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    It's been 19 years since the birth of GTANet, and boy a lot has happened. Some of us were not old enough to play Grand Theft Auto when we joined, and thinking back to 2001, some of us were not even born yet… GTANet has seen multiple generations of fans come and go, but we all arrived with the same shared passion, not just for the weather, but for Rockstar Games titles. Together we celebrated the first true 3D GTA, Grand Theft Auto III, and over the years that followed we created several websites to support every game release, alongside developing GTAForums as our community base. 19 years later we're still here, waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI, waiting to get our minds blown, just as we were back then. The first exclusive screenshot GTANet received from Rockstar Games back in 2002 To pat our own backs for a second, GTAForums has done well running for as long as it has. Forums as a platform to communicate are not as popular as they once were, but with a dedicated team of staff and ever-thirsty fans playing their part, we still hold our own in the GTA community. Unfortunately, our network sites haven't received the same attention these past few years. We're all a bit older, all have a few more things in real life to get on with, you know how it is, but now is the time to look forward. This anniversary year seemed like the perfect time to get back to basics, get back to our roots, and bring one of the oldest projects in the GTA community back to life. The GTANet Portal at GrandTheftAuto.net promises to keep all existing information we've gathered over these 19 years as accessible as it always has been, and over time we'll be archiving all of our articles from the past right here on this domain, but for now we've dusted off the covers and will be bringing in new articles, new community spotlights and any news we can get our hands on relating to GTA, Red Dead and other Rockstar Games titles. Welcome home. --- The GTANet Team
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    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #7 "Thi Angels are watching O'er mE" 2 1 1 2 Ah answered an' said Blessed be thi name o' God firiver an' iver : Fir wisdom an' might are his Fir he changes thi Times an' thi seasons : He removes kings an' sets up kings He gies wisdom unto thi wise An' knowledge tae them Thit kens understanding : He reveals thi deep An' secret things : He kens whit's in Thi DarknesS an' thi light Dwells whae him #notthimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin 9 9 9 :
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    I will ban masel' if nothin' happens in March I huv' thi faith - anyone else? Thir's th' truth eh? Now excuse me ah huv mair Sermons tae write
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    SCRIPT HOOK RDR 2 Note: Script hook uses address autosearch, which means it will work with game versions which are not mentioned here until the game update with changes to the script system. Description: Script hook is the library that allows to use RDR 2 script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. Multiplayer: Script hook closes the game when player goes Online, this is done because the game reports installed mods list to R* while being in Online mode. Installation: 1. Copy ScriptHookRDR2.dll to the game's main folder, i.e. where RDR2.exe is located. 2. In order to load asi plugins you need to have asi loader installed, you can use the latest version that comes with this distrib (dinput8.dll). 3. This distrib also includes a sample asi plugin - native trainer, if you need a trainer then copy NativeTrainer.asi as well. Supported game versions: 1.0.1207.58, 1.0.1207.60, 1.0.1207.69, 1.0.1207.73 DOWNLOAD NATIVE TRAINER
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    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #6 "Resurrection is thi path o' eternal lighT" Ah huv loved ye Whae an everlastin' love Ah Huv sketched ye Whae unfailin' kindness Thi one whae comes fae above is above aw Thi one whaes fae thi earth is earthly an' speaks in earthly terms Thi big man whae lives in heaven is above us aw #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
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    ANYONE ENGAGING IN INFLAMMATORY ARGUMENTS OR BEING A TROLL WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY TEMP/PERMA BANNED. You're not only breaking the forum rules but also contributing to lowering the quality of this topic even more. Go to Reddit if all you want to do is bicker. Let's continue normal programming please.
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    Edit 2: I'm compressing the December 2018/October 2020 map into a spoiler to allow room for new rumored maps to come in, should other unconfirmed ones pop up that completely contradict this one. Editing title as I realize that this may accidentally grab people in. This map is not confirmed to be real and should continue being unconfirmed. The thread retitling can also allow for other rumored maps should others come in. December 2018/October 2020 Leak: Vestawa Island Leak (14 Oct 2020):
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    Since this thread has been absolutely overflowing with garbage posts (hello new members!), you will be temp-banned if you post: anything unrelated to GTA 6 speculation/discussion (this includes all the "lol youtubers" posts, and idle chat - this isn't a generic chatroom, go to gen chat or the Movies & TV section if you want that) image/video posts that aren't posting something about GTA 6 (no, tacking on some words doesn't make it better) posts that are just one or two words ("lol", "this", "agreed" - just like or yee the post) lol cryptic posts (Morse code included) Remember, there are many people lurking the thread; it's not your playground just because you regularly post in it. The thread doesn't need activity if there's nothing to post about, you don't need to post every random thing that comes to your head.
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    RDR2 SCRIPT/NATIVE RESEARCH After looking into RDR2 I can say it's a lot like the companion app when it comes to the script engine, while the PC version introduces changes aimed to make the game less moddable in general, who would've guessed, right ? (1) There are no names in rtti. (2) Lots of pointers (like pools) in the game are dynamically encrypted on write and decrypted on read. (3) Comparing to the companion scripts have opcodes in random order, highly likely this thing is going to change almost every major patch, just like natives in GTAV. Meanwhile! (1) (completed!) Lots of natives in RDR2 can be matched to GTAV ones. (2) (completed!) Name native namespaces. I spent two days doing this. (3) (completed!) Generate natives.h. (4) (completed!) Port the hook. (5) (completed!) Unshuffle opcode table. (6) (completed!) YSC -> C, the game has few new patterns for high level, like 3d arrays. (7) (completed!) Write basic version of NativeTrainer. (8) (completed!) Release the hook. (9) (completed!) Release new SDK. (10) Native DB.
