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  2. Remember last year when rockstar shut down gta online servers several hours because george floyd incident? was even rumored that they canceled cops and crooks dlc because that, so yes, old Rockstar is no more
  3. Makes we wonder if we can really be confident about things said in those rating descriptions if there are errors like this. I'm fairly confident that no dialogue/original audio for the game uses 'f*ck', but it could be referring to song lyrics? I'm not sure if any of the songs in VC have 'f*ck' in the lyrics, but it'd probably be a track on Wildstyle if any. Hopefully someone is able to confirm if this is an error.
  4. My favorite island is probably Vice City Mainland. Has all the major gangs, interesting neighborhoods like Little Haiti and Havana, Downtown, the Air base and airport, the port. Favorite neighborhood is probably Leaf Links. Looks cozy and the golf course is cool!
  5. I'm pretty sure the code itself isn't ported over. From the way I see it it might actually be easier to just take the data from the missions for example and redo the logic rather than try to make the old code compatible with UE4.
  6. It's accurate honestly That must be a mistake for sure. I wouldn't believe they would make Tommy say f*ck, in fact.. Vice City never used the word 'f*ck', didn't it?
  7. cuban gang member

    What is your favorite part of Liberty City in GTA III?

    Red light district
  8. Lonely-Martin

    Cayo Perico Prep Missions Elimination Game

    1. Intel gathering - 175 (+1) 2. Vehicle - Longfin - 70 (-2) 3. Equipment - Cutting Torch - 114
  9. Tommy used it when he saw himself in the mirror in the new edition.
  10. cuban gang member

    Weird thoughts you had about GTA's songs

    Rollercoaaaaaster oh oh oh ho ho ho ho
  11. And Rockstar showed that pretty good when GTA 5 came out in the storyline.. man that storyline was actually some sort of prophecy for the years we live in now. Too bad Rockstar is kneeling too.. Wish society could accept satire more and not cancel everything that even tries to put a finger on that issue.
  12. What is your favorite part of Vice City in GTA Vice City? As a bonus, I also added a poll where you can vote for your favorite neighborhood since Vice City doesn't have has many neighborhoods as other GTA cities.
  13. You need to finish all levels, including the final boss. By "hit him when he is green" people mean that when he appears in front to you, don't shoot, just wait like 3-4 seconds until he starts flashing with different colors. Thats the moment when you can shoot him. If you start shooting before that, he just blocks it with his chainsaw
  14. Ah I see, yea that makes more sense. Yeah that ship has sailed sadly lol, it's a shame they didn't make SAS for Vita when that first launched, it would've been a perfect platform. Maybe they were a bit sceptical about continuing their run of handheld titles after VCS didn't have the same commercial impact as LCS, even though it was a better game. Also just a small thing, but in the PEGI rating for Vice City it says: 'There is also use of strong language ('f*ck').' I thought f*ck wasn't used until San Andreas??
  15. You're right, though I more meant they would be three parts of one game split across three discs so that they could play well on a PSP. Maybe the word "anthology" makes more sense than "trilogy." It's a moot point though cause it will never happen.
  16. I've got all 3 of last weeks locations in one session.
  17. One of the San Andreas shots has random garbage on the road, I think we'll even see new stuff flying around.
  18. Which area of Liberty City do you prefer the most in Grand Theft Auto III. Feel free to share your favorite neighborhoods in that area as well. I might do the same poll for other GTA games, so look out for these ones too
  19. I could definitely see it working with LS + a bit of the surrounding countryside, but a whole game set in Fierro or Venturas? In the context of the SA map they're fine, but those cities aren't interesting/dense enough to carry a whole game in my opinion.
  20. I really love how neat the paragraphs and layouts look. Is there a software or resource you've used to get the paragraphs exactly in place next to the pictures like in the History and Game Information section?
  21. Today
  22. VommyTercetti

    [RE:LCS] HD Textures Port

    Is the relcs project still being worked on? :(
  23. I swear I have good internet and it's still not done loading.
  24. The news paper thing man. I hope they keep it in.
  25. It's actually the worst take I've ever seen - everything is reversed.
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