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  2. Claude4Catalina

    What if GTA used real cities, real cars, and real brands?

    I just headcanon'd the lack of the Rhino as being a logical decision; theres no military bases in GTA IV so with Rockstar's more serious approach to the game it made sense for it to not be in there. by the time the Episodes were released we had a Little Bird and APC added to accompany the NOOSE Black Hawks so looking at how militarized US police forces have become from then up until now (Gucci carbines, high cut helmets and Crye plate carriers) it made sense back in 2008 that a force created as a response to terrorism (NOOSE) would've only had access to Black Hawks, Colt LE Carbines and the same Glock pistols as LCPD patrol officers. fast forward to their depiction in GTA V, keeping in mind that V leant more into blatant parodies and humorous takes on the concept of there being a rifle behind every blade of grass (despite Facebook gun boomers calling Cali Kommiefornia for it's strict gun laws) than IV did and the presence of Fort Zancudo, it kind of justifies the more outlandish military stuff in V's story mode. Online with it's flying bikes and plethora of Cold War Soviet tech can still eat a very literal bowl of dicks though.
  3. How come smaller companies can produce way more quality updates throughout the year but a huge company like R* just gives us free beans. Are they incompetent? Do they just not care? How can they be so large but produce so little? Grandtheftfornite 6 must be one hell of a game.

    Gaming Screenshots Gallery

    Looks gorgeous! I would purchase. But you know, Epic exclusive...
  5. DrKrankenstein


    fyi: with poker, not all players are real. watch the belt buckles to spot the npc. the one usually winning lol
  6. Fender Ketchup: Before: After:
  7. concolt

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    Today is a perfect day for an update newswire, RDO or GTAO.
  8. workingsilence


    Any activity in which you can win money easily will become a thrill. In order to become addicted, an individual must usually find success early on.
  9. Len Lfc

    San Andreas Launch Bugs & Issues Reporting

    After restarting a checkpoint on the mission "Pier 69" I was unable to move. I could shoot, aim, look around, swap weapons, punch. I could do everything but move. --- Xbox Series X
  10. Pol The Agent

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    That's one of the things I love about those small one time events, similar to the halloween ones, me and some friends dressed up as LSPD Officers and started roaming through sessions in police cars across LS, and whanever we went into places like Blaine County, we dressed as LSSD and tried to hunt down both the slashers and the ghost car, and whanever the UFOs showed up, we usually started messing around pretending to be the military or some sort of "containment faction", despite how public lobbies are usually clusterf*cks, it's worth it, you can do so much with these small events if you are creative enough, I wish R* kept some of these in the game, it would make the rest of the map worth exploring more.
  11. Capt.Bojangles

    Random Drive By Mod?

    i've searched all over the net trying to find a mod that would have Ballas show up in random places after you've been trying to take over their hood and do drive by and drive off, like go to grove street and spray the houses with guns or swing by Seville families and hit them up, that gives you a chance to go in return and retaliate like real gangs do or they just show up to the grove trying to take you on with other member's of grove. I think i might be looking for something that don't exist lol. I don't mod so i don't know how hard that would actually be to code and get something like that up and running. but a random drive by mod of it would spice things up a bit and add to the immersion some. EDIT: can someone please move this over to the Modding Topic form, i thought i was in the right place but accidentally submitted it here. Thanks!
  12. Bunneyko

    Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Round 126

    I'll take a turn!
  13. Ah, the humble Rampage side mission. I'm sure some instances of it have really gotten on some players' nerves, so let's hear out what your personal worst ones are. On a base level, I thought SA's 2-player-exclusive rampages were kind of a dull idea, and Trevor's always required some justification that made things more convoluted than they needed to be, but for the most part I'll prefer to talk about individual ones I have a gripe with. - GTA III, M60 vs Hoods, headshots only. The other headshot one with the sniper was fine, but this is just too imprecise to be at all fun. The enemies aggro on to you as well, further complicating matters, although I guess you could farm kills a bit faster on ground level with them all coming at you? I dunno, but just passing this was among the hardest goals of a 100% run. - Vice City's katana rampages. I think there were 2? Anyway, there's less people to kill than usual, but they still have guns, so you're gonna take some hefty damage. VCS had at least 1 of these also, but had the common sense to disarm the Cholos that time, and the only obnoxious part left was the terrible spawn rates. - Vice City, RPG vs vehicles in the hut out at sea. I think they meant for this to be one where you blow up passing boats, but good luck lining up your shots with any. The most efficient strategy ends up being to make a beeline to the shore and shoot cars instead. - LCS, shotgun vs Leones, mainly for principle reasons. The gun kinda sucks, but more to the point, why's Toni killing his own comrades for some pitiful gains? - VCS had at least one sniper rampage on a Downtown building where despite the distance, the enemies aggro to you pretty quickly, so you have to either jump down and contend with them charging at you on ground level, or desperately hope you can kill enough of them before they're all right underneath you and unable to be hit.
  14. Spider-Vice

