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GTA science fiction ?

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Wunzi, 3 days ago.

Okey. Gta has been the most realistic real-time game (dosnt include mods) for many many years now. I started play GTA 5 online few years ago, took a brake and now im back and what do i see? Flying cars, Batman mobile, jobs which are way over the top like a f*cking UFO bike with a line that make you explode? Cmon Rockstar! I can understand that you make jobs with science fiction and UFO sh*t but dont let it be in the freemode........ Shame on you rockstar ! You have been very very attractive game but with this science fiction UFO thingy.. Keep it for jobs for thoose who enjoy it but leave it from freemode !!


// a player who played gta since MSDOS !

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Posted 3 days ago

Don't all those "sci-fi" things belong in Saints Row?

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Posted 3 days ago

GTA has never been realistic...

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Posted 3 days ago

There's no flying cars or batman mobile in GTA V, but there's might be in GTA Online (Since I don't even care about GTA Online)

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Posted 3 days ago

GTA online is not realism oriented. The vehicles you mentioned don't exist in GTA V unless you use single player mods. (PC version)

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Posted 3 days ago

Your post belongs here. Link



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