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[TLaD] Enhanced HUD

IV Released
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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Kane49, A week ago.

Of course, everybody who played GTA TLaD noticed the dirt effects on the HUD, on the radar's disk, bar of health & armor, and on the pause menu's parts.

So, I came up with this modification to get rid of those effects, for everybody who prefers to play without them or either gets annoyed by them (I play with them present anyway). I also replaced the textures of the peds' health & armor that appear on the HUD's crosshair with vanilla IV's textures (which is used in TBoGT by the way, was changed only in TLaD).


This modification also changes the color of the health bar from white to brown, and improves the following HUD colors: Yellow, blue, red, and green.








  • I didn't touch the game's fonts (fonts of street names, vehicle names, weapon ammo's numbers, etc), because I didn't want to replace the biker font style with the regular font of GTA IV. Meanwhile, dirt effects haven't been removed from the fonts.
  • Installing this mod on your game will prevent you from previewing the noise effect, even if it's already enabled.

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