Launcher or RPG MG not combat mg Shadow/Sniper: Black gloves Black heist top Stealth utility vest Cargo pants Black tight skimask Headset if possible Vechicles: Maibatsu Sanchez(black) Weapons: Silenced pistol(any) Sniper Rifle or Heavy sniper Silenced Ranger: Gray/black gloves Black Heavy utility vest Black heist top cargo pants Black thight skimask Black bulletproof helmet Vechicles: Declasse Granger(matt black with smoke glass and crew emblem) Weapons: Heavy pistol Carbine Rifle All of things above you shall use/have when we have meetings or you meet someone in this crew. Unit 2(Forest/Off-road) Support: Clothing: Forest gloves Black body armor Forest team top Forest team pants Forest bulletproof helmet Any glasses Black parachute Vechicles: Canis Mesa(Matt black with crew emblem) Weapons: Micro SMG Assault Rifle Sniper: Forest gloves Gray body armor Forest team top Forest team pants Black tight skimask Any glasses headset if possible Vechicles: BF Dune buggy plate-less Weapons: Silenced pistol(any) Sniper Rifle or Heavy sniper Silenced All of things above you shall use/have when we have meetings or you meet someone in this crew. Cleaners: ::Kill the remaining targets until they surrender Cleaner: Clothing: Overrall Gas mask Any gloves Vechicles: Trashmaster, garbage truck Weapons: Minigun or Combat MG All of things above you shall use/have when we have meetings or you meet someone in this crew. CEO of TDAY and leader of Agents: [PC&PS4] KingNXT Co-Leader of Agents: [PS4] (Reserved) Leader of Agents: [XB1] (apply) Manager of CERA: [PC] (apply) Manager of CERA: [PS4] (Reserved) Manager of CERA: [XB1] (apply) Leader of Cleaners: [PC] (apply) Leader of Cleaners: [PS4] (apply) Leader of Cleaners: [XB1] (apply) Commander of Unit 1: [PC] (apply) Commander of Unit 1: [PS4] (apply) Commander of Unit 1: [XB1] (apply) Commander of Unit 2: [PC] (apply) Commander of Unit 2: [PS4] (apply) Commander of Unit 2: [XB1] (apply) Ingame images comin soon.
  10. M0rk

    Spanish Kings Recruitment Thread

    SC Crew Link: http://socialclub.ro...reyes_espanoles Main Thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/818570-spanish-kings/ Once a part of the powerful Spanish Lords in Liberty City, now a small splinter faction attempting to branch out. Formed in 93' by a group of friends in Bohan, we rock the colors Yellow, Red and Black. GTAF Name: [Answer here] Platform(s): [Answer here] Timezone: [Answer here] Previous Gang(s): [Answer here] Requirements: -Must be a member of GTAF for at least 3 months.
  11. Jacobmaate

    Most Wanted in SA - SAMW

    Most Wanted in SA [sAMW] Most Wanted in SA is currently Recruiting on all Platforms, PlayStation, Xbox & PC. Head Leadership Team [HLT]: (Names are R* Social Club Names) Founder/Leader: JacobAThomas ____________________________ Head of XBONE : CAJ2201 Head of XB360 : ISAF SHREDDER Head of PS3 : Animal545 Head of PS4 : Wolfmaster53 ____________________________ * We dont have any acting Leader for PC, However if your on PC and would like to join, you still can, and maybe just maybe you may be appointed to head of PC. However all promotions will be made either by myself or my HLT Members if they deem it to be necessary * We as a crew, have 220+ Members so far split across all platforms, We are currently ranked (approx) 61,000th in the GTA Online Crew Leaderboards and we are looking to go much further up the leaderboard very soon, to expand further on & progress while taking on other crews, in crew wars, ambushes & crew challenges/battles. If one or more members get attacked by a group of people from a crew, we will usually launch a series of attacks against those specific members & the opposing crew in general. Should any incidences occur from where another SAMW Crew member attacks other SAMW Crew Members this should be reported in to either myself or a HLT Member, proof of them killing you would help us resolve the issue, whether that be a warning, kick, or ban. Dependent on how many times they kill you, if they have a record on doing it in the past etc. We are all united, we are all running the Criminal Underworld of San Andreas. And remember... Orange is the colour of madness! If You Want To Join The Most Wanted In SA Crew click HERE //Crew is a open enrollment until September// If you have any questions feel free to comment down below, or tweet to @TheSAMWCrew on twitter where the HLT will be able to get back to you. (Please if you comment below, keep on topic)
  12. bruinsfan9496

