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    Here is, the green is different.
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    Posted this in general chat, but I think it belongs in here in it's appreciation thread It's great weapon to use when you're fighting someone that immediately drops a sticky bomb at their feet every time. Shooting them explodes the sticky nearby, giving you a kill. No "easy way out" now for tryhards after a blast from the Up-N-Atomizer
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    Been a long day. I've recently uploaded Dev Build 0.3 and @Silent should have a PM from me containing the download link. Some bugs are present of course, but it shouldn't be anything game-breaking at this stage... Getting savegames to load is our main concern, as everyone already knows. Hopefully Silent can help us out and BEGINit will be happy with the changes so that we can finally share this mod with you guys!
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    Working on the map. Got a lot of it exported. Textures are being renamed manually, and we'll have to go through the script for interiors and other things like that. But have a screenshot from my map viewer:
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    Much like the "Mfw GTA Online edition" Here's the Red dead online version. Simply post a gif or image of your reaction to a situation in the game, I'll start us off Mfw I'm skinning an animal and I hear a posse full of hoof beats coming my way
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    Now fixed - turns out a 2005 tutorial gave advices so wrong so they were the ones responsible for this saving crash! https://cookieplmonster.github.io/2018/12/23/polishing-shine-o-vice/
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    Brief summary of what's been accomplished since the last update: Worked together with Kalvin to port an updated radar & map to the build, then proceeded to edit HUD design. I'm glad to announce that the door animation issue has finally been resolved thanks to Surya926, who provided the necessary memory addresses. It's a simple fix but it's the little things that count. The rest of my time working on the mod was spent on perfecting my "outfits system" taylored for SoV. In the previous builds, buying clothes worked pretty well but it wasn't tied to any kind of wardrobe system... Seems natural to purchase outfits at the store and then be able to choose between them at the safehouse... When I initially coded the purchasing system, I thought "I'll deal with that part later" but then figured I wouldn't want the Beta with a half-assed clothes mechanic. Now that it's all done, wish I could show a nice demonstration, but for whatever reason, the video processed terribly. Just because of the new HUD, I'll share it anyway. Prepare for some 2007-upload-style visuals.
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    Holy hell this thing is FUN! So much so that I think it deserves its own thread. At first I wanted to unlock it, just because it's a free and unique weapon. Then, when I learned it has infinite ammo, even better! A fun weapon that doesn't cost anything to keep using it. But when I got to actually use it, I was very impressed! The range on this thing is pretty big, considering I thought it was just going to be a close range gimmicky weapon. It's very powerful - not necessarily in a lethal sense, but in that it can easily flip cars, and instantly disrupt a group of bad guys. I used it on one of the dispatch missions where you have to go through the building at the junk yard, and it's great! Moving from corridor to corridor, blast-waving enemies, sending them slamming into walls or ceilings is so thrilling. Plus, they don't even get a shot off, because the blast can hit them without direct impacts, and the effect also can stun nearby enemies. I loved one bit where I blasted an enemy, and the pulse shattered all the windows in the room - great effect! As I moved about blasting enemies away, wearing my new Arena War Space Traveller outfit (black), I felt like some super advanced alien being, causing havoc to the puny earthlings muhaha. Couple that with my MKII just adds to the effect. I tested it on a group of randoms who were all fighting each other (pink and red blips) and it was hilarious! I was on a roof, and just kept blasting them, causing them to fly about, flip any cars they tried to get in as they ran around in panic and flipped over a large camper van two had sought refuge in haha. Great great fun! Sure, it's not GTA-like at all, but then this game hasn't been like GTA for a long time, so just go with it. This gun certainly has added a lot of playability to the game again, much more than Arena War has done! Some useful tips (will add more as I discover them): It can break open doors that are locked by blasting them (e.g. the cell door in the Dispatch mission) It can destroy a helicopter's rear rotor with two direct blasts It can destroy a helicopter's main rotor but takes several shots aimed at it Holding down the trigger will continue to fire off shots each time it's charged (nothing that major) Destroys explosive items like barrels, petrol (gas) station pumps in one shot Can be used to blow up either yours or enemies sticky bombs in one blast (even splash damage can trigger them) Blasting vehicles side on is the best way to flip them Flipped cars' engines have a tendency (sometimes) to catch fire almost immediately (NPC cars) Useful at dislodging enemies hiding behind cover Useful at dislodging / flipping your own vehicles when stuck without causing too much damage Metal railings or fence in your way? A single blast blows them away It can flip and move the large cargo containers you find down at docks When fired into water, the laser bolt still 'detonates' under the water Firing it at a gas cloud blows it away, but only very briefly Now if you'll excuse me, I have a human race to enslave!
