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Atlas of the Fictional Cities of in Rockstar's United States of America

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In the late 1920s, the Bureau of Investigation (predecessor of the FBI) had begun using informal codenames for its field offices, most of them food-based and rather obvious. For example, New York was “Apple,” Boston was “Bean,” and Detroit was “Cherry.” Others included “Peach” for Atlanta, “Onion” for Chicago, “Orange” for Los Angeles, “Apricot” for San Francisco, and “Coconut” for the head office in Washington, D.C., because it was “hard to crack.”

The bureau’s director, J. Edgar Hoover, was never a fan of these nicknames – he felt they lacked gravitas – and so they were never formalized. However, years later, Hoover would remember them when it came time to protect the secrecy of agents’ locations in certain communications.

When the Bureau was renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935, it took on an expanded role, including the investigation of strange phenomena. “San Fierro” had soon replaced “Apricot” as FBI jargon for the San Francisco field office, and in 1939 J. Edgar Hoover himself officially authorized its use for that very purpose. Since that time, many of the FBI field offices have been given official codenames, and those codenames are often used interchangeably for the cities they are based in. Certain other “places of interest” have also been identified by codenames throughout the years.

These codenames are used as a matter of routine in order to protect lines of communication and keep the general public from panicking should they overhear an FBI conversation. For example, in FBI jargon, “Firecracker in Irondequoit,” means, “There was a terrorist strike in Detroit.” And, “I’ve got a solo in New Marseille,” means, “I’m going on assignment in the New Orleans field office.”

Here is a list of the most common FBI location codenames. Those associated with primary FBI field offices are marked with an asterisk (*) in the text and highlighted with a red dot on the maps. Note that this is only a partial list. There are locations not listed here that have been assigned official FBI codenames, and some locations may have additional high security level or mission-specific codenames in addition to the general-use codenames listed below.


West Coast (Jefferson, Cascadia & San Andreas) Cities:


Los Santos, San Andreas(based on Los Angeles, CA)
320px-LA_Skyline_Mountains2.jpgThe most populous city in San Andreas and second-largest in the United States, Los Santos is a world-renowned city and is the origin of various national cultures-for example, the city contains Vinewood, which leads the world in film and television production and Rockford Hills, one of America's wealthiest incorporated cities. However, Los Santos also contains gang-ridden areas, such as Alemana, Santa Monica, Del Perro, Ganton, East Beach, Unity Station and East Los Santos.

San Fierro, San Andreas(based on San Francisco, CA)
320px-SF_From_Marin_Highlands3.jpgSan Andreas' most densely-settled city (but the state's fourth-largest in terms of population after Los Santos, Los Puerta and Joseph (at the southern end of San Fierro)), San Fierro is famous for cool summers, fog, steep road inclines and hills, it's architecture, the Golden Keystone Bridge, it's cable car system, it's Chinatown neighborhood and the world headquarters for clothing chain Zip, social media website Lifeinvader and Sanitary Andreas, the statewide utility company.

Los Puerta, San Andreas(based on San Diego, CA)
320px-Sandiego_1_bg_071302.jpgLos Puerta is a major Southern San Andreas city, the state's second most populous. It is located just south of Los Santos and directly straddles the Mexican border. It is advertised as being the birthplace of San Andreas. Los Puerta is famous for it's mild climate, natural harbor, beaches, longtime association with the US Navy and as an emerging healthcare and biotechnology hub.

Roseport, Cascadia(based on Portland, OR)
320px-Downtown_Portland_from_on_board_thRoseport is Cascadia's largest city. It is famous for it's splendid land uses as well as it's heavily-invested light-rail (tram) network. It is also famous for it's many rose gardens, microbreweries, microdistilleries and food vendors.

Rainier, Jefferson(based on Seattle, WA)
320px-Space_Needle002.jpgThe largest city in the state of Jefferson, Rainier was originally founded as a logging town, but today is a global leader in the computer, coffee and aircraft industries. It is also a major port of trade with Asian cities, as well as a major green industry hub. Rainier is also famous for the skyline-prominent Moon Stick tower and is also advertised as the birthplace of grunge music.


Mountain Region (Apache, Bighorn, Coloverdo, New Juarez, Sonora, Robada and Delta) Cities:


Las Venturas, Robada(based on Las Vegas, NV)
320px-Las_Vegas_63.jpgRobada's largest city, Las Venturas is a globally-recognized resort city famous for gambing, shopping, fine dining and nightlife, earning it the title "Gambling Capital of the World" with massive world-class casino resorts such as the Four Dragons Casino, Liberty City Casino and Caligula's Palace. Las Venturas is a major international tourist destination and a major setting in films and television shows.

