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  1. 47 points
    Just reached rank 750... without ever having killed another player. Live and love.
  2. 26 points
    New additions to the podium list - S80RR (re-added, could mean a higher chance of release) - Gauntlet Classic Custom - DR1 - Fränken Stange (Most likely kept for Halloween) - XA-21 - Tigon Remaining cars - Penumbra FF - Coquette D10 - Itali GTB Old cars in the list - V-STR - S80RR
  3. 25 points
    Reading all the big plans they had for the Single Player DLC, how each one was going to be unique, etc, only for GTA Online to launch and Leslie Benzies to get fired completely changing the direction they took with the series.
  4. 25 points
    r* actually planned to replace a few billboards with an ad for the casino when it released, but never enabled them for some reason
  5. 25 points
  6. 25 points
    Sorry, I'm not interested in making those cars from the artwork. On the other hand the new Prestige has been added to the Original Post
  7. 22 points
    TL/DR warning but its good. I don't even know where this nobody came from but there's plenty of arguments with sufficient reasoning, logic, and speculation as to why there is a high chance of receiving Liberty City as a possible map expansion one day. Literally no one should be listening to anything he says. I've (along with some others) listed multiple points to explain my reasoning as to why it is possible in multiple areas of this forum. I'll list them again all in one place if he wants to see an argument... -Houser's, Sarwar, and Benzies mentioned multiple times in 2012,2013 that they wanted to see a Grand Theft Auto game which included all they're previously made cities ; “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas,” Benzies said. https://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/14/rockstar-wants-to-put-all-grand-theft-auto-cities-in-one-game -To the people saying 'entirely new location means adding a small island because it has to be something new to GTA.' The Newswire Post said "... and the biggest ever update for GTA Online, featuring our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location." In my opinion, For GTA Online means entirely new location to GTA Online, not a new location from nothing before in the GTA Universe. (LC would be an entirely new location for hysts in GTA Online. MY opinion!). -Liberty City is one of those things like Cops-N-Crooks, a lot of people have asked and begged, and would like to see it. With the learning that Rockstar was working on a CNC, that means they were listening. Now they go and mention New Location, Big Update, Next Chapter in GTA Online... This language sounds like Map Expansion Language and I would say 7 years later is a good time to add an expansion on a game that is still one of the most played games daily. "until the next major GTA Online update hits later this year: the next chapter in the GTA Online story and an all-new take on Heists." https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/61666/Los-Santos-Summer-Special-in-GTA-Online Next Chapter in the Story sounds like new place to me, not a small island on the coast of Los Santos. (Sorry Piro) -Liberty City is the only other HD era city. To the people that say, 'iT wOuLd TaKe ToO lOnG' are right and wrong, it would take a long time to redo/revamp Liberty from scratch like San Fierro and Las Venturas. BUT, LC is already a basic blueprint for what needs to be done which cuts down on the time for work. Based on some things we've learned about an employee's portfolio about 3/4 years ago, there is a legit, updated Middle Park image. It is unknown if this was just a freelance project the employee was messing with or actual development so it leads to speculation that something has been worked on in Liberty City in the past so what stops them from working on it between then and now? They have development teams all over the world and have had 7 years to work on things. Its not that hard to see they have the ability to do this guys. -GTA Online has been announced for Next Gen as a stand-alone title from GTA. This leads to my main theory that the current developers are continuing what was originally intended by the Houser's and former Rockstar President Leslie Benzies by adding all the previous cities into one platform, Online, which will definitely take a long time to implement. As I said before, LC is the other HD era city so naturally that would be the first one added while the team is developing content for GTA 6. That would give the new player base who never had GTA 4 a 'new' area to explore and the old player base a memory to explore, while R* is milking the 7 year old game for more Shark Cards. Once GTA 6 is complete, which is more likely to be a larger Vice City, Caribbean Island, Gulf Coast inclusion with a mix of swamps, islands, and beaches, will then be added to the Online title along with updated