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Found 125 results

  1. Hey, We have seen your interest in GTA and thought it would be cool to let you know about something, which we could invite you guys in participating. Imagine a weekly gaming league where you pit yourself against other universities, colleges and even schools going head to head to see who is top dog. It’s going to be epic! And we already have sponsors involved such as Game and Razer with numerous more to come. It goes by the name Student Gaming Championships. Major games will be used during the championships, such as FIFA, League of Legends, and Smash Bro’s etc. (See link below for full list of games). So there’s definitely going to be a game for you or your team/teams. We’re looking to make this a monster of an event. Rivalries will be made and scores will be settled. Are you in? Of course everything starts from ground zero and this is going to be season one. There will be a few ups and downs for sure but we’d love to have you on board for the ride and help develop what will hopefully become the worlds largest Student Gaming Championships. The official site will be: http://studentgamingchampionships.com/ So just get back to us and we can fill you in and get you guys involved. This will be epic and even more epic if you guys join us! There will only be space for 100 teams so get back to u quickly to secure your place. Student Gaming Championships
  2. Currently Hosting a Car Meet. Anything But super cars. This will Be the Official "Day 3" Event for YouTube. Add and Message me for an Invite at DJ ROKR. Show Cars, Drifting and Drag Racing! NO BS! NO KILLING!


    If you want to join GT: TNT NUKA 999 No over the top cars or super cars. Common sense rules.
  4. Jerking For Soup

    Beware Of Scammers

    Beware of these scammers that plague GTA Online. I know this guy (who I don't like anymore) who claims to duplicate you a car if you give up your cut. The catch is, they never do it. I have never been scammed myself, but feel as if I must report this issue immediately. I have seen people get scammed by this. Just saying this for your PERSONAL AWARENESS.
  5. CasinoGamblers

    Casino Gamblers

    Casino Gamblers [GMBL] Are you someone who can't wait for the Casino to open? Want to join a group of high class, well dressed gamblers? Well this crew is just for you! Until the Casino opens we have setup a Discord (what's Discord?) server so that you may chat about what you hope the Casino offers and hedge bets on when you think it'll open, and what games you think they'll have inside. When the Casino does open: · Casino Gamblers will be required to wear formal attire at all times when inside the Casino. · No visible tattoos/masks are allowed (whatever the formal attire covers up is fine). · When in the Casino you must keep your crew tag on at all times. Join now and become a founding member of Casino Gamblers and let's work together to make millions (or lose millions, either way it'll be fun!). Social Club Crew Page | Discord Server
  6. Carmeets101

    Car Meet XBox 360

    My goal is to at least get 8 people for this meet. I would like to have a chill and laid back lobby with people coming with the purpose of showing off their car and doing some serious drags. The meet will start @ 3:00pm eastern time. Rules: No killing No shooting unless your stancing Message Xzthrillerxz for invite Class: Sport
  7. olga1002

    odd boobs? online

    hey guys, I realized the really odd looking boobs in this game. As a girl I'd like to be able to create a beautiful character since I'm going to be hanging around for a loooooong time. I would like to have the breasts sitting higher on the body, in a more "natrual" way. Since the NPC's boobs are looking very well I guess its gonna be pretty easy to patch:) thx everyone. btw this post is not in any way ment to be perverted, but an actual problem that bothers a lot of people out there;)
  8. there are alot of cars in gta and out of all of them I STILL DONT SEE A LYKAN HYPERSPORT! Plz Rockstar put the Lykan Hypersport in the game even just a Zenvo st1 would be great i would highly appriciate it if these two cars where put into the game since they are my favorite cars in the whole wide world. I reall hope they will support this idea. (Srry i couldnt find any images of these two cool cars you'll have to search it up urself on google, and if you do you may have the same desire to see these two cars in the game Like me) ... couldnt fit the topic in.
  9. (CLOSED) Xbox One Car Meet.
  10. LuxBoy

    Features i want in GTA Online !

