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    In late September, GTAF was evolving. On it's way to becoming the most hyped RDR2 group on the internet. New forum members arrived. Thriving map threads exploded, magazine previews became garbage, and hype was spreading rapidly into the huge and lawless RDR2 section.
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    According to Kotaku, Rob Wiethoff is back as John Marston's VA.
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    Note: It jumped to Lv.5 because i failed in that same level at previous test (not pictured ). to see if the "continue where you left off" thingy is working or not.
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    GameInformer The game can be played entirely in first person. You can pull down your bandanna by accessing the face-mask option in the item wheel. At times during missions gang members will ask you how to proceed, letting you take lead or asking a gang member to take lead instead. Arthur will automatically loot everything he sees in robberies by holding down a button. During the train heist mission they played, you can decide to kill the witnesses, let them run, or put them back on the train and send it away. When Arthur kills the one of them they all run for their lives. Honour system - be good and you'll get more money from bounties, NPC's will treat you better and your kill cams will be more heroic. Be bad and you can earn more money from robberies and get more gruesome killcams. Deadeye can be improved and upgraded multiple times, adding the ability to show things like critical hit zones and automatically painting enemies. You can craft new items and apparel from animals you've hunted. When doing a side-mission you got the option to take John with you, or leave him at camp. GI's writer got the sense that John isn't the most well liked gang member in the camp. Can approach missions stealthily and instruct gang members on mission with you to take out enemies. General store is packed with things to buy, including an "impressive" number of clothing options. You browse clothing options by flicking through a catalogue on a shelf, as if it were a real physical book. Hats, vests, coasts, boots, pants and more are available to purchase. Clothing is mostly cosmetic, but it will protect you from the cold. You can modify clothing by tucking your pants into your boots or rolling up your sleeves. Also, fedoras. The gunsmith sells specialised ammunition and weapon customisation options. You can buy gun oil, which can you use to restore old and dirty weapons you've found in the world to full working order, restoring their damage and other stats to their proper values. Other items to buy at the smith too such as holsters which slow down the speed that weapons degrade over time. There's a stable that sells supplies to help you maintain your own roster of horses. Horses stick to the path better, bite at flies when idle, move their ears around if they hear stuff. Having a good relationship with your horse will allow you to do things like sudden skid turns so you can dodge around danger at the last second. Horse cosmetics are in, things like saddles, blankets and stirrups. Arthur reacts to the weather, changing his posture in the rain and tucking his chain in to avoid getting wet. Dialogue on horseback was recorded twice, characters will speak normally when riding close and yell when they're further away. You can holster your pistol with fancy flourishes. When you don't have a weapon drawn the left trigger acts as a "focus" button. Looking at NPC's and pulling the left trigger will bring up different interaction options like saying hello, intimidating them or robbing them. Arthur needs to eat and sleep, if you don't sleep you won't regenerate health or stamina as quickly. Rockstar stress that the eat/sleep mechanics are not meant to be annoying or intrusive, but to remind players that Arthur is a person and needs to look after him self.
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    "Red Dead Redemption 2 features limb dismemberment and vital organ targeting" "the game’s shotguns allow Arthur Morgan to blow heads, arms, and legs clean off."
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    from IGN Arthur: [Greet] Good mornin'! NPC: Good mornin'! Arthur: [Greet] Not enough people show respect today, so thank you for that. NPC: Well thank you too! Arthur: [Antagonize] Then again, you're not worth much respect, are ya? NPC: What the hell did you say to me? Arthur: [Defuse] Ah, I'm just jokin' with ya. Damn I can´t find words to discribe how i ´m looking forward to this game
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    KITTY! I knew Rockstar wouldn't let me down. - Resident Cat Lady
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    This week we'll be introducing a new sub-board here, where you can continue to post, spoiler free. The use for this board is optional, if you wish to participate, you're account will be given access to the private board, and you won't be able to see the normal RDR2 boards when signed in your account. - Every thread at the spoiler free forum needs to be approved before being public. - Every post at the spoiler free forum needs to be approved before being public. - You can opt out the spoiler free forum at any time. - If you post a spoiler in the spoiler free forum, you'll be temporarily banned for a whole year. If anyone has any ideas or feedback before we go live, this is the time to do so.
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    Ok, so how much horse bonding unlocks this skill ?
