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    Edit 2: I'm compressing the December 2018/October 2020 map into a spoiler to allow room for new rumored maps to come in, should other unconfirmed ones pop up that completely contradict this one. Editing title as I realize that this may accidentally grab people in. This map is not confirmed to be real and should continue being unconfirmed. The thread retitling can also allow for other rumored maps should others come in. December 2018/October 2020 Leak: Vestawa Island Leak (14 Oct 2020):
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    Judas you are meddling with forces you cannot possibly comprehend....
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    someone in here mentioned RDR II locations being named after street names from RDR I. if there's precedent to follow, then we must look at clues in the RAGE HD era GTA games. GTA IV has Columbus Ave. It's the longest street in the game, and no one talks about its importance. This means one thing and one thing only. They're not going to Vice City in GTA VI, they're going straight to Columbus Ohio. Being a local of Columbus OH, all I can say about GTA VI is that I'm so sorry they're going this direction. Missions will be nearly impossible to complete because of I-71 traffic, construction on I-70, and best of all just a wackass AI system in drivers. Even worse, pedestrians will be blocking the entrances to where some missions begin, which is at the Capitol in Downtown. Edit: forgot to mention, no other columbus exists in the united states
  10. 31 points
    E P S I L O N Dick hurricane All in R style Rockstar Games starts hurricane to announce gta 6. What a marketing
  11. 30 points
    I really wish we'd make half the ad money you guys think we do lol. You know who makes a ton tho?
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    Bunch of clowns here 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
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    Hi friends! After months of research (Im Argentinian and never set foot in the US) and editing I was able to create a map expanding my older map of Las Venturas into Tierra Robada, Flint County, Whetstone and San Fierro, recreating all of San Andreas for the HD universe as many asked for. I named the project Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories, since I don't think this is going to be an idea for GTA 6 (Vice City probably) and the San Andreas version hasnt have a Stories game. I made 4 maps; I will post the first one here (GTA V style with all location names) and the other three hidden below. I will shortly describe all of the new regions added in the spoiler below as well. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories (2/3) - County Regions Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories (3/3) - Dark style / (inspired by maps from @andover1 ) / Visual Information Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro (Only San Fierro, Whetstone, Tierra Robada and Flint County) if somehow Rockstar finds the whole state too big. 😂
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    This yin huz already been framed & will take pride o' place oan thi office wall oan Monday. Three mair sleeps....
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    Aw he kens is that two hours o' pushin' broom buys an eight by twelve four-bit room.
  18. 25 points
    Brothers & Sisters, Today marks thi 2nd anniversary o' thi release o' Red Dead Redemption which seems an ideal time tae return tae dae thi right thing & "complete thi circle". Each day fir thi next few weeks a different GTA Forums member will explain what they huv discovered & learnt fae studying thi posts i made back in 2017/2018 prior to thi games official release. So sit back, cup o' tea in hand, biscuits at airms reach & listen tae their journey.......
  19. 25 points
    There's no collusion because there's no leash. The Preacher has free rein because he is a beacon of truth. If you can't see it now, you never will. If you expect him to come into this topic and just tell people a release date or a location in a simple sentence....well he ain't gonnae dae that.