    San Andreas State Police

    Are you looking for a fun, but professional police/EMS/FD Sim? Well you found it!!! The San Andreas State Police are actively recruiting all people to join the best Emergency Services Sim in the GTA Universe. Visit http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police to check out the clan. Dont forget to tell them that Bruinsfan9496 sent you, I promise you will love it. I look forward to seeing you there. Any question just shoot me a message on Xbox @ Bruinsfan9496 or hit me up on kik bruinsfan9496. You will need to fill out a application to be able to join the clan so get in contactt so I may send you the link. Have a great day!!!!
  13. F1NCH1E101

    The Lost MC Paleto Bay

    The Lost MC Paleto Bay Recruitment Crew Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_mc_paieto_bay We've just recently started The Lost MC Paleto Bay chapter. We're fairly small in numbers right now, as we've only just begun recruiting, but its not our first time running an MC, we know exactly how to run one. We do play in Auto-aim lobbies, but we sometimes switch to free aim for crew activities; for example rides or meet ups. We live by two strong policies: Brotherhood and Loyalty. These values are essential when you're in this crew. If you aren't loyal to your fellow brothers, you're out. We help our brothers out when they're being attacked, and most of all, we never kill our own members. Never. Nor do we destroy each others bikes or vehicles. All current members are great shooters in PvP, so there's no worry there - we will drive back your attackers, we will protect you, and we will win. Another thing worth noting is that we use normal, sensible weapons like assault rifles, pistols, sawn-offs and in some cases, snipers. However, we never use launchers, RPG's, explosives or mini-guns. We only use RPG's when an opponent presents a threat in an armoured vehicle such as a tank, helicopter or insurgent. We often have crew battles with the Angels of Death and the Hells Angels MC Filthy Few. We always win, despite us being small in number, they still can't handle us. Lastly you must have a chopper or a club van to join, although choppers are preferred. We use vans when we need to escape a situation with more armour than bikes. But of course we use bikes most of the time. Any chopper is fine; Daemons, Baggers, Hexers and Innovations. President: F1NCH1E101 Vice President: JaxNightmare Sgt. At Arms: webbo101 Secretary: - Treasurer: - Road Captain: - ​We play regularly on PS4, as we are a very active crew. We can accommodate any time zones, so theres no problem there. Our Clubhouse is Beekers Garage, in Paleto Bay... This is where we meet members in our session, and plan strikes on other players/crews, or plan crew activities. Thats basically all you need to know, here's our introduction video to show you our crew in-game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgYpLIR-O5k And finally here's a link to our crew page on social club so you can join up. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the game! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_mc_paieto_bay
  14. oldcoven

    ♆ Old Coven ♆

    join us http://gtaforums.com/topic/845530-%E2%86%AFold%E2%8C%81coven%E2%86%9D%E2%99%86join-us%E2%99%86/?do=findComment&comment=1068580628
  15. slimeball supreme

    LC Swingers Fan Club Recruitment

    RECRUITMENT HAS CEASED After exactly one year of running, the Fan Club has been forced to shut down. Thank you for your interest, though.
  16. ZJoestar

    [CLOA] Criminal Legion wants you!

