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  1. 36 points
    yOu gUyS cAnNoT hAvE RocKstAr QuALiTy iN ThiS mOd! Well...
  2. 35 points
    I don't believe in a "restart".
  3. 29 points
    Before we continue, I would like to give a toast [email protected] 2 for his awesome efforts he has given for the GTA community for free. Such knowledge is invaluable. And to top it off, I wish you a happy birthday! Here's to another year, lad! 🍻
  4. 26 points
    It's here! The Mesos is done and ready to tear up the tarmac and dirt! DOWNLOAD
  5. 24 points
    Beta Admiral Released with the cutscene version included I also finished my first car totally made from scratch, it has vinyl roof as extra, and comes with 3 colors, also includes a variant with V's taillight If you want to change the 3 colors of the car I recommend using this script https://www.mixmods.com.br/2019/08/change-car-color.html
  6. 24 points
    I also think it will be pretty interesting. But yeah, let's not talk about it, nobody would want to get arrested...
  7. 24 points
    This is the type of cloud simulation which I wish Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature, at least something close to it. Non-predictable and procedurally generated clouds based on a set of physics rules. Not only it will make the scene look awe-inspiring, but it will also create more fun and challenge when flying an airplane, especially if one would assume that flying may turn out to be a more essential than before for the progress of the story. Looking at what Redemption 2 has accomplished in this regard, It'd be easy to figure out that R* has already been working on a reasonably realistic looking clouds and weather system for their upcoming title. It will at least be a leap to a very appreciable degree, and not only from a scenic perspective.
  8. 23 points
    We've been always wondering where are GTA 3D era car sounds from and what in real cars use them. Today we have (partly) an anwser for that question. Me along with other people were trying to find their original sources and here are our current finds. The list is incomplete so if you gonna find new source, write it here. Engine sounds: Misc: Thanks to: @BeyondTheVeilOfDeath @Son Of Big Boss @kretin8 @ermaccer @Ryadica926 @Limeo - for finding the some of the sources
  9. 23 points
    Cops n crooks? You guys are funny, is that a joke? Next update will feature mansions and focus on your social life, it's more like the Sims, the love professor will make an appearance and take things to the next level. /s
  10. 22 points
    WTF anyone seen this before? Tanning pedestrian’s leg gets stuck in engine and destroys car... legit
  11. 21 points
    Open Wheel races needs a new payout system, the current one is messed up, players who leave the race reduce the payout, it's a bit annoying when you start the race with 16 players only to end up with 8 players by the end of the race. Lock in the payout once we start the race, so players leaving don't affect the payout. Plus add in some objectives like Air-freight RP objectives, like "Keep your vehicle health above 90%" or something similar with GTA$ rewards.
  12. 21 points
    I dislike r* and take 2 for their practices. Both of them are greedy
  13. 21 points
    A day early but I wanted to make this thread before I forget. Cheers to one of my favorite GTA games. 12 years and it still hasn't aged that bad.
  14. 20 points
    Posted a little article on this recent "news" on our site so here's a little plug to discuss: https://gtanet.com/great-expectations-why-you-shouldnt-make-predictions-from-take-two-finances/
  15. 20 points
    In that Tweet you're quoting I'm literally saying I think he's right about GTA 6 being the next game, which is also what he said in his article, yet you're saying that he apparently told you GTA 6 is not next? Having trouble putting 2 and 2 together bud?
  16. 20 points
    Yeah that's a bunch of bullsh*t, he definitely didn't say that.
  17. 20 points
    I already made the Brigham a driveable vehicle, Sergiu posted it last time
  18. 20 points
  19. 19 points
    Are you tired of having your donuts look like this? Or this? Say no more... INTRODUCING... You no longer have to worry about your favorite hole having sharp edges that hurt. Now it's looks as round as the planet Uranus. Enjoy your roundery donuts! FAQ: Q: How, why? A: Bored, Blender, Subdivisions. Plus, it's beautiful to look at. Q: How heavy is this mod? A: As heavy as a donut. Q: Bugs? A: The real bugging issue here is when my donuts have sharp edges. It hurts so much. Looking at it, that is. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cC4xwnhGtenC1nGLqEoFNbc-a2EZ74hM/view?usp=sharing Installation: Modloader or import files into GTA3.img I hope this made you laugh, even though it's a legit mod... Stay safe .
