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Forum Rules

GTA Forums


Hello and welcome to GTAForums, the social arm of the GTANet and home of the largest Grand Theft Auto community on the web!


Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these basic rules, enforced to help keep the forums a friendly environment for all of our community:


  • No Flaming Language or comments that are antagonistic, provocative, slanderous, derogatory, abusive, aggressive or confrontational. Do not derail topics with unrelated subjects and insist on doing so when a moderator tells you not to. This includes, but is not limited to, arguments about political views, among other subjects that may be more sensitive and instead belong in a forum like Debates & Discussions. We are not interested in a GTA topic becoming a pissing contest.
  • No Hate Speech Discriminatory language or comments, such as racism, sexism or homophobia
  • No Harassment Continued intimidation, pressurised, pestering or forceful remarks towards a member in public or in private, sexual or otherwise
  • No Explicit Material Posting or linking to any explicit, pr0nographic or offensive media; such as sex, nudity or gore (this includes signatures & avatars). This includes pr0nography and nudity from video games.
  • No Spam Off-topic, nonsensical, one word or otherwise pointless and non-contributory posts (such as single GIF or image posts), double posting is frowned upon, and only allowed if necessary. Do not bump a topic unless needed.
  • No Warez Posting links to, requesting or discussing illegally obtained or pirated materials; such as games, software or other media
  • No Ripping Stealing or plagiarising other people's work and claiming it as your own; such as game mods, images or written content
  • No Advertising Promoting your website, YouTube channel, Discord server or other service such as referral links by posting topics or PMing members (promotion in your profile or relevant topics is acceptable)
  • No Multiple Accounts A new account should only be made if there is a legit reason; members using another account to break rules or evade bans will be taken care of appropriately


Breaking these rules will result in a Reminder, Warning, Temporary Ban or Permanent Ban being issued by a Moderator. Your Member Log keeps a record of this and explains the reason why it was issued. Action taken is at the Moderator's discretion and judgement, but is based on the severity of your rule violation, how often it may be occurring and your Member Log history. 


Please do not argue about Moderator decisions in unrelated threads. If you have a question or issue with a decision, bring it up in Forum Support or post a private appeal in the Court House. Violations may result in additional disciplinary action taken against your account.

We rely heavily on our community to flag posts, topics or members that break these rules using the Report system, a link of which is found at the bottom of every post and member profile.

Use common sense and you will get along just fine! Like any other forum, there are unspoken 'rules' of etiquette amongst the community regarding spamming (the occasional meme is fine and is actually funny if used in moderation, but please don't go overboard) and trolling (deliberately acting out to annoy or flame the community). While such things aren't generally enforced as rule breaking, Moderators will take action if such posts become a habit, cause problems or result in complaints from other members. Last but certainly not least, please be aware that discussion of anything deemed illegal in the real world is not welcome on GTAForums.


Please remember GTAForums is offered as a free service. To ensure our community remains an enjoyable experience for everyone, we may remove you from GTAForums at any time if you are found to be breaking the rules or otherwise abusing our platform.

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