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  1. Past hour

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    On the topic of endings, if Rockstar's going to give us multiple again they should be more balanced from a gameplay perspective. IV seemed a bit unbalanced in the fact that we lose Kate in both endings, and since she had no abilities made Revenge the obvious choice. Then with V they totally blew it out of the water even worse. They seemingly punished those who didn't look at spoilers and pick ending C. In my opinion the game should have balanced that out by all the protagonists losing their share of the UD score in ending C. VI either needs to have a straight A to Z story or give us a good reason to not follow the same path 90% of other players have.
  3. IamCourtney

    Rain at -12C?

    Something about the way the game is coded means there can only be one type of weather effect active, and it can only be active for the whole map at once. It sorta makes sense since the majority of the map is in a temperate climate, but it's also the reason we see daily downpours way up in the mountains and down in the desert.
  4. Jason

    ...::[The Footy Desk]::... (Part 2)

    We, I believe, as I've not kept super up to date with football at all these past few months, are pretty much full strength. We should have for the first time Pogba and Bruno available, Rashford should be fit too. Excited to see how they all fit in the team together... even though I've suspected for a few months now that we probably won't fight to keep Pogba if someone comes knocking with a good bid, but that was before all the corona stuff.
  5. I think Trevor Philips is more a ignorant meth addict than johnny klebitz but johnny klebitz is bad for letting himself fall. I think Trevor would kill Johnny even the way he was in IV but what do you think
  6. I also like doing Londonderry before Do not Seek Absolution 1 for the same reasons. I like to get both of those missions done before Just a Social Call, since I don't think Arthur would go back to Annesburg after that mission.
  7. Giantsgiants

    Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles Elimination Game

    1. Maxwell Asbo - 44 (+1) 2. Karin Everon - 40 3. Lampadati Komoda - 43 4. Vapid Retinue Mk II - 56 5. Übermacht Rebla GTS - 40 6. Maxwell Vagrant - 48 7. Grotti Furia - 45 8. Karin Sultan Classic - 57 9. Declasse Drift Yosemite - 36 10. Dinka Sugoi - 28 11. Dinka Blista Kanjo - 28 12. Dewbauchee JB 700W - 4 13. Överflöd Imorgon - 20 14. Albany V-STR - 45 15. Progen PR4 - 42 16. Ocelot R88 - 34 (-2)
  8. HeistsActivist

    GTA IV Multiplayer Xbox One

  9. CallTheCoroner

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 4]

    Summer 2020 literally hasn’t even started yet... summer solstice doesn’t start until June 20th.
  10. Tchuck

    General US Politics Discussion

    So you admit to being part of antifa, then?
  11. Tchuck

    The Coronavirus Thread

    Except it is, though. Because for s much as we can identify a "risk group", there's still way more healthy people that die that should have lived. Athletes, people without any commorbities, people who live extremely healthy life style. Whereas the flu will only kill you if you truly are unhealthy. And it has a vaccine. And it has proper treatments. The number of deaths from the flu has been on a descendant curve for a decade now. Actually, we now know it's more of a blood-vessel inflammatory disease. It can attack any organ on your body, which is why it's so difficult to treat. Which, again, makes it completely different from a cold/flu, and even from other coronaviruses. SARS won't destroy your liver. MERS won't attack your brain. Covid19 will. In the US alone, there were 29 million cases last season. Requiring 280k hospitalizations. A rate of 1% of cases. And up to 69k deaths, which is 0.23% of total cases. And that's for an entire season of cases. Covid has affected almost 2 million Americans, and killed 110k. A rate of 5.5%. Tell me again, with a straight face, it is just a cold. But you can't say that. Because we've had extremely healthy people die. We've had people without any medical history die. We've had people who shouldn't die, die. It's dangerous because we still don't know why. We can point at the flu and clearly see what kind of people would die from it. We can't do the same with covid, not with the same certainty. You could catch it, and die. You don't know. You won't know until you have it. And it is a horrible way to die. Then the fact that unlike the flu, this can leave you with long-term problems. If you require hospitalization, even after recovery, there's a good chance your lung function will be compromised on the long term. There's also cases of otherwise-healthy people becoming diabetic. Tell me, again, it is just a cold. Vaccine, treatment, decades of treating it, familiarity with the virus and its strains. And it is way more deadly. In the US alone, it is more than 20 times deadlier than the flu. Sure, you may counter that "oh but we must have many undiagnosed cases all over the place! The rate is surely lower!" true, but we may also have underreported deaths which could level it all out again. Right, but you don't know which cases will be just like a cold, and which cases will require hospitalization. Saying it is like the cold in most cases is minimizing the disease, which can lead to increasing the number of cases and the impact on the medical system. And when you are the president of a f*cking country, you have a lot of responsibility and must never minimize a disease in this way, as people will follow your words. And this doesn't tell you anything about how not like the flu this is? Your mother should have died. She was in the risk group. But she didn't. You, who are not in the risk group, suffered more than her. A bit old, but here you go. Recent studies have shown rates are more around the 10-20% range I believe. Which would still be 10-20 times more than the flu.
  12. C4R3ON

