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    dear fluffy, sparkly, crispy, silky, pearly, bubbly, and quirky people of this forums you've all experienced it in the online world, be it in the forums or in the game itself - people come and go from one day to another. you can have a great time together and suddenly people are gone. my life is changing drasticly but in a very fluffy way! and unfortunately i find less and less time to play or to be on the forums. but i don't want to make this about me. so i want to say byebye to everyone who made my experience here truly lighthearthedly fluffy, so that i had to waddle my paddle und flapper my flipper a lot hihihi!!! you know who you are - stay as beautiful as you are! you truly are kind people and deserve happiness and joy in your sparkly lives! i can't mention all of you, because there are so many! always keep your inner child and always be serious about things but don't be serious about things all the time hihihi! be kind to each other, show love and don't argue with stupidity - nothing meaningful ever comes out of it. high flapper five to all my fluffies out there!!! cheers and thanks from the bottom of my fluff for the crispy ride!!! p.s. if there are mean comments or provoking comments - don't quote them, don't argue with them, ignore them and stay sparkly! i never ever have cared about haters. they show more of a picture of themselves than they can about me. they can't touch me hihihi!!!
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    Extracted from the website: Membership The Penthouses The Casino Casino Store
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    "Hello? Hey, it's Benny, from the garage. Listen, have you seen all these tuned up rides rolling around the city recently? Makes a guy feel two decades younger, doesn't it? Street racing is flourishing right before our eyes, there's good money waiting to be made, so how about we team up and take the opportunity by the ass? There's few workshops on MazeBank Foreclosures website - you always seemed like a resourceful entrepreneur, so why won't you check them out? They're wise investments, I'm telling ya. Will be seeing you, kiddo." Welcome to Los Santos' underground racing scene, where neons shine bright, and even small, inconspicuous hatchbacks can be hiding chromed up, overtuned aftermarket parts costing more than suburban homes. It's a paradise for those who aren't afraid of high risks, exploding engine blocks and high-octane runs through the city with army of cops behind. With Benny's help, open up a chop shop, where not only you can customize your rides and access multiple new challenges, but also earn some money for a living, by collecting and selling expensive aftermarket parts. Available to purchase at MazeBank Foreclosures, these new properties serve as your bases of operations for anything street racing related, and most importantly can generate profits if you ensure they're supplied with donor vehicles to dismantle and/or parts to sell. Prices, similarly to those of other properties, depend on the location and additional potential pros/cons, like convenient driveways or easier access to speedways. Locations: Features: Collect car parts to tune or sell, some being normal, others already being high tech aftermarket gems worth more and not requiring any work from you. Deliver stolen street cars every 48 minutes (by default), so your mechanic can dissect them and cut away any valuable parts they may be hiding inside. Gain access to unique car mods you can install on all of your personal vehicles - rims up to this point exclusive to Benny's shop, colored headlights from Arena workshops, colored tinted windows, brand new glowing paints for your rims of choice, as well as brand new boosts refilling automatically when driving at high speeds. Already into car business? Hire an additional mechanic who will source export cars for you every few real life hours. Business element in a nutshell: Chop Shop, in core functionality is very similar to biker businesses and bunkers. You provide supplies (5 types of car parts: suspension elements, turbochargers, exhaust, transmissions, engine blocks), which are then modified by your mechanic(s) to performance parts worth more. The main difference is, you can sell your supplies before they're modified, which obviously will bring you only miniscule profits (to ensure selling raw supplies right after their delivery won't really be worth it). There are 3 ways to obtain car parts: You can buy supplies and wait for them to be delivered, like in most other businesses. None of them, however, will already be tuned up, and it'll be up to your mechanic to overhaul them one by one. You can deliver a stolen street vehicle to the Chop Shop every 48 minutes (amount and quality of parts is random, but more expensive vehicles have greater chance of containing already modified parts). You can start a supply mission. There's several of them: hunting down a van/truck with parts or a Wastelander transporting a wrecked tuner car, stealing a car from police impound lot, robbing a rival tuner garage (PvE), stealing a customized car from a moving carrier trailer (identical to Tale of Us mission from After Hours), taking a Wastelander to find an abandoned wreck and bringing it to your place, and reaching a parked Top Fun van allowing you to take control of an RC Bandito, so you can