  20. 24 points
    Tae continue thi 2nd anniversay o' Red Dead Redemption II we will share whae ye thi riddles that Thi Last Fish Supper Apostles are discussing each day. Thi days batch are as follaes: 🤠Tumbleweed Connection #042 "Elvis Presley - Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" https://gtaforums.com/topic/898808-will-there-be-realistic-tumbleweed-in-rdr2/?do=findComment&comment=1070216500 🤠Tumbleweed Connection #058 "The Specials - Ghost Town (Official Music Video)" https://gtaforums.com/topic/898808-will-there-be-realistic-tumbleweed-in-rdr2/?do=findComment&comment=1070387883 🤠Tumbleweed Connection #60 "Laurie Johnson "Jason King Theme"" https://gtaforums.com/topic/898808-will-there-be-realistic-tumbleweed-in-rdr2/?do=findComment&comment=1070404898 🤠Tumbleweed Connection #66 "The Frozen Limits (1939)" https://gtaforums.com/topic/898808-will-there-be-realistic-tumbleweed-in-rdr2/?do=findComment&comment=1070414707 🤠Tumbleweed Connection #091 "The Prisoner - Episode 14 - Living in harmony" https://gtaforums.com/topic/898808-will-there-be-realistic-tumbleweed-in-rdr2/?do=findComment&comment=1070453793 Unfortunately we cannae share thi progess thi Apostles huv made on these riddles although ye are maist welcome tae post yer ain theories *A wee hint: They aw connect tae content fae Red Dead Redemption II
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    Dude post some f*cking memes and stop bitching like holy sh*t do you have anything better to do than suck Johnny's dick and block people who disagree with you li
  24. 23 points
    Well, you finally convinced me that you all are incompetent a**holes. You keep doing the same thing expecting that miraculously the results will be different. I just spent 2 1/2 hours in a lobby that fluctuated between 11 and 14 players. The results? 1 enemy camp 1 moonshine camp A small percentage of wildlife though there were plenty of snakes which are pretty much useless in any of the roles. Where did all the rabbits go? I saw a few but about 10% of what there was previously, if that much. I made a special camp stew to get gold cores but the lobby switched within the first 7 minutes and the gold cores were gone, but keep the lobby switching on. Basically, the same problems as before. I made sure to go to every location where revenuer roadblocks pop up and not even one appeared. You know, if you all spent half as much time working on putting out an enjoyable experience for players as you do working on cramming as many people into a lobby as possible you may get somewhere. How many times do you morons need to be banged over the head before you understand your big lobbies don't freaking work? What freaking difference does it make to you if lobbies are smaller? If that's the only way to get the game working properly then you should be happy and move on to more pressing things like, oh, I don't know....FREAKING CONTENT! What the f*** is the point of putting out content anyway if most of it doesn't work? Only the mentally deficient don't understand that. I mean REAL content. The drip drip drip of content, and most of that is boring as hell, is a joke. Then you drop a "major update" that includes a role that is nothing more than collecting and hunting combined, as if we didn't already have enough of that s**t. I really do believe you do not know what the hell you're doing. You all need to find other jobs and R* needs to find people who know how to put out a game. You also need to find creative people who come up with ideas who are older than 10 years old. I've given you all over 2 years to get your s**t together and things just keep getting worse. Wrong trajectory idiots. You all are sorry sacks of s***.
  25. 23 points
    Can I just say, I REALLY do not care about the Legendary Animals. It is a terrible form of dripfeed and it makes me despise the "weekly updates" becuase you know its gonna be another tedious mission where your only reward is the pleasure of spending a fortune on another animal head jacket. If they actually put any thought into the clothing it might have been interesting, where are my Bison Duster coats? Furry Poncho's? Animal skin cloaks? Gloves with alligator teeth on the knuckles? Genuine Moose fur chaps?
  26. 22 points
    keep posting, people, I can almost afford a second ps5
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  28. 22 points
    Seminole Frontier is out now. DOWNLOAD
  29. 22 points
    There's 1 thing I really like about GTA V's map, and that is landscapes.
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  31. 21 points
    Hello fellow leakers! its ya boi MrGonnaenodaethatFTW with your daily dose of vague hints and riddles
  32. 21 points
    Analysis Time I could put this into a much longer post, but the truth is, I don't really care too much. But I see a lot of people commenting on the maps style, visuals, how the city looks the same etc. What I'd suggest is what I've always believed: That IF the map were real, it'd likely be something that was leaked in the wake of the Leslie Benzies situation. After he left, a lot of people went with him, North was restructured, and a lot of people were pissed at Rockstar. They then had numerous unprecedented leaks surrounding RDR2. There has to be a reason for those leaks. Again, I'd wager it has something to do with employees not being happy about how Leslie was fired. Story details for RDR2 were leaked. The map was leaked. Later in March 2018, an anonymous source claimed to leak details for the next Grand Theft Auto, detailing Project Americas. Maybe, just maybe it's possible that this map was a very early - perhaps the first- concept of a map for GTA VI. It would explain it's appearance. It may just be a simple and basic mockup of the map. The road layout isn't there, but a general "This part is city, here's an airport, a stadium, here's Vice Beach, and here's the Everglades, etc, etc..." Before approving it and working on an actual design. maybe this was the map that was proposed in 2016, 2017 when an employee left, who would go on to leak it in spite of how Rockstar cast out their friend. I don't know. Again, just operating on the presumption that it's real. It's very likely fake. But since I can't prove it one way or the other... I kinda' don't really care. But what else is there to discuss, so here we are. I hope it's fake, just so the mapping thread doesn't become like RDR2, matching landmarks with the leaked map.
