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    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #7 "Thi Angels are watching O'er mE" 2 1 1 2 Ah answered an' said Blessed be thi name o' God firiver an' iver : Fir wisdom an' might are his Fir he changes thi Times an' thi seasons : He removes kings an' sets up kings He gies wisdom unto thi wise An' knowledge tae them Thit kens understanding : He reveals thi deep An' secret things : He kens whit's in Thi DarknesS an' thi light Dwells whae him #notthimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin 9 9 9 :
  3. 89 points
    I will ban masel' if nothin' happens in March I huv' thi faith - anyone else? Thir's th' truth eh? Now excuse me ah huv mair Sermons tae write
  4. 75 points
    ANYONE ENGAGING IN INFLAMMATORY ARGUMENTS OR BEING A TROLL WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY TEMP/PERMA BANNED. You're not only breaking the forum rules but also contributing to lowering the quality of this topic even more. Go to Reddit if all you want to do is bicker. Let's continue normal programming please.
  5. 74 points
    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #6 "Resurrection is thi path o' eternal lighT" Ah huv loved ye Whae an everlastin' love Ah Huv sketched ye Whae unfailin' kindness Thi one whae comes fae above is above aw Thi one whaes fae thi earth is earthly an' speaks in earthly terms Thi big man whae lives in heaven is above us aw #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
  6. 68 points
    Since this thread has been absolutely overflowing with garbage posts (hello new members!), you will be temp-banned if you post: anything unrelated to GTA 6 speculation/discussion (this includes all the "lol youtubers" posts, and idle chat - this isn't a generic chatroom, go to gen chat or the Movies & TV section if you want that) image/video posts that aren't posting something about GTA 6 (no, tacking on some words doesn't make it better) posts that are just one or two words ("lol", "this", "agreed" - just like or yee the post) lol cryptic posts (Morse code included) Remember, there are many people lurking the thread; it's not your playground just because you regularly post in it. The thread doesn't need activity if there's nothing to post about, you don't need to post every random thing that comes to your head.
  7. 60 points
    Perhaps here, things will be different.
  8. 58 points
  9. 57 points
    It's been 19 years since the birth of GTANet, and boy a lot has happened. Some of us were not old enough to play Grand Theft Auto when we joined, and thinking back to 2001, some of us were not even born yet… GTANet has seen multiple generations of fans come and go, but we all arrived with the same shared passion, not just for the weather, but for Rockstar Games titles. Together we celebrated the first true 3D GTA, Grand Theft Auto III, and over the years that followed we created several websites to support every game release, alongside developing GTAForums as our community base. 19 years later we're still here, waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI, waiting to get our minds blown, just as we were back then. The first exclusive screenshot GTANet received from Rockstar Games back in 2002 To pat our own backs for a second, GTAForums has done well running for as long as it has. Forums as a platform to communicate are not as popular as they once were, but with a dedicated team of staff and ever-thirsty fans playing their part, we still hold our own in the GTA community. Unfortunately, our network sites haven't received the same attention these past few years. We're all a bit older, all have a few more things in real life to get on with, you know how it is, but now is the time to look forward. This anniversary year seemed like the perfect time to get back to basics, get back to our roots, and bring one of the oldest projects in the GTA community back to life. The GTANet Portal at GrandTheftAuto.net promises to keep all existing information we've gathered over these 19 years as accessible as it always has been, and over time we'll be archiving all of our articles from the past right here on this domain, but for now we've dusted off the covers and will be bringing in new articles, new community spotlights and any news we can get our hands on relating to GTA, Red Dead and other Rockstar Games titles. Welcome home. --- The GTANet Team
  10. 57 points
    Serious breeks oan (again).... Ah jist want tae clear a few things up afore makin' thi Ovaltines. Regards whit some folk huv telt me is thit thir ar' bogey accounts set up oan ither websites proclaiming tae be yer ain non-Messiah which is categorically shan patter in ma eyes. Ah dinnae huv a: YouTube channel r/sole account 4chan whitivir Facebook acoont Twitter blahblah Instagram Etc, etc etc Thi only place yers truly posts is here oan thi gtaforums.com Ah like it here, it's run well, guid peoples aye thit incudes thi March young team (YMMT) even when thir gieing it pure pelters tae yers truly So thir ye ar' Back tae preaching thi' 'morra
  11. 54 points
    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #5 "Thou shalt wear ah long face oan thi Sunday" I, as God's servant, should as a rule, hae nae right to become ah mere entertainer o' ma flock, pouring oot aw number o' stale jokes an' idle tales whaeoot a thoughts o' a practical point - therefore ah always make ma teachings interesting oan purpose - fir they say that many ah true word is of'en spoken in jest…. In risu veritas #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
  12. 51 points
    Christ ye only want tae dae a post an' thi World goes tae sh*te Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #1 "Honest Preacher" Dinnae attempt tae pit words in ma mooth where thir are nae words spoken #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
  13. 49 points
    You need to stop distorting people words, I said he had until the end of March to deliver. That means The Preacher will be banned at the end of today, not 3PM.