plant an EMP bomb underneath a tuner car, and detonate it later, where it's safe and far from the hostile NPC filled spot (or do it the hard way - kill everybody and steal the car). Chop Shops can be upgraded, which helps you to earn more money faster: Staff upgrade - better mechanic(s) are able to produce better quality parts worth more. Equipment upgrade - better tools speed up the production, as well as disassembly of stolen cars (48 minutes to 36) Technician - skilled and reliable car thief who will source a random export car for you. Available only to players who own an I/E warehouse. Living quarters - well, to be precise, a couch and a blanket. Luxurious or not, at least allows you to live the American Dream: work-sleep-repeat, until you die. Scrap container - slowly fills up and automatically generates car parts (only standard quality that later will be modified) for you, as long as you're in the game. Unlockables: Los Santos and Blaine County are full of possibilities for racing - engage in one of the brand new modes, or revisit one of the old ones, now with few new settings to refresh and rebalance their gameplay. New modes: Dirt Ring (1-4 players) - Arena War's ratings are worse than distribution of wealth after trickle down economics tax cuts for the top 1% elites. Time to revive them - take a dirt bike (Sanchez, Manchez, Enduro, BF-400) and try to beat the best score in given time, by collecting points in difficult to reach spots (in 3 colors). You can play solo, to beat Jock Cranley's scores, or compete with up to 3 other players. Random Transform Races (1 or more players) - race in circles, each lap getting a new, completely random vehicle. New races are prepared for each of the available racing classes, from supers to offroads, but anyone can start any of the regular races available in the game (excluding Stunt Races) and set them to random (with choice of one of the racing classess altogether), or create their own ones, choosing which particular vehicles and/or entire classes will be available for future players. Hide & Seek (2 or more players) - one player, the crook, drives a truck (depending on the map, it may be Speedo, Burrito, Youga Classic, etc.), starting in a randomized spot. The truck must not stop, otherwise it goes boom, and it has to remain within the map's boundaries. The rest, cops, all start near a police station and have to find the suspect before the clock runs out. While the crook can't see any blimps on the map, cops can see each other, and their icons will flash if their sirens an on - so use them wisely to inform the others you've found the suspect. To make things more difficult, sometimes other NPC trucks will spawn in the traffic. Paint Domination (2 or more players) - use the hand brake to spill paint, and compete with others to dominate the map. You can focus on painting the most no-man's-ground, or sabotage others, claiming what's theirs. Find and use oil spilling mines to slow down your opponents, and watch out for their dirty tricks. May the best painter win. Time Attack (1 or more players) - race alone or with other players against the clock in a provided vehicle, from one checkpoint to the next. If you fail to reach one in time, you lose. Identical vehicles for each player will be provided automatically to ensure they have equal chances of winning. Drag Racing (freeroam; 2 or more players) - fast paced game mode available from the interaction menu as an alternative for regular point to point races, where you score points for finishing first, as well as length of your wheelies, so be aware - having a faster car doesn't guarantee victory. Speed Tickets (freeroam) - find all 50 speed cameras in Los Santos and Blaine County, and beat their record top speeds. There's a hefty reward waiting for those who best all of them - each is worth 1000$, and for every 10 completed, you get additional one-time 5000$ bonuses. For completing all, you'll also unlock two exclusive t-shirts: Speed King and Highway Star. Cameras are displayed on the radar map, and can be turned on/off via interaction menu. Unique Stunt Jumps (freeroam) - ever wondered what you get in return for completing all stunt jumps? Up until now it was a middle finger. Now, though, things change 180 degrees, and Jock Cranley is ready to pay you well for succeeding his stunting legacy - each is worth 1000$, and for every 10 completed, you get additional one-time 5000$ bonuses. For completing all, you'll also unlock two exclusive t-shirts: When They Say Jump..., and Do a Barrel Roll! Stunt jumps are displayed on the radar map, and can be turned on/off via interaction menu. Players who already completed all of them, will be instantly rewarded when logging in. Changes and additions: Race Creator update - from now on, players can create Random Transform Races and choose which vehicles will be available in them, or modify their already existing races to make them random-friendly. Similarly, they will be allowed to create their own Time Attack events, choose what vehicles will be used in them, and how much time will players get to reach each checkpoint. Rock Solid Vehicles setting option - available in all races as an alternative to ghost races, it sets the weigth of competitors' vehicles to virtually infinite, making it impossible for you to ram, push or use the infamous Pursuit Intervention Technique against them. Removal of handling flags from all vehicles affected by them - by the authority of the Los Santos Department of Motor Vehicles, testing experimental technologies in civilian vehicles without proper certification granted to a vehicle manufacturer by the state's authorities, becomes illegal. All vehicles affected were automatically fixed to match their technical specifications. Boost toggle - from now on, race hosts can allow participants to use their vehicles' speed boosts (including ones having stock boosts, like Vigilante or Lectro). By default, this option is off. Boosts can also be used in freeroam to each driver's desire. There would be 20 new vehicles in total introduced in the update (10 available at day 1, the rest being released via dripfeed in following weeks), for the most part belonging to the Sports class. 