  33. 21 points
  34. 21 points
    This confirms my longtime theory that the prologue version of Armadillo was Scarlett Fever!!
  35. 20 points
    Here is my experience in TLFS: Ever since @gonnaenodaethat posted his videos in the "realistic tumbleweed" thread, I have been intrigued by his riddles. The 3 things that intrigued me the most: - Creation of the "R * @ Usher Hall" thread before the previews and trailer 3 of RDR2 - Creation of "R * @ The QH" before the announcement of RDR2 on PC. - Creation of the "Realistic Eastenders thread" in spring 2020. According to Chris Liberty, GTA VI was due to be announced in spring 2020. However, I remained skeptical until a few riddles were solved. Today, I no longer have doubts about his legitimacy. Here are the truths I solved with the help of my fellow Apostles : Here are my top 5 of the most convincing truths (among all the truths, not just mine): 1. Vetter's Echo (video) 2. A Fine Night Of Debauchery (video) 3. The Dude (video) / video for US viewers) 4. Faces In Trees (video) 5. Aberdeen Pig Farm (video) The Vetter's Echo truth is the most convincing for me because it is a text written by Preacher. Every word matters and the text perfectly describes what's going on at Vetter's Echo: A pant crapping situation. I understand that you may be skeptical about Preacher if you haven't watched the truths videos yet, but if you really watch and understand these 5 videos and don't have at least a little doubt then there is really nothing we can do for you. The more time passes, the more easily we discover new truths. It is a truly exceptional experience in which each Apostle is very involved and for me, investigating the tumbleweed cases is the best way to wait for GTA VI news. Conclusion: Sometimes there's a man... I won't say a hero, 'cause, what's a hero? But sometimes, there's a man. And I'm talkin' about the Preacher here. Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Preacher, on Gtaforums.
  36. 20 points
    I love GTAForums. The Preacher has brought us all together, and we should all be grateful.
  37. 20 points
  38. 20 points
    These dudes raked in billions of dollars over the past decade from a single game, yet couldn't even be bothered to add a few zombie animations to the NPCs? They were just like f*ck it give them guns and let the players use their imagination? Just look at the massive disparity between these two trailers. 2010 2020 One is an exquisite throwback to classic low budget horror films complete with voice acting and the other is a sh*t covered front for microtransactions. It's actually sad man.
  39. 20 points
    So I wanted to see what things point to an announcement this year. Just playing the devil's advocate so this might contain some things that I may or may not have over-analysed. Sorry if this is longer than usual. Again, this is a very optimistic look at things. Also I wanted make this my first topic in the forums(Hurray!), since it seemed long enough. Let's get into it... 1. Chris Liberty, a trusted guy who knows some things about GTA VI, said the Announcement was supposed to happen in April-May, but delayed because of Dan's departure(I can't find where exactly he said that, someone here perhaps knows the source?). And maybe, covid-19 played a part in that too. 2. 2020 is a year after the Miami scout leak. (GTA V was announced a year after scout leak). But that could be nothing more than just a coincidence, still worth pointing out. 3. The Know leak said the game is slated for a 2021-2022 release, and Rockstar mostly announces their games a year before release, then delay it later, so if it's slated for 2021 then we can expect an announcement this year. 4. From Jason's article, two different employees said : The employee is referring to the crunch issues and what does he think about crunch in the future. Crunch often happens when a game is close to release. So it's most likely the game is slated for a 2021/2022 release, hence the "In a year or two", This is more legit than The Know leak since it's basically coming from an employee. Both The Know and the Employee expects the game to come out in 2021/2022, if that's true, then that could mean an announcement would happen this year. That is, only if it's slated for a 2021 release(unlikely, maybe?). Because both the Know and the employee said "2021 OR 2022" Maybe it's just an educated guess the employee made using the info he knows, doubt an employee knows about the release date but it depends which position he/she is in. And I see three reasons why he included 2022 there : Maybe he thought the game would get delayed from 2021 to 2022 after Announcement. Like every other Rockstar game. The employee is just generalizing the date by saying 2021/2022 instead of pointing at only one specific date, since people tend to generalise say the "In a year or two" more often than "In a year", so who knows, maybe he was just generalizing. The article was from May, so maybe the employee thought the game would be delayed to a 2022 initial release. Which would result in 2023 release after the delay(s). 