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  2. MADVAL2

    HD Perennial GTA LCS

    "HD Perennial GTA LCS" K U R U M A
  3. Kajjy

    The RDR2 Beta Hunt

    I think cutting a whole sidquest because of a birthmark being on the wrong side is kinda impossible really. It wouldn't be that hard of a fix to to change the text in the poster or change her texture. Imo they probably just ran out of time like with the love interest thing.
  4. Tiffany


    A few guns seem to be missing as far as I can tell like the M1899 Pistol, Evans Repeater, High Roller Revolver, Le Mat Revolver. I'd also really like an unlimited dead eye option. Maybe something for cores to be infinite. I've also been encountering an issue. I'm not sure if the ScriptHook is causing it. But after completing a quest usually all quest icons vanish from the map and I have to save and load from the save to get them to show back up. Also would it be possible to spawn a Black Chestnut Thoroughbred? I don't even know if it's possible to access those or if their files are for Online only, but they look snazzy. Would be nice to have one in single player.
  5. GTA3Rockstar

    NFL Discussion

    You were making it sound like it was years and years, but then it was just a couple years ago. And yeah, it was only against Denver, at home. I think they will lose against SEA and GB. MAYBE the Chargers if they decide to play like they could.
  6. BlanketFister

    Happy Helpers - PC

    Just be nice.
  7. ArthurMorganRDR

    RDR2 PC Photo Mode Screenshots

    Don't open if you haven't finished the game yet.
  8. Nyfyr

    The RDR2 Beta Hunt

    Can someone do a comparison of the shot from trailer 2 of Arthur riding on Mt Shann with the view of the landscape? Im thinking now that we have the photo mode, or mods so we can zoom in, we can actually get it right this time. That way we can know for certain what part of the landscape has changed since then.
  9. MeisterJazz

    Rate the Character Above You Thread

    9/10 I like your haircut
  10. jippa_lippa

    Does HDR improve things so dramatically?

    Hello everyone. I looked at the recent developments and widespread diffusion of HDR enabled content with great interest and I really wanted to finally dip into the HDR world with the recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC. A couple of weeks ago I was quite more optimistic with regards to my financial situation, but things changed slightly during these weeks and, despite still being able to purchase the display I want, it wouldn't actually be the wisest thing for me to do at the very moment. I was wondering if HDR really changed things so radically as people say and if it actually improved the visual aspect of a game (specifically RDR2 in this case) so massively. On the other specturm, I'd like to know if you think HDR benefits have been inflated a bit. I'm basically asking for general thoughts about the actual impact HDR has on the visuals from recent videogames. Thank you
  11. GTA_FAN_NL

    The Snow Topic.

    I am so looking forward to the snow again! Hopefully we get a week or two extra to enjoy the ambiance, the lighting, the cars.
  12. Krommer

    The Trader General Thread

    Yes. The wagon is also great when you KNOW where a cougar can spawn, since you ride the "cumbersome" wagon there. Unlike the Horse, the wagon won't get spooked and abandon you so you see the 3 star cougar (which you then shoot in the head.) I bumped into a spot west of where it says "Plainview", in the desert area. A cougar was spawning there, right near a camp I got there. I'd ride my wagon over, follow the 3 star track, shoot it then throw it in. By the time I got back, from my camp, a cougar had spawned again. Soon, my camp materials were full. Then I just put 5 more perfect cougars in the wagon, until I was fairly bored. Outside of this, I also use the wagon in this area when nothing is spawning except a group of 5 pronghorn. I'll bump into these, a lot. I then run them down and shoot as many as possible, drag/ride some of the corpses to a nearby road, bring over more, then dismiss the horse and summon the Hunting Wagon. I also make use of the Hunting Wagon if Cripp's camp daily is "deliver 10 medium carcasses to cripps", or if it is the "Sell 20 carcasses", one. Then I'll ride the wagon around, filling it up with those medium carcasses. When full, I then switch to the horse and get 3 on it. Then I'm looking for squirrels/quail/other "satchel" animals. Sell off the horse at the butcher, pop the wagon for those 10 medium, then finish off with satchel animals.
  13. Zak Ras

    Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk VIII

    Have you got the flex tape ready for your in-game wallet?
  14. Krommer

    The Bounty Hunter General Thread

    Oh, I think I've only seen one dude for $$$ bounties.
  15. hugh750

    The Official B*tch & Moan Thread (Part 3)

    i swear before i upgraded my mc businesses i never got raided, today my meth lab got raided again (out of my mc businesses my meth lab gets raided more then the others)!!
  16. Jeansowaty

