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  2. XxJazzy42xX


    yeah I'm just waiting on the Newswire and see what they say there
  3. Karen Daniels

    Red Dead Online Next Updates Speculation Thread

    Wonder how much the guy running their social media accounts gets paid...
  4. bibidibabidibu

    City of Chicago

    some more vehicles from Metal Junior X
  5. Deep Verma

    Best horse to bet on?

    Michelle Oh sorry i thought it was best hoe to bet on.
  6. It’s been my highlight, while I’m stuck at work....
  7. ShadowlessDevil


    we'll most likely get this week's Newswire soon
  8. happygrowls

    Red Dead Online Next Updates Speculation Thread

    this was a fun day i suppose, speculating about when it would arrive
  9. Spider-Vice

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    It was when it was announced, iirc, nothing like we're seeing here. Although IIRC the AppID had been leaked by someone before too, but no one believed it as there was no mention of GTA V and could've been any other game.
  10. Armerius

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    once it popped on steam how long it was before the reveal?
  11. Azaan60

    "Bonaire" & Australian Classification

    The current right-wing Australian government is retarded. But they're not gonna ban the same version of the same game. Otherwise R* would have just resent it for reclassification and pointed to the console version. This is definitely for something new. And just because it got a classification (or denied in this case) doesn't always mean it's coming soon. Modern Warfare 2 Remastered was rated by PEGI back in February and still has no sign of even being announced let alone released soon. While I don't think it's Bully 2. It honestly could be anything.
  12. Spider-Vice

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    It was different, we knew about it only once it popped up on SteamDB.
  13. Smith John

    Quentin Tarantino's 9th Movie: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Yeah I read about this on a YouTube comment section of the film's trailer. I'm split whether to go and see it as since I last posted in this thread, my friend told me his colleagues walked out of the cinema as they thought it was so boring and my GF's sister also says it's sh*t. Still, I want to see the Manson aspect. Probably just wait until the DVD drops in price on Amazon and watch it then. I was mostly just wanting to go for the experience as I haven't been to the cinema in years. Apparently there is a 3rd entry in the 'Has Fallen' films being released soon, so will probz save my cash for that.
  14. Spider-Vice

    RDR2 PC Specifications Speculation

    DirectX 12 allows lower-level access to the hardware, usually benefits weaker CPU's as the bottleneck might not be as big. It also allows access to the latest DirectX tech like DXR (raytracing) among other stuff. DX12 if well optimised is usually faster and it's now the standard for most games.
  15. Armerius

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    and just thats what i wanted to ask..
  16. Calvin.linardi

    Calvin.linardi's WIP vehicles

    New Screenshot of Wastelander!!! The rust texture should be brighter than in the image above!
  17. Leftover Pizza


    I don’t think people will chew off your head for doing so.
  18. EnforcerKiller

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    Almost the same amount of time it took from GTA V's release to reveal of PC version, I think, going by steamdb history of it.
  19. Or just not do anything at all. Imagine the rage lol
  20. DentureDynamite

    Red Dead Online Next Updates Speculation Thread

    Somehow I doubt Zelnick cares about that level of game detail. Or any game details.
  21. Almostnasty

    Red Dead Online Next Updates Speculation Thread

    Yo, whos team are you on? Asking for some people in the back. Lmao!
  22. shaun97

    RDR2 PC Discussion & Speculation

    How long did it take from the reveal of the code name to the reveal of the pc version?
  23. happygrowls

    Red Dead Online Next Updates Speculation Thread

    "quick something to generate cash! uhhh 10% bonuses on picking herbs go!"
  24. I can imagine an emergency board meeting, with Strauss Zelnick leading the meeting trying to figure out what type of event week to have...
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