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What GTA is the most nostalgic to you?

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  • Jeansowaty

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Posted 14 April 2018 - 05:28 PM

IV, then SA and then III.

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  • DeftMacaroon510

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 09:57 PM

Gta 3 as it was my first when I was very young (not my copy) sure I prefer vc overall and San Andreas is my all time favourite game, but theres just something so special and nostalgic about the city and atmosphere surrounding the entire game, I cant quite describe it but its so memorable and damn near perfection to me.

  • VenomDYOM

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Posted 17 April 2018 - 02:05 PM

My first GTA was one, the first one I played.

Then Vice City (I loved this game, the radio station music were awesome)

GTA San Andreas (Rockstar's first masterpiece, currently playing in DYOM mod now. Big Smoke is my favorite character. )

GTA Liberty City Stories (This is a interesting one, but not as GTA San Andreas!)

GTA Vice City Stories (Better than LCS, the last mission "Last Stand" was awesome..)

GTA III (The most nostalgic for me, this game had the best cut-scenes.)

GTA V (I don't like this game... yes, it has good graphic, but the missions are okay...)


My favorite one is GTA Vice City, no offense.

  • SanLiberty

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Posted 4 weeks ago

GTA San Andreas. It's the first GTA i ever played and it brings back memories. Also its mod, Multi Theft Auto San Andreas (shortened MTA San Andreas) brings back memories very much.

  • theGTAking101

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Posted 4 weeks ago

For me, it would have to be GTA IV simply because it was the first one I played, and the one that introduced me to the series.

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  • flgta

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by flgta, 3 weeks ago.

I agree about GTA 5 being an overall concept of GTA. Flying around and with the sounds in the background brings back older game memories and how it all came up to this point.


I would have to say GTA lll and Vice City, with San Andreas after. I remember really being excited when they actually had commercials of the games. I was thrilled to see Vice City in a commercial.


Between the loading music, the radio stations/songs and certain missions/stories, all brings back good memories.


The whole transitions from each game was amazing to see.

Vice City criminal
  • Vice City criminal

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Vice City Stories back on the PS2 around 2007-2008
I knew the other GTA games existed too from seeing the covers of the other games in stores, but I believe VCS was the first owned and played at the time.

  • Domac


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Posted 3 weeks ago

San Andreas for sure.  PS2 gaming was my golden years where I had all the time in the world.  
A lot of that time went into GTA SA!
Heck, I never actually finished the storyline...damn.

I recently finished the storyline on PC with SkyGFX(PS2 graphics), and it was awesome.
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Mas u Sees
  • Mas u Sees


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Has to be GTA San Andreas for me.



I remember spending entire summers with my friend playing through it on PS2, back then I still had childish innocent "fantasy" and really breathed in the world and felt as a part of it.


I could have rushed through the storyline, but we really spent most of the time fighting cops and doing all sorts of crazy stuff instead of story missions, which were like a "special thing".

When I finished the story it really felt like I had gone out for a journey.



Wish I could be young again to play other games with that approach.

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  • FujiwaraTofuShop

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Posted 3 weeks ago


  • EthanMiller

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Definitely San Andreas just so many memories then GTA 5 then GTA 4 just soooo many awesome memories on all three

  • DeathMachine15

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Vice city. My first GTA I played on ps2 when I was 5.

  • DOUGL4S1

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Let's see how many remember this gem:

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Penguin Bob
  • Penguin Bob

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Vice City no doubt.

Algonquin Assassin
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Vice City will always hold a special place place in my heart since it's set in the year I was born. GTA IV obviously and given that today is its 10th anniversary I really can't believe it. 10 years of the greatest story told in a GTA game, protagonist, city etc. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :inlove:


Also an honourable mention to GTA1. It's been years since I last played it, but it was my first GTA game. In the late 90s many hours after high school were spent playing that game right up until he early morning hours when I had  to get ready for school.


God I miss those days. I feel old.:(

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  • Sinner!

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  • Angola


Posted 2 weeks ago



Just going back & cruising around LC listening to The Journey & Rise FM respectively still gives me chills. 



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  • (Ambient)

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Posted 2 weeks ago

San Andreas, because it was the first GTA game I've ever played.

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  • TheOneLibertonian

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'd say it's between GTA IV or Vice City in a close contest in terms of nostalgic factor. However, I'd give Vice City the edge due to it is set in a period that is so different to modern standards and that it was the very first GTA that I ever played and that got me hooked to the series in the first place. IV is slowly starting to get even more nostalgic with age like a fine wine, but it still does feel very contemporary though.

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  • Carbonox

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Posted 2 days ago

Vice City, Vice City, Vice City. So many memories associated with that game I don't really know to begin. San Andreas as a solid #2 evokes plenty of feels too, but just not on the same level, though the characters for me were considerably more memorable.

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  • DeeezNuts


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Posted A day ago

'Member San Andreas Myths and Legends?


(pepperidge farm remembers)

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  • Crossbones

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Posted A day ago

GTA Vice City because it was the my GTA game.

Evil empire
  • Evil empire


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Posted 23 hours ago

If I couldn't play it any longer GTA San Andreas is the one I would miss the most.

  • eCola

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Posted 23 hours ago

As weird as it may seem, GTA Chinatown Wars.

  • skau

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Posted 22 hours ago

GTA Vice City because it was the first I have ever played. Then IV because it was the first GTA game I actually owned and played until completion (and I got it together with the PS3 as a christmas gift, best day ever)

  • EL3GYFighter

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Posted 21 hours ago

GTA San Andreas, IV and V. And each Nostalgia-inducing is bound to a Song.


Whenever I hear "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube or "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, I instantly imagine Grove Street. Santa Maria, The San Fierro Skyline and the Las Venturas Strip. It just gives me a fuzzy, satisfying feeling whenever I think about that game.


For IV it's always when hearing it's Main Theme, "Soviet Connection". I just imagine the LC Skyline and Cars driving through Broker on the street with our 1st Safehouse. It also gives me a satisfying, but also slightly depressing feeling, knowing what's happening in that game.


GTA V it is first of all Kendrick Lamar's "Blow my High", although that Song wasn't even in the game. Back in 2012 I thought it was because there was a Playlist on YouTube with the supposed Radio Los Santos playlist (most Songs were right though, maybe it was planned). I imagine crusing through Davis and Vespucci, then making a slight departure to Vinewood Boulevard. Other than that it's also "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" by Small Faces which just makes me imagine the same trailer it plays in, because I was never as excited for anything in my life as I was for GTA V when I saw that trailer.

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