7 of them would be somewhat based on already existing models (9F RS, Arena War Dune, Bullet GT, Comet Retro, Dominator Classic, Injection Classic, ZR380), and 1 additional (Bloodring Banger) would be an alternative variant of a new vehicle introduced in the update (Oceanic). 2 vehicles (Arena War Dune and Bloodring Banger) would be available to use in all Arena War events, and would be released during double money event weeks for related modes. Supers: Obey 9F RS (Audi R8 LMS GT4) - When Obey released 9F, the world went crazy about it, and rightfully so - the car was fast, super agile, and sexy like nothing else on the roads. And on top of that, it was affordable. We'd like to introduce you the 9F RS - the newest, most technologically advanced, fastest and not so affordable Obey, the one to truly rule them all, and claim her crown. Kneel before your new queen, peasants. Vapid Bullet GT (Ford GT40 Mk I) - They say you should never meet your heroes, and Bullet is a good example of that. On the one hand, it's an icon of American motorsports only few could compete with, and the fourth most American thing after school shootings, prison rape and abolishing democratically elected governments, on the other, however, it's a clearly underpowered car with poor handling that serves more as a dusty collector's item than something anyone would like to take for a spin. And now, America does the 5th most American thing to the 4th most American thing, which is releasing a refreshed, modenized thing to big applause of dumbed down consumerist society with nostalgia coloured glasses. Yay! Sports: Source Dinka Kengen (Honda NSX) - Kengen's history is truly odd, since when Dinka decided to start its production, they already were working on what would just few years later become Jester Classic. And yes, they both were manufactured simultaneously for some time, which explains why they are so rare, and why their prices skyrocketed once western street racers fell in love with them. And there's many reasons to love Kengen - to this very day majority of competing sports cars never matched its peformance and driving experience you can get from it. Dinka Suki (Honda S2000) - That's your girlfriend's little sports car you envy so much you don't even know if the car is an addition to the girl, or the other way around. It's cute and petite, but looks can be deceiving - deep inside it is a full blown rear wheel drive street racing machine always ready for some action. Unlike your girlfriend. Annis Winry (Nissan 240SX) - Back in the good old 80's, when Japanese manufacturers had constant dick measuring contests of who can build a more powerful, more badass, more crazily overengineered road legal beast, average Jiros and Jins had to stick with their cheap, bland and extremely boring compacts, not even able to do a burnout. Someone at Annis came up with a brilliant idea of creating a people's sports car - a relatively cheap, yet super fun, RWD alternative for these generic, castrated shoeboxes on wheels for the proletariat. And that's how Winry, Elegy's little sister, was conceived. And as any Japanese girl, she's small, she's sleek, she's obedient like a dog, and if for some reason doesn't want to shut, smash her again. Works every time. Obey Wraith (Audi S2) - At first glance, it's a 30 years old European coupe - nothing special, isn't it? Think twice, however, because if you look past its body, you'll realize you're dealing with a monster waiting to be unleashed, with its roaring inline 5 engine and 4 wheel drive. It's a spiritual successor to a rally legend, Omnis, created with only one purpose: to dominate. Anyone who underestimates it, will quickly understand their mistake, and the bravest men will cry for their moms in blind fear, more than typical Americans when someone mentions socialism, Mexicans or muslims. Source Annis ZR350 (Mazda RX-7) - ZR350 was a different breed of Japanese sports cars. While most high end models on the market were competing who has a bigger and more powerful engine, ZR350 took the opposite approach - its top priority was to minimize the weigth. And minimize the weigth it did - light as a feather it didn't need a lot of power to compete with bigger predators, quickly becoming a household name not only for Annis, but for Japanese cars in general. And, oh, if you thought it can't get any cooler, it also has pop-up friggin' headlights. Annis ZR380 (Stock, Nissan 350Z) - It's funny how no one cared about ZR380 when its production began - western tuner scene was already in love with its predecessor, the ZR350, even though these two models are so