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    Before proceeding to read, I would like to state this does not confirm any form of a future Mexico map expansion. This information is based on pure findings from the game files. Today, I have been investigating to see if Rockstar has any hidden models for Mexico in the game files based on 1.00 (PlayStation 4), but before going any further I do want to give my full credits to Daemon for the RPF extractor and mariokart64n (XnaLara Converter) for importing models into Autodesk 3ds Max [A massive thanks @Jestic for pointing that out, my deepest apologies for forgetting to mention you] . None of this would've been possible without the tools, a massive thanks to them! First of all, it looks like most of the Mexico models are disabled in-game. "nvo_01.rpf" has most town models including Chuparosa, Aboounded Grave Yard and such. Thanks to Autodesk 3DS Max and xnaLara Converter, I have been able to view the models. I've attached 13 screens below (click on show spoiler - save page space). Please bear in mind these models appear to be LOD only, I don't think any HQ models exist. LOD Textures There are textures too (LOD texture quality) - click on show spoiler Scaleform Minimaps @WildBrick142 found scaleform minimaps regarding bounties and such. Blips Even more to add on top of that, thanks to CodeWalker (Thanks DexyFex!), I was able to convert the blip database from .YMT to a .XML file so, therefore, it's fully readable. These were the following hits I got from the files. <excluded>true</excluded> <key>BLIP_REGION_NUEVO_PARAISO</key> <Linkage>REGION_NUEVO_PARAISO</Linkage> <Flags>OnWorldLayer</Flags> </Item <Item> <excluded>true</excluded> <key>BLIP_REGION_NUEVO_PARAISO</key> <Linkage>REGION_NUEVO_PARAISO</Linkage> <Flags>OnWorldLayer</Flags> </Item> <Item> <Item> <excluded>true</excluded> <key>BLIP_BOUNTY_NUEVO_PARAISO</key> <Linkage>BOUNTY_NUEVO_PARAISO</Linkage> <Flags>OnWorldLayer</Flags> </Item> </Item> <Item> <excluded>true</excluded> <key>BLIP_BOUNTY_NUEVO_PARAISO</key> <Linkage>BOUNTY_NUEVO_PARAISO</Linkage> <Flags>OnWorldLayer</Flags> </Item> <Item> <Item> <excluded>true</excluded> <key>BLIP_LOCKOUT_NUEVO_PARAISO</key> <Linkage>LOCKOUT_NUEVO_PARAISO</Linkage> <Flags>OnWorldLayer</Flags> </Item> <Item> Cut Mexican Army NPC Model Quite some time ago @jedijosh920 found a cut NPC model named "S_M_M_MEXARMY_01" in the game files, but it appears the model does not load in game, likely the model was removed from the game. More Bounty & Wanted Lines of Code <Item type="MirroredValueInt" key="StateWantedLevelNuevoParaiso"> <SyncGroup value="1" /> <Value value="0" /> </Item> <Item type="MirroredValueInt" key="StateBountyNuevoParaiso"> <SyncGroup value="1" /> <Value value="0" /> </Item> Nuevo Paraiso Zones - at Pastebin https://pastebin.com/Eg2mdTX8 Nuevo Paraiso Location Coordinates for UI
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    Perhaps here, things will be different.
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    Serious breeks oan (again).... Ah jist want tae clear a few things up afore makin' thi Ovaltines. Regards whit some folk huv telt me is thit thir ar' bogey accounts set up oan ither websites proclaiming tae be yer ain non-Messiah which is categorically shan patter in ma eyes. Ah dinnae huv a: YouTube channel r/sole account 4chan whitivir Facebook acoont Twitter blahblah Instagram Etc, etc etc Thi only place yers truly posts is here oan thi gtaforums.com Ah like it here, it's run well, guid peoples aye thit incudes thi March young team (YMMT) even when thir gieing it pure pelters tae yers truly So thir ye ar' Back tae preaching thi' 'morra
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    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #5 "Thou shalt wear ah long face oan thi Sunday" I, as God's servant, should as a rule, hae nae right to become ah mere entertainer o' ma flock, pouring oot aw number o' stale jokes an' idle tales whaeoot a thoughts o' a practical point - therefore ah always make ma teachings interesting oan purpose - fir they say that many ah true word is of'en spoken in jest…. In risu veritas #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
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    Winner of The Best Conversion in GTAForums Annual Awards 2017, 2018, and 2019 Grand Theft Auto Re: Liberty City Stories (or Re:LCS) is a "Remake" of Liberty City Stories on PC with GTA Vice City engine as its base for better feeling of the game compared to other 3D era GTA engine AND its what original Liberty City Stories game engine based off, Made by @Ryadica926 with contributions from the community for you. Remember, this mod (Re: LCS) is completely different mod from "LCS PC Edition" based on San Andreas. So, please don't call this mod just "LCS PC" or "LCS PCE" because it confuses some people. call this mod "Re:LCS" or "Re:LCS PC" for short. Discord Server MAP [x] commer (Staunton Island) [x] indust (Portland Island) [x] suburb (Shoreside Vale) 99% - As maybe there're some bugs left. PEDS All peds have their original voices