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  2. Reyiz Kovan

    The Official Kate McReary Appreciation Thread

    Why these are always "OFFICIAL"
  3. @Aghakhi If the MkII had standard Missiles it would be better. Still OP because of its agility and ability to float and position yourself perfectly but it would be better.
  4. Tha-Jamz

    Cronus scripts headshot

    I dont know anything about that so called "cronus" but i know that you can just buy this: https://www.amazon.com/GameSir-Keyboard-Wireless-Converter-Nintendo/dp/B07HR8SGNF/ref=pd_sbs_63_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07HR8SGNF&pd_rd_r=4029a846-fece-11e8-8362-416beb9c02ee&pd_rd_w=8pEnc&pd_rd_wg=xbu1G&pf_rd_p=7d5d9c3c-5e01-44ac-97fd-261afd40b865&pf_rd_r=ZS582EDXX1PQW37ZV2X7&psc=1&refRID=ZS582EDXX1PQW37ZV2X7 And this is only one, there are much more hardware solutions to use mouse and keyboard on consoles nowadays. I hate anything that has to do with cheats anyway, ill stick to my controller.
  5. Johnny Alpha

    So.... what did you name your cars?

    Meadow, Wilbur, and Dave.
  6. Gridl0k

    Tier 25 Reward (Fully Modded Pegasus Taxi revealed)

    So I guess the intern that put these unlocks together is a bit emo? Or blind? Tactical dozer!
  7. Forza Harrd

    Share Your Stories

    lol yeah every time they give me some random bonus (I really just logged in yesterday and got that, don't know what for) I humblebrag my xb1 billionaire status with a screenshot.
  8. Ektope

    Red Dead Online Q&A

    Not for moment, you can't.
  9. mrgstrings

    Next DLC Speculation Thread Mk VII

    Unless we get one every 2 weeks...
  10. Which is why I contested your original assessment that the odds for a second referendum had dropped. I think the odds have increased! A no-deal scenario now looks far less likely on the other hand. Furthermore, ERG clearly blew it. It goes to show how uncoordinated and amateurish they were. Did they simply assume that a large group of May naysayers would come out of the wood works if they forced a vote of no confidence? Sure, more than 50 than the 48 letters voted against her, but we don't know exactly how many letters was actually filed (since the chairman won't release that number). The ERG hasn't been kicked down for another 12 months, they've been kicked down for good. 12 months from now, Brexit has either happened or not happened. And even if the negotiation period has been extended (rather than revocation of Article 50), people are unlikely to give the ERG much support. The ERG will be one of those groups that form some trouble and opposition in part of the story when they retell Brexit in the future, but they were never that significant and their faffing about will be looked back on with amusement. At least Rees-Mogg will get his wish of going down as a historical footnote.
  11. irish.chr

    Tier 25 Reward (Fully Modded Pegasus Taxi revealed)

    The Dozer is black.
  12. Tha-Jamz

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    My character is blond, so im ok ? lol !
  13. ownedbyronin

    The Lost MC Liberty

    For this week the church time is as follows: ---------Featuring----------First 30 minute interval: Formation Riding 2nd 30 minute interval: Club discussion.3rd 30 minute interval: Playlist: TBC 4th 30 minute interval: Playlist: TBCClub Voting: No voting. Club discussion: Small club discussion
  14. finneee

    FMJ vs SC1 vs 811 vs Tempester vs cyclone vs Autarch

    after testing with the creator, I am quite impressed with sc1's traction, maybe it is the slowest of the above? And fmj is a quite good choice so maybe fmj first then sc1 because I quite like sc1's design. Cyclone is fast but braking and cutting corners are not so good
  15. Marciliojunior01

    Deveste eight discussion topic

    At least this time isnt rockstar fault. The real car looks just like this.
  16. Gridl0k

    Arena Wars: Skill level glitched?

    It's insane, and not very transparent, and I think it'll be adjusted. Or maybe not!
  17. Gridl0k

    KIfflom Outfit is coming to the Online!

    I did 100 MacBeths yesterday to see if there was anything unlockable, not got anything yet (I did kifflom again though).
  18. I avoid those assassination missions like the plague, they're so bad because the target is never really that close so all they have to do is run for 5 minutes and they get paid, you will get nothing and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. It's a complete waste of time for the person who starts the mission unless the target wants to fight instead of run which I've never seen happen. It's also pretty annoying to be marked while you're in the middle of something, you gotta pack up and go or fight for five minutes and even if you survive there's a pretty good chance the other guy will be salty because he just wasted 5 minutes and got nothing so will probably come for you regardless.
  19. Gridl0k

    Tier 25 Reward (Fully Modded Pegasus Taxi revealed)

  20. Gridl0k


    Now I *really* want an SR-71 or A-12.
  21. Pocket Fox

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    I thought gun rush would be like 'gun game' or w/e it's called. You start with a knife, get a kill, now have a cattleman, get a kill, double action, get a kill, carbine, get a kill, tomahawk etc.
  22. Gridl0k

    Arena Wars - What is Skill Level exactly?

    I played for a while, won 15 and lost 12, and my skill level is..... 1! What a f*cking joke. I'm a deathbringing speed machine, me. At least I got to sponsorship 25 (by paying for spins). Guess I'll plug away until it bores me for the Peg freebies.
  23. Classique

    Declasse Tulip Appreciation Thread

    It has the body and rear lights of a 4-door 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass, but the front is definitely a Chevelle. A weird Classique-Declasse mix. Evil Declasse >:C @Declasse, you're the reason i'm angry!
  24. Inadequate

    SkyGfx: PS2 and Xbox graphics for PC

    I didn't expect that skygfx implementation looked that good already. Is almost identical!
  25. HaRdSTyLe_83

    Far Cry New Dawn

    seems no one can be original anymore. how many games are coming out with the same post apocalyptic theme? Rage 2, Metro exodus, Outer worlds etc... that why bethesda released fallout 76 even with nothing in the game to do, if they hold it a few months they wouldn't sell a single copy
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