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Let's say Rockstar wiped you bank account out....what vehicles would you sell?

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  • Aslad

    I didn't mispell Salad, I swear

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Posted A week ago

The 20 Deluxos I have sitting in an Office Garage lol

  • Fozzie

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Posted 6 days ago

I got a bunch of Deluxos, Oppressors and Elegy Retros on my 2nd character that are worth more than I currently have banked..
I'll be fine.

  • hei3enberg

    not really certain about some stuff

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Posted 6 days ago

None. Realistically speaking, R* will either reset your character back to rank 0 and no assets or just wipe fraction of your money. I have coke and bunker running and I'm in a friendly crew so I would make more from sales than from any of the cars. 

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  • M.K.N.

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Posted 6 days ago

I'd threaten them with a lawsuit, even though that'll never happen because they'll get away with just about anything. And so long as they have the money, they have complete immunity from any kind of lawsuits.


I would not sell ANY of my vehicles unless they have morbid performance. Otherwise, I'm keeping them for a long, foreseeable time.

  • whywontyoulisten

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Posted 6 days ago

Still have two full vehicle warehouses sitting doing nothing, so them first.

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No Homing
  • No Homing


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Posted 6 days ago

My 80+ duped elegy's, lol.

  • foursquare

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  • Aland


Posted 6 days ago Edited by foursquare, 6 days ago.

A few x80s will be sold.

  • MeisterJazz

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Posted 6 days ago

I wouldn't sell anything. I've gotten multiple businesses set up to make all my money back. On top of that, there's so many money glitches in this game I'd just laugh it off tbh. 

  • 0delay


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Posted 6 days ago

Too many Deluxos to count

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  • AUScowboy


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Posted 6 days ago

None, I would just grind my way back. This is assuming it's a false positive, as I've never glitched or cheated any money.

  • Anasterian

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Posted 4 days ago

none lmao all i have is a million 

  • InfrequenT


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Posted 4 days ago

None, I play the game for the vehicles and I've got the collection I want bar the cheburek and michelli 

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  • Dragon_Of_Tragedy


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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Dragon_Of_Tragedy, 3 days ago.

Rockstar wiped all my outfits and I still play. My bank account is laughable atm.

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Posted 3 days ago

Nothing. I'd just quit playing online and would instead stick with story mode mods and maybe try FiveM.

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