from LCS. 100% - I don't think peds needs fixing. if you saw some peds 'deforming' in some cases (twisted legs or something), it's more of fault of animation system. VEHICLES Can't say for sure about the percentages, but they're work in general. still needs help on ferries. WEAPONS About 95% - Melee aiming system is still needs to be improved. MISSIONS Summary: Portland: 99% (with bugs/crashes that needs to be fixed). Staunton: 99% (same as above). Shoreside: 99% (also same as above). Side Missions: 93% Beta 5.0 Build 816 (Latest Public Build): DOWNLOAD HERE! Mirror Link As always, read the "Readme.txt" before installing the mod! Remember! this is NOT the final release, there are still a lot of things to do before I declare it as the final version. HQ Textures Pack for Re: LCS by @Ash_735 (Recommended!) VEHICLES https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j6sr62ar449mmw/to_GTA3PC.IMG.zip GENERICS + PARTICLE https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xeknqcg8ps51f5/to_MODELS.zip PICKUPS https://www.dropbox.com/s/ine0bzrrhf6ogjm/to_UNDERG.IMG.zip Some example pics: HQ Roads by @_Æ_ (Recommended!) https://gofile.io/d/lCIzg6 example pics HackMan128 RD4 Tomasak / George Costanza spaceeinstein _AE_ / Niko Belic 605 _AG sharpie_eastern Ash_735 Silent GTA LC Team ThirteenAG LINK/2012 The Hero / aap guard3 Sergeanur Fire_Head Nick007J juarez / Jason Statham / HackBoy Kalvin / ManDog SlyCooperGTA Verokster rayhan.theodorus Mr. Jago Guitarsingers TV Richard Abreu Dan Arnell Hey, It's Mr. Vee / Venom Supreme Midnightfox99 Paco / OGMoney Josh B. Dylan / Analogue / ITBTD Nullpo / Rakusai? Pawbro erorcun achilleas Alessandro Daniel Martins littlechangeyjr Sergiu Darron dengyawen supertas UnitedMel OG LOC Max Ylitalo rockerlalee / zoltan El Smokio Angel / Ruggio / El Barto Jacob Joshua Tianrui Marin Matkovic ThePlayaJam765 Geovany Sanchez Trippy Epix Gamez MysteriousCactus Kieran Milward Jimmy Sulari a cute halitosis zbyszek papiernia mik TheLuciano354 MrTongWah / Tong TommyHmilj Greg Thompson Kaela_Ferry German Gomez As always, give me @Ryadica926 a shout when you have assets here in this mod but not credited! Note: GTAForums aka this post, my YouTube Channel, this mod's Discord server and my Patreon page are the only 'official' place for downloading or getting the link for download of this mod. I won't support any build downloaded through other place that isn't mentioned above. not even moddb, as I never uploaded a single thing to moddb, even once. oh, and I never uploaded anything to libertycity.ru too, so beware! they (unofficial download links) may injecting some kind of malware to the mod and blame me for it!
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    Christ ye only want tae dae a post an' thi World goes tae sh*te Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #1 "Honest Preacher" Dinnae attempt tae pit words in ma mooth where thir are nae words spoken #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
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    Seems like you guys enjoyed our gold bars giveaway before the RDO update drop, so we might do one for GTAO (shark cards) during Monday. If this something you'd be interested leave any reaction to this post, and we will go ahead with if there's enough interest.
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    WINNERS Most Helpful Member of the decade: @RedDagger 2nd: Silent 3rd: Wildbrick142 Most Knowledgeable Member of the decade: @Ash_735 2nd: K^2 3rd: Adriaan Most Respected Member of the decade: @Silent 2nd: Kirsty 3rd: Tank, Yan2295 Most Missed Member of the decade: @~Tiger~, @livejoker, @The Dedito Gae 2nd: GTA3Freak-2001, ODIE Best Topic of the Decade: The GTAForums Golden Turd Banathon 2nd: Next DLC Discussion Thread 3rd: Where is the blue Best Gang of the Decade: The Yardies 2nd: Zaibatsu 3rd: Andolini Mafia Family Best Event of the Decade: Van Society Meets 2nd: GTAF Gang Leagues, Mr/Mrs Los Santos 3rd: IV Turf Wars, Time Trials Best Staff Member of the Decade: @Raavi 2nd: Kirsty 3rd: RedDagger Most Corrupt Staff Member of the Decade: @Voodoo 2nd: Sivispacem 3rd: Ciaran Best Modder of the Decade: @Silent 2nd: The Hero 3rd: PatrickW, Thundersmacker Biggest Forum Contribution of the Decade: Liberty City Street view by fred, Multiplay Monitor 2nd: GTA Series Forum Biggest Spammer of the Decade: @PhillBellic 2nd: MrBossFTW 3rd: Slamman Topic of the year: NEXT DLC Discussion Thread 2nd: Bravado Gauntlet Classic Appreciation, Weekly Elimination Games 3rd: [GTAO] The General Chat Topic, Casino Heist approaches preps and general info Funniest Topic: Ms. Agatha Baker Appreciation Thread 2nd: GTAO High Quality Appreciation Thread 3rd: GTA 6 Speculation Discussion, GTA Memes Most Helpful Topic: Complete Dripfeed Databases 2nd: Weekly pinned newswire briefing topics 3rd: Elimination games Best Poster in GTA V: @billiejoearmstrong8, @WildBrick142, @REXX 2nd: Hideo Kojima 3rd: Sam Lake Best Poster in GTAO: @YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE 2nd: Fun 2, Volganor 3rd: Fozzie, Amy Vinewood Funniest Member: @YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE 2nd: Fozzie, Classique 3rd: universe twisters Coolest Member: @R3CON 2nd: Amy Vinewood, Willy A. Jee, YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE, Coleco, SonOfLiberty Most Helpful Member: @Fun 2 2nd: Volganor 3rd: Classique, Wildbrick142 Best New Member: @Standard Deluxe 59 2nd: MotantanTrantantan, 3rd: Max.pain Most Improved Member: @universetwisters, @Lonely-Martin 2nd: Crazy Al Ward, YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE. Big Molio, Sam Lake Most Missed Member: @alkaline_ 2nd: fw3 3rd: Femme Fatale Best Event: 11 times Y 2nd: Race Club, V Time Trials Best Future Concept: Grand Theft Auto: Red Line by Cebra & slimeball supreme 2nd: Downtown Cab Co by REXX, GTA World by killdrivetheftvehicle Best Fan Map: Vice City 1983 by GTAConceptMaps 2nd: Project Oceania by Solstron , Vice City/Vice State by sexualizer Best Poster in RDR2: @Jason 2nd: DupZ0R 3rd: AndyGanteks Best Poster in RDRO: @Jason 2nd: ALifeOfMisery 3rd: Fozzie Best Topic: Things You Didn't Know About RDR2 2nd: RDR2 Beta Hunt 3rd: RDR2 Mysteries Funniest Topic: The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread 2nd: Will there be realistic tumbleweed in RDR2? 3rd: Best/Funniest quotes Most Helpful Topic: Madam Lazar Location Thread 2nd: Weekly Newswire Threads 3rd: Mapping RDR2, V1.00 Advantages Coolest Member: @ALifeOfMisery 2nd: Hideo Kojima, Fozzie, DupZ0r, 3rd: Amy Vinewood Funniest Member: @Fozzie 2nd: The Dedito Gae, Leftover Pizza, AlifeOfMistery, 3rd: Fun2, TheLordMarvel Most Helpful Member: @Jason, @Spider-Vice, @CaliMeatWagon 2nd: DupZ0r 3rd: (Vip)Met, fun2, ALifeOfMistery Most Improved Member: @Sam Lake 2nd: Jason 3rd: Hideo Kojima Most Missed Member: @The Dedito Gae 2nd: Dee 3rd: The Winter Crow Most Helpful Modder: @Junior_Djjr 2nd: The Hero 3rd: Silent Best New Modder: @erorcun 2nd: The'Truth, MrFinger, CRAZY AL WARD, 3rd: TheBigDuck, lunchxbles Best Workshop: @Junior_Djjr Workshop 2nd: The Vanillaworks, SOBB Workshop 3rd: Coutt & Shutz Used Cars, Thundersmacker Workshop Best Script or Plugin: SA & LCS Vehicle Camera Port, SilentPatch, VehFuncs 2nd: SkyGFX 3rd: Scripthook GTA V & RDR 2 Best Map: Liberty City Countryside 2nd: Vice City Overhaul 3rd: SA XBOX Map Features Best Conversion: RE: Liberty City Stories 2nd: Vice City Stories: PC Edition 3rd: Vice Cry Remastered Best Total Overhaul: GTA Underground 2nd: Shine o' Vice 3rd: Grand Theft Auto 3D Best Vehicle: [REL] Walter's Brown Streak (SA) 2nd: [VC] Fixed XBOX Vehicles 3rd: Fully Equipped Deluxo Albany Emperor Brigham Best Texture: VTRP 1.5 - A Vice City Retexture Project 2nd: AI Enhanced Textures for Vice City 3rd: n/a Best Tool: OpenIV 2nd: DragonFF - Blender GTA I/O 3rd: DFF importer and exporter for 3ds max Best poster in RDR I: @Hmmm nice bike 2nd: Tycek 3rd: Cutter de Blanc Best poster in Rockstar Games: @Spider-Vice 2nd: ApolloThunder, Hmmm nice bike 3rd: AndyGanteks Best poster in General Chat: @blaze 2nd: Cameron Star, trip 3rd: Rhoda, Voodoo, Creme_Brulee, Audi Best poster in Gaming: @Audi, @DareYokel, @Mister Pink 2nd Dnero 3rd: Commander S, trip, Jason, Fireman, Hmmm nice bike, Creme_Brulee, Hideo Kojima Best poster in Tech and Programing: @K^2 2nd: Blaze 3rd: trip, hardstyle83, Sam Lake Best poster in Movies and TV: @Mister Pink, @Jimmy 2nd: Pesos, darthYENIK, Pavle, Self-Destructive Man, SonOfLiberty, The Dedito Gae 3rd: DareYokel, Arrows to Athens Best poster in Music: @Mister Pink 2nd: Dnero 3rd: Banks. Best poster in Sports: @Banks. 2nd: Jason, TheSantander25 3rd: Eutyphro, Tchuck, Crokey, Laker23, AndyGanteks Best poster in Vehicles: @Pavle 2nd: Audi, sivispacem 3rd: Mister Pink, Flachbau Best poster in Graphics: @SilentSoul21 2nd: Kalvin 3rd: Blaze Best poster in Writers Discussion: @slimeball supreme 2nd: Carbonox, Banks 3rd: Ziggy455, Mokrie Dela, Fallcreek Best poster in Debates and Discussions: @sivispacem 2nd: Svip 3rd: make total destroy, Ucle Sikee Atric, Dareyokel Best topic: Llama chat vTK-421 2nd: Users in this countries 3rd: EPL 1920 Predictions, Dreams topic Funniest member: @make total destroy 2nd: universetwisters 3rd: Blaze, Voodoo Most helpful member: @Spider-Vice, @trip 2nd: Jason 3rd: SonOfLiberty Coolest member: @Mister Pink 2nd: Fozzie 3rd: slohbur, Alexander, trip, Raavi, SonOfLiberty Most improved member: @Sam Lake 2nd: Zello 3rd: Jimmy Best name change: @YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE 2nd: Sam Lake 3rd: The Dedito Gae, Hideo Kojima Best member profile: @Fozzie 2nd: PoisonedGas, universetwisters 3rd: YA BOY DIRT, AndyGanteks, DareYokel Best new member: @El Penguin Bobo 2nd: max.pain 3rd: Damien Scott Most missed member: @The Dedito Gae 2nd: Tiger, Phillbellic 3rd: rtie, femme fatale, Billy Russo, Tyla, Scaglietti Worst poster in The Pit: @Max.pain 2nd: Uncle Sikee Atric, asadog2 3rd: Lonely-Martin Best Official Gang: Zaibatsu, The Yardies 2nd: Leone Family Mafia 3rd: $outh $ide Hoodz, Andolini Mafia Family Best Certified Gang: Daily Globe 2nd: The Yakuza 3rd: Van Society, Paleto Bay Mayors Office Best Unofficial Gang: The Warriors 2nd: VeloceFacade 3rd: Hot Cops