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New Vegas Remastered

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  • TheDudeAbides

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Posted 6 days ago

So, some people have some crazy ideas that Bethesda has a New Vegas remaster in the making. What do you guys think about this?

The N. Bellic Man
  • The N. Bellic Man

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Posted 6 days ago

Sources? If it's just a wild rumor I don't think anything about it.

  • Nick1020

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Posted 3 days ago

Its actually a F03 remaster 10th anniversary edition. Its from the alleged Nintendo E3 leak that includes that, a Fortnite port for the Switch, new Pokemon games and a few other things.

  • Zello

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Zello, 3 days ago.

The thread title almost gave me a heart attack. Stop playing with my emotions.
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Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted 3 days ago

If it does happen then I'd like to see some of the issues connected with the performance and bugs/glitches in general to be fixed. It is certainly worth a remaster than the rest of the nu-fallouts that I absolutely disliked it. This one is close to the classics.

  • Fireman

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Posted 2 days ago

Well Obsidian made Fallout: NV and unless they get in on it it'll just be another sh*t-show and they'd need an actual new engine to make a remaster.


All of this seems very unlikely.

Lock n' Stock
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Posted 2 days ago

Misleading title brah.

  • dante財閥


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Posted 2 days ago

Please nuke this thread. I got excited over nothing.

  • TheDudeAbides

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Posted 2 days ago

You guys can close this thread, I'll make a new one and retitle it Fallout 3 remaster.

  • Daz


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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Daz, 2 days ago.

How about don't.


E3 2018 chat can go in the topic here:http://gtaforums.com...909165-e3-2018/


Otherwise use the already existing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas topics. Or a more broad conversations about remasters in general and not specifically one game.

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