    These are ALOT of features that i badly want in GTA 5 Online. They would make the game more realistic and WAY better. I Hope these come true could you add random police chases, polices arrest random pedestrians, you can sell drugs to pedestrians, Ballas, Grove st. , Vatos, etc. can get arrested and sell drugs , Also you can befriend fellow drug dealers and gangsters of San Andreas, Clothes that resemble actual clothes in real life, Air Jordan's look alike, You can own mansion, you communicate with people at the playboy mansion party, Face bandanas, and head bandanas like 2pac to GTA 5. Thanks for listening to your customers! Could you add random gang fights around San Andreas,you can tag your crew around town but who ever does it when they leave the lobby the tag disappear, the Taper Fade haircut, The juice haircut,you get to see people calling/taking calling police while a player is committing a crime, also you can get a trap house (a thing like trevors meth house) where you can harvest, make crack/cocaine, and make other drugs. Also you can add Speakers in the back of your car and can make them any size also you can open your truck and show the beat and when you open the truck the music gets louder. BIGGER CAR RIM SIZES ! MEDIUM/HIGH SOCKS Add face bandanas. You can interact with the gangsters of San Andreas and if they find out you friends with other gangs they try to kill you. Add Other types of dogs and be able to own them. Give us the excitement that we had in GTA San Andreas to go find out if a easter egg was really in game and add more animals. Add GTA San Andreas like clothes. Put baggy(saggish) skinny jeans in because the skinny jeans are way to tight lol. Give us the ability to go into a SUPER realistic GTA Online session where we would be stop by cops for going past a redlight, having a gun out, etc.
  11. youngsteez


    I got a crew emblem I want to upload to my new crew but sadly, Rockstar doesn't let people just upload them anymore and I'm willing to pay someone through PayPal to do it
  12. despised_v_icon

    Ps4 looking to join car show : )

    Hey I haven't found a group that does car shows at a usual time I'd like to join one if your hosting one or in one send me a invite. My psn is DeSp1s3d_v_1c0n
  13. i'm looking for a solid crew to do all heists in order with, and if we can do all the elite missions aswell that'dd be awesome i'm just lvl 14 but i can handle a car quite ok and know my way with a gun a little
  14. -Topic is work in process. But I have several events coming. - Events: - Lowrider Racing - Karin Autosport - Supercars Among Us
  15. Hey, Im rank 45 on the PS4 but my lester contact missions are all locked right now, I'm trying to unlock the Denial of Service mission but its not in my mission list. I had a similar problem with Martin but I was able to unlock his "request jobs" option by completing a mission of his on the quick job option. Ive been trying for the past hour trying to join a lester mission but ive not been able to. Please can someone invite me to any lester contact mission, preferably denial of service, so i can unlock the request job option. Thanks, my PSN id is Suli King23
  16. OMGitsAtkinz

    GTA Heists PS4

    Looking for people willing to do the pacific standard heist and more, first come get priority so whoever adds first will be in the heist for sure. PSN: OMGitsAtkins
  17. Ser_Banana

    Fleeca heist partner

    I need a partner that would do fleeca job with me turn by turn as host and player. I am better as driver and need a driller. Preferbably in asian timezone. We do as many times as we can to earn massive amounts of money. Id:Ser_Banana
  18. AlphaWhiteWolf

    GTA 5 Online Friend Bomb

    A thread to connect with players across all platforms to assemble a Heist Crew or meet up for other online activities. Anyone can comment their info below or friend request anyone who has commented their info. Please include your Gamertag, Gaming Platform, Time Zone, what kind of player you are and what you like to do online. If you're looking for more friends to do Heists, Races, LTS and so on feel free to throw it out there and let players know what you're looking for.
  19. Ive been trying to figure out what the best deathmatch in gta is
  20. Carmeets101

    Xbox 360 Car show

    Gt: Xzthrillerxz Classes allowed: Tuners , low end sport , low riders, and muscle Meet starts @5:40pm Message me or X1Upcast1X for invite At the end of the car show we will have some drags. Rules: No killing No supers
  21. HostName: | .: Palm Stunting:. | :Freeroam/stunting: | 0.3.7 | Address: Players: xx / 50 Ping: 20 Mode: Freeroam v1 Language: English Easy car fix. Loads of mapping and teles. DM / stunt zones / NOS left Click. And much more! Server just started need admins!! So you ingame!
  22. As the tiltle says i am looking for people to do races with i am on almost everyday and i try and stream and record everytime we get a decent amount of people in the lobby! If you guys also have some cool playlist just let me know and we can set them up, Im just trying to have some fun and enjoy a good time ! Comment down your gamertag or you can send me a message and ill add you! GAMERTAG: CaptainFernny Mic is recommend BUT not required
  23. Just recently switched to PC from console & GTA V is my first game. Since all my friends are on console, I don't have anyone to do heist, rank up, run with, etc. So anyone who'd be willing to do heists, rank up, & earn $$$, please comment below and I'll add you. PC: Twogirlsonekevin
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