Worst Group Overall: Project: Helisexuality 2nd: VeloceFacade Best Ledby: @slohbur 2nd: Jason 3rd: Sam Lake Best Moderator: @Spider-Vice 2nd: RedDagger 3rd: Rhoda Best Administrator: @Raavi 2nd: Voodoo, uNi, Moonshield 3rd: Kristy, Tank Most Corrupt Staff: @Voodoo 2nd: Spider-Vice, Sam Lake 3rd: Sivispacem, Raavi Best Bob: @Bob_Dole 2nd: El Penguin Bobo 3rd: extremely stable genius Best Poster: @Fozzie 2nd: R3CON, Raavi 3rd: Slohbur, Carbonox, AndyGanteks, Spider-Vice, asadog2, extremely stable genius, Pavle Funniest Member: @Fozzie 2nd: Slasher, Sam Lake 3rd: Daz, extremely stable genius Most Helpful Member: @slohbur 2nd: Raavi 3rd: Voodoo, RebelDevil, Blaze, extremely stable genius, Spider-Vice Coolest Member: @Craig 2nd: Audi, asadog2 3rd: R3CON, Pavle, Sam Lake, Fozzie, slohbur, extremely stable genius, Creme_Brulee Most Improved Member: @El Penguin Bobo 2nd: Hideo Kojima 3rd: Audi, just do it bob1 Best Discord Name Change: @El Penguin Bobo 2nd: Creme_Brulee 3rd: Carbonox Best Debater: @Svip 2nd: blaze 3rd: make total destroy, Tyler, R3CON, sivispacem, Pesos Best Petrolhead: @Pavle 2nd: Audi 3rd: Desky Best Canadian: @Fozzie 2nd: shoumaker, asadog2 3rd: Paul, Kushology Biggest Twat: @Viewbob 2nd: make total destroy 3rd: extremely stable genius Biggest Boomer: @asadog2 2nd: Mach1bud 3rd: Johnny Playert Best trucker @asadog2 2nd: Fozzie, Killerdude 3rd: extremely stable genius Best Penguin: @El Penguin Bobo 2nd: Carbonox 3rd: Bob_Dole Most Likely To Flee To Mexico: @AndyGanteks 2nd: Hmmm nice bike 3rd Doublepulse Most likely to get thrown off his horse: @Rewas 2nd: Dnero 3rd El Zodape Most Likely Micah: @paul 2nd Gouveia 3rd Hideo Kojima Worst Member Profile: @paul 2nd: Max.pain, Sentinel Driver 3rd: Fozzie, wester23 Worst Backseat Moderator 2019: @whywontyoulisten 2nd: Jimmy 3rd: Kalvin, El Penguin Bobo Best Toilet Literature: Ms.Agatha Baker Appreciation Thread 2nd: The Next DLC Speculation Thread 3rd: The Pit™, Major Downgrade With Patch 114 Report Most Annoying 2019: @Hunter 2nd: XXVIII 3rd: Alkaline_, Bebay123, Outlaw Biker, Quinn_flower Biggest Drama Queen 2019: @Viewbob, @AUScowboy 2nd: The Dedito Gae 3rd: Kalvin Biggest Like Whore 2019: @Zello 2nd: Sanches 3rd: AndyGanteks, Kalvin Biggest Fanboy 2019: @SonOfLiberty 2nd: asadog2, Mach1bud 3rd: Alexander, Kalvin Biggest Furry 2019: @RedDagger 2nd: El Penguin Bobo 3rd: Kalvin Worst Troll 2019: @gonnaenodaethat, @asadog2, @Potto 2nd: Kalvin, Max.pain, extremely stable genius, HikikomriYume 3rd: sivispacem, XXVIII, Ehllfhire, Slasher, Fun 2 Worst poster in Debates & Discussions: @ilovebender.com 2nd: ilovebender.com 3rd: ilovebender.com Worst Stripper: @Crokey 2nd: Kalvin 3rd: ilovebender.com Best Fast Food Chain Worker: @universetwisters 2nd: Arsewipercareerman20 3rd: make total destroy Member You'd Most Like to Ban 2019: @XXVIII, @Hunter 2nd: Kalvin, Sam Lake, XOIIIIIXIIIIIIXO, sivispacem 3rd: Spider-Vice, El Penguin Bobo, Potto, ilovebender.com, Viewbob GTA Online Best Character (Male) Best Character (Female) Best Vehicle Best Scenery Best Action Sequence Best Wildlife Capture Best Funny Scene Red Dead Online Best Character (Male) Best Character (Female) Best Horse Best Scenery Best Action Sequence Best Wildlife Capture Best Funny Scene With very special thanks to @AndyGanteks @slohbur @Spider-Vice @Sam Lake @Uncle Sikee Atric @RedDagger For tirelessly working behind the scenes counting, tallying and working through the utter tedium of the whole process to make these awards possible. And to everyone who was nominated but didn't end up winning anything...
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    🎂 Happy Birthday SilentPatch! On December 29th 2013, the very first SilentPatch builds were released! 🎂 For this occasion, new builds have been released for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas! For the first time the releases have received a name! Due to the amount of fixes related to coronas and lights, this release has been dubbed “The Corona Update”: This time I put quite a bit of effort in nicely documenting changes, but forum's BBCode will never allow me to post something as fancy, and thus... For details and a changelog, CLICK HERE to check a release post on my blog! If you want to just download and play instead: DOWNLOAD SilentPatchSA DOWNLOAD SilentPatchVC DOWNLOAD SilentPatchIII Enjoy and see you in 2020!
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    You need to stop distorting people words, I said he had until the end of March to deliver. That means The Preacher will be banned at the end of today, not 3PM.
  24. 49 points
    And ah Will buy a Big f**King shiny Yacht
  25. 49 points
    Thi last time Ah seen thi Church this fu' Ah saw evil an' Hate in their eyes.... .... Then again Songs of Praise Is drama since Wan: 19-61 Hae a deek
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    Is Jason reliable? Yes, he knows the industry, he knows people, he takes his job seriously and doesn't half ass it. Is GTA VI in early development? Surely not, there's just no way.
  27. 48 points
    Are ye Sure Ye didnae Read that Somewhere Pal?
