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Found 125 results

  1. Reaper Lords are an active outlaw gang on Red Dead Online and we are recruiting mature, respectful and loyal new members for PS4 and XB1. 1 minute recruiting video We are a highly organized and tight-knit crew that was founded on GTA in 2013. We still play GTA and other games together, but with the release of Red Dead Online we have moved to Red Dead as our primary gameplay environment. We have members world-wide ranging in age from 17-45, with the majority being mid-20's to early 30's. On Red Dead we enjoy playing as a friendly, but formidable outlaw gang. We play all game modes, but are most frequently in freeroam riding in large formations, hunting, participating in lobby challenges, and engaging with other posses. We do not use our large numbers to grief friendly players, but frequently push trolls and griefers out of lobbies, so we can enjoy the game in peace. Many of our members are active on youtube, twitter and instagram, working together to create videos and photos. Our crew has been featured by VICE, Kotaku, Rockstar Games and others. You can Google "Reaper Lords" to find the articles. Outside the game we organize frequent meet-ups in the US & Europe. Past meet up locations have included Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Dublin, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Baltimore. We have also raised nearly $10k through game-related events to benefit several charities. We are not a casual crew and membership must be earned by demonstrating commitment and ability to uphold our standards. We frequently hear that we take the game too seriously, but for us any specific game is secondary in nature. Gaming is just what brings us together. We truly are like a big extended family and that's what we value most. All prospective members must apply through our website. If your application is accepted, one of our Enforcers will contact you within 5 days. If you do not hear back, your application was rejected. Feel free to post questions below or contact me @Dirty_Worka on Twitter or Instagram. LORD DirtyWorka President - Los Santos Reaper Lords MC
  2. Looking for some help selling weed and completing heist! If interested add SM1TTY2199 and send me a message! (I'm playing right now)
  3. VerdensTynneste

    Second Character Level 120 Gta Online Health

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if the second created character with level 120 has max or minimum health. For example do i have to level up to 220 in order to get full health again?
  4. Hey everyone the UK OUTLAW SQUAD (UKOS) is recruiting we are looking for loyal and active players across all formats old and new gen and PC and you don't have to be from the UK we have members form all over Europe and some further afield. we take part in all GTA online has to offer MC. Import and export. CEO races LTS heists we also line getting in to a few battles with other crews in free mode. We also like to chill and have fun regular crew meet ups etc. We don't have lots of rules just the normal. Be respectful to other crew no crew killing with out permission if you do kill by accident a quick message saying sorry goes a long way we ask that all members link there social club account with gamer tag or psn helps the crew interact have some form of crew clothing (not mandatory but looks good on snap matics) we also have a very active Facebook group good place to find people and ask for tips and advice message the crew leader or a commissioner and mention my psn please ( RichScouse79). Check the crew out I think you'll like us here's the link to the crew social club page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/uk_outlaw_squad Check us out guys Posts merged. Please wait 7 days before double posting to bump your topic.
  5. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  6. I'm looking for racers, drifters, and people who like a competitive friendly sport to come and join me on the road. I like to specialize in the touge, or mountain pass, and as you could predict I drive the futo.. all the time! If you're interested in testing your skills against other people in these specific categories then message me. I will host atleast one meet once a week consisting of racing, drifting, and other fun activities that maybe you could help me figure out. Thanks! GT: LaoBoySanti Try to keep up!
  7. Breezo2x

    Luciaono Family Recruiting

    I'm the Don of the Luciaono Family and we are looking for new and active members to control Turf and handle businesses that the family owns and if you're interested you can contact me on PSN @Breezy__543
  8. zecanelao