San Fierro and Venturas at a much later time. -For the ones saying the server cannot handle the two maps together; we simply go to Los Santos International, purchase a plane ticket for whichever insufferable price tag they put on it, and go to a loading cutscene, load into the Liberty City server, and land at Francis International in Dukes. We spend enough time in the clouds already, spending a little more time being stuck in a plane in the clouds won't hurt. The intro to GTA Online is exactly us in a cutscene landing at LSIA so they could reuse that and make a new one for Liberty. They've also done this flying between airports in GTA San Andreas so it could be worked out for this. -There are plenty of unused characters from GTA 4 that are still alive which could be used as contacts for missions mixed in with contacts from 5 Online and entirely new contacts. Tony could reference Luis for nightclub work in LC, Agent 14 can have an old New York bomb shelter and set us up with Armando and Henrique for Gunrunning. Packie is a potential member of our Crews if we rescue him so he could reference places to hyst with Lester; the diamond district in New York (Liberty) is rich with places to rob full of Gold, Diamonds, Cash, and Jewelry. The museum in Middle Park also has some antiquities that would profit big from a hyst. Yusuf Amir could be interesting to work with...this needs not saying, he already had us hyst a subway car, who knows what else he could want. -*(This is purely SPECULATION)* For the Niko Bellic people, Lester has already mentioned Niko Bellic saying he went dark, who else went dark at one time? Micheal Townley De Santa who came back to the hyst business with Trevor. If Packie returned with our crew to Liberty, maybe he could convince Niko to hyst with him for one last time? -There are plenty of apartments to be added in Liberty City to choose from high end with amazing views of Middle Park, Star Junction, Statue of Hapiness, Broker Bridge, mansions in Alderny, and low end apartments all over the place. Plenty of car park garages and warehouses for CEO businesses, a hangar at Francis International, there was a casino in Alderny...The Firefly Island park could be a working park now with Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, QUB3D, and Fun's Go karts. -Bowling -Adding Liberty City would definitely boost Shark Card sales and give people a reason to want to repurchase GTA Online on Next Gen, I'm sorry, a small, unimportant island off the coast of Los Santos with one hyst is not really a good resell point. (Sorry Piro don't hate me please! lol) GTA is 7 years old now and still kicking strong despite the server issues and idiots on oppressors. Rockstar wants to keep that up but they need something BIG. GTA 4 Liberty City is honestly not that big of a map compared to 5 but its not small either. Its the perfect concept to keep people happy and buying Sharks. This is all speculation but would be the best, logical option for Rockstar to increase their profits and continue keeping people on their game. I may edit later to include other points if I can think of anything else or grammar/errors. Please discuss and if you have anything else to add or criticize, lets hear it. Edit 1: I'm quoting what Swegta said, not arguing with keggre just for clarification, it sounded like I was talking directly to keggre
  8. 22 points
    You were wrong, the Yacht Missions were the main focus of this update. The cars were the secondary focus. The Open Wheel Races were a distant 3rd. No one cares if Ross made a video about what you said, I've been mentioned in a few dozen of his videos and I don't know a damn thing.
  9. 21 points
    Was messing around a bit yesterday chipping away at my backlog of clothes and masks, and found out that we can have the Cluckin' Bell mask as a separate item, i thought it was only available as part of that arena war outfit? Either way this got me thinking about the re-re-release, what about fast-food chains? They added a bunch of masks and clothes related to fast food chains in the last few DLC's, could it be a hint at fast food making a return? I mean on one hand theres no real reason for them to do so, on the other hand, why not? there wasn't any real reason to make the previous additions (like nightclubs & casino & arcades) either, and it might be something they want to try in an effort to 'bridge the gap' between GTA:O and RDO a bit? Not that i think R* would introduce mandatory eating like RDO, but if they can get people used to the idea in GTA it might help 'lower the bar of entry' for players to also play RDO? Some marketing logic like that sounds plausible to me. Either way at the very least i think its interesting how they added quite a bunch of references to fast food chains in the last few DLC, and i would really like if they re-introduce fast-food, so here's some quick fire speculation/wish-listing about it: Would be cool if