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Found 125 results

  1. Killer250x

    (XB1) car meet

    Gt: Angrypancakeman
  2. Post your Jobs and Playlists here ! Tell us why your job/playlist is worthy to try. Be sure to add up some details and insights, and don't forget to mention the console !
  3. [marq=left]Welcome to Romeo's WorldWide Car Meet[/marq] Our Website [spoil]Check our website out 1wkg.w e e b l y .c om copy and paste to search bar with no Spaces[/spoil] Host [spoil]Host: Romeos OG Co-Host:McCluskeyy Console: Xbox One[/spoil] 1WKG Official Promo Video [spoil] [/spoil] Car Meet Pictures [spoil] http://imageshack.com/a/img911/20/ykID7L.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/268/pDFHRg.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/4290/Qad44B.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/7789/CWevsD.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/2370/g8k0ZO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/1812/wly60P.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/7282/g9DE04.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img661/969/Wo8kdO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img913/4539/0CmY6Z.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/4035/oMifPP.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img901/8891/N86e8C.jpg[/spoil] How To Join! [spoil]1) Post Your Gamertag below 2) After posting Gamertag Message Host or Co-Host for an Invite. 3) Do Not Spam Messages we will try to get you in lobby 4) Stay Calm and Chill if you do not get in right away we will invite you first for the next Meet we do that Day![/spoil] RULES! [spoil]1) As Soon as you join the lobby ENTER PASSIVE MODE! 2) Go To game chat or you will be kicked from lobby and or Including BANNED from the meets 3)NO! Loud Music/Screaming or anything of that Nature or you will be kicked from lobby and or including BANNED from the meets 4) Be Cool with all players including Host and Co-Host 5) No Killing or Blowing up people's Cars 6) Do not talk Alot or talk over people 7) Listen to Host and Co-Host for direction on what we will do in the meet if you do not abide by this you will be kicked from lobby and or including BANNED from the meets. 8) Have FUN! and Chill Check out Cars and learn new things also meet new people[/spoil] What We Do! [spoil]1) Drag Race 2)Cruise around los Santos 3) Take Photos for Rockstar Social Club 4) Make Videos 5) Rate cars 6) Give advice 7) Party at the Houses[/spoil] What You WIN! [spoil]Winning!!! only Applies to Drag Races and Car Ratings :nyancat: 1st Place 1. Invite into Car Meet Crew 2. $1million Cash may May Change soon! 3. Invite to every Car meet 4. Added to post for Crew Members :ttgcat: 2nd Place 1. $500k Cash May Change soon! 2. Invite to every car meet 3. Added to top 3 winners List 3rd Place 1. Invite to every Car Meet 2. Added to top 3 Winners List [/spoil] Current Cars To Bring! [spoil] <<Current Cars>> **Any Car but Trucks and Bikes unless it says otherwise right here** *Look it up on GOOGLE images to see what they are* You are not allowed to enter the Car Ratings or drag race without the Current car meet cars listed Above[/spoil] *Recent Top 3 Winners* [spoil]1st: Car: 2nd: Car: 3rd: Car: [/spoil] Crew Members [spoil]Member Color Meanings RED= Leader BLUE= Co-Leader CYAN= Affliates <<<<<<GamerTag>>>>>> Romeos OG Senidy Certuhfied Broken Stereo Hey Siri Flankzi VorTeX Symbol imaninja818 Uiil MMz Tsunami Brendzn Tensai Gema l Jesus piece l El Don Supreme Say Reza Tuckar[/spoil] NOT ABIDING BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ABOVE WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING PUT INTO A BAN LIST FROM ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CAR MEET AND CREW THAT IS JOINTED TO THE CAR MEET!!! BAN LIST [spoil]R7 Dizehh b6ker Damien8920 DUKEYDANUKEY baileymc1506 V3nom Snake64 Vrho[/spoil]
  4. Car enthusiasts alike post, comment share screen shots, organise meets, races, Customisation tips etc. You really feel like showing off your creativity and attention to detail for Madd GTA online Customisation, challenge other players and see who is the best.
  5. MattBrownftw

