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Not enough accents in Liberty City

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Posted 3 days ago

Most of my family is from New Jersey and New York and I've been around. Needless to say I'm somewhat dissapointed in the lack of accents showcased for Libertonians. I know accents are dying out irl but it would have gave the city even more of a NYC vibe. I hope the next edition of LC we see will have it that when we head to Bohan we'll see the term "deadass" being thrown around as well as "B"

I think Packie McReary sounded good. Seemed like a stereotypical Irish American from the Northeastern United States. And I loved hearing the police scanner. But I can't remember much else. (Also goes without saying that the Serbian spoken is subpar but we're discussing LC/NY accents here)

Can anyone else name off characters that seemed like real Libertonians (and Alderians) to you?

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Posted 3 days ago

The Pegorino mob sounded really good, especially Ray Boccino. They had this stereotype Italian-American accent.

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Posted 2 days ago

I'm from a small town up here in Finland, newer been to the NY. In game, LC sounded like a babel to me! :)

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Posted A day ago

The North Holland hustlers say "b"

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