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    READ THIS FIRST! Tuesday, 14th of August tunables update - What was added: Vehicles: Oppressor MkII, Terrorbyte and Battle/Quad Drones Clothing: "The Black Madonna Star Tee" (recruit TBM by completing her setup mission) and "Black The Black Madonna Emb. Tee" (dance one hour to TBM's set) Awards: "We Believe" and "Clubber" DJ Set: Dixon's set is now available on LSUR Nightclub garage level for the Terrorbyte Terrorbyte Missions Credit: FoxySnaps Newswire Post Coming next week: | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | And we're back with another update and another dripfeed to go along with it. As promised, here's the database with everything you need to know about the entire dripfeed for the After Hours update including vehicles, DJs, radio station, adversary modes and even a treasure hunt. --- Unreleased Vehicles Probably everyone's favourite section. Here you'll find all the information regarding the dripfeed vehicles, their respective prices, classes, seller websites, order of release, liveries and everything else you could be looking for or needing answers about. Legendary Motorsport Stafford RELEASED Price: $1.272.000 Class: Sedans Website: Legendary Motorsport Freecrawler UNRELEASED Price: $597.000 Class: Off-Road Website: Legendary Motorsport Warstock Cash & Carry B-11 Strikeforce RELEASED Price: $3.800.000 Class: Planes Website: Warstock Cache and Carry Oppressor Mk II RELEASED Price: $3.890.250 (Immediate) or $2.925.000 (Trade Price) Class: Motorcycles Website: Warstock Cache and Carry IMPORTANT NOTE: Trade price is unlocked by completing five (5) client jobs from the Terrorbyte. Scramjet UNRELEASED Price: $4.628.400 (Immediate) or $3.480.000 (Trade Price) Class: Supers Website: Warstock Cache and Carry IMPORTANT NOTE: Trade price for this vehicle is unlocked by winning at the Hunting Pack (Remix) adversary mode. Menacer UNRELEASED Price: $1.775.000 Class: Off-Road Website: Warstock Cache and Carry Terrorbyte (& Battle/Quad drones) RELEASED Price: $1.375.000 Class: Commercial Website: Warstock Cash & Carry The Terrorbyte deserves its own particular note: This vehicle is what allows you to customize the Oppressor MkII and launch sourcing missions for all your businesses from wherever you are on the map. Elitás Travel Blimp RELEASED Price: $1.190.350 (Immediate) or $895.000 (Trade Price) Class: Planes Website: Elitas Travel IMPORTANT NOTES: This vehicle is a Pegasus vehicle and its trade price is unlocked via completion of ten club management missions. Vehicles Soon To Be Available On Dealers' Websites Information by @WildBrick142. (All vehicles are separated accordingly to their release groupings and in order of release. These are also dripfed, even though you can already obtain them from the street.) - Gallivanter Baller (First Generation) UNRELEASED - Mammoth Patriot; UNRELEASED - Romero Hearse UNRELEASED - Emperor Habanero, Benefactor Serrano, Fathom FQ 2, and Karin BeeJay XL; UNRELEASED - Bollokan Prairie; UNRELEASED - Imponte Ruiner and Karin Futo. UNRELEASED Vehicles That Will Receive New Liveries Futo, Ruiner, Prairie, Penumbra, Mamba and Coquette Classic. Vehicles That Will Receive New Mods Mammoth Patriot and Bollokan Prairie Take a peek inside this spoiler for a general idea of how the websites will look like once complete: EXTRAS Vehicle Videos Liveries Everything in this subsection is here thanks to @DAMND. Vehicle Information Information supplied by @MARINA (This section includes vehicle flags, drivetrain information and model flags) --- Clothing Everything in this section is here thanks to @WildBrick142 (This section includes shirt pictures and dripfeed/how to attain information) --- Nightclub Basement Garage RELEASED As pointed out by @Fun 2 on this post, there's an extra garage level for the Terrorbyte. --- DJs Information first supplied by @therealjackster on his Twitter page and later confirmed by Rockstar here Here are the dates in which each musician was introduced to the game: Tale Of Us - July, 31st - Hired Dixon - August, 7th - Hired The Black Madonna - August, 14th - Hired All these DJs have their own missions to recruit them making this part of the DLC's story part of the dripfeed as well. Awards Information compiled by me All of these awards inside the spoiler are now available. Radio Station Information first supplied by @therealjackster on his Twitter page Los Santos Underground Radio - July, 31st This radio station is ON-AIR. Tracklist, in-game screenshot and the above logo all supplied by @WildBrick142 Sets Information supplied by @therealjackster via Resident Advisor The guests DJs' sets are also being dripfed unto LSUR a week after their introduction in-game: Solomun - "25/8" (1hr 27m 3s) - Coming July 31st - NOW PLAYING Tale of Us - "Afterlight" (59m 39s) - Coming August 7th - NOW PLAYING Dixon - "Wilderness" (1h 3m 44s) - Coming August 14th - NOW PLAYING The Black Madonna - "We Believe" (1h 8m 22s) - Coming August 21st --- Adversary Modes Information by @Fun 2 It can't be a GTA: Online update without Adversary Modes: Hunting Pack (Remix), Trading Places (Remix), Running Back (Remix) and Sumo (Remix). (Adversary Modes in red are still yet unreleased while the ones that are marked green are available to play.) Missions Information by @Fun 2 The Terrorbyte acts as is its own MOC and brings with it the ability to source product for any of your businesses, from anywhere, as noted in its own entry in the section above. It also includes new missions called "Client Jobs", some sort of activity that you carry out for Paige - the best hacker in Story Mode and Lester's assistant for both the Fleeca and Pacific Standard heists. Have a gander at the following spoiler for how the menu within the Terrorbyte looks like, kindly supplied by @Hubfex in this original post. These missions are now available. --- Treasure Hunt Information by @WildBrick142 and FoxySnaps. AVAILABLE As part of Rockstar Games' ongoing effort to promote their upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2, a new treasure hunt was introduced with the After Hours update, including one new melee weapon: the Stone Hatchet. --- TO RECAP: Dripfeed Vehicles (New) Stafford Freecrawler B-11 Strikeforce Oppressor MkII Scramjet Menacer Terrorbyte Drones Blimp Dripfeed Vehicles (Old) Baller (First Generation) Patriot Hearse Serrano Beejay XL Fathom FQ 2 Habanero Prairie Ruiner Futo Dripfeed Liveries Futo Ruiner Prairie Penumbra Mamba Coquette Classic Dripfeed Vehicle Mods Patriot Prairie Dripfeed Clothing 46 shirts yet to release Dripfeed Nightclub Garage Level Dripfeed DJs Tale Of Us Dixon The Black Madonna Dripfeed Awards (Related To The DJs) AFTERLIGHT Wilderness We Believe Clubber Dripfeed Radio Station Los Santos Underground Radio Dripfeed DJ Sets Solomun - "25/8" Tale of Us - "Afterlight" Dixon - "Wilderness" The Black Madonna - "We Believe" Dripfeed Adversary Modes Hunting Pack (Remix) Trading Places (Remix) Running Back (Remix) Sumo (Remix) Dripfeed Missions (Tied to the Terrorbyte) Dripfeed Weapon (Treasure Hunt) and Bounties Stone Hatchet Twenty bounties for Maude 6th Week Guest List Rewards --- Special thanks to: @WildBrick142, @_CP_ and FoxySnaps for the basic vehicle models images; @TG_Stig, @SkylineGTRFreak and @xXxKAMIKAZExXx and V for the vehicle screenshots; @WildBrick142 for the unreleased vehicle prices, all the information regarding street-cars that will be made available online (including groupings, liveries and mods), the tracklist for LSUR (including logo and screenshots) and all the clothing names, screenshots and how to unlock them; FoxySnaps for the vehicles' release order, website, information on the Blimp as a Pegasus vehicle, DJ hiring menu images, vehicle videos for the Terrorbyte, Oppressor Mk.II and the Strikeforce, options and prices clip for the Terrorbyte and information on drones and stone hatchet's mechanics; GTASeriesVideos' YouTube channel for all the videos of gameplay and customization for the unreleased vehicles (except the Terrorbyte); Jack (here on the forums as @therealjackster), on Twitter, for the initial sighting of the dates of introduction for the remaining three DJ acts and radio station. Information later confirmed by Rockstar on this newswire; @Fun 2 for the names of the new adversary modes, for pointing out about a fifth garage level in the nightclubs for the Terrorbyte still in the dripfeed and how to get the Blimp's trade price; @Yan2295 for valuable and reliable information on new releases' dates, days in advance; @Hubfex for the screenshot of the Terrorbyte's mission selection menu; @Gaffa for giving me all the information I needed regarding each vehicles' classes; @MARINA for all the information related to vehicle flags, drivetrains and specific model flags; @DAMND for all the livery textures and screenshots; @CarimboHanky for coming up with the sorting of the unreleased t-shirts, which I used on the clothing section to better divide them; @oleg_aka_djmeg for the vehicle testing videos; @Nasty Noodles for the original Unreleased Vehicles Database concept; --- Got comments, information or want to point out something I missed? Feel free to enrich this database.