    Xbox one bad sport help

    I need help I'm in bad sport for xbox one and I've got 2 months left with nobody to have fun with as every lobby is empty. I was wondering if it would be possible for a modder to get me out via xbox 360? Not sure if it will work. Thanks
  6. Sultan WRC Championship (Xbox One Edition) Hey guys! Looking to find some other users here who would be interested in racing some good ol' traditional rally courses. I've made 6 so far, the difficulty ramps up gradually with each course, which accomodates up to 30 players in every event. I maxed out prop placement on pretty much every track so there's some added atmosphere in every corner. Get the full playlist here: Download Tataviam Mountains Paleto Forest Zancudo River Raton Canyon Grapeseed Mount Chiliad Feedback is welcome; these races are inspired by the rest of the GTA WRC community. Message me on Xbox Live, or leave your tag! My GT - Col0Korn
  7. Killer250x

    XB1 Stance/Drift meet

    Will meet around Vinewood sign. Drift or Stanced cars ONLY Msg: AngryPancakeMan Will drag later on.
  8. The Outsiders Motorcycle Club Xbox one Only! Must be 15+ Have a Headset Must listen and follow basic MC rules Please message or kik me Gamertag Rivvrs Kik BigNasty_1
  9. So I just started a petition to get a plastic surgery type feature added into the game cause i for one definitely am not satisfied with my characters appearance and this type of feature is very easy for R to do I just need 100 signatures but I need at least 5 to get it out there for everyone to see here's the link https://www.change.org/p/rockstar-games-plastic-surgery-feature-for-gta-online
  10. Sedia3

    San Andreas State Police Recruitment

    San Andreas State Police San Andreas State Police is now recruiting. We are a police roleplay clan with 100+ members that operate on all consoles including PC. We work professionally with real police codes and a wide ranking system. We also have multiple divisions within us. We even have a citizenship program for people who would like to become a citizen for patrols and scenarios. We are one of the biggest police clan on console to date. We have our State Police division which is our heart and soul. We also have many other divisions including, Federal Investigation Bureau, Special Weapons and Tactics,Fire Division, and Air Division. State Police The State Troopers are San Andreas finest and is the single largest law enforcement entity throughout the State. State Troopers enforce not only traffic regulations on the interstate connecting Los Santos and Blaine County, but can also assist local municipal units throughout the State dedicated to protecting the great State of San Andreas with jurisdiction in both Los Santos and Blaine County. Although most of their operations are performed in the city of Los Santos, occassionally join forces with the Sheriff Division located in Paleto Bay, BC. Troopers are trained to deal with a wide range of both major and minor situations, since having jurisdiction over every square inch of the State be prepared to be called into the wilderness. State Troopers also have several smaller operational units, the Street Crime Unit which it's main focus is dealing with protecting the areas where crime has a higher rate. Then the Beach and Bike Patrol Unit which focus on the warm sandy beaches of Los Santos protecting the borders and keeping everything under control. Liaise well with Lifeguards and the local Fire Department. Federal Investigations Bureau The FIB is the national investigations unit and is composed of detectives from a wide range of specializations: commercial crimes, narcotics, robbery/homicide, technology crimes, vice, and many more. Typical duties include collecting evidence among other related investigation tasks. These hard working individuals not only patrol undercover but investigate the majority of crimes and unsolved cold cases. These are the guys brought in to bring justice to those who think they got away with the crime they committed, but make no mistake these are the best at what they do and will hunt any suspect down with all that they have. The FIB work alongside with the State Troopers, although they have a higher jurisdiction than other divisions and can take over if a crime scene is present. Troopers must obey the commands if you respond to a scene of a crime and must perform your duty to protect them. Special Weapons and Tactics S.W.A.T. is our mean green fighting machine, the re-enforcement unit dedicated to supply heavy firepower in those hostile areas. These tactical machinimas are the best of the best and only take on those who have the skills to protect at all costs. State Troopers have the dedicated S.W.A.T. team in the event of hostility, they also train periodically to improve their tactics ready to strike when needed. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTED! When not on duty as a Tactical Operative, units will switch to the Rapid Response Unit and will remain in standard gear and pose as a unmarked unit performing Trooper duties until requested by command they will add the tactical gear ready to rumble. Fire Division The Fire Division is San Andreas number one emergency medical response unit, a full time squad dedicated to responding to dangerous scenarios standard duty officers are not trained to deal with ready to tackle any environmental situation. The division is split into five segments: Engine is the priority to tackle all kinds of fires and also deal with less hazardous issues like a smoking building. Ladder Company is a side attachment to the Fire Engine where units are provided the tools needed for high level building fires, high level evacuations as well as smaller situations like a kitty stuck in a tree. Fire Rescue is the number one response to all medical calls. EMRS staff are professionally trained to deal with any abnormalities and help provide life saving support, advice and rapid transportation. Air Rescue is authorised for open areas and need for rapid transportation to the nearest medical facility if ground units cannot respond effectively or are unable to reach the location. Then finally Hazmat who are not only specialized in dealing with explosives but are trained to deal with NBC (Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical) agents. All units train constantly and have state-of-the-art facilities, and equipment which facilitate such training. Air Division Air Division is available to certain members in each division. To assist squad cars and officers on the ground. The Air Unit asset is a tremendous force multiplier that provides a valuable resource in high-speed pursuits, low-light operations, and other special operation tasks. The Air Unit is also used as an alternate insertion method by the that covers the following divisions: State Police, S.I.D and Fire. Requirements: -PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC -Working mic -Atleast 15 years of age -Legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 -Get on the website atleast 3 days a week. -Speak and write fluent english Benefits of joining: Meet some new people to play with and possibly play other games with. A great welcoming community of people who all want to roleplay just like you do. Friendly staff to help guide you through what you need. To join just click the link below and fill out our application and join our community. Once application is accepted a trainer will be referred to you and you will get trained as soon as possible. RSSC Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police To become an Officer: http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/sasprecruitment To become a civilian: http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/citizenapp We hope you have fun and enjoy every bit of the San Andreas State Police clan. Lt Col.Sedia3 Traffic Unit PS3
  11. LSPD - Jaipa