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 4]

    guys what happened with city morgue posting something about summer 2020?
  13. Leinad


    Is this normal? Is a searchligths bug I disableb this line RenderOnlyDuringFoggyWeather = 0; this ony happens on Los Santos Airport this is my config:
  14. MostlyPonies

    How do i start

    Do the opposite of everything here https://gtaforums.com/topic/955679-give-noobs-bad-advice-thread/
  15. HisNameIsMilad

    If GTA IV was released in 2020

    Do you think that R* would implement Microtransaction if gta 4 was to ever be rereleased in 2020?
  16. Giantsgiants

    Grotti Turismo R - Is it worth the money?

    Tbh, this isn't the worst necro since even today the Turismo R can be a good fast car for getting around if you're a new player (which we've had an influx of because the game was free on the Epic store).
  17. yolobigman

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion [Part 4]

    Gta vi sucks, just played it and no realistic steak
  18. Leinad


    Well, I copied wheel_rf_dummy twice, and rename it f_wheel_1111 and the other one f_extras:1 this dummy should be inside of f_wheel_1111, inside of f_extras:1 you place your wheels. In this picture I have two wheels wheel_[norm] and wheel_[lowr], because I have 2 classes with those names, but if you aren't using classes you can name it like wheel_1, wheel_2 etc Hope it helps!
  19. Algonquin Assassin

    Things in GTA IV that don't get appreciated enough

    It's interesting how much a period piece GTA IV has already become. Even though it was only 12 years ago a lot of the things it has have become obsolete by now. Who honestly use payphones? Internet Cafes? Has a mobile/cell phone like Niko's? It really captures what the mid/late 00s were like pretty much like GTA III did for the early 00s. Infact i appreciate this because it's way more interesting looking back when GTA IV was considered modern at the time instead of intentionally being set in the past with purposely dated technology. I guess it crafted its own piece of history.
  20. Halal Cyborg

    George Floyd

    They were...how exactly does it relate to this discussion? I didn’t say theres never been any genocide of any sort did I? Such a selective quote pick out with a comment that has no relation to what I’m saying just so you can virtue signal. They were brutally wiped out almost entirely in a very short period of time...this isn’t happening to African Americans sorry it just isn’t
  21. RooST4R

    Grand Theft Auto IV Beta Hunt

    So, has anyone talked about the EFLC cover art Bullet GT?
  22. Van_Hellsing

    When Justice Is Served

    I did a camp sale mission outside Rhodes. I rode around the railroad track to avoid the town center. Sure enough there was a punk feeling lucky. Rockstar is turning you into griefer bait during a sale mission. You are completely exposed, you don't have access to the complete arsenal and you are stuck in a slow getting-off-the-wagon animation. I go fully defensive with slow-and-steady, never without one and fool me once. I get off the wagon and unleash hell. After an uneven fight I get on with the sale mission. Mission accomplished.
  23. Raavi

    George Floyd

  24. ChasingCoyote

    where are my save files?

    I have the Epic Games version of GTA V, and I'm having my butt kicked in the Vespucci Beach Motorcycle race! I have never even been able to FINISH it. I would like to submit a Save n Play request for it, but I have no idea where my save files are, I cannot find them. please help?
  25. Lonely-Martin

    Rain at -12C?

    From what I remember, snowfall is only in story mode except when R* add it in for Christmas. Do wish it had of made it over into online more frequently though. I really enjoy the story missions/freeroaming in the heavy stuff. Although, as you said, PC players can cause it too.
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