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NOSCAR Grand Tour [PS4]

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 04:24 AM

Because NASCAR fans deserve a better class of track. I came out of creator retirement for my people! 


This road course incorporates banked turns from Indianapolis, Darlington, and Bristol. The race is locked to stock Sabres only, but with track boosts, you can get around it at much higher speeds. The boosts also make car control come into play, as its easy to spin the car out at high speeds in the turns if you have no car handling skills. This isnt a track for rookies, this is a track for road course masters to shine and pull away from the competition. I wanted a track that had a little of everything, real banked turns, technical sections for good racers, and long straights for the slipstreaming fun the Rockstar tracks are only good for. 


NOSCAR Grand Tour



Track Link




Also enjoy my other tracks I made as Sabre only races, they'll make great additions to a Sabre only Playlist


NOSCAR Sonoma Raceway



NECKCAR City Raceway



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