    LSPD Los Santos Cops

    LSPD Los Santos Cops About Us We are a multi platform police based crew. We plan to have a crew of anywhere from 50 to 1000 active police role players in our crew. Currently the crew is mainly managed by me and Mode, Mode being basically a second in command. We as a crew have been since September 2013 and have gained many members but most of them have migrated to a generic goon crew with weed and #420blazeit plastered all over the crew homepage. We wish to be a highly active, professional but fun police crew by the end of 2016 at the latest. If you find yourself driving around stopping at lights or stealing cop cars to pull random players over, we're the crew for you. You have a 1000 member crew! Why are you posting here??! LSPD Los Santos Cops is one of the largest police based crews on social club to date but I'm looking to convert to a crew of role players. I'm happy to be the leader of a thousand member police crew but I'm looking for more active role players. If you're wondering what that means and what I am asking of you, search into YouTube: "SAPDFR Zach Houseknect" and watch the video, that is what our crew was made to do. If you have no interest in doing SAPDFR, please don't request an invite as 99% of our members already don't role play. Management Chief of Police - {Leader} LSPD-Jaipa - PSN: jaipaboy4thewin Deputy Chief of Police - {Commissioner} Kishee999 - PSN: Kishee999 Commanders - {Liuetenants} PS4: RED_NECK_REEFER - PSN: RED_NECK_REEFER XB360: redhicks10 - XBL: redhicks10 PC: policeman134 Links Website: Click Here Twitter Page: @SAPD_Official Social Club: Click Here
  12. Guardrail187

    Open Recruitment for Ingolrious Vanguards

    I have just created a new crew. The name is Inglorious Vanguards. I am actively looking to recruit new members. If you looking to be in a crew leadership position than this is your chance. I need to fill out my hierarchy and its basicaly first come first serve for now. I play on Xbox one and looking to recruit on there mostly, but all platform are welcomed. I would like to branch out and would need leaders on xbox 360, ps3, ps4, and PC. I would like this crew to be involved in everything from crew event death matches races etc. Hopefully we can also provide security for other crews events and build partnerships. The overall goal is to have fun. Second MAKE MONEY and third establish our rep. I'm looking for players of all kind. Whether your a casual player or a serious one you are welcomed here. Stats do not matter. If your willing to play and keep playing and trying to improve, you are the exact kind of player I am looking for. However there are just a few requirements to get in. Requirements 1. Must be 18 or older, ABSOLUTELY NO MINORS!!!! 2. Must speak good english, can be foreign but must speak english 3. Must have a mic. For communication and getting to know each other There are also a few rules to make sure everyone gets along and has fun with each other. Rules 1. No killing other crew members. If you do apologize and move on. 2. NO RACIAL OR OFFENSIVE SLURS OF ANY KIND TOWARD MEMBERS. You can curse, but do not intentionally offend someone. If it was an accident than apologize. 3. No tee bagging or taunting fellow members. 4. NO CHEATING 5. Do not be a D bag For those of you who want to be in multiple crew you are more than welcome to, but you can not be in the leadership if you are. The more you contribute the higher you are in the leadership. Roles for leadership positions will be as follows. Leader- Guardrail187 that is my gamertag if you wish to add me. I will handle all major crew business. Also have override authority in major crew business and in kicking player who break the rules. Commissioners-Will have a vote in major crew changes and actions. will be in charge of all players on their platform, and will lead large crew initiatives. Will have a vote on recruiting players. Lieutenants- Will lead death matches and team based initiatives within GTA Online. Will report bad members to commissioners and myself. Also will handle any minor complaints of members below them. Can serve as a point of contact with leaders of other crew. Representatives- Will handle active recruiting initiatives and serve as point of contact to anyone who inquires about joining the crew. They will lead small squads in free roam activities. Will also lead crew events that have smaller than 8 people. Muscle- You are the foot soldiers. Got out and help us make a name for ourselves. The more you do the higher up the chain you will go. Everything is based on merit. The more you play the further you will go. Once again this crew is open to any and all player over 18. I look forward to playing and getting to know you all. Lets have fun and kick ass together. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/inglorious_vanguards
  13. Son Of Fear

