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  2. looking for a good roleplay group ! come join FRLRP A amazing Xbox and now five M Roleplay sever we have been operating since June of 2020 now having 70+ members and a newly five M sever a voting system for department heads and more ! a custom cad and much more to come welcoming everyone we have the following departments open includes XBOX and five M SASP - San Andreas state police (OPEN ) SASO - San Andreas sheriff Office (OPEN) SACO San Andreas Communications (OPEN) SAN Andreas Fire Department (Open) BCAC Blaine county medical (open) Civilian operations (OPEN) session severs- Xbox invite only ( FIVE M) five M sever note we do not have a GTA social club account ' for the sever! how to join and contact us! https://first-responders-life-rp.webnode.com/ https://discord.gg/pqtcq23 must join recruitment sever https://www.instagram.com/p/CE3J322l5f-/?igshid=1p4mfqgqn668p thanks god bless we can not wait! to see you guys
  3. hugh750

    what was your rdo wtf moment?

    i too seem to be grizzlie bait, last week when i tried to help a random npc who was hog tied (before the lobby fix), the grizzlie ran past the npc and mauled me (i died). when i respawned and went back to where i died, the random npc was fine (i was so tempted to pull out my pump action blow away the npc) but i let him live.🤣 and last night i encountered another grizzlie who came after me while i was on horse back, i used my varmint rifle on it with the ammo you can get from herriet. and i put it to sleep and took samples of it (and let it live).
  4. grandtheftbanksy

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    Was just about to login and knock out a daily to keep the streak alive, but I'm going to pass and put this game on ice until there's a real update. I got plenty of gold and cash, even on a second account I created a couple months ago to spice it up a bit. After seeing how garbage the Halloween stuff is, I'm out for awhile. R* has had all of two games over the last 7 f*cking years. They can and should be doing better than what we are getting.
  5. CleytonGames

    Gaming Screenshots Gallery

  6. SeaSnail8


    How do we get in the community? The discord link is expired. Thank you.
  7. Carl Theft Auto

    Fun facts about the GTA series!

    Not sure if this is posted here but GTA San Andreas is the first Gameplay to be uploaded on Youtube!
  8. Standard Deluxe 59

    Do you Gmove in GTAO? (Gangsta Move)

    I'm Gmovin' on up To the GEast side To a Geluxe apartment in the sky
  9. StyxTx

    What’s with the blanked out fast travel?

    Ah. I didn't realize that. Thx!
  10. SoulSurj

    RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 - "Chronological" Mission Order

    If that's the case then maybe you're supposed to play "We Loved Once and True" instead of "Pouring Forth Oil II." It would explain how Cornwall knows John and Strauss are part of the gang, in Valentine, and why Mrs. Downes shows up after Pouring Forth Oil III. Also... John mentions Mary during "The Sheep and the Goats," although that might not have anything to do with it.
  11. jimmyoneshot

    RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 - "Chronological" Mission Order

    Good stuff man. I'm trying similar stuff right now. One important point that I forgot to mention that makes a difference. Sorry I should've said this earlier:- The letter itself appears in camp when Money Lending 1 - 2 and Social Call are completed Once those 2 are completed the letter shows up on Arthur's table no matter what even if it isn't marked on the map. So you can literally make the letter show up by doing only 3 missions - Americans At Rest (which unlocks Money Lending and Social Call) and then doing Money Lending 1 - 2 and Social Call. I did my usual first missions and then did the 2 missions required to unlock the letter (Money Lending 1 - 2 and Social Call) :- - Americans At Rest - Without Sin - First Shall Be Last - Polite Society Valentine Style - Money Lending 1 - 2 - Social Call And after this I made a savegame and did some combinations of tests by testing if I could activate the cutscene after each missions:- Test 1 (after the above 6 missions) - A Quiet Time - ( No Cutscene ) - Blessed Are The Meek - ( No cutscene ) Test 2 (after the above 6 missions) - Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego - ( CUTSCENE APPEARED HERE )
  12. Pocket Fox

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    Nah, they're criminals. They didn't try to arrest Maggie, just burn her and her place down. I meanwhile am an anti-hero because I do good things... in a bad way.
  13. MixelAnomaly

    SlingShot753's Workshop

    ¡It works! ¡Thank you a lot, man!
  14. Volatollotalov

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Error code: 201309172]

    No matter how important this quest is to us all, nothing is worth that.
  15. Gray-Hand

    What’s with the blanked out fast travel?

