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[MP] The killer of Friend

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This is a Romanian MP, I'll do it in English after I finish it.



Mark Bigman - Is the protagonist of the MP, a random civillian with a criminal brother.

Lara Cooperck - Is Mark's best friend and actually she has a crush on Mark, she is a Spy for Police Department.

Mike Noble - Is a old friend of Lara and her Enemy in the same time. He payd Tylor to kill Lara and Mark.

Tylor Mendez - He is a criminal that haves piles at Army. He is killing Everyone for money, money is his life.

Episodes (appears in one episode)

David Bigman - His brother is Mark and he is a Serial Killer. He wants to protect his family and friends.

Jesse Mendez - She is Tylor's sister, she help Tylor, but she's a traitor too.


Mark was doing his rutine, helping people at Pizza Stacked, when Tylor almost killed him, but Lara saved him.

Mark and Lara were catched by Taylor, when he was about to shoot, David ran into Mark's face to save him.

For no reason in one day, Mike was trying to kill Tylor and to be Army Commander, but when "trying to kill him" a sniper shot him in heart.


This is my first MP btw, so don't think is the best.

Chapter 1

Sacrificiul : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52942

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