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/criminal_legion The Criminal Legion are on the lookout for Brothers & Sisters to cause chaos on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. We value respect above all else and vote on every decision within the Crew. we believe in democracy and running this Crew is no exception. Whenever a major decision must be made, we put it to a vote. Members that vote: Leader, Commissioner, Lieutenants and Representatives. 'Muscle' members must first prove themselves before given this privilege. Gaining the respect of current members is huge. We expect you to follow the rules, which isn't many. Our Ultimate goal...Dominate Los Santos!!! Join the Legion Clan Emblem is often changed but will often be Red. (Input is appreciated) Crew tag, must be displayed with your name in-game at all times. It helps find you guys easier. Microphone preferred, but not mandatory, I really don't give a damn. Crew Emblem on clothing is not required but looks badass.
  17. CALLING ANY AND ALL JDM, DRIFT, STANCE, AND JAPANESE IMPORT ENTHUSIASTS! THE UNKNOWN TUNERS IS LOOKING TO RECRUIT ANYONE INTERESTED IN JDM CULTURE, DRIFTING, IMPORTS, ETC. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT JDM CULTURE IS, BUT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IMPORTS OR DRIFTING, THAT'S PERFECTLY FINE! WE LOVE TEACHING NEWCOMERS ALL ABOUT THE CULTURE. HERE IS SOME BASIC CREW INFORMATION TO HELP YOU DECIDE IF THIS IS THE CREW FOR YOU: Crew Name: The Unknown Tuners Crew Style: Chill, Car enthusiasts Motto: JDM or Die/ Form over function. Crew Mission: Construct a crew that provides a place and sense of unity for the JDM/Drift community within the GTA online experience. 2 Rules: NO RUDENESS, NO RICERS. FAQs: -Is there an age limit? Generally, no. This is because we respect anyone that has a knowledge or respect for learning about or engaging in the JDM community. -Can we drift supercars? HELL no. We only drive cars that are accepted in the JDM community (e.g. Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, BMW, etc.) If you are interested in joining, feel free to message me on xbox 360. My gamertag is as follows: MAKING LOGOS Thanks for anyone that has checked us out. We are planning to grow rapidly over the next few weeks, so if you are ever invited to one of our car meets, feel free to tag along!
  18. Open Enrollment for Brand New Crew Inglorious Vanguards Open Enrollment Enrollment is open to all players across all platforms. There are no specific requirements to join. As long as you are a respectful and do not cheat, you are welcomed here. It is preferable that you have a mic, but not necessary. To be in leadership you must speak English, you can be foreign, but must speak good English. You must be 18 and older to be in leadership. Commissioners Needed The Crew is Brand New and it needs leadership from the top down. Here is you chance to be a big time contributor and leader. Why be another anonymous foot soldier when you can be a leader and shape your own experience. Requirements to be a commissioner is 16+ with a mic. I need commissioners on every platform. Who We Are We are a brand new crew looking to gain numbers and reputation. This is a crew for all kinds of players. Whether you rarely play GTA or play every day, it does not matter. This is a crew to meet players and have fun. No matter what you enjoy doing there are players who share the same interest and will enjoy playing alongside you. What we do Inglorious Vanguards is a multi-faceted crew that engages in all aspects of GTA Online. We will actively participate in all GTA Online crew events and activities. We also will participate in races, death matches, mission, heist, etc. As long as we participate and have fun we can do anything and take on any one. Our Goals 1. To Have fun 2. To make money 3. To build our rep 4. To Kick Ass What Makes Us Different In this crew you are not just another member, but an important contributor. Everyone has an equal say in what we do. No important decision is made without input from everyone, and if someone has an idea, they can feel free to present it. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Can offer outside rewards I am part of a large gaming community and can help you join it to find more gaming friends. My COD clan just got offered a sponsorship and once that is off the ground I will offer it to crew members. Also my COD clan will be opening up recruitment soon and will gladly consider crew members A Unique Opportunity Since Inglorious Vanguards is brand new, leadership positions need to fill out. I need commissioners, lieutenants, and representatives. So if you are unhappy with your current role in a crew here is your chance to get something more meaningful. Also if you have never been in a crew here is your chance help build one up from the ground. You really have a chance to make an impact. The Hierarchy While everyone in the crew has an equal say in what we do, some positions of the hierarchy have more responsibilities than others. Below is a description of what each position will entail for now, and if we grow to become a big group responsibilities will grow. Crew Leader-Guardrail187. I will be in charge of deciding who gets promoted. And I will guide recruitment initiatives, and will lead any major crew operations. Also will meet with other crew leaders when discussing alliances or conflicts. Also will have final say in whether a person is kicked or not. Also will handle social media Commissioners- There will be at least one in every platform and as we grow so will the amount of commissioners. They will be the leaders of crew members on their platform and they will lead small crew meets and operations. Will handle complaints from crew member about disrespectful crew member. Also can represent crew in negotiations with other crews. Must be 18 or older, speak English, and have mic Lieutenants-Lieutenants will lead squads of 10 or less. They will lead members in online game modes that are against another crew. They will also serve as point of contact for any crew to crew negotiations. Representatives- Will be in charge of growing our numbers and actively recruiting players in game on their platform. Muscles- You are the foot soldiers. You will be our boots on the ground when doing anything. You can lead players in your individual game modes, mission, and heist. The more you contribute the faster you will rise. Code of Conduct There is a code of conduct to ensure everyone in this crew enjoys their experience. 1. No disrespecting or taunting crew member. ESPECIALLY NO RACIST LANGUAGE. You can talk how you like but do not disrespect one another. If you offend someone apologize and move on. RACIST COMMENTS OR REMARKS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. WE DO NOT TOLERATE RASCISM IN AN FORM. 2. NO CHEATING. CHEATERS WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDEATLEY 3. NO crew killing in free mode. There will be crew death matches and events for fun, but never kill a fellow crew member in free mode. 4. DO NOT EVER GIVE CREW INFO TO OUTSIDE CREWS. You may be in multiple crews but do not take our business outside of the crew EVER. 5. HAVE FUN!!! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. Meetings and Events No meeting or event is ever mandatory. However if you wish to be a Lieutenant or above you must come to meetings. For commissioners, you must hold meeting on your platform. Meeting are to inform people what is going on with the crew and to decide major crew initiatives. Events are to practice, have fun, and help each other rank up and get better. They are not mandatory for anyone. Other Crews You are allowed to be a part of other crew. You do not have to have this one as your active crew. But to above muscle Inglorious Vanguards must be your active crew. Social Club and Social Media Anyone can post on the social club page. It is a great way to meet players in the crew and on your platform. Will also contain most of the crew info and stats. If our numbers grow enough I will establish a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Link to social club page http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/inglorious_vanguards The Choice Is Yours You can be on GTA alone Continue to be part of a crew that does not appreciate you Or Join us and build something great and be a valued member and leader in the Inglorious Vanguards Build the most rewarding gaming experience that you can, and help take over the world of GTA Online. Crew Subject to Change For those of you who join now I will take any changes from name to emblems to the way we operate. All who join are welcome to submit ideas. No ideas is bad. You can really make an impact on GTA Online here. Contact for Questions I am Guardrail187 leader and founder of the Inglorious Vanguards. Guardrail187 is my xbox live gamertag and my username on both Rockstar social club and GTA Forums and any GTA Online community websites. My email is <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> feel free to conatct me by any means if you have questions. I look forward to playing with those on xbox one and look forward to building something great with everyone.
  19. Wolfman here looking for founding members to help me build up a new MC, the Devils Diciples. Im a former Warlock PS3 member, moved over to PC after I enlisted in the military to game more conveniently. Now I've created my own MC and are looking for dedicated, committed, and preferably (but not necessarily) experienced riders to help me turn this club into a devastating force on PC. This is your chance to be a leader, not a follower. As long as you're cool, open minded, and not an idiot, things should work out. Contact me here http://socialclub.ro...er/wolfman58529 "If a Devils got you by a single hair, forget your prayers"
  20. SanAndreasLegend