    MC Recruitment (SOA Redemption)

    SOA REDEMPTION If your looking for an active MC with runs and events every week join SOA Redemption most our members are active on PS4 and a few on PS3.I promise you if you play on ps4 when you log on there will be at least one brother playing and if your ever fighting in the street alone and need help just a quick reqeust for backup on social club brothers will come online to help you out SFFS!! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/soa_redemption_ http://soaredemption.wix.com/soar
  14. The Barons of Vinewood Who we are: A new crew with a dedicated and caring staff, in a tight-knit community of diverse players who want to have a good time. A crew with staff who all are good friends in real life and thus can make coordinated and meaningful decisions. A fun and exciting crew with ample opportunities for promotion. Open to everyone, no matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. All platforms are accepted Rules and Policies: -Be nice! Respect your other players and crew mates, and don't be a troll. -Absolutely no cheating or hacking is permitted. You will be kicked from the crew if we see cheating or hacking. -Don't be annoying and ask for promotions -You can be in other crews, this does not have to be a serious commitment if you don't want it to, although try to be on at least some of the time. -Don't be racist, sexist, anti-semetic, etc. -Promotions will be given to crew members who make an effort to be a good person and follow rules. -Just have fun! I know this sounds cheesy but seriously, have a good time. Other Information: To contact me: Message me on social club. My username is Newarkia. Social club crew link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/barons_of_vinewood Timezone: All our staff are located in New York, which is Eastern Standard Time (EST) although any timezone is accepted. Thank You Everyone, And We Hope To See Some Of You Soon!!!
  15. WheelchairJimmy


    I mean Drake started out in Degrassi and look at him now! Think you have whatever it takes? Open enrollment. Social Club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/degrassithenextgen
  16. Wolfman here looking for founding members to help me build up a new MC, the Devils Diciples. Im a former Warlock PS3 member, moved over to PC after I enlisted in the military to game more conveniently. Now I've created my own MC and are looking for dedicated, committed, and preferably (but not necessarily) experienced riders to help me turn this club into a devastating force on PC. This is your chance to be a leader, not a follower. As long as you're cool, open minded, and not an idiot, things should work out. Contact me here http://socialclub.ro...er/wolfman58529 "If a Devils got you by a single hair, forget your prayers"
  17. S.I. Fatal

    We all have blood on our hands!

    The Fatal MC Leader: SI_Fatal Motto: We all have blood on our hands. System: All Consoles The Fatal MC is searching for a few outlaws to join our crew. If you are a motorcycle enthusiasts, enjoy riding with your fellow members and have a knack for mischief you are what we are looking for. The Fatal MC is an all inclusive motorcycle club! All new members are considered prospect until they accumulate 500,000 crew RP. Inactive prospects will be kicked from the crew. Although we are a fairly easy going crew members can be demoted or banded if found in violation of Rules & Regulations. Rules & Regulations: The Fatal MC always deal fairly with fellow members. The Fatal MC never purposely attack or kill fellow members without probable cause. The Fatal MC members must own at least two motorcycle. One cruiser or chopper styled bike and one sports bike. The Fatal MC or one of our affiliates must be set as your active crew. All members are encouraged to invest in a mic or headset so you can speak directly to your crew members. Your PlayStation Network ID or X Box Gamer Tag must be visible to friends and crew at all times. All members are encouraged to dress the part. Dress Code: Leather or track jackets with the crew patch on the back. T Shirts with the crew patch on the front or back. For more information about The Fatal MC go to http://davidverhaeghe.wix.com/fatal-mc To join The Fatal MC on PS4 go to: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_fatal_mc_ps4 To join The Fatal MC on PS3 go to: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_fatal_mc_ps3 To join The Fatal MC on X Box and PC go to: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_fatal_mc_nomads
  18. Crew name: The Amazing Aussies Crew social club link: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_amazing_aussies Leader username: Kyle-Sunter Contact links: [email protected] Crew goals: to reach a moderate amount of members and have a nice crew with great people.
  19. "RISE above! We're gonna RISE above!" -Black Flag If you're looking for a fun and loyal crew to join in GTA 5 Online, look no further. 7 Point Society was founded to recruit as many members as possible, bringing players together simply to have fun and wreak havoc and anarchy across Los Santos and the rest of the San Andreas map. The only rule we ask to be obeyed is to stand united, not divided. All this means is we ask our crew members to not persistently attack their fellow RISE/7PS members in Free Mode. We're actively recruiting and accepting requests from players of all ranks and skill levels now. Come have fun with us!!! Click or copy and paste the link below to submit a request for membership!!! socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/7_point_society
  20. AresTheAncient

