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LVPD cops in a LSPD car in LV

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  • TheWarMarine

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Posted A week ago

Hiya dudes, Just wanna share this. I was doing my thing at The Strip when I saw a LSPD car chasing a taxi and after the chase ended I was surprised to see LVPD cops in the car, I can't stop laughing after that experience. Did this happen to you before?

  • DirtCheap


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Posted A week ago Edited by DirtCheap, A week ago.

Normally, when you visit one city and visit another city, you will notice that the cops from the first city you visited are now in the city you are currently in e.g. if you were in San Fierro and then went to Los Santos, you will notice there are SFPD cars rather than LSPD cars in Los Santos.


Edit: This only occurs when you fly over to the city.

  • Reameb

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Posted A week ago

Its a common "bug" specially when you fly over cities

  • Skayz


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Posted A week ago Edited by Skayz, A week ago.

It happened because you didn't give to the game enough time to spawn LVPD cars.

For example, when you arrive very fast in Los Santos from Red County, Ranchers can spawn (and they spawn only in rural and desert areas).

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