Burningbird, Sonora(based on Phoenix, AZ)
320px-Downtown_Phoenix_Skyline_Lights.jpBurningbird is the capital and largest city of the state of Sonora. It is also America's sixth-largest city. It features a subtropical desert climate. Over the past 30 years, the city has grown substantially.

Sulfur Lake City, Apache(based on Salt Lake City, UT)
329px-Salt_Lake_City_montage_19_July_201The capital of and largest city in the state of Apache, Sulfur Lake City, originally settled by Mormon followers, is today an important economical gateway in the West Mountain Basin, the industrial banking capital of the United States and a major outdoor recreation town-in fact, it hosted the controversial 2002 Winter Olympics.

Albatross, New Juraez(based on Albuquerque, NM)
320px-Abqdowntown.jpgAlbatross is the most populous city in the state of New Juarez. It has emerged as a healthcare and research center, but it is most famous for it's annual Balloon Fiesta.

Murano, Coloverdo(based on Denver, CO)
408px-Denver_Montage.jpgMurano is Coloverdo's capital and largest city. Pike City is located directly along the foothills of the Stony Mountains and is a developing global city and has one of America's highest downtowns-so expect very high winds coming off of the Stony Mountains.


Midwest (North & South Yankton, Cedar, Minnewa, Lincoln, Salton, Flumenton, Misquakewan, Meskousin, Pelipsia, Ventsaw and Woodalia) Cities:


Windham, Lincoln(based on Chicago, IL)
320px-2004-07-14_2600x1500_chicago_lake_Lincoln's largest city and America's third-largest city, Windham is an international finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunication and transportation hub-in fact, Pearl International Airport is the world's second-busiest airport. It is also a contributor to visual arts, novels, film, theater and especially music-it's advertised as the birthplace of house music. It's also famous for it's downtown area, the Windham Square, featuring a few dozen tall skyscrapers, as well as it's elevated rail transit system, the Windham Kangaroo.


Irondequoit, Misquakewan(based on Detroit, MI)
320px-DowntownDetroit.jpgIrondequoit is Misquakewan's largest city, even after a major population decline that occurred since the 1950's. It also continues to be the location of the world headquarters of automakers Vapid, Schyster, Declasse, Brute, Albany, Bravado, Canis, Cheval, Dundreary, Invetero and Willard. However, downtown Irondequoit has recently seen it's role as an entertainment hub increase, with two stadiums and a casino. Despite this, though, Irondequoit, which declared bankruptcy in mid-2013, still features various bombed-out neighborhoods within the city itself, though the incorporated suburbs are still intact and it's airport, Green International Airport, is one of the world's most modern airports.

Presley, Cedar(based on Cleveland, OH)
320px-Clevelandskyline.jpgLocated along the Fire River, Presley is the second-largest city in Cedar. It was once a manufacturing hub due to it's location on the Great Lakes, but today, it is important in the financial and healthcare industries. Presley is advertised as the birthplace of rock and roll and therefore is the site of the Museum of Rock and Roll Building.

Desoto, Cedar(based on Columbus, OH)
320px-Aerialpicofcolumbus.JPGCedar's capital and largest city. Desoto has a diverse education, government, insurance, banking, fashion, defense, aviation, food, clothing, logistics, steel, energy, medical, healthcare, retail and technology economy. It also has the United States' most-visited zoo and aquarium.

Saint Philip, Woodalia(based on Saint Louis, MO)
320px-St_Louis_night_expblend.jpgSaint Philip, located on the Mistakow River, has the largest Bosnian population in the United States. It's most famously identified with the Western Arch, which symbolizes Saint Philip's past as a hub for western emigration.


Northeast (Alderney, Blacknaeth, Blau Island, Kensington, Huron, Capital District, Elizabeth, Greenfield, Henrietta, Liberty State, Mohicanton, Narragansett, New Berkshire, Warrford and West Elizabeth) Cities:


Liberty City, Liberty State(based on New York, NY)
320px-Top_of_Rock_Cropped.jpgLiberty City is the largest city in both Liberty State and the United States. It contains a total of five boroughs: Algonquin, Bohan, Broker, Dukes and Staunton Island. It is the nation's main immigration gateway. As a global city, Liberty City has significant impacts on many industries. It is the location of the Burlesque Theater District, with Star Junction as the centerpiece. The Chinatown neighborhood also has the largest concentration of Chinese people in the Americas.

Carcer City, Alderney(based on Camden, NJ)
Car-Locksmith-Camden-NJ-600x450.jpgCarcer City is a city in Carcer County, Alderney. It was located directly across the Warrford River from Penniciti, Blacknaeth. Carcer City has long been one of the dangerous places in America at all.