    Ninja clan recruitment: Dark Shadows

    Crew name: Dark Shadows Clan About: An up-and-coming GTA ninja clan looking to be the best ninja clan around, All ranks are welcome; your experience level does not matter. Mature members only, we will not tolerate personal attacks on fellow members so please be respectful towards each other. I'm trying to create a friendly atmosphere and don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. No killing fellow members, please. Have fun! Clan leader contact info: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/sanandreaslegend Clan social club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dark_shadows_clan Platforms: All platforms. Game: GTA 5 Online We plan to be active in all activities. We will strive to be the best. Only bump your topic once a week. Read The Guidelines.
  21. fcsutton8

    London Emergency Services Recruitment

    Hello all this is a message to all you GTA 5 xbox one and 360 fans. Recruitment Status - Open This message is to let you know that recruitment is now open to join us here at London emergency services we are always willing to take new members and have a good and fun time . Our clan has based there role-play on the the metropolitan police which is one of the largest forces within the united kingdom and we role-play them to the highest standards possible within the gta 5 world . Do you have what it takes if so please visit our website and apply today. londonses.enjin.com Once your application is received one of our dedicated human resources officer will check over it and ask you to come on for a interview . Its as simple as 123 so apply today and we hope to see you rising through the ranks soon .
  22. Wolfman here looking for founding members to help me build up a new MC, the Devils Diciples. Im a former Warlock PS3 member, moved over to PC after I enlisted in the military to game more conveniently. Now I've created my own MC and are looking for dedicated, committed, and preferably (but not necessarily) experienced riders to help me turn this club into a devastating force on PC. As long as you're cool, open minded, and not an idiot, things should work out. Contact me here http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/wolfman58529 "If a Devils got you by a single hair, forget your prayers"
  23. SNiPEOO7

    Custom Crew Emblems

    I have created a few crews for people to join based on their interests on custom crew emblems. The following are the crews. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtamonsterenergygta http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tour_champz_return http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_batman_official http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lv_louis_vuitton
  24. jonzie111

    Need Members for Crew (Black Deciples BD)

    I Need Members In My Gta V Crew Known As The Black Deciples BD Our Goal Is To Simply Help Each Other Out As a Crew And Who Knows If You Put in enough work You May get promoted http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_deciples_bd
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