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  5. Candy_Licker

    Games are taking too long to make?

    No doubt. But the problem I have with many Open World Games is that they build really big, interesting worlds but don't know what to to with it. There are few single player games these days who can hold my attention with memorable characters & a good story. Everything these days seems to be about the technical side of things (and gameplay mechanics to some degree) to the detriment of other areas. From what I can see, games like Assassin's Creed are the perfect example. They really build great worlds, but there's not much behind it. Watch Dogs has a really interesting concept/mechanics, but again, story is meh. The latest Deus EX seemed to suffer from the same problems according to reviews: gameplay mechanics better than ever, but lackluster story. GTA V is the same imo, the single player is uninspired compared to VC & SA. In San Andreas they used every part of the world and integrated it into the story line, in GTA V most of the world is completely unused in SP and only used as a prop for MP. So many games waste great worlds/technical progress with uninspiring standard stories & fetch quests these days, it's a shame really. It's evident how the focus has shifted so much towards MP in the last few years.
  6. Jinx.

    Liberty City Stories: PC

    You do realize all of this is constructive criticism, right? There is nothing hateful in any of those replies. Try to make a difference between posts like these and Coolmods' "VCSPCE suxx" ones. About the handling, IIRC the lines on PS2 have more values, while on PSP they are more like in VC and can even be used there.
  7. GodzillaGTAGamer

    [WIP|BETA|SA] GTA: Underground - Mod Discussion

    please post this in suggestion forum please (https://gtaforums.com/topic/880448-gta-underground-suggestions/)
  8. KoJlxo3_Parents

    [WIP|BETA|SA] GTA: Underground - Mod Discussion

    I have ideas for GTA underground 1.Fps indicator(In the left corner) 2.can be made to newsvan to chase you if you have multiple stars 3.You can do so that the weapon flew shells when shooting 4.to do in UG:MP all the features of MTA (synchronization and so on.), with the exception of download objects no more than 50-100 mb 5.can add this feature (https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/cleo/58063-oil-leakage.html) 6.advanced game settings(shadows, leaves on trees, and much more) 7.You can add new animations from the Rockstar game series(vc, gta 3 and so on) 8.To optimize the cars under tuning(without crashes) 9.Add a first-person view and optimize it (no crashes) 10.The function removes the HUD completely(for filming) 11.You can expand the possibilities for trains. For example, add audio signals. Ability to walk inside wagons. 12. Camera on top like in gta 2 13. Add maps, cars, weapons from GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA london(They already have, you only have to add) 14.Bullet hole 15.add your game menu and spice it up. in SAMP, make it transparent so that there are no cunning people.(That they could be killed in afk) 16.You can add Easter eggs. For example, the realization of the popular myths in your mod 17.You can add a cut function, a Bank robbery 18.You can add new weapons to the sastyle https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/78321-ak-74-sa-style.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/66534-mp5k-silenced-sa-style.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/66535-sks-sa-style.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/66537-sr-25-sa-style.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/66527-ares-shrike-sa-style.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/66529-car-15-sa-style.html
  9. cakeflirty


    Weekly bump
  10. 1972

    Fallout 76

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/8oc7ja/west_virginia_radio_distress_signal_found_in/ Reddit found a West Virginia radio distress call in Fallout 4. My guess is it's been secretly added with the latest F4 CC update.
  11. iiCriminnaaL 49

    Liberty City Stories: PC

    Why does the game crash when I increase the resolution screen over 1366 x 720?
  12. Fenton


    I just hope I can access GTAGarage again, this new site feels empty to me
  13. sivispacem

    Conspiracy Theories

    As well as being done to death, and really not worthy of any kind of intellectual attention. Most theories are self-debunking if you look hard enough; somewhere along the lines they involve making ridiculous or unfathomable assumptions, or contradict themselves. I've yet to find one that really warrants D&D attention.
  14. dino722

    The GTAForums Official Crew

    Iv had some beef today with members of pbmo, just so you guys know...
  15. MARINA

    Dear r* (regarding overall female clothing choices)

    Considering that a nightclub DLC is most likely coming up im praying we get some cute mini dresses and cocktail dresses to fit the theme also I want more hairs that can have an ombre effect, i don't like the streaks on many of the hairs. they got a weird texture. gimme new makeup too pls: (also can we get eyelash extensions as an added accessory or something?)
  16. el carlitos

    The rate the Snapmatic PICTURE above you thread!

    9,5/10 the action I like, nice shot Ride or Die
  17. AStiffBreeze

    Next DLC Speculation Thread

    In Dispatch I there's a computer inside the police station that you interact with to unlock the cells. Might be related to that?
  18. el carlitos

    Principe Faggio Appreciation Thread!

  19. wehweh01

    Next DLC Speculation Thread

    It is but I wish PVP would get some attention as well. Loser perks are very annoying to deal with since you can't turn them off. Same goes for Powerplay and Double Damage bonuses. Then there's the annoyance of having some goofball join with Fast Run/Walk to cheese a deathmatch. I'm getting used to ignoring it but I wish I didn't have to.
  20. Fun 2

    Next DLC Speculation Thread

    I checked the new missions and found some new variables that doesn't exist in the files. The new missions were made with a updated creator mode. iopcd menubs19 newausc rcvs tvnc0 tvnc1 tvnc2 tvnc3 tvpm0 tvpm1 tvpm2 tvpm3 cmodel fwTPos fwTSize fwTeam noC ncol vbmbl vbmbm wspg wsspg outonfv "cmodel": It might refer to control model ? Controlling a specific object using one of the monitors above ? "noC" = 2 This variable seems to list the number of control models as there's two of them. "vbmbl" & "vbmbm": These are more likely pickups for vehicles. Like the pickups in Vehicle Vendetta. Vehicle Bomb Ignition Vehicle Bomb Manual "ncol" > "Vehicles" menu Neon color ? "iopcd": I can't figure this out, all I know is that "cd" refer to cooldown.
  21. menganese

    GTA Online Videos

  22. TarRebririon

    GTA: Underground - Fan art & Screenshots

    Died because of excessive oxygen
  23. menganese

    The GTA V Video Gallery

  24. B7R

    Post your most recent purchase

    EB Games / Gamestop half year sale, picked up the original watch dogs for $4 for PC (And I remember paying close to $80 for it when it came out on the PS3) Specifications are pretty tough for it but I reckon my system will be able to handle it when I get around to installing it.
  25. I can claim that could be an informer of the Ballas. To support my theory, the Ballas car turns around and starts shooting on Sweet's car. the timing of the Ballas arriving at the store while they are eating food itself is quite suspicious. The rival gang members often wait for such opportunities, and informers help them know about the movements of any gangs around their territory.
  26. The Eddo

    Liberty City Stories: PC

    Now, now, let's not say all that. Surya hates people who don't appreciate his work, you guys can't even imagine how much time he spent on this, just to amuse us brainless idiots. Now, let's do something useful, such as following the damn train.
  27. Hello there, I need an an extra person to help with my Gunrunning sell mission. I’m also willing to help with a sell mission as well and other jobs. I have my own public lobby currently on PS4, screen name Gearshifter1. I’m currently online and will be for the next 2-3 hours. Send a message mentioning GTAF if you’re interested, I would really appreciate the help.
  28. gts.

    Which Vehicle Do You Prefer? [GAME]

    Remington. Flash or Club?
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