  28. 47 points
    Just reached rank 750... without ever having killed another player. Live and love.
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    V3.5.5 is almost here! Thought it was about time for a progress post! Work has been hard behind the scenes, throwing in a whole bunch of fixes but also introducing some fairly big additions. These are a few of the things featured in the upcoming release: Pizza Boy sidemissions are now available in Washington! Just hop on the bike next to the store and you're good to go. Loan Sharks have been introduced! This features a restoration of the debt & harassment phonecalls upon purchasing the Car Showroom. Until BJ Smith's debt has been paid, these guys will spawn in at random intervals with their objective being to kill you. This has been made to also restore the cut "Loan Shark visits" statistic found in the files. (Big thank you to @Ryadica926 for helping out by providing Liberty City Stories' hitman source) 'TRASH DASH', a brand new sidemission created with inspiration from Liberty City Stories. Your objective is to drive around Little Haiti collecting various dumpsters, the timer starts when you collect your first dumpster, each dumpster adds +30 seconds to your time. This has been made to restore the cut "Garbage Pickups made" statistic found in the files. The "All Cars Are Helicopters" cheat code has been fixed up & reintroduced with all thanks to @Fire_Head! Just type "WEDONTNEEDROADS" & any car you enter will act just like a helicopter. Drinking has now been introduced! Step into the marker at the Malibu or Pole Position Club to get drunk. The more you drink, the more you're drunk. Up to 5 times, you'll reach the max limit. Your camera will heavily sway, Tommy will struggle to walk in a straight line & there will be an input delay when driving. Try to purchase more drinks while max drunk however, and the bartender will turn you down with a random sequence of restored cut dialogue. The Well Stacked Pizza in Washington & the Inside Track Betting store in Vice Beach now have people behind their counters. Like any other food store, step into the marker of the Pizza Store and you can purchase some food to regen your health. And like every store in the city, if you enter the Inside Track Betting store & hold up the cashier, you'll get some sweet cash. Beware though, the longer you intend to rob, the higher the wanted level! Unlike any other release before, every variant of beta Tommy is now available for all outfits. From the in-game Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta & Late Beta to the cutscene Beta, Beta (Animation) & Late Beta; Every single head has been put on every outfit for the full beta experience. That's a total of *92* outfits. All outfits have also been adjusted to be stockier & use the original UVW Map layout for that nice bit of authenticity. Here's a sneak peak of the installer, which is hopefully nearly ready, obviously with the release alongside that. As shown above, the installer will provide you with a whole bunch of optional features for your install with descriptions and images. This installation will be a manual one. That means no more things like modloader, the files will be injected directly into gta3.img. More will be shown on the features above and other additions at a later time! Until then, please be patient ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The upcoming release will also feature a whole load of @Son Of Big Boss' Beta Vehicles, which you can find already released right here!: https://gtaforums.com/topic/952274-sobbs-vice-city-beta-vehicle-arsenal/
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    i think that people will post this even after the release of GTA6
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    Since R* is likely going to make us unable to play the official MP anymore, I decided to preserve the entire mode (including the lobby, all gamemodes, the hud, the phone, etc) using CitizenIV so everyone can keep playing to their hearts' content. (as long as there's a CIV server up of course) This modifies CitizenIV directly so you shouldn't join any normal servers with it. I've included a dedicated server with no resources, set up so that only players with this mod installed can join it. Installation: Unzip the archive into your CitizenMP-iV Reloaded folder. Also note that it needs to be set up using the included .ini: EpisodeID - episode to join with, affects HUD colors and some episode-exclusive features such as the APC GamemodeID - gamemode ID to start a game with, only applied for hosts (you're host if you're the first person to join a server) PlayerName - your nickname, it gets set seperately from the one you specify in CitizenIV itself and this'll be the name used in-game FixPinkHUD - fixes the pink TBoGT HUD color override on episodes other than TBoGT PlayerModel - player model name, using the names from peds.ide Player(component/component texture) - player model clothes setup, you can figure this out with OpenIV in the corresponding componentpeds wtd/wdd and pedprops wtd/wdd Known issues: Next Game menu is broken, everyone should restart the game and reconnect with a different gamemode ID instead SP Co-op tutorial: Set Episode ID 0 and Gamemode ID 16, SPFeatures 1 and SPFeaturesScriptPatch 1 Join a co-op server, press F5 to begin the story (only works as host) Press F9 (this might crash if you're on a mission) when a player joins so that they see you in-game You need to dupe broken missions: Logging On - Press F8 after starting the mission which will start Easy Fare, complete that and go back, start Logging On again and fail it Out of the Closet... - Press F8 after starting the mission which will start Easy as Can Be, complete that and go back, start Out Of The Closet... again and fail it Gamemode IDs: 0 - Deathmatch 1 - Team Deathmatch 2 - Mafiya Work 3 - Team Mafiya Work 4 - Team Car Jack City 5 - Car Jack City 6 - Race 7 - GTA Race 10 - Cops n' Crooks 12 - Turf War 13 - Deal Breaker 14 - Hangman's NOOSE 15 - Bomb da Base II 16 - Freemode 17 - (TLAD) Chopper v Chopper 18 - (TLAD) Witness Protection 19 - (TLAD) Club Business 20 - (TLAD) Races 21 - (TLAD) Team Deathmatch 22 - (TLAD) Own the City 23 - (TLAD) Lone Wolf Biker 24 - (TLAD) Deathmatch 25 - (TLAD) Instant Play 26 - (TBOGT) Deathmatch 27 - (TBOGT) Team Deathmatch 28 - (TBOGT) Races 29 - (TBOGT) GTA Races Download here (v5.0) Dedicated Server Dedicated Server (TLAD) Dedicated Server (TBOGT) Dedicated Server (Co-op Story)
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    If GTAVI gets announced today I'll pre-order a copy for everyone that posted in this thread