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    Reserved thread for when FoxySnaps or Wildbrick start posting early screens of vehicles in the update. This'll be easier to follow than the Next DLC speculation thread. All credit goes to @Mexicola9302 for bringing up the idea! Freecrawler Stafford Menacer Weird drone looking thing (Oppressor 2) Scramjet Strikeforce Terbyte New interiors new missile TREASURE HUNT SPOILERS RDR2 Treasure Hunt items New liveries for existing vehicles Party Bus
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    Nightclubs do not replace existing businesses! General misunderstanding: Your old businesses simply unlock the possibility for you to accrue (produce different kind of legal products out of thin air) in Nightclub based on active businesses you already own. And that is where the link currently between businesses and Nightclub ends (you are not selling or buying product/supplies/crates etc) to your old businesses, technicians do not move any product/crates from your old businesses. They simply need to be active in order for you to take advantage the passive money making Nightclub offers. Old businesses work exactly the same as previously. So far about accruing product in Nightclub: Accrue times Goods Source business Value Without equip. upgrades With equip. upgrades South American Imports Coke $20000 240 minutes $5000/hour 120 minutes $10000/hour Cargo and Shipments Cargo $10000 140 minutes $4285/hour 70 minutes $8570/hour Pharmaceutical Research Meth $8500 120 minutes $4250/hour 60 minutes $8500/hour Sporting Goods Bunker $5000 80 minutes $3750/hour 40 minutes $7500/hour Cash Creation Cash $3500 60 minutes $3500/hour 30 minutes $7000/hour Organic Produce Weed $1500 40 minutes $2250/hour 20 minutes $4500/hour Printing & Copying Document Forgery $1000 30 minutes $2000/hour 15 minutes $4000/hour As you can have maximum 5 technicians (one technician per type of goods) the maximum you can make in a hour while having most profitable businesses is $41,571/hour Some additional notes: You can AFK, tested with watching DJ live stream from Nightclub primary PC (which is besides Tonys PC) watching Nightclub security cameras watching TV while on mission ("Cleaning The Cat House"), will stop all daily fees - this is the best way as being in mission does not count towards inactivity You get maximum $10,000 every 48 minutes based on your club popularity. You can pick up this money (cash) from Nightclub safe. It is totally separate from technicians. The amount of maximum product depends on how many storage floors you have Your business needs to be in production mode but can be without product and supplies. You need to have only those businesses in production mode which you want to use with your Nightclub technicians You do not have to be CEO/MC President in order your Nightclub to accrue goods Accruing Nightclub goods does not affect or change how you sell or buy/steal your old businesses product/supplies/crates. Nightclub simply takes advantage of you owning one of the old businesses and allows you make extra money on top of that (and goods names are changed in order for IRS to show legal stuff instead of "i sold cocaine"). Club promotion missions can be done in public solo lobby Storage space: Each floor of storage holds up to 72 pieces of goods (multiple following amounts with number of storage floors you have). 10 - Cargo and Shipments - total goods value: $100,000 2 - South American Imports - total goods value: $40,000 16 - Organic Produce - total goods value: $24,000 8 - Cash Creation - total goods value: $28,000 20 - Sporting Goods - total goods value: $100,000 4 - Pharmaceutical Research - total goods value: $34,000 12 - Printing & Copying - total goods value: $12,000 Selling: Tony will take 10% cut from each sale (but no more than $100,000) Goods price do not increase if you have more product You can sell goods in three different ways: Sell all goods of single type (for example all Sporting Goods, no matter how much you have them) Sell special orders: Sell combination of three different goods (there are required amounts of different goods you need to have in order to be able to sell), seems to be giving around 5% to 25% boost compared to individual or all goods Sell all accrued goods There is a cooldown period after each sale - 2-3minutes Vehicles All sales are 1 vehicle, you need to own the vehicle (or bigger) or you can not sell goods Selling until 90 (included) items - Speedo Custom Selling until 180 (included) items - Mule Custom (or Pounder Custom if you do not own Mule) Selling over 180 items - Pounder Custom Raids Without security upgdade 4 Hours of inactivity. Exposure: >= 20% of your total stock. Security Upgrade 8 Hours of inactivity Exposure: >= 40% of your total stock. Inactivity: Playing freemode without any mission-related activity. Daily costs Technicians $300 as standard fee for workers. additional $100 for each worker Storage & garage $500 as standard fee Storage $50 for each floor (first floor is free) Garage $50 for each floor $100 for 5th floor (which is currently hidden) $250 for equipment upgrade
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    Coquette Classic, Futo, Jester Classic, Mamba, Penumbra, Prairie, and Ruiner are all getting 10 liveries!
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    He is black, big enough, he lives in the USA, he likes the color green.