    The Ancient Royalty Now Recruiting

    Join here. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_ancient_royalty We're a crew of people just looking for fun and we need people to have fun with. Everything earned is split 50/50. All heists and missions on hard for a challenge and more fun. Always friendly. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. We're just an overall good clan looking for a maximum of about 100 active people to play with. Lucky number 100 gets some money while every tenth person gets some money too. With this crew you won't constantly be getting killed on our private servers. Sure you can be that guy that just goes on a rampage for no reason on public servers but I find it more deserving to slowly study my enemy and then pick them off with a well placed bullet. We love to have fun and will goof around with every given chance. Mics are not required but they are encouraged. There is no age limit but if you're young then please be mature and follow the rules set by your parents. We don't like 12 and 13 year olds cussing up a storm because they want approval from their older peers Each gaming platform will have a trusted individual to govern that platform. (PS4 is already taken) Meetings will be every week and if you can't attend we understand. (I will try to update with crew pictures as frequently as possible)
  21. TaylorTheAlien


    Looking for a crew to play heists, missions, td, survivals, etc. with? Or are you into all out wars with everyone in free roam? Look no further. *NEXT LEVEL ALIENS* could be the crew you need. During crew wars we can hold our own, and always protect eachother. We split money earned equally meaning you get *quick money*. Once you prove yourself and play with the other members you'll earn yourself *fast promotions*. Are you into stunting? *NEXT LEVEL ALIENS* love stunting, so once you join post your own insane snapshots on our Social Club page. We also love cars, and love showing them off in car shows. We are open to members on all consoles, and already have multiple members on all consoles. So, now the question is, what are you waiting for? Join us now
  22. Business Republic is a new crew looking for core members. Our goal is to establish a small group of active and devoted GTA Online players in order to play together. Main goal of the crew is doing heists daily, getting a lot of money, and organized gameplay of any kind. More about me: I have recently started playing GTA and I am very active and PvE oriented (for now). I would like to find some players to play with in a crew, to farm money and do heists, missions, and other game modes together. The crew, at the moment, is a couple of my friends and I. We are all from Serbia, but we are looking for players all over the world. The only requirement is that you are an active player, willing to play heists, missions, COOP, and PvP with your crew. We dont ask you to be any good, only to try your best. We search for clean, goal oriented players, who can be both serious and rebellious when needed. For more information you can write in this topic, or add me in Rockstar Social Club or Steam. Social Club - Charybdim Steam - charybdim Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
  23. Wolfman here looking for founding members to help me build up a new MC, the Devils Diciples. Im a former Warlock PS3 member, moved over to PC after I enlisted in the military to game more conveniently. Now I've created my own MC and are looking for dedicated, committed, and preferably (but not necessarily) experienced riders to help me turn this club into a devastating force on PC. This is your chance to be a leader, not a follower. As long as you're cool, open minded, and not an idiot, things should work out. Contact me here http://socialclub.ro...er/wolfman58529 "If a Devils got you by a single hair, forget your prayers"
  24. zachz72

    Join Elite First Order

    Hello, My name is Zach or XGN Enclave on Xbox One and zachz71 on PC. Me and my friend have a crew called the Elite First Order. We recently made it and we want a lot of people to join it, if your looking for a crew to join please to ours at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elite_first_order
  25. Car meet on gta 5 Xbox one. Everyone and every car welcome. No killing anyone if you do so you will be kicked. Starts at 6:00 pm GMT [uk times] To have an invite please message saying 'invite' Message: ImmenseRiver Thankyou.
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