    My opinions on the GTA series so far

    To me it goes this way: 1. GTA IV - my first ever GTA game I bought, so nostalgia plays a bit of a factor too, but other than that, incredible story, great characters, beautiful city, awesome graphics and great vehicle selection. Definitely my favorite. 2. GTA III - one of the darkest GTAs to date, also very nostalgic to me, probably the first one I have ever completed. Beautiful city design, quite okay story, but I hate the protagonist. 3. TIED: San Andreas and Chinatown Wars - both of these games are very valuable to me. SA makes it up for the gargantous map, gang warfare and other neat tidbits that it brought in after VC. Say what you want, but for a 2004 game and after 2002's VC, this is one gigantic game. As for Chinatown Wars, well damn, it was so good to revisit good old HD Liberty City. The story is also quite captivating, the humor is hilarious and the characters are nicely written. It was nice seeing them being mentioned in GTA IV first and now brought back as proper characters. Drug dealing is a win-win, as Zhou Ming would say Other GTAs that didn't make the podium are reviewed this way by me: GTA1 - the first one ever, I absolutely adore the atmosphere and creative mission design. Great selection of vehicles. The gameplay and graphics are a tad rusty, but for nostalgia sakes, it's great to play. GTA London 1969 - I love it, it made me see some great points about the 60's and early 70's neat take on a completely new setting that I would like to be revised one fine day maybe. GTA London 1961 - not a proper GTA in my opinion but a lousy 7 mission pack made for those who must have played GTA1 and L69 for like one year straight. The difficulty curve is far too steep, it's the hardest GTA EVER. GTA2 - my first 2D Universe title, I spent many hours on it as well. The atmosphere was pretty new to me, but the overall game reminded me somehow of GTA3. May be the sound effects and the fact that you have a Yakuza gang and both players are called Claude. Oh and let's not forget that GTA3 in the early beta was a lot more similar to GTA2. Definitely recommend this one for people who enjoyed the 3D Universe games, since it's a great link between the rusty GTA1 trilogy and the 3D games. GTA Vice City - first one I ever played at my cousin's place, I managed to complete it fairly late. The story seems to be a bit too uncreative to me, okay, it's fine to throw in a couple of references but ripping off whole stories is a total nah to me. Also the soundtrack was too kitschy to me as well, too many well known songs that I can listen to on the radio to this day. GTA Advance - nice idea, half-assed execution. It started out as a port of GTA3 for the GBA but it went its own path. If not for the horrendous shooting mechanics and some story plotholes (8-Ball for example), it could stand good as a game of its own, but in comparison to other GTAs, it looks FAR TOO PALE. I believe a mobile port + a potential remake on GTA LCS engine would make people enjoy it a bit more, the game deserves it. GTA Liberty City Stories - my least liked GTA to date. The only thing good about it are some gameplay tidbits such as vehicles, side-missions, also the soundtrack and the atmosphere. But the story? Oh my f*cking Lord, TAKE IT AWAY. Zero character developement and it's only 50% asskissing Salvatore Dumbeone, 49% asskissing Donald Love (who was made an even more unlikeable cunt than he was already) and 1% was bringing back characters from GTA3 who didn't even need to reappear, like said Love, Ray, 8-Ball. Why was there no Luigi or Joey ffs?! Also the whole Mafia atmosphere is so caricatural it's a joke. No Mafia functions like that except for the cliche-packed movies. Hell, even Don Corleone is far more likeable than that douchebag sh*tvatore. GTA Vice City Stories - combine SA with VC and you get this. Great! I loved the Empire Building and the great story, it's still one of the best written stories in the series to me (minus the fact that Vic can sometimes get a bit inconsistent). Great selection of new weapons too. The only turnoff is the year - again the 80's and again a crapton of references to those overrated 80's movies and series. Oh and yet another mainstream soundtrack. Bleh. But at least I found it a bit more my taste than VC's one. TLAD - I absolutely adore the biker setting, mostly because I'm a bike enthusiast myself. It's short, Johnny made his own share of mistakes, but the story is a great add-on to the already existing awesome IV. The new weapons, vehicles and map changes were very welcome to me. TBOGT - I like it less than TLAD, mostly for the overdose of pink and too much happiness in the story. I see the point of this story but it's just not really my taste, sorry. Luis was barely likeable and quite a bunch of characters like Tony, Mori, Evan, Margot etc. weren't better either. I did enjoy all the new vehicles and weapons though, but the mission design seemed to be a bit too over the top for me at times. V - Would never reach the tops in my rankings, sorry, but it's okay for what it is. In many aspects it seems like a step down from IV, but that doesn't mean it's an unplayable sh*tfest. It's quite okay, it's still GTA down inside. Really liked all the new HD vehicles and weapons featured in this game, but I disliked the clunky character movement (or I just never got used to it) and weapon sound effects. Quite a controversial soundtrack, while it has a lot of great material, there's also a ton of bullsh*t which I even dread to imagine listening to. The story is a total flop and one of the weakest entries in the entire series, coupled with a trio of unlikeable pieces of sh*t, but you can kinda grow on them and get used to them. Let me put it this way, if you want to play for having fun and killing sprees, go for it, but if you're looking for a deep and meaningful story, rather avoid it, it won't be your cup of tea I suppose. GTA Online - lol.
  17. Today
  18. Jeansowaty