    [All] International Pacific Standard Job

    Welcome to the International Pacific Standard Job recruitment thread. Our goal is to provide a reliable crew for those looking for competent players to do the Pacific heist. And that's our only goal. We try to recruit as many players as possible, but we need competent players. Unlike other threads, this one will be simple, since this crew's goal is quite simple.(I'm even typing this on my phone, so if there's something wrong, please tell me and I will try to edit it as soon as possible on a PC). Crew link: https://pt.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/int_pacific_st_job_ Platforms: All. Leader: me, zecanelao(I'm on PC). Rules: 1) Only set this crew as your active crew if you're available/need/want to do the Pacific heist. It will be easier to find other members. 2) Minimun payout cut: 20%, unless if the member hasn't helped with any setup. 3) Heist leader: use player saved outfits. It's highly recommended to use an utility vest. A member who keeps failing the mission and isn't wearing a heavy combat vest must be reported and will be kicked. 4) Respect other members, don't kill them. 5) This crew is for experienced players who know what they're doing. We accept low level players, as long as they are skilled enough. 6) Follow the strategy below. Additional notes: *invite your friends to our crew. We need as many players as possible. * We need some members for each platform to help with the management. If you want to be one of them, let me know. Requirements: trying to keep it as open as possible, there are no requirements yet. No mics needed, no minimun age or rank, etc. But if the quality of our members isn't satisfactory, we will need to take some actions to find better members. Basic strategy(open to discussion): this heist is quite simple: Vans setup: nothing to say here. If you want to take the photos alone and know how to do it, there's no problem. Signal: if you see someone using a helicopter, wait that player land it on the island before getting Avi. Also, avoid being with three other players in the same vehicle to avoid the wanted level glitch. Hack: nothing to say here. Just don't use explosives while delivering the black van. Convoy: a little tricky mission, easy to fail. First, don't use explosives. Also, don't shoot the guys in the truck, wait for them stop and get out. It's very to damage it. Attention for anyone driving the Insurgent pick-up. Always be in a good position so the gunner has nothing blocking his/her sight from the Savages. Bikes: nothing to say here. Finale: Only one player carries the money. To make things simple the player with the LOWEST rank should do that. This player and other two stay inside the bank. Just walk out the door, get the checkpoint outside and then get back inside the bank. Stay there until one player reaches the bikes. The player with the HIGHEST rank should rush to the bikes, destroy them and then commit suicide. The rest you all know how to do it. Any questions, free feel to ask.
  9. Occult Kollective


    Occult Kollective - Join the Takeover No Gods, No Masters | Create Your Own Future | Do What Thou Wilt New crew just formed. looking to become a well structured Syndicate in Los Santos. No crew requirements or rules, No one will be kicked for inactivity or having multiple crews. Just made for those that want to play with like minded people, all sharing the same intention of playing GTA V. Cars, Bikes, Money, and a little bit of havoc. All crew positions are available, looking for all ranks and types of players. Join The Occult Collective : We Are The Los Santos Take Over For more Info Contact Occult Kollective leader directly on PSN : NOWTHATSAKN1FE
  10. Bike life bike meet. Invite only session and also no friendly fire or you will be kicked! Mics not needed but are a bonus. Must listen to rules and what the host says. Bike life will start at 6 PM TODAY! [uK TIME, GMT][7 hours from when posted] If you would like an invite to the sessions please message... Gamertag- Kezscott Or post your gamertag for an invite. Thankyou!
  11. jakelawrence

    KING OF PURGE - RECRUITING (look inside)

    KING OF PURGE (PS4) ----------------------------------------- Information We are recruiting all members from the ages of 16+ (preferably). We are a crew with a lot a banter and we are the most wanted people in the GTA free roam lobbies. We chill together in lobbies and hunt down our arch enemies. We take down other crews with ease in death matches, LTS etc. We do loads of car meet ups and races as a crew. What we are looking for: - Deadly GTA players that know how to tear things up in sessions. - People with a lot of banter (but not racist or offensive banter), and that can have a good laugh. - NO NOOBS at the game. - People that can obey the rules. Rules: - Don't kill other crew members in free mode. ​- Try and be active and loyal to this crew. - Destroy anyone that isn't a part of KofP. If you want to join contact me on PSN : jakelawrence6 LINK : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/king_of_purge Thanks for reading !!!


    JOIN NOW! BIGBLOCKFAM Active & Rich GTA5 Crew PS - XBOX - PC - ALL GEN -

    Any Alfa Romeo cars in GTA Online?

