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  2. MeatSafeMurderer

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    I'm already using Vulkan...
  3. Beckzz

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    try switching to vulkan
  4. hank_wayne

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk VIII

    Here's to hoping the december dlc has a stock comet classic( the safari and and retro custom don't count. one has an ugly wide body kit. The other is a offroad rally car.) A real normal civilian version would be nice to have for the holidays, One with a no spoiler.
  5. Armerius

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    just did a small test and got about the same performance BUT...its me or there is WAYYY more smoke coming out of your gun when shooting something? (something that i love btw)
  6. Sounds like someone molesting rob halford Joking aside, very impressive. Here's another from WolfClubs Frontiers album
  7. Well I meant more in terms of bonuses but you have a point.
  8. FuturePastNow

    How long till RDR Online is GTAO Ridiculous?

    Don't forget ye olde horseless carriage. Benz made his first motorwagen in 1885; Daimler and Maybach sold their first car in 1892. Imagine a car that requires more maintenance than guns and eats more than a horse, with one gas station in the middle of Saint Denis.
  9. MotantanTrantantan

    The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic

    Senator McCarthy, please, stop creating fake profiles with anime profile pictures and use your main account, this is not helping.
  10. Biff73

    Should I buy a house in Paleto bay?

    missliles?how about khanjali tanks?Ever experienced how it feels like to be hunted by 2 or more khanjali tanks coupled with some weaponized aircraft,it will be fun,nightshark,insurgent??Worthless scrap metal is what they will end up being
  11. Mister Pink

    What do you think GTA VIs first Trailer song will be?

    (Please play the music as you read the description) We see beautiful flowers blowing in the wind. Beaches, silhouettes of people on roller skates. It's beautiful. It's paradise. Cut then to the camera slowly zooming in to a in inconspicuous window of some beach front hotel. Close up of a guy in slow motion punching someone off screen repeatedly. Blood spatter appears of his face as the camera keeps zooming in. He's kind of smiling but not quite. The camera zooms right in to his eye and the Vice City logo appears.
  12. NChabb

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    I got the collector bag for free on PC the week RDR2 launched on PC. I had collected the 54 cards this summer when they were released though. If you had collected them recently it's possible this deal doesn't apply anymore.
  13. TheCoolDean

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    Am I the only who got way worse performance after this update? When the settings got reset after the patch, most of the settings was set to ultra, and I went back to my old settings and now I'm getting 20 fps less on my 4790k and 1080ti.
  14. MeatSafeMurderer

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    Anyone else getting odd graphical artifacting? When I first started playing it was fine but over the last few hours of playtime artifacts have started creeping in. Momentary flashes of pure blue, among other things. Seems to be especially prevalent in Lemoyne. It's rarer in gameplay but it's quite distracting during cutscenes.
  15. UltimateAntic

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    When the PC version was announced, I collected all 54 playing cards in GTA Online in the hope that it would unlock the collectors role for free on PC but apparently it was a time limited event... fml
  16. Jenkiiii

    Haribokart’s GTA Online photography

    No, offence OP, but this thread needs to be locked by the mods right now. Imagine if everyone created an individual thread with dozens of favourite photos like you just did?
  17. Virtual-Antics

    Easy things for unusual Players?

    Underwater exploration might be an option. There are all kinds of wrecks to explore. There's also an underwater hatch to discover. There are also secret locations and story mode interiors that you can still 'wall breach' into via GTA Online.
  18. AndyGanteks

    The RDR2 Beta Hunt

    Actually nvm, it was just a gang hideout. Probably a dock overtaken by the Tallulah Jetty gang. Van Horn or Annessburg is where tickets to Guarma were available, one of the two if not both.
  19. There' s been BH events for now 10 weeks already. I think that role got enough attention for now.
  20. Is this the last legendary bounty? I’m sure they said in beginning there would be 10. Has there been 10? time to actually buy cripps an outfit and purchase a theme to take advantage of the 40%... besides that, lame week for me
  21. UpTheDowngrade

    RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019

    I seem to have gained 1fps average after the patch (48 FPS average, 60FPS Max), but out in the open country with no buildings or people around, I seem to get worse fps. Maybe it was a fluke, I need to test it more.
  22. RedIndianRobin

    RDR2 PC Photo Mode Screenshots


    RDR2 PC Photo Mode Screenshots

  24. Leftover Pizza

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    And while the fix is probably quite easy to do, it is even more shocking. At least they're getting a face full on Twitter and Facebook posts again, as deserved.
  25. MrMateczko

    The Chain Game - Round 145

    Me turn! Mission: Air Raid Called by: MrMateczko Link: https://gtasnp.com/xfBPsW Completion %: 52.41% Saved at Doherty.
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