    You can still select and fast travel to the blanked out locations though. They aren’t actually inaccessible.
  16. Xiled

    Possibly Contraversial Question About Bans (AFK/Solo)

    For how long? :), I bet players find a new way to do it on 9th gen within first week or release. I bet R* is begging Microsoft and Sony to not let players change networking setting while in a multiplayer game
  17. ELITE CONCEPT CREW FOR SOLO LONE WOLF GRINDERS PS4 GRI$ELDA GRINDER$ A New Concept Consortium Crew for Low Levels & Solo Players. Wanted Active Solo Lone Wolf PS4 players only: AFK Types, Low Levels, Returning players, Heist Players, Beginners, Lone Wolf Business Sellers aka Independent Self-reliant Business Contractors. Newbies most welcome. Any rank, skill level or gender considered. You must be 21 or older. We will consider 18 to 20 if you have a desire to play and sell solo. A perfect crew for newbies, low levels, broke players, Lone Wolf introverts. We offer the solitude that the lone wolf desires and freedom of choices. No Discord needed. We teach advanced Solo wealth building methods and techniques including but not limited to: AFK earning with no daily fees, Lowered MTU setting for stress free selling, 15K Resupply trick, Force quitting to get the selling vehicles you want. The best businesses and locations to make you the most money. 2nd character creation to build wealth. If you are a solo player but sometimes you need an Elite crew of great players for Heist or 2X cash events like Client Jobs, MC Contracts and all Missions. We are an Elite crew of Money Makers and Heist Masters. Join us for wealth building activities. You must have us as your active crew always. No crew jumping. We offer Heist Assistance, Financial Advice and Wealth Building Techniques. We have a Custom Jet Black crew color with Custom Red White and Blue tire smoke. Legit vehicle farmers welcomed. We have a Facebook website and a PS4 community with over 550 members combined to help you. You must have a mic upon joining crew. English speaking and understanding. You must be Active. You need to play to make money. We kick inactive players. No Griefers or Tryhards. No Cheaters or Car Dupers. Solo Lone Wolf players preferred Add me on PS4 and Rockstar Social Club: ALLWORLD19 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/griselda_grinders CREW FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/groups/954908534874833/ GTA HELP RAG$ TO RICHE$ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2487470501374544/
  18. Giantsgiants

    Automatically lock old threads

    But but but the necrobumps make me laugh.
  19. This looks like a very new problem linked to the Complete Edition of the game, where it can no longer identify save games in the profile folder. Every single time I try to open the load menu, the game flashes a list of "ghost" slots (explained in the next paragraph) and then returns a "no saved games present on the hard disk drive" message. I can only start the intro mission. Resyncing saves from the RSG doesn't help either, since it seems the game completely forgotten how to read all save slots. The problem only began very recently. I make it a habit of renaming saves into storage when the slots are filled up (since I'm doing a mission-to-mission save collection for archive purpose). But as I was clearing said slots for future save on Wednesday, the slots started displaying "ghost" saves with missions names from the very start of my playthrough but without the date and time. As long as there is still one slot in the menu with an identifiable date and time, I was still able to access it, even save over these ghost saves and load the saves I created/place within these slots, although the slots continue to display ghost savenames. Today I accidentally renamed a save from the only slot that displayed properly, and now I'm completely locked out of being able to load or save. I need some advice on this before I consider reinstalling this game (since I would also have to go through the headache of reinstalling mods to fix this garbage port).
  20. Today
  21. DuduLima

    Summer Special Vehicles Elimination Game

    1. BF Club - 31 (-2) 2. Lampadati Tigon - 24 3. Declasse Yosemite Rancher - 26 (+1) Club will win because people are afraid to sacrifice either the Tigon or the Rancher. There's still chance, however .... one must go ... for the sake of other .... for the sake of victory.
  22. BlackStallionDX

    Russian Theft Auto Ibutsk City Stories [REL\FINAL]

    Well, this city based on Vladivostok, but have some inspiration from other russian cities (restoraunt Comrad - Tovarish, this is real life restoraunt Pragha from Moscow, Hotel Jizz - Malafia - it's real life Salut (firework) Hotel and etc). So, Russian Theft Auto made closely to original R*games style, not to CR or other russian mods, which used real life brands and surnames.
  23. suicidal_banana

    Do you Gmove in GTAO? (Gangsta Move)

    I wanna say hes talking about counter strike but i dont know if that has small smg's these days.
  24. Jason

    Forza Horizon 4

    Got back into this proper after dabbling with it last year, and doing one of the festival races where you race unbeatable AI with a team made of players, most of which were well over a thousand player levels plus in what I presume was the meta car with a meta tuning setup. I think only one of them could actually drive in a straight line, holy f*ck were they bad.
  25. RithRake24

    DYOM The Designers Lounge

    @The Half-Blood Prince Will try to squeeze in this one mission in my schedule and let you know soon if it works well.
  26. Lonely-Martin

    Borat 2

    That's true, although with the Ali G character he plays it more as an immature one so can get away more with laughing at things, but with the Borat one he'd learned more to control himself as he got more experienced in those scenarios I feel. But I'll be on the lookout when I watch them next, could make for a fun drinking game.
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