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Great Chaparral Abandoned Mining Tunnel

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  • AndyC-M

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Posted 2 weeks ago

has anyone visited this either in single player or online and gone all the way through it?


I see that it forks off into 2, the 2 again, but I didn't travel all the way through it, is there a map to show how far under the map it goes? I've searched on google but couldn't find anything, what's at the end of this tunnel?



  • Domac


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Posted 2 weeks ago

The tunnel is pretty cool, it's long, takes time to the other end, a little creepy, and you can also find a corpse inside of it.

Too bad it was only used for an Easter Egg, it would've been cool if there was a mission with it.

Here's an example of what the modders did with it though:

  • kcole4001

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Posted A week ago

It is used in a bunker supply steal mission, and there's nothing but a wooden bulkheads at the ends of the branches.

In the mission you have to run back out to the entrance to leave with the supplies.

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