    Strippers age?

  15. I agree with everything you said in your post, he certainly left on a high with RDR2. But I do agree that there’s something a bit ‘off’ about V’s story in general. I guess in their attempt to satirise the plastic vapid culture of LA, it left the game feeling a bit plastic and vapid itself, I always thought V’s LS was a bit of a toy town, definitely my least favourite GTA single player. For me though the Online redeems it - it’s not perfect and many of the additions like the Oppressor MK2 are pretty bad, but I have had played thousands of hours of Online so I have to respect it for that. I always loved IV but I was 13 when it came out so I didn’t really appreciate the nuance of the story - now I’m older I understand the themes and what they were going for with the fleshed out ensemble cast - the central characters and friends really feel very realistic and fleshed out for video game characters. I have come to understand the compromise that came with that. They couldn’t make a SA level sandbox with all the bells and whistles and have the level of detail in the characters and the storytelling that IV achieved. I also met some very good friends of mine back in the day playing IV online so it will always be special for that. but yeah tbh, I did get a bit fed up of the GTA style humour, even in IV it felt a bit too obvious, juvenile and in your face a lot of the time. I like a gritty tone with subtle wit. RDR2 was a perfect balance in that regard.
  16. Thomas The Dank Engine

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    I absolutely love prop changes! To be fair it's basicly the only thing R* can do in-game without a title update since props are utilized via background scripts. This is sadly why big server events revealing the DLC fortnite style will never work without downloading a big title update first. I hope for prop changes around the MHC, that would be amazing.
  17. Dourvas

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    That's a really valid theory as well. I hope that's the case. I find the delay weird though.. And i don't buy it. The online teams don't have anything to do with the offline teams(trilogy patching).
  18. DrKrankenstein

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat (Part II)

    newswire said till dec 6. still free beans though. edit, no free beans.pants and pistols 40% off, same limited clothing.
  19. PH Ukracheski

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    As I said before, regarding speculation of a delay, I said that since the RDO update is released first, if there was a delay it would be for the RDO update. I think there was this delay, because RDO has already received two weeks of consecutive bonuses, and now two more, I think Rockstar has delayed the release of the RDO update by at least two weeks, which makes it possible to announce the RDO update this week. , and release on December 7th. Keeping with the GTAO update release schedule, which is most likely December 14th.
  20. Let's not forget that T2 itself said this when Cyberpunk released, yet they ended up doing it themselves not even a year later. Talk about hypocrisy.
  21. EkaSwede

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    I kinda hope we'll get some props on Thursday. Yeah, I know hyping oneself up for a DLC is bad as it always leads to disappointment, but personally the buildup before a DLC release is kinda the best part of it. I was excited to search out those bodies before CPH released, donning a Private Detective outfit to start some kind of investigation, but the tales of Detective Defective flopped.
  22. Len Lfc

    San Andreas Launch Bugs & Issues Reporting

    Tried to save my game at the garage in San Fierro. The save icon disappeared as I walked into it and has disappeared permanently. I've reloaded saves, restarted the game, nothing. It's gone forever. --- Xbox Series X So, I bought the local safehouse next to it, to have a close by save point. Same thing happened. After a reload, though I was able to save. The first save point is still gone, though. San Andreas is by far the hardest to enjoy.
  23. sivispacem

    Case- & Hardware Modding

    Laser cut bits. Not very impressed with the quality of the cut here, a lot of clean up work to do.
  24. DrKrankenstein

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat (Part II)

    take a guess? nothing ,it was a 2 week "event"
  25. Len Lfc

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5.69]

    I'm mostly joking. But there is still a lot of truth to it.
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