we get actually functional: - 'Burger Shot' - 'Cluckin Bell' - 'Well Stacked Pizza' or 'Pizza This...' - 'Vendors' (the food stands already in the game) If they wanted to go a few steps further: - 'Taco Bomb' - 'Punk Noodles' - 'Rusty Browns Ring Donuts' or 'Jims Sticky Ring' or 'King Ring' If they wouldn't mind having doubles (read: places that sell the same stuff) - 'Up-n-Atom Burger' (buying a menu here should unlock a livery for up-n-atomizer or a minor upgrade or something like that, a little 'toy' you get related to that weapon) - 'Lucky Plucker' Not only would this 'enrich the world' (read: 'make it feel more alive') but they could do more with it besides the stores just being an elaborate health-pickup, random idea's below: - Perfect excuse to add a bunch of fun vehicles (delivery scooters, new food vans, etc) - You can buy a fast food store and use it as a front for drug trafficking (small time passive income / maybe 2 levels of 'nightclub warehouse'?) - Add the classic fast food missions because why not, use the new vehicles to do this. - Deliver the cargo from passive income in same vehicles as food, no cargo icon. (so you'll occasionally see people driving these vehicles but have no idea if they are moving food or cargo) - Add 'fast food wars' freemode events. (really just gangwars/alienwars but with fast food outfits, give the pvp players something to do in freemode) - These places could sell you new snacks and drinks for your inventory (besides simply offering health regen by ordering different food in the store they could sell like little to-go packages & actual snacks) - Interaction menu option to have a pizza / large meal delivered by drone, 1000 bucks with some 5-10min cooldown, pick it up & you get full health & armor, do some jobs / win some wars to get the price down to something less stupid, cooldown timer stays the same so it cant be abused - More roleplay stuff (just let people buy all the employee outfits & earlier mentioned vehicles) - Sponsoring in Arena war / race gamemodes or a future dlc (you use their logo's on your ride, they pay you x amount and a bonus when u win, have certain amount of wins you get better sponsor deals)
  10. 21 points
    I don't see "Mile High Club" happening since it's concatenated with several missions and activities. A gang attack happens there, VIP Work Plowed takes place there, a contact mission takes place on the top of the site, Dispatch V has one of the targets located at the top of the site too. An Air-Freight source mission take place there, RC Time Trial takes place there too. I could exclude the missions as I can see a possible workaround, which is to just feature the old design during missions and keep the new design limited to free roam, but what about the activities that take place there in Free Roam? I personally think it's a lost cause. The casino, on the other hand, was planned since the beginning.
  11. 20 points
    Today marks GTA V's 7th anniversary since release! 2012 and 2013 were wild years on these forums, and for an upcoming article on our own GTANet.com, we'd like to know what were your favourite memories of the game, or its pre-release period here on the forums. We had thread simulators, trolls, droughts between announcements, crying and criticism, hype and positive vibes, and, of course, all of the in-game moments that we have had since then. Please share your testimonies below, as there's a chance you'll be included in our ~special anniversary article
  12. 20 points
    The wait is over, the Grotti GT500 is now available! DOWNLOAD
  13. 20 points
    Just like everyone else said in the last 7 years; There wouldn't be any heis... oh they finally added it. Quit asking for that, there wont be any yach...oh they added that. Oh well, they won't be any lowrid...oh they added that too. No one cares about you dirty leather biker fa....oh they listened to you? Rockstar said they aren't doing heists agai....they opened the mountain and added the Jetpack? No there aren't going to be any nightclu...wow they used the same voice actor for Tony? Gambling isn't allowed in that country so they'll never add the casi...they changed the building? Oh well, we won't get to rob the cas.... There never gonna make a cops-n-cro...you found what Fun? There won't be a map expansion...
  14. 19 points
    I finally got around to taking some(read many) pictures. first off is my first one, which was upgraded from my regular Yosemite into a relatively stock looking K10 and kept the same colour scheme. More in spoilers
  15. 19 points
    Here's some news about my progress on the beta GFX ! Here is the first result of my re-creation of the round minimap, I hope to be able to present a fully functional version before the end of the month. Don't pay attention to the scenery, this is the mapping of my GTA Zombies project. Here is the first version of my work that I presented in July to my community for comparison.
