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  2. Pedinhuh

    Benefactor Schlagen GT Appreciation & Discussion Thread

    Nah, the Schafter V12 is a perfect fit already, it just needs to sound louder and have those pops and crackles while deaccelerating if you ask me.
  3. Yeah, I thought about that. They could've given it the same treatment of the army base at Torquemada. In Redemption, it was visible when looking from Rio Bravo to the Mexican side.
  4. Evil empire


    The default french version is censored so unless you know a good site where I can get a gore exe with a recognized version I prefer to give up using the patch.
  5. Pankypops

    Arena Wars - What is Skill Level exactly?

    Anyone here on PC willing to help me grind the skill levels?
  6. staticguy

    Cost-effectiveness of “stealing” missions?

    Thanks for the heads up! I've discovered that I already had the bunker fully upgraded manufacturing 😂 So, went for the NC with 2 storage floors. Did some google research, and using the afk method is by far the best way of earning good amounts of $$! Have technicians supplying coke, meth, guns, crates and weed, and it's a really easy sell twice per day! As for supplying the businesses separately, I agree that buying supplies is the best... I realized that after doing one supply mission, the next supply can be bought for 60k instead of 75.
  7. mrgstrings

    Knowledge Base - Arena Wars

    Slamvan / Custom are also missing.
  8. Hécate-II

    The GTAO High Quality ™ Thread

    Just random PC session few days ago. https://imgur.com/a/PY4JLsf
  9. Spider-Vice

    ROCK* Censoring my game? Really?

    They're using the same static word censoring system they have been since GTA V and even IV, which applies to all text fields in the game. It is pretty silly.
  10. SideStunt

    Next DLC Speculation Thread Mk VII

    The Future Shock version of the Cerberus has a green flamethrower ;)
  11. CaliMeatWagon

    Knowledge Base - Arena Wars

    THANK YOU!! This fixed it right here.
  12. Ektope

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    Yeah well, I don't need white hair to give me god like powers to destroy nearly anyone in PvP. It looks like they turned old before they can even get good. Like they're at the end of their life cycle. My character has black hair and I'm still near the top. Add white hair to troll like faces and even more uglier than GTA Online characters.
  13. Spider-Vice

    Vote for RDR2 in The Game Awards

    Thanks for contributing to locking this thread. We're done here.
  14. mrgstrings

    Declasse Vamos Appreciation Thread

    Insta buy for sure, would be nice to have options to revamp it as the "Murder Nova".
  15. Mostly_Red

    Vote for RDR2 in The Game Awards

    At least i played it "GoW is just a button masher" FO mate
  16. RayD70

    Shooting people in freeroam

    I'll be happy to eat crow.
  17. I loved hearing Jack destroy his father the first 12 times now I find spending any time with the weird little guy to be oddly unsettling... I do like the idea of hearing Jack explain which slippers are for day and which are for evening, but we never got to hear that
  18. Taterman


    Same here, that's how I used it too. Still happy it's fixed though, and the increased base speed pretty much makes up for it to me least.
  19. O.Z

    Vote for RDR2 in The Game Awards

    I got riled up reading your nonsense comments like: RDR2 has the gameplay mechanics from 2004. GTFO
  20. theGypsy

    Great way to make money in online

    Yea, that's why the spot just by the butcher (in Blackwater) tends to be better. As for the question; the only way to get that better really is to grab a random horse, have yours follow you... then you can get 2 per trip. That's about it as far as I know
  21. Nerfgoth

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    Tryhards dude! There is no white facepaint yet!
  22. RayD70

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    Hey, now. some of us ARE old. 😄 Besides, the "aging gunslinger" is a popular trope. My character has white hair and a white beard. I made him to be 55 years old, but somehow, he looks like a 20 year old with white hair. It was meant to be a sort of poor man's Landon Ricketts. Didn't quite work out.
  23. TyrionV

    Shooting people in freeroam

    I’ll bet the opposite. We will soon have the three lobbies you want.
  24. GrudgefromSanAndreas

    Best Trevor quotes

    "I need to meditate. Or masturbate. Or both."
  25. mrgstrings

    Sourcing Crates with Terrorbyte

    I hope not, got no third special item before AW was released. 😟
  26. mrgstrings

    Schyster Deviant Appreciation & Discussion Thread.

    Nice one, just the headlights look a bit weird...
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