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  2. Kali_Goddess

    Join the O'Carlins

    It's ps4, and we do wagons daily and we do meetings and help each other other out. We do legendary animals My crew we don't give up every since I join the O'Carlins we have won every fight
  3. Robert17

    MOTW #174

    No need to make a detailed feedback. As I said in discord, the mission is too simple, too short. And it's not meeting this theme's requirements. You have many more days left, you have a lot of time to remake it and make it good (and no need to rush).
  4. Girish

    ...::[The Footy Desk]::... (Part 2)

    Yet another dross performance from Chelsea... we are the epitome of why possession stats are meaningless. Tuchel has his work cut out and the next 2-3 matches are going to be interesting especially if we continue failing to win. You could probably say that Tuchel needs time to stamp his style of play but there's no such thing as a project at Chelsea anymore. It's pretty much deliver or go home. I hope Tuchel manages to turn things around.
  5. Stardust101

    MOTW #174

    Here's my entry: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/68183 I suggest using the cheat PROFESSIONALKILLER to get the highest weapon accuracy possible.
  6. Turan

    Official PS5 Topic

    The PS Plus games for february may be the best I've seen since the freaking PS3 gen. Control Ultimate Edition (PS5 version - brand new release) Destruction All-stars (brand new release) Concrete Genie Really excited for this one.
  7. DeltaV20

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    lmao Same here man
  8. Frivolous_Raven

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X

    I hope so, it's getting boring, we don't know what to expect
  9. Black_Jesus

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/04/16/gta-6-may-be-smaller-at-launch-as-rockstar-looks-to-reduce-crunch/amp/ News on a smaller scaled GTA VI was brought up last year which makes for an interesting concept considering the recent Island we received in GTA Online. So this time around single player and online will receive synchronous updates? If this is the case and the time frame we are getting from GTA V to GTA VI (almost a decade) doesn't hurt the theory that GTA VI timeline will take place throughout numerous years. 🤔 Would be wonderful ideal reall
  10. Uncle Sikee Atric

    General US Politics Discussion

    They're slow to catch up, but fact-checkers are quicker. You shouldn't just rely on Social Media to determine what is and isn't true, using reputable fact checking services should also be part of your research. Still a bad loser I see.... There's zero evidence of anything reputable that points to any evidence between Biden and paedophilia, outside of 'certain' Pro-Trump corners of the internet, which has been totally proven as false by fact-checkers. Meanwhile, the policies that founded the Trump Presidency didn't do much to hide their far right origins. Th
  11. Retro_Causality

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X

    if they are removing the standard gta v then i feel that means expanded and enhanced details are coming
  12. Saad31

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    I forgot, it would work like EFLC. Off topic: I can't play games newer than gta 4 on my pc for the time being so it also means I won't be able to play GTA VI on pc anytime this decade until I get sufficient funds for a new Vulkan pc. So GTA IV for life, PEACE.
  13. Patrizio

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    It has to be. Tbh. We can't have another disappointment. More RDR2 and less GTAV.
  14. Midnight Ryder

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X

    Low expectations
  15. Frivolous_Raven

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X

    I'd also like to know this
  16. Midnight Ryder

    how would you rate gtaO now?

    7 out of 10 as is. 9 out of 10 if lock on rockets didn't exist.
  17. Kuppa

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X

    Hai tez, are we will getting DLC's b4 expanded and enhanced release ?

    how would you rate gtaO now?

    0/10 It's lost the Original vibe it gave me when i started playing it back in 2014 At first it was cool, now it's just Sell, Grind & K/D Ratios none which appeal to me Don't get me wrong: it's still a little fun with new cool cars & stuff being added, but it's just not the same as it was back in 2014 for me It's to the point i even made a Meme about the situation, and i really hope it happens And That's my review
  19. Gaffa

    The Worst Of Rockstar Logic

    Here's something from day one, 2013... Rockstar thought it was a good idea to put a car dealership next to a gun shop with an active shooting range. In fact you can even hear guns being fired when you complete one of Simeon's missions that end at his dealership. Maybe it gets more car sales... "strike fear into the customer" sort of thing, I dunno.
  20. AdamNortonUK

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    The patch for PC for the audio bug is most likely. If we get any kind of update, it's likely to be just the Outlaw Pass 5 since it should be coming pretty soon as the coupons for it expire on May 31st 2021, just like ones from OP4.
  21. You will have to be online the entire time, if you're away doing other stuff you can go afk inside your bunker and come back later to resupply and build up your stock further. Of course it'll take time and patience but it's far less of a grind and basically stress free. I've made some good income off of it this week.
  22. BigFloppySausageTits

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    Lol episodes from liberty city
  23. kenmy13999

    how would you rate gtaO now?

    Are you only playing in solo sessions?
  24. if i die once in the compound i usually just jump over the rail then do a quick restart
  25. BBHD

    [REL] Anderius

    This is a great question ! I've no idea what happened to them, no news, no answers on gtaf board since long time. Maybe if one or some of them read this posts they will take a moment to answer, just because we're worred about them. Btw, thanx to every Anderius project's member for what you've done !
  26. artginPL

    SAxVCxLC - VC and LC in San Andreas

    GTA SAxVCxLC V1.2 HAS BEEN RELEASED !!! Below is a link to GTA SAxVCxLC V1.2 DOWNLOAD Before installing, please read the ReadMe. Make sure you have 'gta_sa.exe' version 1.0 US HOODLUM (14 383 616 bytes). SAxVCxLC V1.2 CHANGELOG: - added all weapons from GTA III and GTA VC (including hud icons from this games) - added all unique stunt jumps from GTA III and GTA VC - added ability to buy weapons in Ammu-Nations and Hardware Stores in LC and VC - added all pickup icons from GTA III and GTA VC - added CLEO+ version 1.0.7
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