5. About the GTA V port situation : Maybe, just maybe, after delaying the GTA VI Announcement, they might have decided to announce GTA V port instead in a hurry to get something out. I'm not saying it was a sudden decision to make GTA V port, it's probably the opposite since they probably want to transfer the player base from current gen to next gen. There were rumours that GTA V on next gen being a free upgrade for everyone who owns the current gen version. A lot of people think it's not Rockstar's type to do that, and say they're too greedy to do that. Maybe they're greedy but they'd be dumb not to realise the bulk of their cash is from Shark Cards. What's the best way to earn more sharkcards?, A huge player base... A lot of people wouldn't buy GTA V again, it could reduce the player base and reduce the shark cards revenue. So the best way to prevent that is make it free for everyone who owns it already, since it's free many players will just continue playing online and buy shark cards as usual. Hence, profit. GTA V Port would have the upgrade (Enhanced & Expanded) that encourages more people to keep playing it. Announcing GTA VI would increase the sales of GTA V port if anything. And like I explained in the last paragraph how the sales isn't their main priority (shark cards are), I don't see why not. But I can agree that they probably want to have some gap between GTA V PS5 release and GTA VI Announcement. 6. Rockstar's Newswire post from January. Probably this is over-analysing but, did Rockstar seriously think Online updates and GTA V port is a Surprise? "A few surprises as we move forward in this year" Note that they're saying "As we move forward" it sounds like something that you say to refer the early months of a year. Does "As we move forward" sound like it means October? No. Maybe, just maybe this proves that the theory about an announcement in April-May is more legit. And probably delayed. In conclusion : While these looks like it has some good points, someone can easily say it's overly-optimistic, that was the point of this post pretty much. I'm not getting my hopes up much but I have a very little expectation.
  40. 20 points
    !!!ERROR CODE SOLVED!!! [Error code: #NOtG9pQeuQK] Caesar Cipher ROT 20: HInA9jKyoKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HInA9jKyoKE
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    I was smiling for all 3 minutes and 58 seconds of it, because there's just so many truths to recognise. Can you now all see it? 👁️
  45. 19 points
    Missed you @gonnaenodaethat ♥️
  46. 19 points
  47. 18 points
    This has me kind of down about the game tbh. It is yet another glaring example of R* not giving a flying f*ck about the players. We all knew, even if deep down, that the low population lobbies were neither permanent or what R* wanted, but seriously, the only acceptable point at which the player count should have been increased is when higher lobby population didn't render the game lifeless and devoid of playable content. I hate to keep harping on, but R* are clearly putting their ideological vision of how they want the game to be played before both their ability to implement said ideology and player experience. Who at R*, in their right f*cking mind, thinks that having more players in a lobby where nothing spawns is better than having less players in a lobby where the full array of content is available? Now that we have played the game in a fully working state for an extended period of time, having lifeless lobbies thrust back upon us, with little to no improvements made, feels like a slap in the face.
  48. 18 points
  49. 18 points
    Imagine spending so much time in a virtual strip club that you complain about some random ass cone in front of it... Btw, aren't you the guy who keeps suggesting sexy outfits, sex trafficking, f*cking other players etc? Whats with you and f*cking in video games? I will never understand the appeal of watching some poligon tits... Just go watch some pr0n ffc. I would want to scan you with my terrorbyte scanner to see how much time you spend on that in the game but the number would be so high it would probably crash my game... Nah, I get theres a huge hype for Cyberpunk but keep in mind the specs. Like I can turn RDR2 on high settings but I still would need to upgrade my PC to play cyberpunk. And GTA V is an old ass game that was given to people for free. Literally everyone can play it, even on pretty outdated hardware. Not to mention that GTA and CP are pretty different games. Its like compering CoD to Fallout.
  50. 18 points
    And if they're not going to go public you might as well just shut the f*ck up...
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