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CLEO Frame Limiter problem

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone,


I have a problem with CLEO frame limiter. It simply does not work. I've put the frame limiter file inside the CLEO folder as told but when in-game frame limiter is off, the FPS is off the hook, when it's on, it's 30 FPS. I've changed the name of the .cs file to be at 99 fps (which is max). Any help would be appreciated.


By the way, CLEO log is like this after I quit the game:


GTA VC CLEO v2.0.0.5 Log File

GTA VC steam version
Loaded plugin VC.ClipboardControl.cleo
Loaded plugin VC.FileSystemOperations.cleo
Loaded plugin VC.IniFiles.cleo
Loaded plugin VC.IntOperations.cleo
Loaded plugin VC.MemoryModule.cleo
--Game Re-Init--
Released all scripts allocated memory
Allocated memory for script: "cleo\99vcframelimiter.cs", 26209
Loaded script "99vcfra" from "cleo\99vcframelimiter.cs"
TERMINATE_CUSTOM_THREAD: Terminating custom script "99vcfra"
--Game Shutdown--
Released all scripts allocated memory
Unloaded plugin VC.MemoryModule.cleo
Unloaded plugin VC.IntOperations.cleo
Unloaded plugin VC.IniFiles.cleo
Unloaded plugin VC.FileSystemOperations.cleo
Unloaded plugin VC.ClipboardControl.cleo


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