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  2. Also you need to consider you can only travel either on horse or walking. The closest approximation I could give you would be to get a BMX bicycle in GTAV and ride from one end of the map to the other.
  3. Red Hardbro

    RDR2 Gameplay Series Discussion

    Storytelling is amazing in Max Payne 3 and even the older ones. Hope we get a four one day who knows when though?
  4. Cackling Jack

    Used that free Orbital Cannon shot today...

    I didnt even buy the cannon.
  5. Zerdical

    The matte pearlescent glitch is patched

    Things like the orbital cannon glitch which is the most harmful glitch atm is so low on the priorities list but glitches that make the game better such as this are always patched. In general
  6. Ice_cold2016

    Terrobyte and MKII Oppressor thoughts/tips

    Leslie Benzies said oneday he would like to add the whole world to a GTA map but he doubts it's doable yet. But joining all GTA worlds together is more likely. Dan Houser mirrored this and said they could add all GTA worlds together if they could do it. They always dream big as GTAV Online is the game they always envisioned way back when making GTAIII at the start of the milennium, but the technology to pull it off simply wasn't there. Seems like Leslie Benzies was the brains in alot of the ideas. Even reading through his court case battle with Rockstar it reveals how Sam Houser struggled and would send emails to Leslie saying he desperately needed "The Benz" as he refers to Leslie Benzies to take the reins and sort everything out when things got tough. And Leslie would step in and get everything sorted and back on track for Rockstar. So it's going to be very interesting to see how Rockstars new releases are going to look like without him there. Imran Sawar took over Benzies role. Sawar has been there since Rockstar began. Nah, i have no interest in Red Dead aka GTAV Horsie DLC. Red Dead was the first Rockstar game i didn't like. Way too much time fannying around on a horse. You spend most of the game running from point A to point B on a horse and its just to slow and boring for me. Red Dead 2 is going to be huge so that means even further distances to travel. And the online part is going to be grind or shartcards. Grinding on horses is like grinding in mail vans. Then its probably going to get rocket powerd horses with missiles and get stupid just for extra shartcard (Or buffalo loot sacks?) sales. Straus Smalldick already confirmed microtransactions for the game and said they were the future of Rockstars games, so. And didn't they try pull a stunt locking story missions behind paywalls of something already? Something like that anyway, tons of videos and angry fans popped up over it. If people keep buying and playing them Rockstar will keep making their games pay to win or grind ya tits off. We fans can stop that if we vote with our wallets. We've already made other devs back down and change their ways. But Rockstar seem to be the only one who can get away with it.
  7. Seeing the map on paper doesnt do it justice. Trust me when i say this, the map will feel huge in-game. Bigger than GTA V for sure.
  8. The Bellic Twins

    Player Scanner Hall of Shame Thread

    The favourite vehicle stat is wrong. For me, it says Dubsta. For my friend, Shafter V12. Neither of us drive these vehicles. I didn't even own a Dubsta until a few weeks ago. Also my favourite weapon is the heavy sniper rifle. Not sure that's correct either but it makes me look like a bad ass (I'm really not lol) so I'm not complaining about that one! Level 368 with 1,113 player kills (obvious PvE player here!) and 563 deaths.
  9. lyd405121

    How make a 50VS50 melee combat?

    The original game supports for 3 melee combat, Than I change the gameconfig.xml,the number increase,But Still can not raech 50 -----------------------my gameconfig.xml-------------------------- CCombatDirector 50 CCombatInfo 160 CCombatSituation 60 CTacticalAnalysis 30 CombatMeleeManager_Groups 30 CombatMountedManager_Attacks 10
  10. cocodub

    100% Completion— ONLINE!

