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  2. Cash 4 Clickbait

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk IX

  3. RyuNova

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    You think the interviewer gets to decide the questions? HA! They get given a specific list of questions and topics they can talk about, R* has to sign off on the interview before it sent to print and these places will bend over backwards and moan "YES SIR!" at getting an exclusive with R* because it brings in the readers.
  4. darkmaster234

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    Those interviews are set before...lol... rockstar would bann them forever if they pull this... which is completely true, they didnt create a sh*t from house, all was made before covid hit.
  5. Gardee568

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    Alright I will try your fix
  6. Retro_Causality

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5]

    what did i miss Judas?
  7. Michael Patton

    The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic

    4th gen Prelude *Dinka Previon!* 5th gen Honda Prelude *And another Previon!, I think it would be a nice detail if you can see the word Previon spelt out on top of the back bumper like the picture above!*! Honda S2000 Benny's Upgrade Acura Vigor 1st gen Acura TL 2.5/3.2TL *Fun Fact: The TL is a succesor to the Vigor, and I actually own a Black 1st gen TL 3.2TL irl!, 212k Miles and still rollin, handed down from my dad!, I would be pumped to see this in the game, hopefully R* can add a drivetrain feature so I can turn this RWD!, and put a cherry blossom livery on it!* 2nd gen Acura TL Type S 3rd gen Acura TL Type S *I'm surprised that there was a mod for this car!* Pontiac Aztek Benny's Upgrade (Donk or Lowrider) *不不不不They have to add this car for sh*ts and giggles!, imagine the Aztek car meets不不!*
  8. Officer Friendly

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    Why is Rockstar giving German media interviews? Failed opportunity by interviewer to grill them on how the online experience is abysmal, technical issues still present two years after "beta", or how the naturalist role really has minimal content with copy and paste content galore.
  9. Fierelier

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    Yeah, just attempt what I said, if that doesn't work, your game might just be funked.
  10. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Best character in Vice City?

    Kent Paul.
  11. Heisenberg_

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  12. RyuNova

    RDO Next Updates Speculation & General Chat

    Until we get a date from R* I ain't getting excited for sh*t. We got this with the Casino Update for GTAO where it was "leaked" and we had about a month of nothing then weeks of "teases".
  13. Gardee568

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    Oh sorry I updated the photo
  14. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Tommy Vercetti turned 69 this June

    I feel old. And that is quite an interesting number indeed.
  15. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Cam Jones(Spoilers for GTA Vice City)...

    ...did you save him during mission "'The Job" and he lived by end of the mission. Or did you try to save him, but failed? Or did you kill him for kicks? Or did you forget about him and left at mercy of law enforcement? What did you do? I generally tried to save him whenever I do the mission, but I wasn't always able to save him (he is sometimes too slow to enter Taxi and ends up being history).
  16. Fierelier

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    You usually do not need that much VRAM for GTA IV, try lowering the available video memory by using -availablevidmem 0.9 or slightly lower to what you already set it to. Alternatively, use ZolikaPatch and enable the VRAM fix in it. -- Also, your community screenshots seem to be set to private/friends-only.

    The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

    Well...here he is. Kaer Morhern Killing Monsters armor. H2O - Heavy Hairworks Overhaul. Brutal Face Update. (Might change to the mutant face idk). Glowing Witcher Eyes Hearts of Stone Burning Mark. Other small things like 4k armors.
  18. Gardee568

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    I successfully downgraded the game however I'm getting texture floor loss here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fallasa568/images/ I can't increase my vram higher than 2047 even though I have a 6gb card?
  19. [Ambient]

    Songs that should've been in games with licensed soundtracks

    Watch Dogs: Legion
  20. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Favorite Character

    Asuka and Ray.
  21. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Do you think Claude should have had a voice?

    It would be awkward to hear Claude speak, so no. Claude being mute is 1 of the things that makes him stand out compared to other protagonists in GTA franchise.
  22. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    A few things not solved in GTA 3

    1. Escaped Liberty City with Old Oriental Gentleman and later they get married. 2. Alpha render? 3. I don't know. 4. Probably learning to swim.
  23. TheJesus1996

    The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

    This is my first rpg so sometimes my head hurts with all the crafting stuff, I don't know what the majority of materials are for lol
  24. Fierelier

    Downgrading GTA IV? (Solved)

    Yes, you'd just need to find where your old saves are, copy them to the new spot, it should probably work. I unfortunately don't know the details, it depends on the xliveless scripts used.
  25. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Toni Cipriani weight gain

    He stopped going to gym. That is if there even was one in Liberty City.
  26. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Most Annoying Character?

    Toni Cipriani's Mom
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