radically different, at first glance you could think they were made by two completely different manufacturers. Strange world, isn't it? Despite rather cold welcoming in the first years of its life, ZR380 eventually established itself thanks to superior technology, responsive and sharp handling, and impressive amount of horsepower. Second hand models have become so popular, it's now a rarity to find a stock one... anywhere. They all have either wide body kits, neon lights and gigantic spoilers, or armor plating and machine guns sticking from their hoods. Pick your poison. Sports Classics: Source Reinhardt 17TL (Renault 5 GT Turbo, Renault Turbo's bodykit can be bought at LSC) - What do you do when the company you work at doesn't want to fund research and development for a new model that could compete in prestigeous races around the world? You take what you have, which is a cheap,light-weigth compact, cut out its engine and install a new, more powerful one in its trunk. Sounds crazy? That's what 17TL is, like a chihuahua dog, barking at everything that moves and so desperately trying to prove everyone it means business. Except unlike a chihuahua, it actually delivers its promise, and is useful for something, anything. It may understeer like hell, but that's what makes it so special. Pfister Comet Retro (Stock, Porsche 911 1964-1969) - Are you disgusted with restomod copycats imitating this model's natural beauty, except butchering it with toy-like body kits and bumpers, silly spoilers and modern suspension absolutely not fitting under this small body? Well, then, here comes the Comet Retro, with no custom parts installed - just pure, rough air cooled piece of German engineering dating back to nazis. After years of being illegal in the US due to its terrible emissions, you can now own one and gas other people. Reinhardt Grappelli (Renault/Alpine A110) - You can laugh as much as some French cars' fascias do, but France was once a serious rally competitor, holding its ground against big names in the sport. And it was doing in in style. Considered to be one of the most beautiful European cars ever made, Grappelli truly is an eye-catcher you can't possibly not love, but it's not without its little quirks, like its stick's position and shape, making you feel like it was designed for someone with a disfigured hand. Well, it's French, what else did you expect? BF Injection Classic (VW Beetle) - Utilitarianism comes first to mind when someone mentions Injection Classic, but it's not just a pretty little people's car envisioned by a fascist egomaniac that yesterday's hippies and today's hipsters are in love with. Yeah, it can carry a family of four, and is as straight-forward as a brick, so you can fix it with merely a hammer, a screwdriver and duct tape, and its parts are dirt cheap, but there's more to it than meets the eye. It's an icon, with rich history involving racing, both amateur and professional. Coupes/compacts: Source BF Club GTR (VW Golf I GTI) - After few decades of Injection Classic's production, BF had to create its successor and make a technological step forward. Obey and Benefactor were focusing their efforts on more high-end models, either luxurious or sporty, and Übermacht was selling well because it was offering effective and reliable ways of comitting suicide. People clearly wanted more than barebones Injection could offer, so BF came up with a brilliant idea of spicing up its initial "people's car" concept with Obey's famous reliability, Benefactor's comfort and Übermacht's... Well, they've learned from Übermacht's failures, so that counts. The result was a cheap compact like no other before it - it was fun to drive, adventurous on any type of terrain. Sufficed to say, Injection Classic found its successor. Obey Lily (Audi S3 8P/TT) - Lily is a typical girl next door - one that your parents like, and who always smiles when she sees anyone, trying to be noticed, but either way constantly being overshadowed by more outgoing and provocative sluts every guy dreams of. You can keep pursuing them, believing paying for dinners in expensive restaurants in return for a handjob is worth it, or you can settle down with Lily and be sure she's going to do her best every day, grateful for choosing her. Now, that's love. BF Typhoon (VW Scirocco III) - Is Typhoon a tweaked, overpriced Club? Yeah, kinda. They're both built on the same platform, sharing majority of parts and offering very similar driving experience, but just look at Typhoon's curves or rear bucket seats and tell me it's not worth the fatter price tag. There's not many equally attractive hot hatches on the market, and you actually can afford one in a lifetime, which can't be said about other dream cars. Off-road: Arena War Dune - it's easy to pick on defenseless, chubby, slow kids, but beware the hell you may unleash when they get pissed off once something inside of them breaks afer one too many cruel jokes. And that's exactly what happened to Dune - enough of mockery, this off-road monster just got some serious makeover, and it's ready to spill some oil and blood in Arena War events. Available in 3 themes: post-apocalyptic, futuristic and nightmare. Muscle: Vapid Dominator Classic (Ford Mustang Boss 302, Gen. 1) - Think about the most American vehicle. Excluding drones bombing middle eastern civilians every day. You thought of the Dominator Classic? Good - because that's