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Official Modification Forum Rules


Official Modification Forum Rules & Procedure

The GTA Network / GTANet

The general GTANet and GTAForums rules apply to these forums as well, these modding rules
are more specific to the modding forums. GTANet rules -> https://gtaforums.com/announcement/7-forum-rules/

General Rules


  • When posting in the modding forums, ensure you're posting in the right section.
  • Topic titles should be informative and relevant to the topic, and include topic tags.
  • No requests threads allowed, post any requests in the pinned topics that are in each forum.
  • Search before you post, if you ask a question that has already been asked two dozen times. Then the topic will be locked.
  • Search before you create a topic, if you ask a question that has already been asked two dozen times. Then the topic will be locked.
  • If you're asking a question in the modding forums, the topic should include as much information as possible, this allows you to get a much faster response, rather than wasting the first few posts on requesting information.


  • If you want to ask a question in a thread make sure you look through the recent posts in the thread to make sure the question hasn't already been asked.
  • If you're asking a question in the modding forums, the topic should include as much information as possible, this allows you to get a much faster response, rather than wasting the first few posts on requesting information.


Showroom Rules


  • If you make a topic in the Showroom, your topic must have some sort of work done. Creating a thread with a bunch of ideas you have isn't allowed, you need to have a video or screenshot of your progress.
  • You're only allowed create topics for your own mod, creating a topic for a friends mod or another party isn't allowed.
  • All topics require a tag. When creating a topic, you need to select one of the available tags from the list that suits your mod best. You can use multiple tags but make sure the first tag you pick is the tag that you want people to see. When you select your tags, make sure you tick the "use first tag as prefix" box, this will show the first tag you selected next to your topic title in the Mod Showroom.
  • Nude mods are allowed except the screenshots in your topic need to be censored.

Download Links:

  • Download links must not require registration or a survey.
  • Download links must not limit the amount of available downloads.
  • Download links must not expire after a pre-defined amount of time.
  • Download links must not put users through another site just to get to the actual download.
  • Download links must not go through an ad site like adfly without giving users the ability to download it without adfly. If you put up an adfly link, make sure you put up a mirror without adfly too. This includes websites like ShareMods, where every certain amount of downloads, monetary compensation is given to the mod creator, the fact that it may not contain advertisements does not mean it is allowed either.

Consider GTAGarage for reliable hosting. Any topics that do not comply will have their links removed and may eventually be locked.


  • Do not post insulting or non-constructive posts in any topics.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome on this forum, so authors must be prepared to face criticism. Constructive criticism must be actually constructive, and not insulting. Members who break the forum rules by being rude to mod creators without valid criticisms will be penalised.
  • When quoting another post make sure you edit out any large images from the quote and if a quote is too long, edit out the previous quotes in the post.

If your post breaks any of these rules, they'll be removed and if you break them multiple times you'll possibly be warned.

Mod Theft:
When you think someone has stolen a mod, you have to do two things. First, you have to find evidence. Without evidence, we can't do something about it. Try to use Google, for example. Only when you find something that proves that your accusation is well founded, you are allowed to report.

Once you have evidence, report the topic or send a PM to someone of the modding staff. In this report, you have to give us the evidence you found and you also have to link us to the topic.

If you are new to the forums and are caught guilty of stealing a mod, you'll be warned. If you do it again, you'll be banned. If you've been here for a while, are not new to the forums and you're familiar with the rules as you should be, you'll be instantly banned for stealing mods unless you have a justified reason for doing so.


Trying to decrypt scripts protected with CLEO encryptors is also not allowed under any circumstances, as there usually is a reason scripts are locked - to prevent mod theft. We may or may not open exceptions depending if the mod creator is still active or not, or if the mod  is still under active development or not, or whether it has an open source code or not.

Mod Packs:
Mod packs are not allowed under any condition, even with permission from the authors to upload their mods. We promote people to work on their own mods here instead of uploading a pack of other people's work and calling it a 'mod'.

If you upload a mod pack that includes mods without the permission from others, you'll be guilty of mod stealing and possibly banned, as per the aforementioned mod theft rules.

Online Modding:
Mods specifically made for any official Rockstar multiplayer client are NOT allowed under any circumstances. Rockstar Games does not condone anyone touching their online components so we don't allow it, especially Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online or any other future Rockstar online game. Using the Mod Showroom or any other section to persistently promote your Online mod will get you instantly banned.

Mods specifically made for third party multiplayer clients for any GTA or Red Dead game are allowed as long as they aren't specifically made for cheating or giving the player some sort of advantage over another.


  • Asset/Props Conversions from one Rockstar game to a GTA or RDR2 - Any R* title until GTA V as long it was released on PC. 
  • Conversions from non-Rockstar games to a GTA or RDR2 - You can convert as much assets as you want from games created in 2005 and before, that includes the entire map of the game. The only conversions allowed from games created after 2005 are props. Props can be a tree, lamppost, chair, etc.. You are not allowed to convert things other than props like characters, buildings, vehicles, etc..
  • Content from websites - As long as it's under a suitable licence granting its free use, then it's allowed as long as evidence of the licence is shown. Make sure to follow the requirements of that licence. If no license is provided with the content, include a link to where it was originally obtained


These rules are in place for the general health of the modding community. They exist for the sole purpose of helping the community prosper and expand.

Staff note - changes to the rules should be discussed beforehand. So take it up in the appropriate place first, before moving or deleting any topics relating to the rules.

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