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    Not sure if you remember, I talked about a vehicle that will allow us to change the position of the crew emblem or increase/decrease the size of it. Now seeing as we have more info of the update, what if it's the blimp ?
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    you're confusing it with the strikeforce the a10 is strikeforce a car is scramjet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- remember this? it won't be just a mission vehicle prop! you will get to own it! and give it liveries!
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    Is anyone else disappointed that Rockstar didn’t bother to open up either of these clubs? If they aren’t opening up for this DLC, then they won’t open ever.
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    Hobbyconsolas preview translated As you may know RDR2 is the cover for the Spanish game magazine Hobbyconsolas. The preview is basically talking about things we already knew and they saw back in march. However here there are some interesting things I haven't read before: -Arthur was adopted by Dutch when he was a kid, that's why he considers the gang as a family. After the failed robery in Blackwater, the gang is forced to escape from federal agents and bounty hunters across pressumanly three states. -The gang feels like a real human group. We can form bonds with them. -The honour level you have will have different consecuences in the game -The map is the most complex and extense map Rockstar has ever made. The magazine literally says "vaster than Los Santos". It's the most detailed map they've ever made. -If we forgive someone's life, he may give some help later in the game or try to kill us instead -We can feed, brush or calm horses when they are scared -After we kill someone it could randomly trigger a deathcam and slow motion sometimes -If we don't shoot an animal in the head the meat/skin could be ruined -Dynamic Soundtrack -Heists are an essential part of the game -The guy who wrote the article says that he thinks (in his opinion) we won't see gameplay footage atleast until the release week. (In my opinion we definitely will) - Okay so this is interesting: Due to all the rockstar divisions working in this game, other properties like Max Payne, Midnight Club or even GTA are "currently stopped" Sorry for my English, it's not my first Language. Also, really really really thanks to @hunterswhip, since he send me the scanned pictures of the magazine to my email! Thanks dude!
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    My primary interest in GTAO isn't grinding or battles it's shenanigans. We mess around and find the funnest, dummest things to do as often as possible. So I was very happy with floating blimps. This information will not make you money. It will not increase your stock. You cannot get rich from this. But you can try all sorts of stupid crap. Rocket car and ramp/ramp car equals target practise. Twenty blimps on the lake? Yes. Team floating blimp battles? Yes. Seeing how many buzzards will fit on a blimp? Yes. Trying to land a titan on a floating blimp? Yes. Just, try not to dive into the water from your blimp and have your buzzard land on your head. That never happened to me though. Don't even know why i mentioned it...
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    Any more people I see here fat shaming, etc. or being homophobic in general because of Gay Tony ARE GETTING PERMANENTLY BANNED.
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    This vehicle is not part of the After Hours Update's Day One lineup, and is currently unreleased. NOW AVAILABLE (7th Aug). "In these days of high payload drones and live-combat autopilot, the fine art of low altitude close air support is dying. But for those who still care about the personal touch, the B-11 Strikeforce is here to help you deliver. This masterpiece was built to walk one very fine line: high enough to dodge the rippling inferno of its own explosive cannon fire, but low enough to see the looks on their faces. Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar." (Source) Cost: $3,800,000 (Source: FoxySnaps) Our prayers have been answered. Hahahaha no, what a f*cking disgrace. Obviously based on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, better known as the "Warthog" and constantly at risk of getting retired by the Air Force, and constantly saved by Congress. The tail is based on its failed competitor, the Northrop YA-9, and the canopy is based on its one-off two-seat prototype, the YA-10B, despite being single-seat. (Thanks SkylineGTRFreak for the research work) Warstock preview: (Source: FoxySnaps) Default tailcode is literally "BRRT", and can be modified along with liveries. Also some in-game screenshots: (Source: SkylineGTRR34Freak) New unique projectile model: (Source: WildBrick142) It has 11 liveries: (Source: WildBrick142) Weapons: (Source: SkylineGTRR34Freak) BRRRRRT (Reskinned Rogue cannon with low RoF and.... terrible power) Homing missiles (60rpm, Limited to 30 shots) Barrage rockets (7-shot) (Optional) bombs Performance upgrades: (Source: SkylineGTRR34Freak) Standard Smuggler's Run aircraft upgrades Countermeasures Weapon & armor testing by SkylineGTRR34Freak: Fully-upgraded top speed test by Gaffa: Below 1000ft: ~125mph Above 1000ft: ~235mph Showcase by SonnyEvans (plus BRRRT. A lot of BRRRT.) Some artistic demonstration by V: But for now.... let us all sing: BRRRRRRRRRRRRT!
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    Insted of this fat thing the patriot classic was a better option.
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