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  2. Nerfgoth

    πŸ“° Triple Rewards In Motor Wars

    No T-shirt?
  3. Foxwolfe

    Red Dead Online General Chat

    Honestly it reloads so fast now while in combat that I never think about the speed anymore.
  4. Unlike passive in GTAO no one goes transparent in RDO unless it's due to them being in a shop or near a mission NPC or something, so when you're in defensive you're still solid to everyone else and vise versa. But yeah you are rolling around in defensive and another player shoots you/at you they will flag as hostile, their blip becomes bright red and you can fight back while remaining in defensive mode and allowing the no auto aiming to remain intact. After you kill them 3 times they will become non hostile to you again (dark blue dot), unless of course they continue attacking you. If you shoot first your hostility raises and you will be removed from defensive mode and auto aim will be turned back on. Could prolly be a bit more clear on my part but hopefully this helps.
  5. wweraw526

    πŸ“° Triple Rewards In Motor Wars

    Anyone that has a small crates warehouse, which one did you choose?
  6. B7R

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion

    While this isn't the thread for bashing, a youtuber with the name of "S" was pretty bad for those thumbnails. I've played most current modern day open world games with cars in them, I can easily spot without watching the video what game that screenshot / thumbnail is from. You'd have to be really really really childish to fall for any of this being a GTA VI leak. Let's be honest Rockstar runs a very tight ship, when was the actual last time we saw a legit gameplay video leak before the game was announced? If all these so called "leakers" can produce is blurry low quality tilted photos taken in front of a television screen then the answer to the above is probably never. One more point i want to make clear, the game probably isn't even at the stages of being at the final build yet and is probably still way off, why do these screenshots we see from "leakers" fail to have any logging / debug information on the screen anywhere? I know it can be turned off but come on if your goal is too trick people for an unannounced title at least try to act like a developer a little bit. When you think about all these things it makes it harder to take any of this stuff seriously and all for a good reason too.
  7. For me, Bryan Johson, Although it should be some stage in history where Bryan is alive
  8. Shadowfennekin

    πŸ“° Triple Rewards In Motor Wars

    That's true, VIP work is the only good thing about this week... but I'm burned out too. Fun as the Casino update was, it wasn't a long term brought back interest like Doomsday was after Smugglers Run killed my interest. Arena Wars destroyed all interest and hype I had, if we get a sequel I swear I will uninstall this game.
  9. sorder

    What's Your Horse's Name?

    Sopranos.Ralph’s horse. Poor thing...
  10. tjakal

    How to make AA look less like AIDS

    There's clearly something wrong with it, resolution scaling worked just as expected but multisampling drives down my framerates while presenting a image with no AA at all. The weird shimmering on the ground is caused by the AO unless you have it set to ultra, temporial really hides that well if you use a lower setting. Most here seem to be on nVidia but it happens on AMD too, which is what I'm on. Not supposed to look like that at all, clearly broken atm so expect it to be patched.
  11. Red Dead Rebel

    What about John Marston hairstyle mod PC

    What about you post in the many applicable threads instead of creating a new one?
  12. Mach1bud

    Vehicle Class Elimination Game

    1. Compacts - 35 2. Coupes - 38 3. Sedans - 41 4. Muscle - 61 (+1) 5. SUVs - 20 6. Super - 25 (-2) 7. Sports - 53 8. Sports Classics - 52 9. Off-Road - 39 10. Motorcycles - 45 Oh I'm definitely not missing this game.
  13. Mach1bud

    Vapid Peyote Thread

    Fantastic news.
  14. Corndawg93

    What's Your Horse's Name?

  15. Acho

    Songs that should've been in GTA San Andreas

    I had no idea that "Black Hole Sun" came out in '94, but what they should do is maybe create a sequel, (San Andreas Stories) and have it set around '95ish. That would allow more songs. I would also love to see an HD remake of the came like GTA IV/V. I love the more realistic sounds.
  16. Mach1bud

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk VIII

    Man they are really delaying the f*ck out of the one car I wanted the most. I guess it's about time I update the poll huh? I think I'll stick around for a while, tidy up around here.
  17. Ronald Reagan

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion

    Saint's Row isn't, never was and never will be a competition for any Grand Theft Auto game.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Lonely-Martin

    ...::[The Footy Desk]::... (Part 2)

    Ibrahimovic too until the summer, lol. I mean, naturally I'll not say no, but that'll be huge wages though. Not sure we'll manage that just yet but never know.
  20. Larcen

    Rate The Song Above You

    8/10. I like everything about this song/video except the vocals. It sounds like they were influenced by Joy Division. Great sound, though.
  21. sharkmonk

    What Mods Would You Want to See?

    Could anyone make mods that enabled saving while using cheats? or costumize dead eye special ability level 1-5 without following the storyline? like it would be nice if we already have deadeye level 5 from the start
  22. Arrows to Athens

    Shout out - appreciation to the Declasse Asea!

    We've already had an appreciation thread for the Asea for 5 years now.
  23. No Homing

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    This legit happens every single time, lol.
  24. So, some guy lights you up while you're on defensive mode. When you start fighting back (with auto-aim turned off for everyone), is the defensive mode player still semi-invisible to the non-defensive-mode player?
  25. spectre07

    Rate The Song Above You

    10/10 I can feel the 90’s vibe easily, cool track.
  26. GTAKid667

    Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Round 108

    πŸ‘€ I'll take a turn! Mission: Salvatore's Called A Meeting Link: Click Me! Completion: 64.29%
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