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If the GTA Online protagonist let alone a GTA Online version 2 exist in GTAVI...

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Tao Cheng
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Posted 3 weeks ago

I'm sure you will have to start over with your assets in GTA Online. There's bound to be a start point where you start at the bottom again. What excuse do you think Rockstar will come up with to make your character start over? Will a hurricane that overlooked Vice City cause an earthquake in Los Santos, crumbling your beautiful hideout penthouse at Eclipse Towers and your counterfeiting operations in Maze Bank West so you have no choice but to fly to Vice City? Did Dr. Evil take over your bunker lair and nuke all of Los Santos while you're somehow flying around the Pacific Ocean for reasons unknown? Do you think your empire will still be intact? How do you think GTA Online in GTAVI will start off?

  • Zello

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Zello, 3 weeks ago.

Arrested and lost everything, or that you are a completely new character. I know that it's a basketball game that comes out every year but they're still under the same parent company Take Two in NBA 2k you start a completely new character every year and it doesn't transfer over no matter how much VC you spend.


I think R* is going to make you start over with a new character. They're not going to let you keep everything they need to make money. If they do let you transfer over they might give you a huge penalty like being arrested and losing 3/4 of your money all of your properties and cars. With the properties and cars being auctioned off.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I'm fine with starting over but I would like the option to port my characters likeness over. 

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