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Top 5 to 10 Landmark/Area that could have been in GTA 5

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Posted A week ago

So far Rockstars has done a good job of replicating many Landscapes are located in Los Angeles and it's around the areas, however like Liberty City Grand Theft Auto 4 there's a few missing important landmarks that could have been added. What do you think should have been in the game.

Don't it must be landmarks located in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas, so no San Fierro or Las Venturas etc.

My list
1. Lancaster
2. Culver City
3. Long Beach (This city of one of hundred popular city in the US.
5. Disneyland or some kind of amusement park outside of Los Santos
7. San Fernando valley (I hear that place is the home to porn of Los Angeles. Maybe the area itself wouldn't be visually appealing to exploring)

8. LA Zoo (I don't think it's necessary since the Liberty City don't have a Zoo also)

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Posted A week ago

An actual ghetto

Also you forgot #4 and #6

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Posted A week ago

Grove street inb4 you say we have grove street let me break it down to ya chief .....Not a authentic one that we all knew once before

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Posted A week ago Edited by Hussein Sonic, A week ago.

An actual ghetto

Also you forgot #4 and #6

[citation needed]

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