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Earned Spent stats are wrong

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Mine are massively out. I think I/E, Gunrunning and Biker sales do not show up on your income earned on the social club page. Or at least, the discrepancy on mine between earned and spent (around $60m when you include held cash) looks like it can be accounted for by them.

  • EkaSwede

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Posted 4 weeks ago

For me the disrepancy started showing when E&OC hit. VIP work didn't register into the money earned in total and from jobs, and FAFF only registered money SPENT buying crates but not GAINED selling crates.

  • TheGhostFromPast


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I've done VIP work, gunrunning, biker sales and CEO missions. Lately these things are my main income, especially CEO missions and VIP work.    Honestly I don't like when stats are like this when I know I haven't cheated and have done everything I could to avoid modders and other cheaters. 

  • Neuling2000

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I can't compare it. Thanks to the billionaire days with the billion $ bountys which f*cked up my income stat.

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Nutduster, 4 weeks ago.

I wouldn't worry about it.  Anybody who played back in the billionaire days has had these stats permanently screwed up.  My earned money is way, way off from reality.  In fact I think the last time I looked it was negative hundreds of millions, or something.  If Rockstar starts getting uppity about this they're going to be banning players left and right who did nothing.



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Posted 4 weeks ago

Wouldn't worry about it mine says around -11billion earned and around 800 m spent, due too the billionaire days (2013) mine are completely messed up  

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Posted 4 weeks ago

What's annoying is when you purchase crates, it comes off the property section. It should be job entry fee if anything. Iirc

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Wouldn't worry about it mine says around -11billion earned and around 800 m spent, due too the billionaire days (2013) mine are completely messed up  

hahaha my socialclub stats are "ok" with $3.1B earned $992.9M spend, but last time i checked my ingame stats i was like -2billions 🤣
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  • JZG

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Mine are 150 earned and 180 spent... and i never have cheated. Im f*cked too, because i dont want to see a error in my stats. All others stats are fine.

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Mexicola9302, 4 weeks ago.

Yeah it`s weird and i made most of my money with CEO and Biker businesses and bunker. The only thing that is not legit in my account are the 14.1 million i picked up it should only be around 1 million i picked up 13 million from modders a few years ago after i started playing the game. But else it`s legit and it doesn`t make any sense.WtDAckpq.jpg

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Posted 4 weeks ago

all of my stats have been broken for years, honestly the whole game has been broken for years. since rockstar are a world-class brand the way they've constructed gta online over the years has just developed into a crazy mess, from features being all over the places, classes for cars being wrong, so many glitches and inconsistent features from dlc to the next. the stats is the last thing that plays on my mind about the game. i could go into further detail about the subject but i'd need a good few pages.


i honestly don't even believe k/d ratios anymore. mine drops loads from each death but doesn't rise at all if i get 10 kills.... 

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