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Tommy's fear of sharks

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Posted A week ago Edited by watersgta3, A week ago.

I'm not sure if someone has already done this topic before, but I've come to another implication of Tommy: he's has an abnormal fear of sharks. I mean aside from the fact that he can't swim, there's also the cutscenes with Steve Scott where he constantly tells Steve not to add a giant shark in an audition. The way he constantly kept demanding Steve to keep the giant shark out of the audition pretty much gives away a hint. In fact, I also have a theory that Tommy had a bad experience with a shark when he was young and that might explain his inability to swim since he was so scared of sharks that he was probably afraid to dip into any water that wasn't his bathtub. What do you guys think?

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Posted A week ago

Now who wouldn't be afraid with all of them red sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, great white sharks, whale sharks and megalodon sharks swimming about?

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Posted A week ago

hahahahahaha.. you're absolutely wrong.

Let me explain to you something that is so simple to understand.

There's no fear of sharks. Steve Scott is a porn director, and not some art director or whatever that you need those fishing poles, aliens, big sharks, etc in the business of porn. Tommy simply wanted all that crap to GO. Because, "Why'd you get in this business, huh? For the pussy! Just keep the cameras pointed at the poontang"

Are you still confused!?
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Posted A week ago

So when he falls into the water and doesn't bother trying to swim until the last second after his health completely drops, he's actually frozen in fear?

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Posted 6 days ago

Tommy would be smart enough to at least try to swim to shore if he gets even into the shallowest waters.

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Posted 6 days ago

Then if he was scared of sharks wouldn't he know how to swim to GET AWAY from the sharks?

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Posted 6 days ago

Nothing indicates Tommy is afraid of sharks, he just finds Steve Scott's ideas too extravagant.


As for the fact Tommy can't swin, Rockstar probably didn't find relevant adding it given the short time they took to develop GTA VC.


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Posted 6 days ago

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Posted 5 days ago

Sharks killed his real family when he was a little boy. He's been afraid of sharks and other sea critters ever since that fateful day in 1953.

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