  14. 47 points
    i think that people will post this even after the release of GTA6
  15. 47 points
    And ah Will buy a Big f**King shiny Yacht
  16. 47 points
    Thi last time Ah seen thi Church this fu' Ah saw evil an' Hate in their eyes.... .... Then again Songs of Praise Is drama since Wan: 19-61 Hae a deek
  17. 46 points
    If GTAVI gets announced today I'll pre-order a copy for everyone that posted in this thread
  18. 46 points
  19. 46 points
    Are ye Sure Ye didnae Read that Somewhere Pal?
  20. 42 points
    Hey guys, it's been a while. I know most of you are probably tired of this story, but I ask you to pay attention one last time, because I've been analyzing @gonnaenodaethat's latest post and particularly his latest video, and I found something very, very, interesting. Bear with me one last time, and then you'll decide what to do of this information afterwards. To refresh your memory, in his latest post published on March 31 (remember this date, it'll come in handy for later), The Preacher included a link to a video which is different from all the others. It's unlisted (meaning that only the people who have the link can watch it, but it won't show up if you search it), it's made from a channel with no videos and the channel was created the day before the making of the post; it's called '533814'. The video itself is pretty messy and confusing but let's focus on the title first and foremost. 533814. We've seen this number before, in other posts by The Preacher, and no one really understood what it's supposed to mean. Well, I think that it refers to a specific thing that's happened recently. But let's go with order. The video is 14 minutes and 53 seconds long, so 14:53. Notice how those numbers are at the beginning and at the end of the title. That must be a coincidence, right? Well, in the video there's a pretty long part where there's what's supposed to be a black TV screen with noise. See, The Preacher could have made that clip however long he wanted, meaning that he could make the video however long he wanted: he chose to make it exactly 14 minutes and 53 seconds long. But let's keep going. Let's focus on the 14. One thing to note first and foremost is that this number doesn't only appear in the title. At the very end of the video a pig starts squealing in a pretty uncomfortable way. And would you look at that, the squealing lasts exactly 41 seconds before the video ends, starting at the 14:12 mark. 14, 41, what could this mean? ...Maybe 1/4 / 4/1? April 1, also known as April Fool's Day. Now as I mentioned before, in the video there's a part where we can see a TV screen with noise. Well, with a quick research on Google you'll discover that in the UK this phenomenon was also called 'snow', because the video modulation there was different than that of TVs of other countries, and people saw white dots on a black background, while in other parts of the world the screen showed black dots on a white background. Snow, huh? April 1 and snow. If you're a GTA Online or Red Dead Online player you already know where this is going. On April 1, 2020 Rockstar Games did something they've never done in 6 and a half years that GTA Online has been out. As an April Fool's Day joke, they activated the snow weather effect in the game, where they usually only do this during the winter holidays period, around Christmas and New Year's. As I said at the beginning, that video was posted on March 31, and there is no way anyone could predict this without having some info on their hands. But it's not over yet. Another very interesting thing people have pointed out is the following. If you go to The Preacher's "Will There Be Realistic Eastenders in GTA VI?" thread, specifically at page 13, you will see he posted two videos on March 27, one titled "Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Progress?" and the other called "Muse Mon Amante". Now, if you take a look at Rockstar Games' Twitter, and check out what they tweeted that day, you will see that they retweeted two tweets: the first one includes a GIF where the second dude on the left is making a 'jerk off' gesture, while the second one is from a certain streamer called 'DelinquentMuse'. Draw the conclusions for yourselves, but let me tell you, one would be considered luck, but two...