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    So after more than a year, I've finally made a seperate forum post for this... Overall Improvements aims to revive the abandoned volume 2 by porting most of its features to a more stable form. (The leaked volume 2 was really unstable) Apart from adapting features from volume 2, new peds, new vehicles, bug fixes, more dialogue and more have been added. This release is based on Crspy's Fixed Volume 1, so it features all his additions as well. Some Features All vehicles cut by DeeZire are now restored. The ones he replaced them with are now seperate vehicles New cut vehicles have been re-added, the Bloodring Banger B and the FBI Car New clothes. For example the new GSF clothing after reaching 100% turf control Police helicopters are now controlled by actual police pilots, killing the pilot results in the heli crashing. New police officers and gang members have been added along with unused unique voice lines. (A LOT of voice lines were cut, Example: VOICE_EMG_ARMY1, 2 and 3) The cut drive to the cemetery in 'Big Smoke' has been restored. Along with some removed voice lines in 'Sweet & Kendl' The supporting character, Guppy, now has a unique skin Recreated 4 of the 10 hidden mobile exclusive cheats The cut vigilante variant, 'Vice Squad' for the Cheetah, has been restored Revamped DeeZire's AWOL Angel If you start Los Sepulcros with insufficient respect, now an otherwise inaccessable part of the mission will unlock. (I made some minor changes to this part) If you have previously started 'Are You Going To San Fierro?' and failed, you no longer have to pay another $25,000 to re-start the mission The Four Dragons casino will now be an asset after 'Fish In a Barrel' The help messages about being wasted and busted now don't take away player control anymore (it is now like Vice City) In 555 WE TIP, you now have to drive into the garage to plant the weed in the car (This is a recreation of a beta objective) Cesar and OG Loc now appear with their beta appearances in certain missions. You are now correctly able to reach 100% completion, instead of reaching it prematurely even if you haven't completed everything yet Changelogs Original Volume 1 Changelog OV Changelog Download Version 1.6 (06/11/2019) 1.6.2 Patch (17/04/2020) Savegame Pack 1 (LS Chapter - 07/11/2019) Savegame Pack 2 (Country Chapter - 04/12/2019) Savegame Pack 3 (Halfway SF Chapter - 09/01/2020) (Savegames from the unmodded game and previous ttdisa versions are incompatible) NOTE: Since this mod is still in development, compatibility between newer versions is not garanteed. --- Installation Instructions Credits Original Volume 1 Credits OV Credits Misc DISCORD (for suggestions, bug reports and previews) YOUTUBE (where I post my TTDISA OV videos) Note Unless stated otherwise, it is not allowed to reupload this mod anywhere. (This includes modpacks)
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    I wasn't sure whether to make a thread about this as I don't want it perceived to be a hoax (Like boosting my stock for the awards) or I'll just come back a few days later. Some people already know this, but I've made the heavy hearted decision to leave GTAF. I was just going to go quietly, but didn't want people to think I just disappeared into the abyss without ever knowing what happened to me. I've been a member of this forum since October 14 2007 and I tell you in the 12 and a bit years I've been here it's been a blast. Lots of ups, downs and everything in between. I was here for the GTA IV and GTA V hype trains and that was an insane experience. I've met some truly wonderful people in that time and most have become my good friends away from the forum and even though I've never met anyone in person I'll cherish that friendship forever seriously. Most of all I want to thank the members of staff that gave me the opportunity to be a moderator over the last 6 years or so. I know I've made some mistakes which I regret, but at the same time I'll take what I learned on board and the experience alone was worth it. I'm sorry if this sounds all emo and all and I'm not normally one to give a farewell, but this forum's been such a big part of my life I just wanted people to know I left on my own accord and on good terms. I feel like at this stage of my life I need to move on and I have some other avenues I'd like to explore. So yeah that's pretty much it from me and this will be my last ever post.
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    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #4 "Revelations" See what you see, read what you read, judge who you judge but thee blessed are Truly Righteous #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
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    Hey guys, it's been a while. I know most of you are probably tired of this story, but I ask you to pay attention one last time, because I've been analyzing @gonnaenodaethat's latest post and particularly his latest video, and I found something very, very, interesting. Bear with me one last time, and then you'll decide what to do of this information afterwards. To refresh your memory, in his latest post published on March 31 (remember this date, it'll come in handy for later), The Preacher included a link to a video which is different from all the others. It's unlisted (meaning that only the people who have the link can watch it, but it won't show up if you search it), it's made from a channel with no videos and the channel was created the day before the making of the post; it's called '533814'. The video itself is pretty messy and confusing but let's focus on the title first and foremost. 533814. We've seen this number before, in other posts by The Preacher, and no one really understood what it's supposed to mean. Well, I think that it refers to a specific thing that's happened recently. But let's go with order. The video is 14 minutes and 53 seconds long, so 14:53. Notice how those numbers are at the beginning and at the end of the title. That must be a coincidence, right? Well, in the video there's a pretty long part where there's what's supposed to be a black TV screen with noise. See, The Preacher could have made that clip however long he wanted, meaning that he could make the video however long he wanted: he chose to make it exactly 14 minutes and 53 seconds long. But let's keep going. Let's focus on the 14. One thing to note first and foremost is that this number doesn't only appear in the title. At the very end of the video a pig starts squealing in a pretty uncomfortable way. And would you look at that, the squealing lasts exactly 41 seconds before the video ends, starting at the 14:12 mark. 14, 41, what could this mean? ...Maybe 1/4 / 4/1? April 1, also known as April Fool's Day. Now as I mentioned before, in the video there's a part where we can see a TV screen with noise. Well, with a quick research on Google you'll discover that in the UK this phenomenon was also called 'snow', because the video modulation there was different than that of TVs of other countries, and people saw white dots on a black background, while in other parts of the world the screen showed black dots on a white background. Snow, huh? April 1 and snow. If you're a GTA Online or Red Dead Online player you already know where this is going. On April 1, 2020 Rockstar Games did something they've never done in 6 and a half years that GTA Online has been out. As an April Fool's Day joke, they activated the snow weather effect in the game, where they usually only do this during the winter holidays period, around Christmas and New Year's. As I said at the beginning, that video was posted on March 31, and there is no way anyone could predict this without having some info on their hands. But it's not over yet. Another very interesting thing people have pointed out is the following. If you go to The Preacher's "Will There Be Realistic Eastenders in GTA VI?" thread, specifically at page 13, you will see he posted two videos on March 27, one titled "Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Progress?" and the other called "Muse Mon Amante". Now, if you take a look at Rockstar Games' Twitter, and check out what they tweeted that day, you will see that they retweeted two tweets: the first one includes a GIF where the second dude on the left is making a 'jerk off' gesture, while the second one is from a certain streamer called 'DelinquentMuse'. Draw the conclusions for yourselves, but let me tell you, one would be considered luck, but two...
