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do agree griefing ceo players in gta online is out of hand?

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Poll: do you agree ceo griefers can get out of hand? (95 member(s) have cast votes)

has griefing gotten worse?

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  2. i sometimes get griedfed (42 votes [44.21%] - View)

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  3. i do the griefing / i never get gried (36 votes [37.89%] - View)

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do agree r* needs to remove the ability to grief ceo player?

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  2. no (50 votes [52.63%] - View)

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  3. what would us griefers do? (14 votes [14.74%] - View)

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Posted 27 minutes ago Edited by R3CON, 23 minutes ago.

There is a huge chasm between the way Rockstar intended their vision of GTAO to be played, and the way it actually is played, and received. They don't seem to ever factor the most important ingredient into any of their game modes or updates. i.e. typical, anonymous, online gamer behaviour 
I always get the impression that much of their content is tested by a group of them on a LAN somewhere and they believe that because they are buddies and colleagues having a good time with it, that it will work just as well when released to the wider world of randoms all playing together across the internet. 
It doesn't seem to dawn on them that people don't want to work for MC presidents and CEO's because the payouts are crap. It doesn't seem to register that gamers will simply farm the same thing over and over when they find it makes money for them. The list goes on.

Honestly I think this is the biggest reason for the disconnect and it's something I too have noticed for a while now. Rockstar's always seemed out of touch when it comes to their intentions for the game vs the reality of the game and I've figured a scenario similar to that described above is the culprit.

Of the people who make decisions, I don't think many of them play the game and those who do must play under the most optimal conditions or situations where friends/help is easy to find. Especially when you consider all the wacky, short-lived adversary modes we get compared to the drought of attention given to PvE jobs or monotonous solo-friendly freeroam work. Never get the vibe that the devs actually play this game regularly or enough to understand the ramifications of the content added in. I think it's also why so many bugs, glitches and balancing issues (vehicle classes, weaponized content) go unaddressed for so long.

There's been countless concerns and values shared across the GTA community whether here, Reddit, YouTube, in game, discord, etc. that's obvious to the casual player and yet totally oblivious to the powers that be at Rockstar Games. I get the vibe that the folks working on GTA Online just work there but they aren't necessarily active players in their personal time.

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Posted 5 minutes ago

From what we know of their personal experience of the game(cf. FAFF 2016 livestream), they tend to suck at the game and tend to prefere playing in IO sessions.

Not a chance if IE/GR/SR/DD gameplays weren't showcased as FAFF was.

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