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    NEW BOMB BALL ARENA WAR MODE, FREE VAPID CLIQUE CAR TODAY ONLY PLUS MORE HOLIDAY GIFTS With festive decorations adorning Arena Workshops, Nightclubs and other properties across the city, and the rare Southern San Andreas snowfall phenomenon blanketing the streets, please enjoy these Christmas Day treats compliments of Legendary Motorsport and Alan Jerome Productions. Log in today to get a completely free, no-strings-attached slice of classic Americana: the Vapid Clique is everything good about the 50’s on four wheels with a lick of polish and given away gratis to anyone who plays GTA Online on December the 25th. Let's face it: although you can get behind the naked aggression and anarchic mob-rule, you've never truly understood the rules of soccer. Well, new Arena War Mode Bomb Ball gets rid of all those fussy technicalities and restrictions on violence, and boils things down to the real heart of the matter: shoving enormous explosive devices into the other team's half before they go off. Welcome to the beautiful game. Now part of the Arena War Series, play anytime between now and January 14th and receive Double GTA$ & RP. When you think of lightweight redesigns, you probably think of carbon fiber bodywork and stripped-out interiors. But that's just for beginners. Step inside the Itali GTO, and the air you're breathing has increased hydrogen content for extra lift. For even more of an edge, consider shaving your body hair and removing at least one kidney, because sometimes you have to suffer for perfection. The Grotti Itali GTO will be available starting December 26th exclusively from Legendary Motorsport. Play anytime between now and January 7th to receive the Grotti & Weeny T-Shirts free of charge. In addition to the Arena War Series continuing to pay out 2X GTA$ & RP, jump into any of the following activities through January 7th to reap double rewards: Client Jobs (Terrorbyte Missions) Biker Contract Missions Gunrunning Sales Special Cargo Sales Smuggler's Run Cargo Sales Plus, earn Double GTA$ on Nightclub income and treat your Bodyguards and Associates to a holiday bonus with Double GTA$ Salaries. In addition to the festively adorned Vapid Clique, play today and also receive a bounty of Christmas Day gifts that includes the Up-n-Atomizer Pistol, Liveries for Chernobog, the Slasher Festive Sweater, and enough throwable explosives to start a large-scale conflict. Then, play every day this week to receive even more holiday gifts: Dec. 25 – Vapid Clique, Up-N-Atomizer Pistol, Slasher Festive Sweater, 5 Festive Liveries for the Chernobog, Firework Launcher w/ 10 Firework Rockets, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, 5 Proximity Mines, 5 Molotovs, Full Snacks & Armor Dec. 26 – Blue Bleeder Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for the Mammoth Avenger Dec. 27 – Green Slaying Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for HVY Barrage Dec. 28 – Hail Santa Festive Sweater, Free Nagasaki Buzzard & Festive Liveries for the APC Dec. 29 – Blue Cluckin' Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Buckingham Akula Dec. 30 – Merry Sprunkmas Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Comet Safari Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve Gift (Black & Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more), free HVY Insurgent Pick-Up & Festive Liveries for the Pegassi Oppressor Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day Gift (Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more) Through January 7th, get a leg up on your Organization's profits with up to 50% off the following: Hangars - 50% off Bunkers - 35% off Mobile Operation Centers - 35% off Take 25% off ALL Smuggler's Run Aircraft, including: Buckingham Alpha-Z1 Buckingham Howard NX-25 Buckingham Pyro Mammoth Mogul Mammoth Tula Nagasaki Havok Nagasaki Ultralight Western Company Rogue Western Company Seabreeze FH-1 Hunter LF-22 Starling P-45 Nokota P-996 Lazer RM-10 Bombushka V-65 Molotok And for the same period take 25% off ALL Gunrunning Weaponized Vehicles: BF Dune FAV Bravado Half-track Declasse Weaponized Tampa HVY APC HVY Insurgent Custom Pick-Up Nightshark Karin Technical Custom Ocelot Ardent Pegassi Oppressor Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer Newswire
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    The Holiday season is a time of giving, sharing and sometimes taking away, depending on how you see it. This year, us at staff decided to be more generous than usual, following fan user feedback. We want to apply Democracy, and we think it's one of the most important parts in society, whether you agree, or not. We started out by letting the people vote on who to unban, but alas, we have to tend to the naughty list as well. Members of the forum will earn the gift to vote on who should be kicked out of our humble abode, based on their unpopularity rating. Sounds wild? It is. Welcome to the GTAForums Official Golden Turd Banathon of 2018 Rules: Every member can vote in one or more naughty boys and girls; Once December 31st clocks in, in the GMT timezone, we will be shortlisting the top five in the naughty list and running a second round of voting; The top TEN will have to duke it out in a private subforum, and, like true gladiators, will be locked out to only that section temporarily; The top five will be the naughtiest and be banned. Let the games begin. Happy Holidays! Disclaimer: The naughty list was selected by a board of trusted employees and helpers of GTAForums, including staff members and its regular members. Contestant list:
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    I would like to share some of the UI progress that has been done recently. Console menu has been added, based on the one introduced with the "PSP" release of the game. Some new options have been added as well, one of them is the "Safe Zone Size" slider bar, which makes now possible to move HUD elements to the screen edges and vice versa, from the lowest "PS2-like" to the highest "PSP-like". Here some screens showing the progresses. (WIP screens, things could may change).