    This could be an incredibly dumb question, but are there any Alfa Romeo cars in GTA Online that Im just completely missing? I know there are mods for single player which are great but I would love to be able to have one in Online. Thanks in advance.
  14. OfficialLSSE

    LSSE Police and Military Roleplay PS4

    Hello, My name is Alan. I'm the owner and First in Command of the Los Santos Security Enforcers. We are a large team of professional Law Enforcement Officers and Leaders. If you are looking for a: Professional Co-Operative Organized Well Managed Law Enforcement Role-play Clan for the PS4 then you're in the right spot! We have the following jobs available: Law Enforcement Dep. Recruit Gang Tactical Defense Unit Administrative Positions Available Riot Diffusal Team Pre-Trained Fire Pre-Trained EMS ...And Much More! We have a few requirements. Here they are... Must be 14+ years of age Must have a working Mic/Headset Must be Eager and Ready to learn. Must be professional Experience Preferred For more information visit: www.OfficialLSSE.com or contact "SoundofSilence56" on PSN. See You Soon, Private!
  15. MattBrownftw

    Xbox one bad sport help

    I need help I'm in bad sport for xbox one and I've got 2 months left with nobody to have fun with as every lobby is empty. I was wondering if it would be possible for a modder to get me out via xbox 360? Not sure if it will work. Thanks
  16. Business Republic is a new crew looking for core members. Our goal is to establish a small group of active and devoted GTA Online players in order to play together. Main goal of the crew is doing heists daily, getting a lot of money, and organized gameplay of any kind. More about me: I have recently started playing GTA and I am very active and PvE oriented (for now). I would like to find some players to play with in a crew, to farm money and do heists, missions, and other game modes together. The crew, at the moment, is a couple of my friends and I. We are all from Serbia, but we are looking for players all over the world. The only requirement is that you are an active player, willing to play heists, missions, COOP, and PvP with your crew. We dont ask you to be any good, only to try your best. We search for clean, goal oriented players, who can be both serious and rebellious when needed. For more information you can write in this topic, or add me in Rockstar Social Club or Steam. Social Club - Charybdim Steam - charybdim Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
  17. Sultan WRC Championship (Xbox One Edition) Hey guys! Looking to find some other users here who would be interested in racing some good ol' traditional rally courses. I've made 6 so far, the difficulty ramps up gradually with each course, which accomodates up to 30 players in every event. I maxed out prop placement on pretty much every track so there's some added atmosphere in every corner. Get the full playlist here: Download Tataviam Mountains Paleto Forest Zancudo River Raton Canyon Grapeseed Mount Chiliad Feedback is welcome; these races are inspired by the rest of the GTA WRC community. Message me on Xbox Live, or leave your tag! My GT - Col0Korn
  18. Killer250x

    XB1 Stance/Drift meet

    Will meet around Vinewood sign. Drift or Stanced cars ONLY Msg: AngryPancakeMan Will drag later on.
  19. The Outsiders Motorcycle Club Xbox one Only! Must be 15+ Have a Headset Must listen and follow basic MC rules Please message or kik me Gamertag Rivvrs Kik BigNasty_1
  20. Super cars and other sport Cars allowed no killing no blowing up cars Car meet at Golf course Car cruise and races Xbox One message- SpringyBat
  21. Crew name: The Amazing Aussies Crew social club link: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_amazing_aussies Leader username: Kyle-Sunter Contact links: [email protected] Crew goals: to reach a moderate amount of members and have a nice crew with great people.
  22. Killer250x

    (XB1) car meet

    Gt: Angrypancakeman


    Looking for dedicated players into cars. would want to host meetups/drag races/street races/drifting nightly. Any kind of automobile fun. My psn is elite_smoothiez if interested.
  24. Crew leader looking for players for heists, missions , vip, etc etc . I'm looking to recruit players on both the PS3 and ps4 . Add my screen name - mjnzelda ( no caps)
  25. Post your Jobs and Playlists here ! Tell us why your job/playlist is worthy to try. Be sure to add up some details and insights, and don't forget to mention the console !
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