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Electrical Substation Functionality. Wishful Thinking.

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Posted A week ago

Wuz driving down the street today in real life.
Pulled up to a stop sign and there was an electrical substation across the street.

In GTA V the worst that happens if you shoot or try to blow up an electrical substation is that it shoots off a few sparks.

Ooo wow that is so f*cking awesome!!


My immediate thought when I saw it was, if it was real life and I climbed up on a transformer and began jumping up and down, I would be fried with 100,000 amps of pure AC power and would immediately look like a GTA V body after it was set on fire.

Secondly, if I blew up a substation, it would cut out the power in a large section of the city.

Just a suggestion for anyone at Rockstar who happens to see this post. GTA 6, you need to allow people to cause power failures by blowing up substations.

You could then cause all the peds to go into riot mode like in real life. Seriously. Power goes out in South Central, and TVs are going to disappear from stores really quick.

Lotsa fun in GTA V is creative ways to die.

They missed out on some good opportunities with the electrical substations.

Oh, and something else just occurred to me. They have several ways and scenes to torture people. Why not have a mission, or at least the capability where you can force someone to leap to their deaths from a chopper? Sure...there is the mission with the two hold-out actors where you have to scare them into submission for the studio chief.

The problem with that one is, if you crash the helicopter you fail the mission. Why?

Why NOT allow you to kill them by crashing them into a building? The studio chief has a dime a dozen actors he could use as replacements in the film.

It is common knowledge that during the Vietnam conflict, they took POWs up in choppers and told them if they did not talk they were going to learn to fly.

Even when they did begin jabbering and giving up the info, they would shove them out anyway. My uncle was a chopper pilot in Vietnam.

Just some random wishful thinking.

Carry on.

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