the body that became the symbol for the entire muscle car mania in the 60's and 70's. It was so beloved, Vapid couldn't really come up with anything that could succeed it for almost 40 years! Even attempts of building on the original, like the Vapid Ellie, failed miserably, because they werenn't pure enough to fans of the original design. Bravado Oceanic (Dodge Dart 1961/Chevroet Bel Air 1955) - Some cars are simply ahead of their time, and Oceanic, built in the second half of 1950s, is a shining example of that, featuring what in the following decade would become common aesthetic for sedans. On top of that, its performance was top notch - so much so, even cops were using Oceanics as their patrol vehicles for few years, til more powerful death contraptions known as muscle cars became widely available. Bravado Bloodring Banger (Bravado Oceanic) - Most destruction derby cars don't ewoke any feelings among audiences watching them - after all, all they want to see is some mindless vehicular violence, preferably ending with crippling crashes and burning bodies of unfortunate idiots who were driving them. Not this one, though - this one is the one public cheers and cries for, because despite being heavily armored and gutted out of anything worth a dime, it still has dignity and pride. Anyone who's seen it anywhere - from sunny Vice City, to outskirts of Las Venturas, will confirm that. Imponte Rioter (Pontiac GTO) - Meet every muscle car's abusive daddy, the one that started the American sports car revolution in the early 1960s. Its copycats may have gotten wider recognition, cult status and death toll, but if it wasn't for the Rioter, they most likely wouldn't even exist, and neither would the entire lifestyle they're synonymous with. New clothes: Photo: @JoeFury1997, @the J is for Julia Midnight Club Los Santos offers dozens of customization items for both male and female characters, in few different distinct styles: Greaser/rockabilly - It's all about leather, denim and button up shirts. Unleash your inner working class wife beater! Or beat up your drunk ass husband sleeping on the ground in his own piss and vomit. Your choice. Girls also get access to practical hats and rockabilly bandanas. Pin-up - Classic femininity in form of wide selection of colorful summer dresses, button up slim fit shirts and longer swing skirts, classic high heels and ballet shoes. Men can choose from vintage polo shirts, trilby and fedora hats, high school jackets and casual suits with various different insignias. Skate/street - Doesn't matter if you're a skateboarder, listen to cacophony known to the world as hip-hop music, you've inherited clothes from your older and significantly bigger sibling, or you just want to wear something comfy, you should find something in this mix. New delivery of skating shoes, loose pants, hoodies, jackets and trendy t-shirts with giant illustrations - you name it, it's there. Rave - Have you seen Los Santos' nightclub life? It's a sad joke, and if you want to shine, literally, get yourself one of neon bright, glowing rave items this update adds. Glowing bracelets and watches are just a beginning - try out short skirts decorated with beads, shirts and dresses covered with psychodelic hippie patterns, hoodies with fluorescent zippers, and even furry ears, if you're retarded enough to wear them (no, there's no butt plug tails available, don't even ask). Don't forget that you can unlock more clothes from our sponsors and car manufacturers by participating in races or doing absolutely anything related to the new Chop Shops. New hairstyles: Photo: @Wurmy, @Amy Vinewood, @R3CON, Yours Truly It feels like everyone living in Los Santos looks identical. Maybe it's time for a small change to make everyone look at you instead of your car for once? Female characters can now wear elegantly simple modern pixie cut, upbeat fluffy pigtails to unleash their inner school cheerleaders, and half nedy, half kinky bowl cut. For our gentlemen, barbers offer a new variant of popular Slicked hairstyle dominating LS streets, a refreshed Chopped style, this time wavy, and short and messy dreadlocks for those with darker skin tones, because duh, cultural appropriation. Most importantly, hairstyles now attach themselves to saved outfits (including their chosen colors), so you don't have to visit barbershop every time you want to wear a baseball cap or just refresh your look a bit. New make-up and masks: Planning to party or rob a store? Try out out new, fluorescent rave masks, or paint your face like a glowing target practice, so even those who can't afford thermal scopes can see you from distance. New tattoos: Fans of classic post-war car culture should be delighted to see multiple pin-up girl tattoos in different shapes and sizes. Ravers can invest into state of the art fluorescent inks, some visible clearly only at night. And post-apo cosplayers and right wing nutjob survivalists can choose from rugged, self inflicted scribbles, like the now classic Live Fast Die, Die When You Die or tally marks. New interaction animations: - Ready, set, go! Perfect for car meet-ups, photoshoots and to add some flavour to the new freeroam drag races. - Bullfighter. Get ran over with style, taunting the driver. Muleta inculed - any color you like, as long as it's black. We don't cover your medical expenses from close encounter with a Dump truck, though. New challenges and achievements: Money for Nothing - Deliver 25 street vehicles to your Chop Shop Time Waits for No Slave - Successfully complete 100 Chop Shop supply missions Dirtier than a politician - Win 5/10/15 Dirt Ring events (can be done solo) Lucky Scumbag - win 5/10/15 Random Transform Races Speed King - get all 50 speeding tickets Hit the Party with a Gas Can - Use boost 50 times in races Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Dress up in glowing/fluorescent clothes, head to toe You-a-ra-lying-I-never-hitchya! - Collide with other vehicles 5/10/15 times in races, when Rock Solid option is on Disclaimers and notes:
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    Oh yay. Another post telling me I don’t “need” the things I want, and it’s my fault rockstar is monetizing the f*ck out of online. Ok 👍
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    Well well look who it is!! We meet again
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    >spammer skims through the rules once >finds the magic word >puts the magic word in all the new accounts they make I get the logic behind it but it's a moot point because it can be done around so easily
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    It appears we're invulnerable while cooking. Also, see, R*? You see why we need PvE/Friendly lobbies?
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    I couldn't care less about balance, classes, etc. They need to go. I didn't pay GTA$ for vehicles that don't shift right and drive like the trunks were filled with concrete. And yet some of them bounce all over the road.
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    KITTY! I knew Rockstar wouldn't let me down. - Resident Cat Lady
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    Now that we're less than two hours from the embargo lifting, I'd like to extend my thanks to EVERYONE for the support, including those who were banned during the drought, as sh*tty as youmight have been to people. After all it's part of the experience too. We started out here by not knowing what to expecting, having the game announced, being through multiple droughts, delays, scarce info and screenshots, and the game is coming to us tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the support and for staying around, we'll be here much longer for Red Dead Online, future content, possible SP DLC and much more!
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    This week we'll be introducing a new sub-board here, where you can continue to post, spoiler free. The use for this board is optional, if you wish to participate, you're account will be given access to the private board, and you won't be able to see the normal RDR2 boards when signed in your account. - Every thread at the spoiler free forum needs to be approved before being public. - Every post at the spoiler free forum needs to be approved before being public. - You can opt out the spoiler free forum at any time. - If you post a spoiler in the spoiler free forum, you'll be temporarily banned for a whole year. If anyone has any ideas or feedback before we go live, this is the time to do so.
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    Help! Since the latest update I can't find hunters, fishers or people who've gone AFK to kill. I can only find people with red dots who shoot me and I'm too scrub to do well against them. I like PvP, I only want PvP, nooothing else should matter but PvP..... but!! I won't ever touch the PvP showdown playlists because other players will shoot at me and I'll lose. I only want to shoot at players who won't fight back or are preoccupied doing something else. Since this blip update I cannot find easy targets for cheap kills and I'm too dumb to git gud and too bad at the game to play PvP showdown. What do I do? Also, I am 100% against the idea of lobby types because that would mean PvE players whom I target for easy kills would play in those lobbies most of the time and I would be stuck in a PvP lobby. In a PvP only lobby those people will shoot me on sight and make me lose all the time, so despite me wanting to PvP, I actually don't want anyone to challenge or threaten me. So R* should change the game so I have a machine gun with explosive ammo and a deluxo (with an oppressor on the back) so I can use missiles to kill other players. Also other players can't hurt me and have no guns. I essentially want to cheat and hack due to my lack of skill, but want to pretend I am a pro player, what are my options here? Only provide me with answers where I win and I get what I want and everyone else can go suck it. I'm only interested in win/lose scenarios, please don't apply logic, compromise or push your win/win agenda. I only interact with other people online via toxic behaviour and have deep seeded mental health issues. Also I want to see other players IP addresses so if someone does kill me, I can SWAT them and stuff because I am a toxic child with no social skills. Once again I must reiterate don't suggest lobby types because I don't think R* will give me a lobby option for 'one toxic prick and 20 people fishing' as an option.... but if they did I would play that lobby 24/7 and go pro and get famous on youtube and twitch and then people will finally like me and I'll finally make a friend and won't cry myself to sleep into an anime hugging pillow. /S Sorry in advance.