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    You've all had your fun with the fake links, but how about we nip those in the bud before you're all put in quarantine before "3pm Scottish Time" arrives. Thank ye.
  42. 41 points
    Ma wayward flock We are indeed In turbulent times Dark forces are at work Tae allay thi Plans o' man Thi World is now So much Mare uncertain Than wiv' ever kent Stars, they are aligning Fir whit ye Dinnae ken Whit will happen Th' 'morra Let alane thi future Is in his hands An' his alane Whilst ithers Are losin' theirs Keep thi heid Keep thi faith And maist o' aw Dream thi dreams O' Uncle Far, far beyond Thi stars
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    Just a refresher post on information we've gotten in the past couple years as this thread hasn't really been alive since gonnanodaethat's posts. Location Scout - Rockstar was scouting interiors in Miami for an upcoming project. @Len Lfc did some digging and confirmed the legitmacy of the location scout in the letter Leah Sokolowsky which was then backed by Yan2295- a proven leaker. - Podcast with Leah Sokolowsky, where she says "i've been very fortunate to get a large client that has hired me to arrange site tours and visits for a digital media company and I've signed an NDA so I can't disclose who it is but they've been exploring our state and other states in the south east". https://gtaforums.com/topic/892711-gta-6-leaks-hints-topic/page/185/?tab=comments#comment-1070934098 https://twitter.com/Yan2295/status/1183408835110805509?s=19 Site Updates - On March 23rd, GTAVI.COM was updated seperately from all other Take-Two owned domains and no longer redirected to Rockstar's website. - On April 4th, grandtheftauto6.com was updated seperately from all other Take-Two owned domains. http://whois.domaintools.com/ Take-Two Interactive's earnings call in February * this is something I think doesn't get talked about nearly enough* - Take-Two held an earnings call in February for Investors of the company. - In the Earnings Call, Take-Two mention "Expect information on one of our biggest franchises in the coming months". - This was mentioned SEPERATELY from the Hangar-13 title which is likely to be Mafia 4 with Mafia 2 remastered due to the recent leaks. - Only other franchise I see this being is 2k as NBA2K games are usually announced in July. NBA2K and GTA/Red Dead are BY FAR Take-Two's biggest franchises. 2k sucks dick though god I hate it wHY DO I BUY IT EVERY YEAR. Tim Neff - Tim Neff had GTA VI in his CV before it was deleted. - He denied the claims and claimed he only did work on GTA 5 years ago. Only problem however is that he was not credited in GTA 5 yet he was credited in Red Dead Redemption 2. - He has also deleted posts on Instagram of the Rockstar logo with hashtags like #mocap #work https://agd-images.s-ul.eu/0uXb3VbE https://www.vg247.com/2017/07/27/it-looks-like-rockstar-is-doing-motion-capture-work-for-gta-6-according-to-one-actors-resume/ https://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD/status/1101982528880238594 Jorge Consejo - Jorge Consejo has GTA VI in his CV with the role of "The Mexican" - He posted in 2014 with a mocap suit on with the caption "Wish I could say! #ButTheStudioWon'tLetMe" : I find this interesting as GTA VI is the only thing in his resume that requires mocap work, if they started working on GTA VI in 2014 that surely means it's close right. The actor for Arthur's first day on the job was in 2013 and we got RDR2 in 2018. https://preview.redd.it/xq3vnteiefo31.png?width=569&format=png&auto=webp&s=47566ed16af96d0c6d155daa17b76c8de25e5f91 https://www.instagram.com/p/weZqXagGio/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Other *credit to u/nitelytroll on the GTA6 subreddit, dude's a GOAT* - On April 18th, 2019, a former Rockstar India employee has mention of creating vehicles for GTA V and upcoming GTA VI in his artstation resume which is now deleted. This man was also credited in Red Dead Redemption 2 - On February 13th,2019 VP of product development Jeronimo Barrera departs Rockstar Games after 20 years. This might not seem anything significant, but it's one of his quotes that I think it very important. "If I had stayed at Rockstar it would have been more GTAs, More RDRs and less of the other stuff going on out there right now.". While that is nothing concrete it does indicate that Rockstar will be working on Red Dead and GTA for the foreseeable future. This is just a little detail that gives us hope GTA is next, and not another franchise like Bully or Max Payne, for example. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-02-13-rockstars-vp-of-product-development-jeronimo-barrera-departs-after-20-years
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    To those of you who asked for a summary of this thread, here you go:
  48. 40 points
    We'll see how far we get by April 2020. There's been a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes... EnglishBen is now a part of our team and has been testing a number of additional missions. Yhdf has created an amazing artwork of Flint, which inspired me to spend a bit of time trying to make some of my own art for an official SoV cover art. That went surprisingly well but I think I'll let Yhdf take it from here. Here's a sneak peak: Work on the mission script, map, vehicle models, and even characters continues too... ...And a new, decently-sized yacht (isnpired by the "VC ghost ships myth"). It'll come in handy in a mission I'm working on.
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    the old Casino props are located in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the Casino.
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