    My list is Reach rank 1000 Complete all heists as host Get all guns Kill 750 people Get max stats I wouldn't try to get everything as theirs so much thats so expensive
  11. It would be nice if we could compile all the info we have into a single post. But even then filtering/vetting it would be more info then I care to dig through. Sure it gets tiring retyping the same stuff over and over again but I sure as hell don't feel like going through a couple hundred pages to sift info. Perhaps we could make a topic that breaks down the gameplay trailer scene by scene. Meaning location and cross referenced to the map. But even then that would be a bit of effort. Hell I even skip out on pages if I have 5+ more to read. But it certainly pays to read as much as you can of the topics especially later in the topics.
  12. The map looks plenty big. They've upscaled West Elizabeth. Look at the images of the game world we've seen, the scale is much bigger than the impression you'd get from just looking at the map.
  13. JamesPet345

    what bugs have you encountered in after hours?

    [PS4] While doing Impromptu Races and when you press x to start and your hyperbike (oppressor mk 2) just boosted and ended the race This bug is annoying and need to be fixed so it can stop hyperbike from boosting
  14. ILL

    your Favoroite DJ out of after hours

    Solomun Dixon Black Madonna Tale of Us
  15. PetrolCB

    your Favoroite DJ out of after hours

    While this music genre is not up my alley, I like Madonna’s set the best. But that “Bugatti” song can die a f*cking awfully painful death.
  16. CrysisAverted

    B-11 Strikeforce Appreciation & Discussion Thread

    if only this thing got the infinite barrage glitch the hunter had
  17. So I'm on PS3 and I was wondering how to store a police cruiser in eclipse towers garage. Does anybody know if theirs a way to do this? Is there a way to insure it also?
  18. SilentSoul21

    Silent Soul's GTA Vehicle Sketches

    @Willy A. Jeep @Tuntchio Thank you very much! Yeah, I hope that more sketches becomes reality! I have three special sketches for this occasion, all of them are super cars. Although that super cars aren't exactly my thing, two of these models surprisingly haven't been done by R* yet, given by their popularity. The third one is a concept, which I wish that has been made it into production...
  19. So I'm on PS3 and I was wondering how to store a police cruiser in eclipse towers garage. Does anybody know if theirs a way to do this? Is there a way to insure it also?
  20. What leak are you talking about? The map that we all saw several years ago? It certainly doesn't confirm the inclusion of the old map in it's entirety, if that's what you're implying. Also bear in mind the finalized map could yet look a little different to the one that was leaked, as plenty of others have mentioned. And how do you know which direction the desert shot is facing, given the lack of a mini-map/compass and the fact that we don't know where it is? Forgive me I haven't got the time to read all 80+ pages of the thread and enjoy your expert analysis. Seems like you've already confirmed everything about the RDR2 map by yourself, I know to just go straight to your posts now.
  21. Bebo_98

    Car meets

    If anyone if willing to do a car meet then lmk and we can do it in a parking garage or something like that no killing please be nice and chill and show off your cars
  22. gotta say im a bit worried. The map just doesnt look that big. and tbh id rather a big map with sparse, dense settlements than a smaller more detailed map.. It is the west after all, lots of empty space..
  23. If we can find the font used in this map we could line up the size and start typing characters to figure out what is being said. Anyone here have a vast font knowledge? Also I knew I seen that land formation somewhere. Oregon Trail 2 and all.
  24. CrysisAverted

    The Official B*tch & Moan Thread

    jump out and shoot ceo in vip search have a good half a second of shooting at him before he takes notice and starts shooting back were both using the same f*cking lmg he kills me somehow after I died he dies f*cking lag
  25. McGhee

    Facebook stream

    I think the main reason for them to stream is to promote the After Hours content. And probably scripted in some degree too. Tonight's streamer seemed to deliberately avoid every right option to either spawn a vehicle or make good use of it. I refuse to believe people can actually be this stupid. He probably got a list of items he has to show in his stream, like doing the freshly advertised client missions, sourcings with the Terrorbyte and warm up viewers to buy one with their cash claims. Even a casual gamer knows to check all garages for a certain vehicle if you call Johnny on the Spot. Apparently, this is how he was able to fill 2 hours of After Hours promotion, by acting like a retard. Or, he really is this stupid. Either way, this was a bad bad stream.
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