  21. 41 points
    To those of you who asked for a summary of this thread, here you go:
  22. 41 points
    Morals Fir Thi New Age o' Man #4 "Revelations" See what you see, read what you read, judge who you judge but thee blessed are Truly Righteous #nothimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin
  23. 41 points
    You've all had your fun with the fake links, but how about we nip those in the bud before you're all put in quarantine before "3pm Scottish Time" arrives. Thank ye.
  24. 39 points
    Just out of interest how many of you actually think GTA 6 will be set in the 80s if it is Vice City? Yee for Yes Like for No I really don't think rockstar would go back in time for a GTA game anymore, just doesn't seem to fit the remit?
  25. 39 points
  26. 39 points
    Ma wayward flock We are indeed In turbulent times Dark forces are at work Tae allay thi Plans o' man Thi World is now So much Mare uncertain Than wiv' ever kent Stars, they are aligning Fir whit ye Dinnae ken Whit will happen Th' 'morra Let alane thi future Is in his hands An' his alane Whilst ithers Are losin' theirs Keep thi heid Keep thi faith And maist o' aw Dream thi dreams O' Uncle Far, far beyond Thi stars
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  28. 38 points
    I'll have two disappointments, a number 20 march, a number 25 with extra excitement, a number 3pm scottish time, two threads all about The Preacher, one with videos, and a large confusion rate.
  29. 38 points
    This bears repeating: this isn't a chat thread. If your post isn't related to GTA 6 or the discussion in general, you're getting warned/banned. This includes hellos/goodbyes, video posts, reaction images, "this", "lol", and any other pointless garbage, including random off topic thoughts you have - if there's nothing to talk about, don't post. Also, don't reply to posts you think shouldn't be in the thread - you're just adding to the problem. Report the post, and move on.
  30. 37 points
  31. 35 points
    Alright, time for a round up! We've been away for a while, working on various things that we are yet to post on here... some of which were showcased a while back on our Discord channel on the Rockstarvision server. This said, I tried showcasing the most interesting bits out of the various new props, prop placement(s), buildings, pedestrians and even a new vehicle! Get ready for this post, because it's gonna be a long one... Indeed, quite a long info dump. We're sorry for not keeping our thread up to date with development, but we sure hope that you like the look of these new additions! Thank you very much for showing us your support!
  32. 35 points
    Morals For The New Age of Man #7 "The Angels are watching Over mE" 2 1 1 2 I answered and said Blessed be the name of God forever and ever : For wisdom and might are his For he changes the Times and the seasons : He removes kings and sets up kings He gives wisdom onto the wise And knowledge to them That it knows understanding : He reveals the deep And secret things : He knows what's in The DarknesS and the light Dwells with him #notthimessiahnoabadlad #weareawgonnaenodaethat #itsawabootthishaggin 9 9 9 : NOTES AND INTERESTING THINGS TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION: 1. The seemingly random capital letters. He also did this in his previous posts of this kind. I'll have to dig deeper into that. Specifically, last time was "lighT", now it's "DarknesS". Hmm. 2. The numbers. What do they mean? Why are they scattered like this in the message? 3. The video and the channel. 3.1 The video is unlisted, unlike the ones posted previously. It's also very recent, posted on March 30 (yesterday), while the others were all public and usually very old. The channel itself, called 'Kill switch', was created yesterday. This is HIS channel. For that reason, differently from all the others, we'll have to analyze this video in particular if we want to solve this. 3.2 The title is '533814' which is a number we've seen before from his riddles, just look it up on GTAForums' search bar. No one never really understood what it meant. The video is probably key to discovering it. Let me know if I've made any mistake in the translation. This is getting intense, I love it, and I'm all about it. If you wanted everything being spoon-fed to you then sorry, and goodbye, this is not the place for you.