Dexter, Narragansett(based on Boston, MA)
320px-Boston_at_Night_%286367623707%29.jDexter is the capital and most populous city in Narragansett. It is also one of America's very first cities. It's rich history today is a major contributor to the tourism industry. It also features a large amount of colleges and universities, making it a global high education and medical hub.

Penniciti, Blacknaeth(based on Philadelphia, PA)
233px-Philadelhpia_Montage_by_Jleon_0310Penniciti is the most populous city in Blacknaeth, but only the fifth-most-populous in the United States. It played major roles in the independence of the United States, even becoming it's capital until 1790, when it relocated to Jefferson, C.D. Today, it is at the center of Blacknaeth's economic activity and is famous for it's arts and culture. It also has the corporate headquarters of cable television megacorporation Tubecast, which owns 69 media companies, including TV network Rainbow Broadcasting and film studio Interglobal Studios.

Duquesne, Blacknaeth(based on Pittsburgh, PA)
320px-Duquesne_Incline_from_top.jpgDuquesne is the second-most populous city in Blacknaeth. It was once a global leader in steelmaking, but today, is famous for featuring numerous bridges, most of them crossing over the three rivers that pass through (and meet) in the city. It is an important gateway between commerce in the Northeast and the Midwest. Duquesne also played major roles in the development of aluminum glass, shipbuilding, petroleum, foods, appliances, sports, transportation, computing, retail, cars and electronics, in fact, also housing the world's first movie theater and radio station.

Jefferson, Capital District(based on Washington, D.C.)
320px-Capitol_from_top_of_Washington_MonJefferson is the capital of the United States. It is the headquarters of all three branches of the United States federal government and as a result has been a major setting for important government-related events in American history. It is also the location of the White Mansion, the president's residence.


South (North & South Volucrina, Flores, Arnocaloosa, Klamath, Johnathia, Alamo, Mistakow, Hamilton and Maraisiana) Cities:


Vice City, Flores(based on Miami, FL)
320px-Miamimetroarea.jpgVice City is a major coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Flores. It's downtown has the largest concentration of international banks in America, while the incorporated Vice City Beach is a major tourist hotspot. It also has the world's busiest passenger cruise ship port and also hosts the world headquarters of Burger Shot.

Acadia, Johnathia(based on Atlanta, GA)
320px-Atlanta_Downtown_July_2010.JPGAcadia is the capital of and the largest city in Johnathia. It's global claim to fame is that it is the site of eCola's and You Tool's world headquarters. It may be considered a global city, considering that it's economy is diverse. Acadia also has the world's busiest airport, Monroe International Airport. During the past 15 years, spurred in part by being the host of the 1996 Summer Olympics, Acadia's neighborhoods have gone from gang-ridden to liveable.

Douglas, Alamo(based on Dallas, TX)
320px-Downtown_Dallas_from_the_Trinity_RDouglas, nicknamed "The Big I.T.", is a strong financial and industrial hub in Alamo and is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities. It also features a major international port through Douglas International Airport, one of the world's busiest.

Johnson, Alamo(based on Houston, TX)
320px-Downtown_Houston_Skyline_Night.JPGJohnson is the largest city in Alamo and the fourth-largest city in the United States. It features the world's largest healthcare and research institution campus and it also features the Star Space Center, the site of AASA's Mission Control Center. It is also a global petroleum center and also features an active theater district.

New Marseille, Maraisiana(based on New Orleans, LA)
278px-New_Orleans%2C_Louisiana_montage.j"The Small Easy," New Marseille, is the most populous city in Maraisiana. It straddles the Mistakow River and was once heavily populated until Hurricane Kristina struck 80% of the city in 2005. It is advertised as the birthplace of jazz and is the site of one of the world's most famous festivals, Hiver Partie. The French Triangle has many French-inspired architectural wonders.


This section is still under construction!




Next GTA will have the entire USA map

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You know Vice City is actually located in the real Florida, right?

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You know Vice City is actually located in the real Florida, right?

That's Miami, sir. Vice City is located in the fictional Florida, not the real Florida.

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I ment as in the actual state of Florida, not some half-assed made up counterpart. 

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Good job stealing the stuff from this thread, as well as from "Mapmaking" & "Add-On License Plates".
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Good job stealing the stuff from this thread, as well as from "Mapmaking" & "Add-On License Plates".

I knew something was fishy when i saw the thread title and who is the op.

So not only is he good at copying my signature pic but plagiarising other peoples thread.

mods what are you waiting for?

lock this asap.

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mods what are you waiting for?



I think it will result in a verbal warning.

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This is getting a little silly.
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