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    Plot twist: everyone who votes are the ones who actually get banned.
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  18. 26 likes
    Found where Sasquatch's light scoop comes from:
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    Unlike the old Mechanic from GTA Online, who would often drop the car off at the wrong spot or drive off with it, we can’t kill Cripps. I’ve even tried blowing him up with Dynamite. He’s completely invulnerable. I want a “kill Cripps” DLC. I will pay $14.99, standard story DLC fare, just for the ability to kill Cripps and replace him with a competent, fully-voiced employee that you can customize (as in, their face). They would greet you when we enter camp instead of being a rude asshole that doesn’t even say hello or apologize for putting the camp in the wrong goddamn place 4 times in a row before he finally gets it right and still charges you $10. All he does is sit on his ass. The most hilarious thing about the travesty that is Cripps is that he actually expects you to spend your hard-earned cash on his clothes. Why would anyone ever do that? Even if he wasn’t an incompetent moron that doesn’t deserve the clothes on his back, why would anyone buy him clothes? He doesn’t entertain you with comical dialogue. He isn’t immersive or interactive. He just sits there, sometimes playing his obnoxious harmonica, and expects you to buy him sh*t or spend money on useless camp upgrades. In all seriousness, we might as well have no one there. Nothing would be better than Cripps. It’s not immersive or realistic to have him magically know where we want to pitch the camp anyway, so what’s the point? Having a boring, mute NPC for these functions is pointless aside from giving us someone to hate and blame for incompetence instead of Rockstar. I feel like that’s the only reason he exists. I hope he dies of terminal Lumbago.
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    GTA vs Real 😊 GT R version Sry my bad, it's the wrong topic ☝️☝️☝️ How to delete or edit our posts?
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    Especial thanks to @Voodoo-Hendrix for the reference And my future one
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    So I went exploring around Guarma, I've done it a few times now. But I always avoided the low poly zones, fearing I would fall through and kill my character, sending him back into the playable area. Now after exploring multiple times, I decided to leave no rock unturned and took the leap of faith. I soon realized that, after galloping around a large distance, that the entire low poly segment was solid ground. So I decided to go further, and see how far those low poly models go. To my surprise, Guarma is, in fact, an entirely handcrafted island, with shores, beaches, bays, and even painted on pathways! So my first thought was this must the entire Island cut from the leaked map? At which point I decided to walk the entire island. It took me several in-game days, since I lost my horse down the side of a cliff very early into my expedition, and had to walk it on foot. Interestingly I started to sum up the shape of the island, and the inner mountainous features, and it does in fact match that leaked map island! I noticed Cinco Torres was that small island to the south west of the island, but in the story, the fort had been placed into the bay. Exploring in that direction, I found an island offshore! This can't be a coincidence, it all fits into place, like missing puzzle pieces. So the big question at this point is, why did they cut the content? The map is clearly early development, but they crafted it, and even names added on the leaked map if different locations lead to pathways and square pixel patches which may represent buildings. The island is also big, they could have cut it down, so save memory, yet they left it there like some extremely large easter egg. It blew my mind! So I'm currently compiling the video, although it's very dull watching me walking around a huge empty island, I know that the mapper in you will appreciate it! I'll post that later, Discuss!
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    Dude's never been to Canada! -5C = barbecue weather. 🙂
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