  33. 35 points
    Oh.. I better shut up fir a day or two 🙏
  34. 35 points
  35. 35 points
    I'll come back here on the 25th and if the games still not announced i will shove a pair of bagpipes so far up your arse you'll be sh*tting out verses of the Scottish national anthem each day until GTA VI is released
  36. 34 points
    Some dude goes by the name noobgamer says "the announcement is coming tomorrow, i saw it bro", claims his source is his ass I think he's legit
  37. 34 points
    So, one time gonna(e) posted this video: (this is the subtitled version because if you're not Scottish you'll understand maybe half of it) It's a clip from a show called Limmy's Show, and the clip is from a fictional minigame called Adventure Time, where people would call Falconhoof (interpreted by Limmy) and they would embark on a quest over the phone. If they won, they'd get a monetary reward. Of course this is all fictional and it's all a gag to have a laugh at. Every episode a different person calls, and there's always some sort of twist. In this episode in particular, there's this character called 'Jingle the Jester', which is supposed to help the player and entertain him while making witty jokes. But the player tells Falconhoof to kill her, because "she's sh*te'. Gonna(e) also mentioned this Limmy guy multiple times (saying things like 'Ask Limmy') Now I never understood the meaning of this video until today's post I mean, it's pretty self explanatory if you think about it. He talked about jest, and 'in risu veritas' (in laughter, there's truth). The jingle's name (again, whose role in the game is to help the player) is literally Jester, and the player calling just straight up kills her nonetheless because she's sh*t, and annoying. All starting to make sense? We are the ones who want to kill Jester (The Preacher) because we think he's annoying and useless, and while he can be annoying for some, there's truth in his witty jokes. Jester is here to help us, and we ask Limmy to kill Jester
  38. 34 points
    Both of discussion threads in nutshell. I sitll have faith scotty boy, ya better be right. 31st.
  39. 34 points
    Ye kin just f✝️✝️k off ya creepy b✝️St✝️rd
  40. 33 points
    It's easy to draw conclusions, but there is one fact that most seem to be ignoring: the admins gave The Preacher so much damn rope. I've been around the block a few times. I've seen so many threads like Eastenders over the years. Nearly every single one of them amounts to something eventually. For GTA IV it was Revelation, for GTA V it was Genesis, and then there was Usher Hall ... and now Eastenders. All of these strange "leaks" originate on this website. One step further than that: the admins allow it. uNi's response to Eastenders when it started was "is it time already?" Doesn't that seem a little strange to anyone? Now, you'll hear that the admins had reason to believe him because he had been right about things in the past, maybe he'd be right about this too. That excuse seems so awfully thin to me. Every other leaker on this website needs to be in touch with the admins and provide proof their leaks are accurate and true, or else the thread is closed and the user is banned. But not the Preacher who instead gets two months of leeway because maybe he is right. Something there does not add up. On top of all this you have the following list of strange occurrences that can be attributed to the admins: A poll that appears in the section that only a small group of random users can see A different icon for the GTA6 section; the regular image but with the city lights on titled "miamitest.png" An entirely separate 'BUSTED' user group specifically for The Preacher, which has since been altered Important note to end things: I do not want anyone to put words in my mouth. I am as skeptical as everyone else. I do not buy into the whole resurrection angle, but I do believe that when all is said and done and the game gets eventually revealed (be it a day, month, year or two from now), we will be able to look back on all this and say, "oh right, it wasn't all a lie."
  41. 33 points
  42. 32 points
  43. 32 points
    For the new thread: inflammatory arguments/trolling will get you banned. Posts unrelated to the thread will get you banned; this includes random chat directly unrelated to GTA 6. Posts that are just images/videos/"lol"/"this"/some other pointless garbage will get you banned. If you see a post that shouldn't be in the thread/breaks the rules, replying to it will get you banned. Report it, ignore, move on, since otherwise you're just contributing to the sh*tpile.
  44. 32 points
    Personally ah'd be happy gettin half that amount Oh.... plus the yacht
  45. 31 points
    The picture is named 'gtaf_miamitest.png'
  46. 31 points
    Remember this picture if nothing happens on March 31
  47. 31 points
  48. 31 points
    That's actually zero days until the ban. Antagonism won't stick here so anyone else insulting other members just for the hell of it will go on a similar vacation. Thanks.
  49. 31 points
    #320/666 ln a Visual Voyage™️ series
  50. 31 points
    After days of piecing together map images of RDR2, I can finally show the world this 6500x6500 pixel image of the entire map in satallite with the outskirt or outter map geography too. I didn't add the blurry non-solid map area since this took long enough to put together. And we only really want to see the solid parts anyway right? Click the image for large versions, download that image for highest resolution & quality. This is data from the game, so please don't try to use it commercially. I've watermarked it and such to stop that kind of thing.This is purely for personal use. Feel free to break this down and see if it aids our beta analysis over in the other thread. Enjoy!
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