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Ending Ideas

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What do you think could/should've been the ending of GTA V?

Here's my idea:
Ending C: Deathwish -
So, Franklin kills Wei Cheng, Michael kills Steve Haines, and Trevor kidnaps Devin in the meanwhile, meaning no one kills Stretch since Franklin forgot about Lamar and the ghetto life because he became rich.

After the ending of 'The Third Way', Franklin would get a call from Lamar.
Lamar would insult Franklin for forgetting about his roots (where he came from), and tell him that Stretch is searching for him. He'd tell Franklin he's hiding next to a basketball court (where Stretch originally dies).
Then a blip would appear on the map.
When Franklin would come, he'd see Lamar's dead body laying there, on the court. Franklin would kneel down, and check for any signs of life, but he'd be interrupted by Stretch who just came, aiming his gun at Franklin.

Franklin would tell Stretch how he really f*cked up this time and would take his gun out too. The duo is now aiming at each other.
Stretch would tell Franklin how, despite if Franklin pulls the trigger or not, he will die too.
Now, the player would be frozen, aiming at Stretch.

If the player didn't pull the trigger for a minute, Stretch would shoot Franklin in the head, and walk off, the credits would start to play.

If the player pulls the trigger, a cutscene would play. Franklin would start shouting at Stretch, as he'd unload a clip into him for killing Lamar who was Franklin's best friend. Franklin would turn around to walk off, but he'd notice how he's surrounded by a couple of Ballas. Franklin would try to kill one of them, but the Balla would pull the trigger first, causing Franklin to fall down on the ground. Then the Ballas would take out either knives, and start stabbing Franklin on the ground, or they could take out baseball bats and start hitting him. Franklin would then die, and the credits would play.

After the ending, if Michael and Trevor hung out, Trevor would ask where is Franklin since he didn't hear anything from him lately. None of them would know that Franklin is actually dead at first.

After a while, Michael could receive an email from Lester saying something like this:
"Michael, that dude that was helping you, Franklin. Apparently he's dead, he was murdered by some gang members. Anyhow, I transferred his cut from the job to you, and Trevor will get his mansion.

Michael's reply:
"I can't believe he's gone... f*ckin' sh*t. The kid only wanted to help... Too bad Trevor got the mansion, he'll probably burn it down.

Michael would also get an email from Trevor afterwards:
"I've heard that kid of yours, Franklin, was whacked. I hope you didn't have your fingers in his death, or else you are dead to me."

Reply from Michael:
"He was killed by a bunch of gang members, not me, T. I'll see you soon or something."

Lamar is dead.
Franklin is dead.
Michael gets Franklin's cut from The Big Score.
Trevor gets Franklin's mansion in the hills.
Trevor would act a bit more aggresively towards Michael since he thinks Michael was responsible for Franklin's death.

What would've been cool is if you could hear some dialogues from Grove Street gang members on the street:
"First off CJ, then Sweet, then Franklin and Lamar, all the OGs are dying, fam."
Or something of that type.

Let me know what do you think of that ending?

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