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Another unpopular opinion - I don't think Gracie Ancelotti was a bitch and she's far overhated. I mean, how would you react if a big-nosed Slavic guy you develop a crush on told you he's kidnapping you? Would you comply and sit quiet with a smile on your face? Doubt so. It's kinda normal why she freaked out this way and the whole event probably left her heavily scarred. I really liked the dialogue she had with Niko during the test drive, she seemed like a nice girl, and a pretty naive one too I might add.
  19. oleg_aka_djmeg

    The EZ Guide To The Doomsday Heists And Criminal Mastermind

    not the best way but you could try pressing RT and shooting immediately instead of pressing LT to aim and then RT to shoot.
  20. Krommer

    Camp issue...

    I had no problem getting a camp in Rio Lobo again. I just go way east, to Gaptooth Ridge. After failing to get Rio Lobo on the way, I then go to my regular Gaptooth ridge spot, select Rio Lobo again, then nearly instantly get the camp (the spot i go to in Gaptooth Ridge is way west, by that mine or something. ) The Rio Lobo Camp I usually end up with is by the railroad tracks South of Benedict point, or just to the east of it. This was in a Lobby with 20 players, again. The camp also stays, unless I do a mission that puts me in a solo lobby. It might help that this area is not SUPER popular; These camps would often be EMPTY anyway, so it is still odd that I even have this much trouble getting a camp. On my way to Gaptooth, I'll literally ride by these areas and see no camps there (my target areas, in Rio Bravo.) In the video you can see me mouse over the area I assume the camp might be, south of Benedict Point by the tracks. It puts me in an area just east of there, though all of those camps were free. I then played for a couple hours after this, making use of the camp for 4 or so dailies (to continue my "streak"), such as turning in 6 animals to Cripps, cooking a seasoned Exotic bird, etc.
  21. jippa_lippa

    New RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.69 (1.14) | 13/11/2019

    Let's hope a new patch is released today, folks! I'm so ready to begin!
  22. I've been saying they should do this since gta 5, it's all I ever wanted, a story with my original character then the ability to go online and continue their existence there with other players
  23. Amy Vinewood

    Vehicle Class Elimination Game

    1. Utility - 17 (-2) 2. Compacts - 38 3. Vans - 34 4. Coupes - 40 5. Sedans - 41 6. Muscle - 47 7. SUVs - 38 8. Super - 39 9. Sports - 44 (+1) 10. Sports Classics - 42 11. Off-Road - 40 12. Motorcycles - 41 *Selects Pariah at the start of a race* "nothing personal, kid"
  24. GTA3Rockstar

    GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion

    Even if it came out next year as a launch title for next gen, it won't be available on current gen. Nothing to worry about. I just hope we get it within 2 years lol
  25. OG Freddy LOC

    Trying to please everyone.

    All this energy , Rockstar has digested into a bottle. Whilst online multiplayer games suffer from gaming Lag deficiencies, online cloud gaming isn't immune to lag as well. everything about online multiplayer games is no single player option?
  26. KarimNTerr

    No single player DLC is unbelievable.

    Funny thing is Rockstar's first game was an expansion for GTA1 (London) also the first expansion pack ever on a console (PS1) They basically invented them 😂
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