  16. 19 points
  17. 19 points
  18. 19 points
    It would be and there is a beautiful '77 Monaco/Gran Fury in GTA V. However, I have no interest in real vehicles at the moment, I would need more time to convert them perfectly. Overall, I liked summer update vehicles. My favorite is the Seminole Frontier (this I am already converting to IV), The Club (Rockstar finally brought the Club Classic to the HD universe although VanillaWorks has already made one) and the Penumbra FF (Unlike the Jester classic, the design Penumbra FF is good, the back ned and Supra's rear quarter windows make it a little weird). About my interest on Summer Update vehicles in IV: BF Club The Rockstar Club has an interesting design, the rear reminds me the 80's Brazilian Volkswagen Gol GT. However, the front of the old Ford Fiesta makes it seem strange to me (maybe if I had one more extralight in the grille it would be less weird, I think). Thundersmacker has already converted the VanillaWorks Club to IV, this model has the Peugeot taillights (I didn't particularly like it). In addition to the VW's model, it would be interesting to see this official model in LC as well, but this one I will leave to the discretion of Thunder. Coquette D10 I was very surprised to see the newest Corvette in the game. However, I would prefer it to be a C4 based (I love C4 Corvette). I have no interest in this model in IV (I think the Coquette "C7" fits better). Beater Dukes, Gauntlet, Glendale, Manana, Peyote For GTA V it is interesting to have more options for lowriders, but they are not very useful for IV. The Dukes beater is totally unnecessary and why a "Challenger Daytona"?! Wouldn't it be better to have a tunable Dukes with the aero kit available, like JoeVK’s Dukes. Landstalker XL It is now obvious that the Dundreary Landstalker is based on the Lincoln Navigator. This vehicle is very useful for IV (perfect for modern LC traffic) and much better than the old Landstalker. It is a good basis for an Expedition variant (Vapid version). I hope Rockstar will do the '15 Tahoe or new Cavcade in the next update. Openwheels: Funny, but I pass. Penumbra FF As I said earlier, it has a cool design. This fits my 90's traffic in the game. Thundersmacker has also shown interest in this car, so let's wait. Tigon I pass, it's not bad. It would be better if it had a retro look. Yosemite Rancher I had the idea to stock Yosemite Rancher with this, but the LODs are not good. I think I'll have to use Thunder's Yosemite as a base. Youga 4x4 The Youga 4x4 LODs are optimized for use in IV, unlike the Youga stock of the Bikers update. I intend to use the new Youga to improve my old mod. Images credits to Fandom GTA Wiki Seminole Frontier: First in-game test I need to finish the interior and LODs. The next direct conversion from GTA V.
  19. 19 points
    Get parents who give a damn and won't let them play this game.
  20. 18 points
    Honestly you keep making multiple threads of the same sh*t and crying about your cheat friends getting punished for their actions like they deserve, you claim to hate the game you spend hours a day talking about (spoiler: you don’t or you wouldn’t be here) so maybe it is best for you to take a step back and wonder why you are overreacting to something which didn’t even happen to you, most people have zero sympathy for and the vast majority have already gotten over at this point.
  21. 18 points
    I guess ryadica got some news about the ferries
  22. 18 points
    I think the heist finale glitches are going to get patched and patched hard, resulting in possible punishments when Rockstar figure out how to do so. The amount of focus on these glitches in my own community since the reset is extremely high, and if my friends are constantly discussing how to glitch extra money then it must be the same in most other communities in GTA online. It's not just the Bogdan glitch, but other heist finale glitches too, with the potential to make many millions in an evening by trading off finales with friends. I can't believe that Rockstar are happy about this? How can they be? They've just taken extreme measures to reset people, and we know how important the bottom line is to them, so they must be really concerned about this. There's no point asking people to be sensible about this because when you've had a billion in assets and cash wiped away you probably don't care about being wiped again, but it does have an effect on the wider community: your friends are constantly grinding/glitching and are no longer having fun and GTA online has regressed to the days of repeat Rooftop Rumble or Coveted. OK, you can make so much more in-game cash these days than in 2013, but everything is so much more expensive in return, so we have an endless cycle of never having enough. I want people to be happier with less, but how can they be expected to take a backseat when they're back to noob status after being so harshly admonished Rockstar? Rockstar didn't just punish glitchers, but smashed a whole stack of plates over their heads, so we've got this endless and cyclical battle that will never end. I'm in danger of losing my online friends over time because of the horrible imbalance between their own greed and Rockstar's/T2 even bigger greed in paying out so little for a 100-dollar shark card. I just don't get it any more and am mentally worn out. Why only give GTA 8 million for USD 100? This buys two upgraded OWR cars and a garage, or a static-prop yacht? Big deal! You should be able to buy the game for USD 60 and then purchase an additional shark card or two, which should be enough for a year, and I guarantee that money glitching would be totally irrelevant if high-end shark cards paid out decently. In the meantime, we have this constant squabble between Rockstar and gamers over something as menial as virtual cash, which stops players from having fun because they're on an endless glitch/grind mission. And Rockstar/T2 don't cheat us? Have you ever been blown sky high while doing a delivery because it's the only way of getting in-game cash without forking out real cash for uneconomical shark cards? Try to understand why people cheat instead of being so judgmental.
