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Passive mode

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Poll: Passive mode cool down time (105 member(s) have cast votes)

Passive mode cool down Should be longer

  1. Yes it should be longer (55 votes [52.38%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 52.38%

  2. No it should be kep the same (46 votes [43.81%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 43.81%

  3. It should be shorter (4 votes [3.81%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 3.81%

Should players on passive mode use phone to call people like lester for help?

  1. Yes they should be able to use people like lester in passive mode (65 votes [61.90%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 61.90%

  2. No they should not be able to use Lester and people like him (40 votes [38.10%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 38.10%

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  • Cant-B-Faded

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Posted 3 weeks ago

As someone that always uses passive (no interest in trying to pvp in this game), my only problem is that sometimes I accidentally disable it because my back button doesn't register. I wouldn't want to wait 5 minutes or longer to enable it again.
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  • Neuling2000

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I want the old passive cooldown back where the players were vulnerable during the cooldown.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

People who go out of passive get a big icon on them (even if they are off the radar) announcing to everyone that they have just gotten off passive the very second they select to go off passive, and they can be shot and killed then as well meanwhile they themselves cannot shoot until after a 20 second timer.

  • riotvision

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Get rid of passive entirely.
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  • AmyStone

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi I did not know where to put this but iv seen a lot of players using passive mode to creep up on opponents only to turn it off again once they engage another player one player used passive mode to steal one of my cars at fort Zancudo and did not get fired on so my question is should the cool down period for passive mode be longer? and maybe should those on passive mode be able to use there phone to call say lester to get there wanted level tuned off or go of radar when in passive mode?



I think this would be easy to fix if Rockstar wanted to. When you leave passive mode you should be able to be killed but not able to kill anyone for the first ten seconds. That would stop people leaving passive and killing you immediately.

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    Fly low for the killing blow!

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Posted 3 weeks ago

A lobby-wide notification when someone leaves passive would be the first step in the right direction. And no, "but the notifications gets spammed to much already" is not an argument against it.

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  • Up2NoGood45


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Posted 3 weeks ago

You cannot control the idiots, it's a useless cause.  Passive mode is handy for people who want to just drive around the map and watch what is going on.  I use it to sell my cars I steal for around 9K and then come back out of it.  Never use it underhanded.  I want to be able to come out of it quickly to take part in the challenges. 


Seems there are bigger problems in the game that should be addressed. 

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  • Nutduster

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Posted 3 weeks ago

For regular PvP players it's a pretty big problem.  Some people will use it to fight dirty as often as they have to.


I wouldn't want to penalize innocent users of the feature as it was meant to be used, which is why I'm mainly in favor of a cooldown if you've been killing other players.  That gets right to the heart of it, for me.  You're either fighting or you're not - pick one.

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  • Skeve613

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Posted 3 weeks ago

They should just add a proper cooldown to it (one minute is a joke; should be 5 minimum), and more importantly disallow armed vehicles to use it.


Yes there are people who peacefully use them, but the vast majority of the time someone in a Lazer is up to no good, and shouldn't be able to misuse it.




I'd also add that I think the person should be unable to attack, but completely vulnerable while exiting passive mode, that the exit period should take longer than 10 seconds (15-20 perhaps), and that them exiting passive mode should be clearly broadcast on the minimap.


Basically, the aim would be to make it so people who try to exit passive mode right next to someone to kill them can be easily killed by anyone nearby. Apply this to people exiting passive via joining CEO/MC too.


Regarding services, some should be available in passive, some not, on an individual case by case basis.

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  • McGhee

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Fix the griefer f*cks who spoil a lot of gaming fun for serious players. Make griefer f*cks explode if they kill 2 players within a minute or so. Get rid of these idiots in pubic sessions and Passive Mode needs no more fixing. Serious players can go about their business without worrying about griefer f*cks and people can enjoy driving their armored vehicles without being blown to smithereens for no good reason.
R* gave us Invite Only and Solo Sessions, but stripped CEO/MC/something more opportunities within those sessions. In other words: wanna enjoy every aspect of the game? Here’s a bunch of idiots to play with!
Again, a fat middle finger for the serious players.
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  • Voodoo-Hendrix

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Apply this to people exiting passive via joining CEO/MC too.

I think you shouldn't be able to join someone's CEO/MC in the first place while Passive. I mean, you can't start being a CEO/MC on your own while in Passive already.

I agree with all the points of your post btw.

  • bigt420ozp

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Get rid of passive entirely.



I agree, what's the point?  I never used passive.  Either you deal with the sh*t in the lobby, or you go to a private/crew/friends lobby..  All else fails, NAT test.....bam, solo public lobby.

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