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What DID happen to what was left of the Grove OG'S?

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Posted 3 weeks ago

So I was messing around on GTAV, and I noticed some dialogues between Franklin and Lamar They seem to have some knowledge of The Grove, and it's fall into Ballas control. Franklin goes on to say that the OG's are either dead (likely indirectly referring to Ryder/Smoke) or living the rich life (Most likely CJ). But what happened to the other people that survived the events of San Andreas?

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Posted 3 weeks ago

It's a matter of speculation. Rockstar didn't bother in offering some interesting back stories or events that led to Ballas taking over GS. Moved on with their lives, but where and what is their current status? There's nothing in the GS and the surrounding neighbourhood that gives us a glimpse on the reasons and answers that fans are curious to figure out in more details. Though I am also happy, at the same time, that Rockstar didn't mess with the legendary characters and their history by offering some sh*t explanation, adding further insult to injury, but left it completely for the fans to speculate.
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Posted 3 weeks ago

The way I see it, Cesar and Kendl probably left the thug life behind (they both wanted to move out of the ghetto) got married in SF, and made a living out of the Dorherty Garage. CJ was obviously the one living the rich life (he owns most of the state, is Madd Dogg's manager, as well a s being a well respected OG from the Grove). It's hard to say what happened to Sweet, his was very loyal to the Grove. Maybe, just maybe, died in a gang attack, which might of lead to Grove Street being taken over. Madd Dogg continued his career, releasing, "Still Madd" sometime around GTA IV's events and even got his own star on "The Vinewood Walk of Fame"

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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTA V could've had more gang-related missions, where we could find out more about what happened to GSF, maybe a mission where we take it back, etc.

(the territories and gang wars from SA could've made a return, it would have made the game 10x times better)
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Evil empire, 3 weeks ago.

I suppose Rockstar did it to show the 3D-era is over like the funeral stone with all the 3D main characters' names in GTA 4.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by korhan332, 3 weeks ago.

I suppose Rockstar did it to show the 3D-ear is over like the funeral stone with all the 3D main characters' names in GTA 4.

it isn't real rockstar sayed they maked it for joke and 3d-hd era is not important they just created but they don't wanted to create gta 3 map in gta 4 so they created 3d-hd era still they are referencing to gta vice city san andreas even madd dogg in gta 5 (btw I Don't use ,. because english is not my mother language I'm trying to learn where to use these ., so sorry for that if I Maked a mistake)

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