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    This is the Vinewood Casino Farewell Thread. On July 23, the Vinewood Casino will be replaced by the Diamond Casino & Resort. You can use this thread to say your final goodbyes to this beloved Los Santos landmark. Here, I decided to take one last selfie with the Vinewood Casino. Yes, I know the Vinewood Casino will probably still be viewable in single player, but the feeling won't be the same since single player is in the past now.
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    Because GTA:O released with: -20+ Contact missions -30+ Races -Survival modes -TDM/DM/GTA Race -Properties -Tennis -Golf -Arm Wrestling -Darts -Tonnes of purchasable cars, aircraft, boats - each felt unique and different. Not just the same thing with a different colour/livery -Simeon Missions to find and sell specific cars in free roam -Bounty system -Invite/Solo/Crew lobbies -Robbing stores -Gang hideouts -Armoured trucks -Unique Car Repo -Quick/user waypoint races and RDRO has 2/3 of heck all. Not even private lobbies or a system to address griefing. The only patches R* have rolled out addressed people making more than $1-2 a minute.
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    Cars can now do wheelies!!!! Just hold the Gas+Handbrake, then release the Handbrake. Now tell me this isn't the greatest thing since pointing! Not sure all what ones yet, but so far from my testing it is the:ImpalerImpaler Vigero Picador Nightshade Blackfin Phoenix Sabre Turbo Dukes Buccaneer Lurcher Moonbeam Custom Stallion Blade Yosemite Dominator Ellie So far I think it is just as simple as ALL Muscle Class cars. Now tell me this isn't the greatest thing since pointing!
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    God damnit. I opened this thread hoping to find some farfetched theory on how they are the same person, kinda like in the first Black Ops, but instead I got this.
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    So random, non scripted event from Edge I'll summarize: Edge travelled to Saint Denis and being a worn down dirty cowboy, one of the citizens commented rudely on how terrible Arthur looked. Edge took offense at the jibe and an altercation occurred with the loud mouth and police were called. After some hide and seek with the law, Edge found the mouthy citizen and promptly knocked him out. They then looted his money and picked him up as they felt he deserved a good swim in the water and were going to throw him off the docks.....only as they approached the docks they somehow tripped sending the unconscious man to the pavement and Arthur tumbling over and into the drink himself. LOL The whole room with Edge and Rockstar erupted in laughter.
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    I do it because f*ck you, thats why.
  32. 32 likes
    To the people complaining about gore - did we watch the same trailer? Are you f*cking blind?
  33. 32 likes
    It's 99.99% Armadillo Floorboards even match up lol
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    I just had to put this here. i was out at dinner last night and I overheard a guy and his girl arguing. girl: "I just don't understand it. My mom is getting married that weekend I don't see how a video game is more important than that why can't you just wait and play it the week after?" guy: "because maddie, I've been waiting for a red dead sequel for eight years I've only known you for two. That and your mom gets married once a month. We're not missing anything." i had a chuckle to myself and finished my dinner. On my way out I had to walk by their table, they were still semi arguing so I stopped looked at the guy and said "Stay strong! Stay WITH me" and without missing a beat he turns points to his girl and says "THEY WILL NOT CRUSH US" I shook the mans hand and carried on. While his girl looked at us with disgust. Red dead redemption II ending relationships since 2018 EDIT: happy birthday @Rykane may you're day make all our gameplay wishes come true"
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    Good riddance, ugly sh*thole.
  36. 30 likes
    Anyone else think that palm tree out the front is freakishly tall compared to all the others? They typically don't grow taller than 30 metres.