  23. 18 points
    I think Rockstar needs to fix their broken game and improve the in-game economy before anybody who's glitched gets what's coming to them. I'm happy to say I've glitched the hell out of this game. Back in 2018 I took advantage of frozen money and accumulated 40 million. Did it again in 2018 and accumulated 80 million. And then I took advantage of one of the easiest duping glitches and accumulated 110 million. Yes, I glitched cash. Did I grief? No. Did I even bother anyone let alone play outside of passive mode? No. I minded my own business and had fun. And I'm basically undetectable but IDGAF anyway because I've moved on to PC and singleplayer mods which is far better. I grinded for years, legitimately. I made a few million and built up part of my car collection and businesses that way. It was boring. And eventually I got a life and video games because leisure-only activities for IF I even have time to play these days. I had more fun after "glitching" than I ever had grinding. But it also made me realize how much effort and time people waste to accumulate mediocre, half-assed, overpriced content. More power to whoever doesn't have a problem with that. If you participate in a glitch you know your risks and should not be surprised if it comes to bite you in the ass. However, I have nothing against anyone who does it. Rockstar's practices, lack of quality control, and prioritization of income over satisfaction has tainted their image in my eyes. And I think any developer that punishes their players for their sorry ass mistakes is pathetic. I don't care if some crappy legal documents claim they have the right to do whatever if they want, they know what they're doing is wrong. Because they are always quick to fix anything that threatens their income and yet won't budge when it comes to fixing bugs, flaws, cracking down on actual griefers, etc. Only things that threaten their income. Rockstar isn't paying any of you. In fact, it's the opposite. They're not gods. So stop treating them like one.
  24. 18 points
  25. 18 points
    ^Admittedly, I didn't anticipate anyone might take one look at my original post and suspect it wasn't legit, so maybe this will help. 146 days of largely solo grinding and steering clear of others = 0.00 K/D and much money. Oh, crap. Favourite radio station Mirror Park. That... uh... That must be a bug. Yeah, a display error. Honestly, I'm NOT a hipster. Really, I'm not.
  26. 18 points
    Re-sent it. What's your gtaundergroundmod.com website? -------------------- So here are some Bullworth weather screenshots: ...and a comparison:
  27. 18 points
  28. 17 points
    They can just say it always existed. The characters just had no reason to go there or mention it, so from their point of view, it didn't exist. It's the same already in GTA 5. During the Paleto Score in single player, Lester mentions the river as being the escape, before the plan failed. But there is no river at paleto. It's an ocean. The logical explanation is, there's land there that we just can't see. Probably the San Fierro area.
  29. 17 points
  30. 17 points
    Reused the early 70's GM Placer Gold crew color I made for the Tulip and Vamos on this. (654E0EFF)
  31. 17 points
    Small clean ups coming, including a banner that fits in the games timeline...
  32. 17 points
    I suspected the mood here would worsen during dry weeks and lack of drip-feed, but I can see the discussion around the new location ongoing for months to come. Hard to imagine what it would be like if we didn't receive early notice of it.
  33. 16 points
    - QoL fixes - QoL fixes - QoL fixes
  34. 16 points
    I'll tell you what, R* know how to make a trailer. No sooner had the first trailer launched, I poured over it, watched it endlessly just taking in the atmosphere. It's easy to take for granted now, but for that generation of consoles we hadn't yet seen anywhere even remotely bright and warm in the Grand Theft Auto universe. From the drab and dismal Liberty to the sun kissed and vibrant Los Santos, it was like taking a vacation just watching the damn thing. I remember completing the first mission and immediately taking off into the hills, ignoring every prompt of help and every text message. I went from one end of the map to the other. I wish I could go back and play it all over again for the first time.
  35. 16 points
    Here's some more stuff regarding SP_Zombie / Arena War Damaged Liquor Ace sign Murietta Heights pump jacks. One of the power plant buildings which required notable modifications. Vespucci Condo Don't mind my lovely mouse writing skill.
  36. 16 points
    I still find it bizarre that people actually buy Shark Cards. I'm not even speaking from the "glitch yourself millions bro" aspect. Like, the idea of spending real money for fake money has always blown my mind. Like, WHY would you do that? Its sad.