  20. 19 points
  21. 19 points
    Celebrate Laser Tech in GTA Online with Discounts on Futuristic Weapons and More Plus Win Big in Business Battles Lasers are a versatile technology - whether rigged to a DJ booth or strapped to the head of a shark, they are used to dazzle and entertain in equal measure. Aliens, meanwhile, employ them as deadly weapons. Whether you intend on using them to delight or terrify, you’ll be glad to hear that there are discounts on offer for a range of laser-based weapons, such as 40% off the Up-N-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker. 40% Off Nightclubs Absorb highly concentrated doses of laser light shows in Nightclubs. Take in the beats of house DJs while you operate your satellite businesses from the Nightclub Office. Triple Rewards on Business Battles and more It's time to make moves contending for valuables and pull down 3X GTA$ & RP on all Business Battles. Or if your LifeInvader profile lists “shaking” and “baking” as two of your favorite interests, climb into the roll cage: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series’ prize purses are currently doubled through Wednesday. And you can earn Double Rewards on all Special Cargo Sell Missions until May 6th. May GTA$ Gift Starting May 1st, play GTA Online throughout the month of May for a one-time gift of GTA$500,000. The GTA$ will be automatically sent to your Maze Bank Account within seven days. New Podium Vehicle at The Diamond Casino Swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a whirl - free to spin once per day. Prizes include cash, RP, clothing and accessories, who knows, you might just win this week’s top prize: the Pegassi Reaper, a hyper car with the range to go from zero to sixty in a purr, a hum and a roar. Additional Discounts 40% Off B-11 Strikeforce. 35% Off Pegassi Oppressor. 60% Off Declasse Hotring Sabre. Twitch Prime Discounts GTA Online players who connect their Twitch Prime account to Social Club get a rebate on the Pixel Pete’s Arcade base property in Paleto Bay, and can also purchase the Pfister 811 hyper-car for 80% off and the Declasse Drift Yosemite pick-up truck for 60% off this week. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Twitch Prime and sign up. Look out for more details in the coming weeks on future updates to GTA Online, and head over to the Social Club Events page for all the latest special events, bonuses and discounts. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations. A portion of all proceeds from Red Dead Online and GTA Online over April and May 2020 will go toward relief for those affected by COVID-19 - see here for details.
  22. 19 points
    As a moderator, it's exactly my business. Take it to private messages.
  23. 19 points
    I mean yes, you kinda do, but that's just my opinion too, man. People are allowed opinions, but the problem is the entitlement people think it gets them on deciding what is good for GTA and the rest of the fanbase. Think of the amount of women and LGBTQ people working on creating and developing GTA games for you to play. Think of the gender ratio and sexual orientations ratio of gamers as a whole, it's probably 50:50 under any "label" you want to give. I've seen countless threads like this over the years and every time I read comments like these my eyes get lost rolling so far into the back of my head. Normally it's not worth biting over it because its the same rinse and repeat comments as we always get, and tbf this should probably go in a "female protagonist" topic than a "gay protagonist" topic but oh well. "I want a normal protagonist" as if men are the only gender in the world to play games "I want to be able to f*ck hookers and go to the strip club" as if GTA is their personal wet dream and doing this as a woman wouldn't be tantalising enough "It won't be realistic if a woman shoots a gun" as if women can't be killers "It won't be realistic if a woman beats up a guy" as if women can't lift "sexuality isn't part of GTA so why should R* cater to gays" as if protagonists in recent games haven't been portrayed as straight with girlfriends/ability to have girlfriends "homosexuality offends my religion and I don't want it in my face" as you're not playing a game called Grand Theft Auto which is soaked with equal amounts of satire and crime "why have R* got to start representing other groups just because other companies are" as if every single game in the GTA series has been anything other than a straight male. We had a game of 3 protagonists in one enormous game and they still didn't offer something new. Other companies might be acting overly "woke" for bad reasons but at least they are offering variety. TDLR; You can state your preference is a straight male protagonist without needing to sugar it with blind ignorance. Something different is not something bad, and Rockstar doesn't need to cater to the people who have these complaints.
