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  1. 82 likes
    Sweetie, the mods have already made it clear that you should just ignore the kid, and that there's nothing else they can do about him. You kind of brought this on yourself, I mean, the more you talk about him, the more he's going to bug you. The damage is irreparable at this point tbh.
  2. 80 likes
    Because that old PBM fookin guy made two accounts trying to imitate me and it's annoying because I can't report him directly from his profile. I have to start a conversation with him and report the messages? Mods please do something about this guy I'm not sure if he's imitating anyone else but goddamn he needs to go eat the cotton candy in his attic. https://gtaforums.com/profile/1135305-universetwisters/ https://gtaforums.com/profile/1135372-universetwisters/
  3. 76 likes
    But that still doesn’t answer my original question as to why you can’t report members via their profile and you can only do it through posts. It’d be a whole lot easier if you could?
  4. 75 likes
    In that first profile, it has a follower that had just started following me: xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa whatever. And who is PBM? edit: Oh, 'Previously Banned Member', I get it.
  5. 69 likes
    Are you sure about that? I've known this guy since late 2014 and early 2015. Can only say his psychopathy has progressively gotten worse. Afterall, guy idolizes Hitler and stuff, so... Like Raavi has said, better to disable such features when psycho's like these exist. I did it for my Channel, too. Nobody can comment/rate as I know it'll be more work for myself to clean the sh*t up on a daily basis. If he can't spam one thing up, he'll spam another up. Even makes fake Youtube Accounts to like and subscribe to his OWN CHANNEL. Same thing he's been doing here on the Forum, too. But like Lock n Stock said, I also find it amusing, too. What's just as amusing as this guy himself, but the people who also actually continue to follow him, lol...
  6. 68 likes
    Lmao, about 6 fake accounts using Twisters' name are following me all of a sudden, along with a bunch of others with names like "nice ass bro!" and "lol who uses skype". Someone has alot of time on their hands.
  7. 67 likes
    Oh don't get me wrong, I actually find it kind of amusing.
  8. 66 likes
    I have the same thing going on. Weird 'cause I've never reported anyone for anything, I turned off "following" but I've got all kinds of newly joined members viewing my profile (all the names that liked my previous post: 10 plus another that "joined" today). I really only bothered to type this as I was intent on listening to Toto for a few minutes. 😀 I'd like to go shopping in an empty mall, too!
  9. 65 likes
    Lol come on at least you're getting free likes. Things are actually looking good. If everyone had the same dedication we would be living on other planets by now and would have discovered a way to not die.
  10. 65 likes
    I mean yea I'm flattered but get a life
  11. 65 likes
    Why does he keep liking my posts and not saying anything like gosh darn get a life you dutch nazi inb4 I get another account made to follow me named DUTCH NAZI
  12. 63 likes
    Be careful, you're giving him username ideas.
  13. 62 likes
    If someone was doing this sh*t to me, I'd take it as a badge of honor, but that's just me.
  14. 41 likes
    In October 12, 2018, someone by the nickname of "Ttokenblackguy" made a post on Reddit @ /r/GrandTheftAutoV, about a particular issue regarding prop spawns in GTA V. In his IMGUR/Reddit post he details that in Grand Theft Auto V, props that set to Low Priority in Map Definition files don't spawn. https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/9nq5e5/project_san_andreas_enhanced/ This sparked in me a great curiosity to understand what could be possibly be happening so that these props did not spawn... (If you do not care about the explanation, feel free to skip to the comparisons and download part.) Thanks to the Python scripting language I was able to identify exactly which props were of Low Priority. (PRI_OPTIONAL_LOW) Thanks to that script it was also possible to process the YMAPs to change the priority of those props so they could spawn. Here is an example of a prop called prop_fountain1 that usually does not spawn at a fancy house in Rockford Hills: It's entry can be seen in bh1_30_strm_1.ymap However, even if you max all the Draw Distance and Density settings, it will not ever spawn. Along with many other props in the game... Thanks to CodeWalker by Dexyfex and my scripts, I was able to analyze and take dozens of screenshots all around Los Santos and Bone County. Amidst the journey, I discovered that certain props that are set to Low Priority do actually spawn. Which made me even more intrigued... One of them was prop_tree_stump_01: Which would spawn at bh1_45_critical_0.ymap. Here, have another comparison gif. Thinkering upon thinkering, I stumbled upon the Model Definition files (YTYPs)... I realized that there was a curious difference between those two props. v_trees.ytyp and v_garden.ytyp The fountain1 prop has a ParticleEffect extension and the stump_01 doesn't have any extensions at all. This also applied to other cases... Extensions, you may ask. What the hell are those? Model extensions define Particle, Audio and other sorts of effects that pertain to props/models that spawn in the game world. It was at this moment that I figured what was going on. Apparently, the RAGE engine has a feature (or a bug). That bug makes it so that props with extensions do not spawn IF they happen to be set to Low Priority in a Map Definition file. With this in mind, I wrote an extra Python script to pull from props YTYPs all models with extensions and make a list. This list made me pinpoint the exact props that wouldn't spawn. This pretty much confirmed what I had in mind... Props set to Low Priority that have extensions are in a certain way ignored by the game code. It could very well have been a feature to save resources on Last-Gen (Xbox 360 and PS3). However, it's more of a bug for Next-Gen (PC and Consoles) since these platforms have plenty of power and headroom for such tiny props. I must also mention that with those props restored, many scenarios were brought to life. Since some of them were dependent on the spawning of those props. I figured the best solution or workaround to this problem was to set all those props in the Map Definition (YMAPs) files from Low Priority to Required Priority. This would guarantee that all of those props would spawn even if the graphical settings were low. I also thought that because most of those props are pretty much details. The performance impact would be minimal. With a tremendous increase in quality and liveliness on the game. To better illustrate what's going on, I made a video with dozens of screenshot comparisons all over LS and Blaine County. (Rockstar Style :D) sigh IPB, I wanted this video to be centered... For now, I will be hosting the mod myself on Google Drive, but as soon as possible I will submit it to GTA5-Mods and the Drive link will become a mere mirror. Download Here - Google Drive - UPDATED v1.1 Installation Instructions can be found inside the ZIP. This is the part where I need to thank all of those that contributed in any way to this discovery. Ttokenblackguy - For discovering the priority bug GooD-NTS - For OpenIV and OpenFormats which helped me create this mod Dexyfex - For creating CodeWalker, an absolutely amazing tool that sped up the process of making this video. Spider-Vice - For helping me out with tips, discussing the problem, digging files and sharing screenshots with me. There may be issues. I don't think I have encountered any weird props showing up in weird locations. However, I'd be please to know if there is anything that can be changed. I am aware that Ttokenblackguy is doing pretty much a similar mod than me, however, his mod adds extra props that were not originally placed by Rockstar's Environmental Artists. The props on my end are restored, they are not additions (well, one could say they are). I only processed the original files with a Python script. The folder structure inside the RPF is simple as to make modifications easier for me. Loading MP Maps gets rid of the props. I don't think I will support this. I've spent hours trying to get it to work and got streaming issues all around the map. Blame Rockstar for not making a decent patch system and duped files everywhere. CHANGELOG: v1.1 - Fixed an issue in which loading MP Maps would cause half of the world not to render.
  15. 34 likes
    Note: - Things looks different due to a lot of LCS-specific features that aren't available in VC engine.
  16. 34 likes
    Note: - One of the few missions that has mocapped cutscene. - "Jump-in" Manana is a bonus feature (all the roofless cars will make Toni jump-in the car instead of opening the door).
  17. 33 likes
  18. 33 likes
    Note: - One of the only two missions where the main antagonist (Massimo Torini) appeared. - The timer on the right was added due to no "clock timeout/timer" feature on the HUD, at least not yet. hmm, what do you mean exactly?
  19. 33 likes
    Bone Voyeur! (JD) has been converted! 😂
  20. 32 likes
  21. 32 likes
    Re: LCS + Project2DFX =
  22. 32 likes
    God damnit. I opened this thread hoping to find some farfetched theory on how they are the same person, kinda like in the first Black Ops, but instead I got this.
  23. 31 likes
    Hey, someone dropped a dollar! Note: - There're changes here and there... - The phone is still missing due to extended animation, I haven't fixed that yet.
  24. 31 likes
    Note: - One of the few missions that has mocapped cutscene. - The timer on the right was added due to no "clock timeout/timer" feature on the HUD, at least not yet.
  25. 30 likes
    But would those be fake leaks if the content does in fact exist just not for gtao obviously
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