  37. 16 points
  38. 16 points
    It was the paintjob, I accidentally saved it as the GTA3 name instead of the LCS name, so the Diablo Stallion in-game was just white, if it has the paintjob in your game then it's fine 😛 In other news, I've been thinking about doing some license plates in a style that closer matches the original LCS ones AND takes some influence from the real life New York State plates that would've been in use during 1998, that has lead me to making this... These plates have been designed to match the style of San Andreas (just like I did for the VCS plates on VCS PCE), the font used is the GTA Licence Plate font for the digits themselves, the font for "LIBERTY" is Times New Roman (same as that found on the real life plate) and the colours used are the same from the original LCS texture.The transparency also works so the plates have rounded edges in-game compared to the usual block style ones, here's a really close zoomed in photo of it in-game which makes it look worse 😛 And here's the real life plate it was based on... After this plate the style used was that found in GTA IV, after that the newer LC ones can be found in GTAO, and for a little fun nod, here's the hidden ones I made for VCS PCE which show off the early 1980's LC plates... So in a weird way we have a timeline of Liberty City plates.
  39. 16 points
    Having meditated about this subject, I'm kind of torn tbh. In one hand, I agree that R* resetting whole accounts because of a money glitch is kind of excessive, even when something like a money wipe or even an account rollback would have been more appropiate punishments and even more when knowing R*'s wonky anticheat system a few legit players will always get hit in the crossfire inevitably. In the other hand, while I understand why so many players would risk their accounts by glitching, I also agree that they have no one but themselves to blame for getting reset, not because they may deserve it or not (I think that most of them don't, at least first time offenders), but because R* had set a precedent for taking drastic actions against glitchers with previous widespread glitches like the Lester plane glitch or the Casino chip glitch. While I can't say anything new that hasn't been said on this thread already, I wish that R* didn't had such a blatant double standard and also was just as capable of punishing players who exploit glitches that are arguably more harmful than a money glitch. To offer an example, the crew I'm in (and several other grinding crews on PS4) has been targeted by a certain individual (which I will not name to not give him any publicity) and a few of his friends with things like godmode jets, Speedos and even a ridiculous glitch in which you could been killed inside a building somehow, it went past "just playing the game as intended" and turned into blatant griefing and harassment. The mods of my crew even tried to report him and his friends to R* and Sony, linking messages of them with unpleasant messages and YouTube links with videos blatantly showing all the glitches they were abusing, all to no avail from either R* or Sony, which was totally ridiculous and shows where their priorities truly are $$$. So yeah, if they're going to account reset money glitchers from now on, they should also account reset all these dickheads too.
  40. 16 points
  41. 16 points
    In the mood for something classic and Italian? The GT-500 is almost done, so it should be released this weekend.
  42. 15 points
    1. QoL fixes 2. Rebalancing, nerfs and buffs 3. Comet Classic
  43. 15 points
    Now we're going from a multi million dollar classic sports exotic to something that is none of those things.
  44. 15 points
    Hey guys, I got a small update for you. This is an update for all the vehicles with pop-up headlights. The updated cars now use an extended Hakumai popup light script thanks to Zolika1351 and his ZolikaPatch which you can find here. Here are all the cars updated, be sure to read the updated readme so you can get the lights to work correctly. Lampadati Tropos Rallye Ocelot Ardent Turbo Pegassi Infernus Classic Pegassi Torero Grotti Cheetah Classic
  45. 15 points
  46. 15 points
    Nah, just a wild guess. The way I see it, we aren't likely to hear anything new until we draw closer to release and I suspect the marketing campaign will start a few weeks prior to release and will be the biggest and most intense of GTAO updates standards. I would love to see them announcing it early, but the info may dry up over time, whereas concentrating all the info into the few weeks before release would build up the anticipation and flame up the speculation.
  47. 14 points
    No one can convince me that this counts as actual content. I'll probably not even buy these pamphlets when they get discounted.
  48. 14 points
    Annis Elegy RH7 (Updated Version) 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R [R34]; Based on deadman's model with design cues from R* Elegy 'RH5' Retro and Hasher's Elegy RH6 Bordeaux Cabanon 'Garden Shed' (Updated Version) 1967 Citroën 2CV; Based on BDuck's model with design cues from Tatra 87, Renault 4L and Volkswagen Beetle Dinka Blista Citi (Updated Version; Formerly known as Blista Retro) 1999 Honda Civic Si [EM1]; Based on R* Blista Kanjo with design cues from 5th gen. Honda Accord
  49. 14 points
    Poor week for PS players, about time that the other platforms got the PS exclusive content though. The platform exclusive content is bullsh*t anyway, that whole strategy should be scrapped.
  50. 14 points
    Am I the only one who dont want a police dlc, at all?
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