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Welcome to GTA ShillForums' Tiered Verification System! Click on to read more!

This announcement is no longer active


For the longest time, select members in the community have been relentless with sane, perfectly normal commentary, alongside constructive suggestions about how the forum is paid, sponsored and run by so called "shills". Over the past two years, we have been taking this feedback seriously, and we are now proud to announce we are introducing the GTA ShillForums.


On top of the GTA ShillForums, we are introducing a new tiered verification system, inspired by that Rocket Man's changes to the bird social network. No need to give out money for a subscription to help some hairline-less man who thinks he can man rockets out, no no.

On here, your contributions will be carefully measured, and members will ALL have their own blue ticks! But there's more.


If you are a behaving member of our community, you can get the Verified Shills (3tCDSBS.png) tag, alongside all the Shill staff members. Praise Rockstar, praise our hard-working staff and show knowledge about the games, and you may be chosen for one!


If you are an avid participant of the Bitch and Moan threads (staff note: we might ban these words tbh), or engage in any other commentary that goes against the values of ShillForums, you may be flagged with a RED tick (Ubq25Fk.png), so other members can know.


New Members will get a baby blue tick, as they are still getting established. But you never know what resides in your future!


We hope you enjoy these new changes and additions to GTA ShillForums. Beware that too much "constructive criticism" will get your permanently banned (staff note: maybe we should nuke the B&M threads? lmfao) and, best case scenario, tagged.


Happy foruming and on forth to GTA VI!


(version: this isn't ready for production yet, needs proofreading please don't move it to public yet)

(seriously though DM me if there's an issue with your permissions or something)

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