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The NOOSE PIA and Illegal Immigration

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Trooper Fera
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Posted 5 days ago

We all know that Niko entered the United States illegally, but there is reason to believe that the game planned to focus more on that issue in earlier stages due to a rather undeveloped NOOSE branch. 


In earlier stages of development, the NOOSE Patriot was to be an LCPD Patriot (Hence the polpatriot name and early screens of it), however, for some reason it was changed into a NOOSE Patriotism and Immigration Authority vehicle, along with the addition of the NOOSE Cruiser. It seems kind of odd that a "Patriotism and Immigration Authority" exists in game and plays no role in the plot whatsoever. In the end, these two vehicles are used by the LCPD and ASP at 3 - 4 stars instead of NOOSE. 


Doesn't it seem slightly odd that there is a Immigration Authority in game that is unfinished and plays no role in the storyline?

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Posted 4 days ago

I always thought NOOSE = SWAT, what does NOOSE stand for?

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Posted 4 days ago

what does NOOSE stand for?


National Office Of Security Enforcement

(in case your asking)

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