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how to play legal copy of GTA IV on another PC

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  • southparkmayor


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I own GTA IV and EFLC on steam. Unforutuantely these games do not qualify for game share because the DRM is a pain in the ass, Is there any way to copy GTA IV onto a USB and play it on another Laptop without dealing with steam and gfwl?

  • HigorSM


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Posted 2 weeks ago

yes, you can copy the game to a USB and use xliveless to not have to deal with GFWL, or you can install Steam on the laptop, log in with your account which has the game and download it, or not, I'm not sure, never tried to do this but I guess it should work.

  • FukNRekd

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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