  37. 30 likes
    I'm happy for them. Rockstar doesn't play fair so the players have no obligation to play fair either. So many game hampering bugs go unfixed, items are stupidly overpriced, excessive paywalls, gameplay designed to impede the player etc. Anything that gives the players an edge is a win in my book.
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    HOLY sh*t. I just bought milk that lasts longer than the wait for this game (expires Oct. 27). sh*t just got real.
  39. 30 likes
    you can see the scratches on his skin after he got attacked by the wolves
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    Interactions with Bill: -Great -Antagonize -Implore
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    Double Rewards on Freemode Events, Business Battles, Gang Attacks and More There are plenty of ways to get your blood pumping (and spilling) across the great state of San Andreas this week - including increased payouts on a host of activities as well as discounts designed to help you deal maximum damage at minimum cost. Read on to learn more about what's happening in GTA Online this week: All Freemode Events dish out 2X GTA$ & RP through June 26th, regardless of whether it's a high-speed chase in Hold The Wheel or an all-out gunfight over some Hot Property. Keep an eye out for active events triggering every 15 minutes in Freemode. Business is thriving in Los Santos. To celebrate the boomtimes, all Business Battle events are also paying out double this week; take on Car Meet, Assassination and more while lining your pockets and stomping out the competition. Despite his friendly disposition, Martin Madrazo has earned himself a lot of enemies. If you see any of his rivals marked on your radar as a red circle this week, you can take them out in a Gang Attack and earn 2X RP as a reward for your troubles. If you've ever been hurtling through the air at breakneck speed while facing certain death and thought to yourself "I should be getting paid for this," you're in luck - Parachuting Jobs are paying out Triple Rewards all week long. While the thought of jumping out of a plane is enough to make your stomach turn and your palms sweat, those brave enough to take the challenge head-on can simply check the Jobs List in the Online menu or walk into any blue corona marked by a parachute icon on the map. Simply boot up and play GTA Online this week to collect the classy and timeless Chariot Tee, free of charge. Whatever you're getting yourself into, you're going to need the right tools for the job. Take up to 40% off a variety of items this week, including Parachute Bags and Smoke to glide in style, or a roided up FH-1 Hunter to shred aerial opposition. You can also pick up the tarmac-tearing Ocelot Pariah, Progen Itali GTB and more: Chariot Romero Hearse – 25% off Pegassi Toros – 30% off Progen Itali GTB – 35% off Ocelot Pariah – 40% off Karin Sultan RS (upgrade price) – 40% off Pegassi Reaper – 40% off TM-02 Khanjali – 40% off Chernobog – 40% off Parachute Smoke – 40% off Parachute Bags – 40% off FH-1 Hunter – 40% off Savage – 40% off Western Company Cargobob (both variations) – 40% off Buckingham Valkyrie – 40% off Buckingham Volatus – 40% off Buckingham Swift – 40% off Buckingham Swift Deluxe – 40% off For all current special events, bonuses, discounts including this week’s lineup of Premium Races and more, visit Social Club Events page. ORIGINAL NEWSWIRE POST --- While sitting in bottlenecked traffic on the LS Freeway, you may have noticed a new construction project taking shape at a small building nestled between Vinewood Hills and the scenic backdrop of the Tataviam Mountains. Don't let the recent removal of that faded "OPENING SOON" sign dissuade you, The Diamond Casino & Resort – a brand-new luxury destination and the largest mass entertainment complex of its kind in Southern San Andreas – will open its doors later this summer. With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort will feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities. Whether you’re having a night on the town with friends or a seeking a brief solitary escape, The Diamond Casino & Resort is open to one and all. Come experience the tasteful luxury that the Diamond has to offer including best-in-class concierge, valet parking, the exhilaration of spinning the Lucky Wheel for a chance at life-changing prizes, a finely curated selection of spirits at the bars and lounges, a range of sophisticated table games and much more. Stay tuned for more details and an inside look at the largest and most extravagant addition to the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, coming soon. ORIGINAL NEWSWIRE POST
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    Removing the stupid advanced flags. More new liveries for older vehicles. Benny's wheels for everything. And new wheel designs, especially muscle car wheels. Lost Slamvan. Helicopter drone. That would be a good start.
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    A minute of silence for all the forum members who went dark 3 weeks ago because the internet would be infested with leaks by now.
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    Weaponry! https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/features/weaponry It's here! Looks f*ckin stunning!
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