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[PC] Mesmer Incorporated

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Mesmer Incorporated on the Rockstar Social Club







Mesmer Incorporated is a well-established organisation that, on the surface, appears to run a legitimate trade. Specializing in technological research and development for both the government and independent clients and beneficiaries, Mesmer is both a profitable and sustainable business even without the less-than-legal operations that the company keeps firmly under the hood. As you may have guessed, there is far more to Mesmer Inc. than meets the eye.


Drug manufacturing, illegal exportation, extortion, espionage, assassination and gunrunning are just a few of the many unethical practices that Mesmer engages in, with the company's connections within the government, the FIB and it's offshore investors serving to make these operations nigh undetectable to any interested parties.


Politics within the organisation are just as shady - with the current CEO having backstabbed and cheated her way to the top (and even killing members of her own family) in order to have full control of the company.


But none of this matters to you, right? You're here to make money, and where that money comes from is of no concern to you, correct?







Mesmer Inc. is an organisation based heavily around the use of roleplay. While playing alongside crew members inside of public or private lobbies, you are expected to play out your role and act as your character would, with some retcons to realism (this is GTA, after all). We do not expect FiveRP levels of ability, and you shouldn't expect this roleplay to be anywhere near as strict or rule-based as FiveRP, either. It's much more casual and designed to be as non-intrusive as possible to your normal play experience.


This being said, the basic rules of courtesy still apply here, so no insulting each-other maliciously or throwing around racial remarks or trying to raise your completely pointless K/D ratio on other members of the organisation. No assholes or tryhards allowed, essentially (seriously though, why do people care so much about K/D in a GTA game?).


Moving on, you will actually garner some unique benefits depending on your role within the organisation, And while access to company cars and upgraded weaponry may seem useless to somebody who is already a high level with lots of money in-game, remember; you are roleplaying a character here, and won't have access to most of the things that you use outside of roleplay during an actual roleplay session.


As an example: the top executives within Mesmer Inc. would, at most, carry a pistol around with them, since they are businessmen, not soldiers. However, they would also be accompanied by a bodyguard or two - a person responsible for protecting them. This bodyguard would be able to carry a fair few weapons in order to carry out their jobs successfully.


Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that not everyone within the company is going to be a walking arsenal who has cash and supercars falling out of their asses, so manage your expectations in this department. Each person having access to things the others do not encourages cooperation and communication during roleplay, and makes performing things such as heists and contact missions far more interesting.







Mesmer PMC is a subsidiary of Mesmer Incorporated, and serves as the company's private army. On the surface, it's purpose is to test and evaluate the technology produced by Mesmer Inc. and discover any potential military applications for that particular piece of tech, as well as protect the company's assets. Much like the main company, however, the PMC has much more going on beneath the public's eye.


The PMC is responsible for Mesmer's gunrunning scheme - the act of manufacturing guns illegally and selling them to the highest bidder; regardless of the buyer's affiliation or allegiance. They are also the company's 'problem solvers', and are often the ones sent to perform assassinations or initiate sabotage on the organisation's competitors.


Well equipped and possessing much of Mesmer Inc's experimental technology, Mesmer PMC is a rather powerful, yet unknown, presence within Los Santos. Joining grants you access to advanced weaponry, an awesome selection of vehicles and a slick looking uniform. Knock yourself out.







As stated before, there are multiple roles that your character can fill within the company, of which fit into two categories - Corporate or PMC. Our goal is simple: to provide roles that suit as many people's preferred playstyles as possible. Keep in mind that this list is not final, and may be updated with new roles as they are suggested to us. So, if the role you would like isn't on this list, but would make sense for either Mesmer Incorporated or Mesmer PMC, then simply let us know:





CEO - The owner of the company. (Taken by me, of course. There can only be one!)

Executive Officer - An individual at the top of the company who works closely with the CEO. (There can be around three of these)


Managing Director - An individual who is responsible for managing the company's assets and employees. (There can be three of these)


Bodyguard - A person responsible for protecting an executive and taking them where they need to go. (There can be two of these per executive)


Enforcer - Someone who performs a lot of the legwork for the company. Heists, contact missions, VIP work and sales are often done by these people. (We need lots of these)






Commander - The leader of the PMC. (Taken by Mesmer's co-creator)


Chief Warrant Officer -  The second-in-command of the PMC. (There can only be one)


Sergeant - Officers who command a group of agents, pilots etc. (The amount depends on how many soldiers there are)


Agent - The standard, run-of-the-mill soldier within Mesmer PMC (We needs lots of these)


Pilot - Soldiers within the PMC who fly helicopters, planes, jets and more (We need lots of these)







LexiaVixen (CEO)

GoneNuclear (Commander)

Hexxster (Bodyguard)



If you wish to join, register your interest below.

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I would like to join If you are interested in a promising arms dealer.

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Hey there, veteran GTA player. I'd like to join, is there an application that I have to fill out? If so, let me know. Thanks!

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