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Bunker/Gunrunning Question

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  • pilotjr

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Posted A week ago

Hi All,


I apologize if this has been answered in previous threads, but I'm just looking for a quick answer to a relatively straight-forward question.


If I fully upgrade my bunker (minus security), have it set to manufacturing only, and purchase one set of supplies for $75,000, how long will it take for that one batch of supplies to be converted into stock and what will the profit be for selling the stock generated from those supplies in the further county?


I ask because I have come to the realization that with a non-upgraded bunker, the purchase of one set of supplies at $75,000 only converts to the ability to sell it for $75,000 in a different county, essentially making it moot to purchase supplies. I'm interested in investing money into my bunker (i.e. upgrading staff & equipment), but I only intend to do so if it will begin to yield me profit from the purchase of one set of supplies. I mainly play solo online, so I want to make sure this is worth my time versus running I/E. 



  • Talisman_83

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Posted A week ago

It takes around 2 hours and to sell to the furthest away area will net you $210k - higher if lobby is densely populated.


It's probably one of the easiest and most profitable methods out there - it's my bread and butter (alongside a similar operation for coke)

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  • III-Ari-III

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Posted A week ago

With the bunker it's easier to farm with 2 to 5 ppl.. with 2 ppl you need to do 2 missions to almost fill it up, with 4 you get the same result, and with 5 in most missions you will fill it up entirely, avoiding you the cost of purchasing the supplies, (actually playing the game) doing a mission that will take you no more than 15 minutes.

  • LunaticPandora

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Posted A week ago

Might I suggest doing I/E on the side whilst your supplies are being used up? If you sell 3 cars in an hour or so, then do something else inbetween, you can make about 500k pretty easily.

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  • Volganor

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Posted A week ago

LunaticPandora's suggestion is a pretty good one and it's basically the best way to make money if you play on your own. Jimbatron's guide for lone wolves further expands on this and I fully suggest giving it a shot.

There's also CaliMeatWagon's Gunrunning Knowledge Base that goes fully in-depth on how the bunker works. Give that a try too.

Happy hunting.
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Posted A week ago

If you buy supplies, 2.5 hours till its ready to sell. 10 minutes to arrive, 2 hours and 20 min to produce.
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