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[PC] Heavy Lifter not picking up container in Docks to Stocks mission

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Posted A week ago

Me and two friends have tried this mission several times but none of us can get the Heavy Lifter to pick up the container.
When you get in is says to use LShift and Lctrl to raise/lower the grabber. That works.
It also says to use E to grab but it does nothing. We cannot get it to grab.

That Heavy Lifter also seems to be made of glass. It breaks very easily.

Is there some trick we missed?

In the end we stole a truck and rammed the container until it was in a spot where we could reach it with the cargobob.
But that was our 6-7th time trying the mission. We got over $40k failing the mission before we managed.

  • Hécate-II

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Posted A week ago

Its possible to directly grab the container with the Cargobob, but you have to lower keyboard sensitivity and be used to do it. It doesn't work everytime when I try, sometimes it fails...

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Posted A week ago

You're positioning the loader arms above the container and lowering right onto the top? Then press grab.


If that doesn't work maybe try rebinding the grab key? 


If all else fails an insurgent or Vigilante should do the job in terms of ramming.

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Posted A week ago Edited by Mexicola9302, A week ago.

It doesn't work while your hunted by the police. Get rid of your wanted level and it should work. That's why i hate this mission. There are Merryweather ppl protecting it and if you defend yourself you get a wanted level.


Just drive into Fort Zancudo with a Kuruma and pick it up with the CBob and fly to the bridge. Well or go get your own CBob.

Go there, drop the Kuruma and land the CBob somewhere safe, get into the Kuruma shoot all of Merryweather, then get rid of the cops, and then move the container with the Heavy Lifter.


That is the idiot proof way of doing this mission. :D

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