  24. 19 points
  25. 18 points
  26. 18 points
    Those of you who have helped your certain long-time accomplice with their retirement fund problem, might have felt a disturbance coming in the pantheons of crime. With the shake-up all but inevitable and with criminal organizations gearing up for an all-out war, a wrecking crew of the biggest caliber the state has ever seen joins the fray - and it's up to you to save the day in a way you never expected to take. Join the San Andreas law enforcement in GTA Online: State Of Emergency on a mission to dismantle the driving force behind the conflict and deliver your own brand of justice, with SecuroServ backing you every step of the way. Every shot counts in this war on crime - dismantle your opposition's criminal infrastructure in all-new missions, liberate them of their goods in freeroam high-stakes cargo battles, and help other SecuroServ affiliates with their seedy business in these trying times. No good-slash-bad deed goes unrewarded - every blow dealt will net you all-new instruments of pacification and destruction, and tide-turning abilities, along with some coveted toys for the gearheads and other fanatics. As part of the ongoing Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits program, all GTA Online players, who link their Social Club account with Twitch Prime and claim their Twitch Prime benefits by July 20th, will be able to claim the Police Warehouse at the Del Perro Police Station at no charge, as well as receive GTA$2M and up to 10% extra GTA$ on Shark Card purchases and exclusive discounts for Bravado Lobo, Bravado Banshee Classic and Annis Euros. Sign up for Twitch Prime to enjoy these perks, along with more perks coming soon. And check out the Social Club Events page to keep up with all GTA Online special events and active bonuses. Check back soon for more information on GTA Online: State of Emergency, coming this summer. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/69420/State-of-Emergency-Coming-This-Summer Sorry not sorry.
  27. 18 points
    First week of May and I'm seeing some progress on SteamDB, 3 updates to the development branch. I guess Rockstar set up meetings in the last few weeks to prepare the developers to kick things off in May? Boosting up the production rate even though there are some obstacles like Motion Capture which requires the developers to meet up in the studio. Nonetheless, it's nice to see that the new policy didn't slow them down for as long as this pandemic is going.
  28. 18 points
    Well...whatever the next update is...i hope it's solo friendly
  29. 18 points
    Tweaked the beltline, and window trims, redo the side mirrors. It got a proper 1993 side mouldings.
  30. 18 points
    I now hope the protagonist is a gay woman.
  31. 17 points
    So with these new players coming and asking for advice and nerco old threads. We should as a community vets give them bad advice and see which is funnier. Mine is befriend a modder they might give you money. Always ask for money Oppressors are your friends.
  32. 17 points
    "early development" is going to haunt us forever. It joins "in a few weeks or so" and "in the coming weeks" as phrases most likely to trigger GTAForums.
  33. 17 points
    One way to avoid delays, is to not announce a release date.
  34. 17 points
  35. 17 points
    This is a certified Rockstar Games moment.
  36. 17 points
  37. 17 points
    My personal guess would be this year, but with the current situation, I wouldn't blame them to push everything back, so who knows.