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    We interrupt the current map discussion to bring you the following important PSA: This desert is NOT located on island inset map below. No chance. Zip. Zilch. Nada. POINT ONE. Let's begin with basic biology. The picture shows several things: 1) a gila monster 2) organ pipe cacti 3) saguaro cacti 4) joshua trees 5) a buffalo or bull skull 6) some type of desert snake crawling out of said skull Let's talk geographical distribution, the only places these plants grow and these animals live: 1) gila monster: Sonora, Baja California, Arizona 2) organ pipe cacti: Sonora, Baja California, Arizona 3) saguaro: Sonora, Baja California, Arizona 4) joshua trees: Sonora, Baja California, Arizona, California 5) buffalo/bulls: anywhere in North America 6) desert snake: the desert (granted, this little booger is too small to accurately ID, but it's probably safe to say somewhere in the deserts of Mexico or the American Southwest) I was gonna try to draw a Venn diagram, but I'm guessing y'all have figured out it already says "AMERICAN SOUTHWEST AND/OR SONORA, MEXICO." POINT TWO: We already know they make rum on this island. "CINCO TORRES, MAKERS OF THE FINEST GUARMA RUM." Rum is made from sugarcane. Sugarcane grows only in wet, humid, tropical climates; not arid deserts. This island has place names that are both Spanish (Cinco Torres, El Hueco) and Haitian Creole (Le Vilaj). This island is almost certainly located in the Caribbean. It could well be based on Cuba or Puerto Rico, the biggest producers of sugarcane and rum in 1900; and that would make a whole lot of sense if there are story ties to the Spanish-American War that just happened in Cuba less than a year prior to the start of RDR2. POINT THREE: The island is two squares wide. There's absolutely no reason to conjecture that the inset map suddenly veers wildly from the same scale as the rest of the map. So a two-square island would be roughly the equivalent of riding from Blackwater to Beecher's Hope....only slightly smaller. Those mountains in the distance on the desert map? Unless they're knee-high in height, they're wayyyy farther away than 2 blocks. There's simply no way there's a desert on that island. If anything, it will introduce a brand new terrain type to us -- tropical jungle. We STILL don't know for sure where the desert is. But it sho ain't right here. Thank you. Please continue
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    I will never forget the moment this was posted online back in October 16 or there abouts... I had just gotten out of a relationship gone bad, had just been cheated on by the ex gf I was in love with and lived with her for a while (first time experience we did something of that nature) my music equipment and a lot of other things was stolen when I moved out, my anxiety was at an all time high I was constantly in and out of the hospital, everything was just falling apart.. I remember when one morning after crying my eyes out I went in the kitchen to go get some water and my dad comes out like "D did you see about red dead"??, And I was like what? Double XP online or something? And he just smiled at me showing me his phone screen with this logo and I blurted out OH MY GOD.. no way and he starts laughing as he sees me immediately realize what it means and I swear I fell back a little bit like just in shock. and it felt like a beam of light came in at one of the worst times in my life.. fresh outta high school when all the trauma happened for me with people, then her and yeah. I remember the morning after that staying up till 6 am to wait for their next inevitable reveal... and once they revealed the cowboys the next day oh boyyy it was a wrap.. Some peole will never understand how much this game truly means to me but some of you probably will. I've said it many times it ISNT JUST a game. Not red dead. It's more than that, it's art, it's the way I view myself with the whole concept of the west, it's rebellious and doing your own thing regardless what anyone says, it's nature, animals and less technology, its changed the way I look at the world, it's showed me the true meaning of family and love and relationships is all that matters in this world, sharing things you love with people like I've wanted to do with music ever since I was a kid, and it's just different in a good way. As I've said many times red dead is my childhood, man.. it all started back in May 2010 talks at my middle school on a new R* Game set in the west with similar concept to GTA. And right when I get home I walk in to see my dad already playing the game and he's all excited like D! You gotta play this!! And again at the time being as young as I was , I was again like OMG you got it?! I literally planned on telling him immediately when I got home so it was a surreal moment to me and one I'll remember forever. I love this franchise so much.
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    I returned to GTA Online today after being away for a while. I felt a bit poorly so decided to snuggle up and play some GTA. I've been playing pretty much all day. Every single room i went in has lots of those MKII Oppressor's flying around and every single one of them is using the speed glitch. One room i went into had 8 of them in with all of them doing it. It isn't possible to kill them and they fly around terrorizing the rooms. A friend of mine who is a GTA veteran even struggled to kill them as they can outrun everything. Then there are players who abuse passive. I've seen passive abuse before but not on this scale. I sat and watched so many players in vehicles like Buzzard's, Oppressor's, Deluxo's, Tank's and so on, and they would all find the most vulnerable person they could, kill them, then instantly hide in passive before finding the next victim and repeating the whole passive abuse approach over and over. Unable to play the game because of all the toxic cheaters i spent a while following and absurving my GTA veteran friend around while he battled it out with other high rankers. I noticed that every single time he got the upper hand they would all use cheats and glitches against him to win. I lost count at the amount of times they managed to somehow shoot him through buildings and walls. They even manged to shoot us while we were inside my apartment. Then when spying on a bunch of high rankers going at it with the drone i spotted people who were able to fire RPG's without having to reload. They would somehow switch between standard RPG and homing RPG really quickly and this gave them the ability to fire constant barrages of rockets without ever having to reload. Then to top it all off i came across 2 paedophiles trying to hook up with underage girls. 🙄 I managed to capture some of these cheaters by recording the gameplay. I got conclusive video evidence against several players and decided to send it into Rockstar via a support ticket. However, Rockstar didn't seem to care one single bit. They just replied telling me to report them in game (Like i didn't try that and you can only report 1 player at a time) and they closed the case on me. Unhappy with Rockstars reply i opened a second case explaning how i had managed to report some of the people in game but the feature doesn't allow me to report multiple people. There are so many people cheating that i need the feature to allow me to report more than 1 person at a time. Rockstar gave the exact same reply telling me to report people in game and closed the case. Rockstars replies tell me that they don't care about us and they only care about our money and having a high player base. They want as many people playing the game no matter how toxic they may be, even paedophiles!!! Because of all this i've decided to quit GTA and boycott future Rockstar titles. I got into gaming to have fun and relax. When the community is so toxic it is very frustrating, stressful and just not a fun place to be. I want to relax and enjoy my games, not get frustated and stressed out. That's not good for your health.
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