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Taxi Missions: Glitch- Bickle '76 not spawning

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  • demilich88

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Posted 4 weeks ago

So I have been working on my GTA LCS Starter Save and was able to pass Taxi Missions in one try, 100 fares in a row. I feel like this may have caused a glitch where the Bickle '76 does not spawn. I've tried checking at different times of the day in game and letting several days pass but it looks like it never spawns.


I looked a little on Taxi Missions and only found some info that there may be  PS2 glitch with Taxi Missions. Is anybody aware of this glitch?




  • ClaudeIzABadAzz

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Nope. I've done all 100 as well (not at once though) and the Bickle 76 spawns just fine.

Jack Lupino
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Are you sure you are looking for the right spot where bickle 76 spawns?
In LCS it Spawns in taxi centre behind the hospital not like gta 3 where it Spawns near Red Light District.

  • jaljax

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Posted 3 weeks ago

My best guess is that you're looking in Harwood... Bickle 76 doesn't spawn in Harwood , but instead in Trenton at the Mean Street Taxis building .

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