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Changing zombie alarm mechanics

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Posted A week ago

i want to change zombie alarm mechanics what can i do or what line i need to put


how i want the new version to  be similar to call of duty zombies mechanic


new features wished to be added:


-infinite waves (if possible)

-able to quit when desired

-remove fire from zombies (to be honest its f*cking annoying when you want to drive)

-gain money by damaging the instead of picking up when killed.

-fix zombie spawns(when i am driving the zombies spawn in the rooftop )

-zombies more aggresive and faster by round progression

-zombies drop weapons and ammo 

-zombie quotes playing as thier voices(i will find the voices sounds from the zombies from treyarch zombies)

-zombies attacks peds and cops respond to their attacks.


please if you know who can i do it  or do it for me reply this

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