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  2. Lucas wester

    What do you collect?

    I think collecting is something the people on gtaforums do alot
  3. Taterman

    Earn Triple Payouts on Classic Sumo Modes

    You must have been like...
  4. Taterman

    show your income per hour

    You can still get a solo public lobby. Just pull your LAN cable to switch to wifi.
  5. Jimbatron

    Earn Triple Payouts on Classic Sumo Modes

    Yes. 6 gold for the first time ever. RNG my a55, this is weapons grade trolling from R*.
  6. Mastah

    Enhanced GTA V coming to PS5 in 2021

    LOL no: Just another person obsessed with some pop star who thinks it's ok to spam this sh*t everywhere.
  7. Rajder

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5.420]

    *Max Payne 3 Old School difficulty flashbacks intensifies*
  8. Lucas wester

    How was your day?

    Meh me and a friend played gta and came up with a fun game we played in freemode now im in class listening to music and browsing GTAF
  9. nonamenoname

    SAMP Addon

    reconnect for redownloading files
  10. Protagonist gets a visible oner if you stare at beautiful women too long.
  11. ambi3nt

    Checklists/Progress for a new player

    Kuruma is still best BP vehicle for pve. And with trade price it's cheaper than dukes, which is 2 seater, you can't shoot back, it won't reliably protect from bullets, especially your passenger, whose health you can't see. For new players karuma is still good tool. You are making too many overexaggerated claims here. Like DCH preps taking 3x longer? Bruh.
  12. painjjj909

    GTA games GPU

    hey guys i have hear abaut new gpu it have G-Assist is that true?
  13. 0909090

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5.420]

    Well the thing is GTA has never been hard, at all. It was always among the easier games out there even back in the day. Now it's just very, very easy, but really so are the other games that are close to this genre. The only challenge to me is in getting all Gold medals in missions in recent Rockstar games. I can say those are quite hard, but they are not required for 100 % completion, just for achievements/trophies. There are certainly more challenges in these games, but you have to look for them - anything that is in main path is very easy.
  14. Zello

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 5.420]

    I went to the supermarket today and saw this sh*t. Made me think of Ricardo.
  15. It would be cool to see like sand particle on your pants and shirt if you had been previously roaming around on the beach. I remember seeing a "leak" that mentioned the same of how real the environment looks and emphasized that sand would get into npcs shirts hair etc
  16. painjjj909

    GTA San Andreas mods problem

    my pc spec is 4 GB RAM 1gb VRAM NO GPU intel (HD) 2500 family 4 core windows 10pro grapchics mods is =ENB v0.075 all form MixMods Websites i have use it before it work but now i don't know what is the problem
  17. yarab

    Prototype build of GTA2 (SEP/1999)

    I agree.
  18. Aquamaniac

    Checklists/Progress for a new player

    CP is not overrated in making money. The problem with the old heists, nobody joins them these days. Hosting the old heists these days means more waiting than playing, you make more money doing contact missions especially since you are only paid for the finals as a host. In the worst case a Pacific Standard final earns you 125k and will easily take hours and various attempts after you beat it with randoms (speaking only about the final), as I said you make more money with contact missions. Who needs a Kuruma these days? Duke of Death is better and cheaper, Nightshark or Menacer are
  19. vcfan1991

    Certainty of Atheism

    It's funny to me when atheists say outright "God cannot exist" - perfect example of denialism. At best you can say "agnostic" - instead of closing your mind to atheistic dogma (which is actually no different to religious dogma) Atheist zealots and religious zealots - two sides of the same kind. Human mind is inquisitive by nature. It should explore, it should try to discover as much as possible without succumbing to simple mindset of "nope!" Science and religion MUST work together. If they don't then it's nothing but superstitious dogmatic nonsense... G
  20. LodwigRedemption

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    Remember all those other times when Rockstar delivered on their promises? There's like a 98% chance that what is announced will eventually be released, but sure, let's take the one or two cases where this wasn't the case. I don't want to sound aggressive, it's just that in my opinion it's really dumb to think this way. Truth is, there is no answer to that question. You're right though, the proof that we have isn't relevant or big enough to confirm anything. I guess that, as always, time will tell.
  21. VCPR Official

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    @rollschuh2282 did you have game files before LSSS?
  22. Jimbatron

    Earn Triple Payouts on Classic Sumo Modes

    So, in the one day when the amount of weed you can get in a bag is worth more than you can carry in gold, would anyone like to guess how much gold I drew in the compound?
  23. Jahmal

    Gang Rp psn

    My Psn is cxrtifiedfn I want to join
  24. Reeced

    [LCS|VCS|WIP] PSP Remaster

    I just wish I could get this working, going on holiday soon and it would be nice to play on my psp with the ps2 hud.
  25. Crafty-

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk XI

    Zero evidence that any of that was developed last year though, all that stuff could have been hanging around for ages. There's also nothing to denote why those things haven't been built and used, just like all the other bits and pieces that have been found over the years. Pretty sure that LSSS was just a load of left over stuff that got thrown together to make an update during all the disruption last year, hence it could have easily picked up old development that related to the police stuff. Even if it was in active development last year and it did get canceled due to rea
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