  38. 17 points
    Fake: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/palm-tree-in-miami-fort-lauderdale-gm505935852-83945193
  39. 17 points
  40. 17 points
    My friends, let's not get carried away. I agree with many things BlackStallionDX said. Getting back on topic, I'd like to summarize some things already posted in our Discord discussion regarding production quality and character development: The most important reason why the demo build was lacking in many areas is the simple fact that 80% of the work was done by 3 people. This doesn't make the remaining 20% from other contributors any less meaningful! Much on the contrary, it was what made the demo a success. Kalvin's interiors are some of best in the game, just like Ck1500, Blue, and Leonazix's cars. Where would we be if Silent never addressed the saving problem? Things are progressing and more talented people are interested in helping. Shagg_E, ilufir, AVALS, and the list goes on. Getting more people involved was exactly what the demo was intended for. This brings me to the subject of story and character development... BEGINit wasn't very fond of the initial idea of a public demo release, with only a small snippet of the story. He was worried that it would give a lot without the important details, which would result in a half-assed story... However, I assured him that character development would be much more the focus in the full release. Instead, the demo was all about packaging together as much diverse gameplay as possible and getting feedback to see what worked and what didn't. The full story is actually great! IMO much better than VCS. It's just that you guys have seen only a very small fraction of it so far. Who is Flint's brother? What is Flint's background? All these questions will be answered in due time.
  41. 17 points
    nice (Sry for the low resolution)
  42. 17 points
    f*ck no. if Rockstar starts doing that sh*t where they have to represent the women and the gays and other endangered species Ill never ever buy or play another game from them. movies have been doing that sh*t and I barely even watch any new movie these days. Im sick of it.
  43. 16 points
    Some people need to leave this Rockstar bubble they live in.
  44. 16 points
    Hello everybody, it's been a helluva long time since I posted something here but I haven't forgotten about you all. It is time to revive the city fixes from Nov/Dec a bit and show you that UG is still kicking it! So without further ado let's get right into it! 1. Fixed grass collision materials being on the dirt roads on the coastline spanning from the VC dirt track to the stadium. Before: After: 2. I also fixed procedural grass on the actual dirt track so no grass on the dirt road from now on! Before: After: 3. Fixed the collision of the Hooker.Inn (the hotel near the VC airport). It had a broken ceiling and sign collision. Before: After: 4. Re-added the famous door from the WK Chariot Hotel to UG. Before: After: The door in GTA Vice City: 5. Closed off a cutscene exclusive area as it was broken and made no sense to have. Before: After: 6. Moving to Liberty City now. I fixed this huge gap in the street near the LC airport which was nagging me for months. Before: After: 7. Fixed prelighting on this L-train track in Portland (no after screenshot since it still needs pipelines). Before: So that was all! I hope you enjoyed it and let this be our message to you that UG is not dead!
  45. 16 points
    Bonjour New Canal Lighthouse (North of New Orleans) around 1900 Wikipedia ` Gazebo in Mill Creek Park (Youngstown, Ohio): One of the Stone bridges of City Park (Nola): Wikipedia 624 Bourbon Street, Nola; A house on Espanade Avenue, Nola: it is not a building in the map, just an image in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co Catalog: The Sears Headquarter in Chicago This building still exists:
  46. 16 points
  47. 16 points
    This is the funniest f*cking thing I've read in this thread yet. You people are actually insane.
  48. 16 points
    I see my posts are appearing in youtube videos again. So here is what I definitely for sure know is coming. More story missions involving Lester and Agent 14. Cameo by Micheal and Franklin. Ownable police headquarters. All police vehicles including new ones will be ownable and customizable. Nitrous added for all cars. New wheels added for all cars. At least 20 regular cars being added, including some of the remaining highly requested cars. Get a room on the aircraft carrier, but dont get to own it. Similar to apartments. 4 aircraft carriers placed around the map. Cant store cars, only aircraft. 20 spots. Monster truck events added to the Arena. All first responder outfits. Police, paramedic, etc. At least 5 new guns but 3 of them are Mk2 variants. Dripfeed will stretch the rest of the year until December update.
  49. 16 points
    God it's 2020 and people still think online isn't set in literally right now.
  50. 16 points
    Let's put this into some perspective, GTA IV was released 29th of April 2008, 12 years before that GTA 1 wasn't released. 12 after we only got one main title GTA V. In 11 years (1997 - 2008) we got; GTA 1, 2, III, Vice City, Advance, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and GTA IV 2008 - 2020 (present) GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA V Wow.
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