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  2. Cornphlake

    Spectator box?

    What Gat said. What's the spectator box entry for that's way over in the corner of the arena workshop?
  3. ambi3nt

    Spectator box?

    it works great. if you don't care about money, you can turn spectator mode into rp/ap spin2win grind. it's much better than regular gameplay of arena and probably better than boosting fast wins. few things to note are yeah, you need to set matchmaking to open if you wanna use door and also there is new option which allows you to remain spectator after rounds change. btw if you join a player (ie friend) who started a match, you can become spectator with full wheel access too. so with some tinkering around, optional help of macros, you can make grind semi passive and quite op.
  4. n1tr0t0m

    Thoughts on Death Bikes?

    Not like you can have a gargoyle and a deathbike :P
  5. LeonVegaSuarez

    All missable things

    The owl feather trinket won't be in your inventory and you won't get the bonus if you get it through replay.
  6. Magick

    Auto aim

    Are you using Wide auto aim? IIRC, the Wide setting says it will lock onto what it thinks is the best target. Try switching that to Normal or Narrow and see if that helps
  7. Voodoo-Hendrix

    [GTAO] The General Chat Topic

    Is that Rocket League at 00:18?
  8. Strikebosh

    Aiming sensitivity

    Anybody else finding the aiming sensitivity/mechanics clunky, compared to RDR1? I've been having a fiddle about with the 3rd/1st person aim settings, and I've managed to find a setting that improves them quite a bit. Anyone else made any helpful tweaks? LOOK SENSITIVITY- DEFAULT SETTING +3 AIM SENSITIVITY- DEFAULT SETTING +3 AIM/LOOK ACC - MAX SETTING -3 AIM/LOOK D-ZONE-TURN COMPLETELY OFF
  9. yeezy203

    Let's talk horses

    I plan on leveling up to get the Hungarian half breed then I'll use that until I can be reunited with the trusty Tiger Striped Mustang. Loved that horse in SP and will mostly be my go-to online.
  10. Alex Francisco

    Post your Red Dead Online character

    Finally satisfied with my look.
  11. ddarko12

    Pegassi Toros Appreciation & Discussion Thread

    Theyre aight but I agree. Better yet we just need new rims in this game
  12. hotrats773

    Quick tips

    Some herbs have "unknown effects" so you have to try them to reveal what they do. I forget which one but I ate it, vomited blood and sounded like a choking dude.
  13. Nutduster

    Should the Orbital Cannon be removed?

    I don't think so. In my experience it's used at least 80% of the time as an act of extreme butthurt against someone who has the upper hand in a PvP war. In my worst "kill everyone" days, I had a massive number of people who would eventually teleport back to their facility and then either OC me, or try to (I quickly learned all the workarounds to avoid it). This is especially prevalent when fighting crews - they love sending one person back to the fac while the others keep you busy. I was killed from orbit way more because of PvP than when I was running my businesses. (In fact, despite doing months of grinding after the Doomsday Heist release, I don't think I ever got randomly killed by the OC while doing a business run. I was worried about it, but it never happened. Though I did see a couple guys just trolling by doing the OC on random people and quitting to the next lobby, over and over, but they didn't hit me thankfully.) But anything that costs that much money, is a guaranteed kill (under most circumstances), and can instantly interfere with whatever anyone else is doing... yeah, that's going to boost shark card sales at least a little bit. if nothing else, I bet some people bought cards just to afford the piece of sh*t, as well as the facility it comes in.
  14. R*Phenomenon

    Things I would like in RDR2 Online

    - Trapper or any function that lets you collect different animal pelts/parts to craft something special for your avatar/horse. - Own a house or other properties - Own wagons or carts which can stow multiple carcasses or (big) pelts or (medium) animals - Betting Games - Horse/wagon Fence - the possibiliy to punish someone with tar and feathers (wich last for an hour or so) (think something like "send a mugger" from gta online) i think this could be pretty funny.
  15. Poggy

    Shooting people in freeroam

    I too like to live dangerously ... But I use my guns without instructions! Double danger.
  16. yeezy203

    The Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread

    anyone have their free roam stranger missions suddenly go missing?
  17. Possebility

    Ask A Gameplay Question!

    taking pics with XBox1-/PS4 share-button is the best way for hi res. Holding down D-pad gives you some options incl. toggling off/on that mini map.
  18. fejkb

    The Gang Hideouts Database

    My experiences: Hideouts: Cueva Seca - day Gaptooth Breach - day Sea of Coronado (South of Gaptooth Breach) - day Solomon's Folly - day Cholla Springs - night Repentance - day and night Fort Mercer - day and night Pikes Basin - no idea Manteca Falls - night + there is one more gang hideout right next to it at the cliff and it also spawns at night Bear Claw - night Quaker's Cove - day Fort Riggs - day Hanging Dog Ranch - day and night Cumberland Falls - day Six Point Cabin - day Firewood Rise - day Bacchus Station - day Lakay - night West Bayou - day Radley's Pasture - day and night Ambushes: Between Pikes Basin and Manteca Falls - day West of Bear Claw - day South of Fort Riggs - day Bard's Crossing - day Granite Pass (Window Rock, north of Six Point Cabin) - day That's what I remember at least. Btw please stop using such low quality maps. Use that one instead.
  19. Sanches

    [GTAO] The General Chat Topic

    @SirWillC Because you're in, for a good time!
  20. Poggy

    Showdown series - Any way to do this?

    Tomahawk kills are easy for 156 level folk I'm an old man with poor reflexes and no real talent for FPSs, I rely on autoaim and simple weapons like the varmint and shotty. Everytime I try and use the tomahawk I'm way too slow in throwing it. Most of my tomahawk kills come from melee! Which is fun, tbh
  21. Gridl0k

    Arena wars b and m

    You can message the guy and say "you're bugged out, restart" Feel free to add vague threats or lies about them losing their character
  22. simpjkee

    All missable things

    You can get that in mission replay so it's not really missable. I don't know if you can get the gold sheild in replay
  23. Ektope

    Let's talk horses

    I think he got lumbago
  24. WildBrick142

    Does Anyone Have the Arena War Special Shirts List???

    Albany Tee Albany Vintage Tee Annis Tee (Released 12/11/18) Benefactor Tee BF Tee Bollokan Tee Bravado Tee (Released 12/11/18) Brute Tee Buckingham Tee Canis Tee Chariot Tee Cheval Tee Classique Tee Coil Tee Declasse Tee Dewbauchee Tee Dilettante Tee Dinka Tee Dundreary Tee Emperor Tee Enus Tee Fathom Tee Gallivanter Tee Grotti Tee Hijak Tee HVY Tee Imponte Tee Invetero Tee Jobuilt Tee Karin Tee Lampadati Tee Maibatsu Tee Mamba Tee Mammoth Tee MTL Tee Obey Tee Ocelot Tee Overflod Tee Pegassi Tee Pfister Tee Progen Tee Rune Tee Schyster Tee sh*tzu Tee Truffade Tee Ubermacht Tee Vapid Tee Vulcar Tee Weeny Tee Willard Tee Albany Nostalgia Tee Albany USA Tee Albany Dealership Tee Annis JPN Tee BF Surfer Tee Bollokan Prairie Tee Bravado Stylized Tee Brute Impregnable Tee Brute Heavy Duty Tee Buckingham Luxe Tee Canis USA Tee Canis American Legend Tee Canis Wolf Tee Cheval Marshall Tee Coil USA Tee Coil Raiden Tee Declasse Logo Tee Declasse Girl Tee
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