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My GTA SA will not save on my PC

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vishal raju
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Posted A week ago

QUOTE (tomx20 @ Monday, Nov 14 2011, 11:28) QUOTE (Girish @ Monday, Nov 14 2011, 05:52) What radioman said. The error that you're getting is due to your Windows user account name having a period in it. You'll have to create a new Windows user account without a period. I don't understand, I apologize for the "noob" questions/statements. I don't see how Tom has a period in the name, could you elaborate? Also, for the new account, is there a name you could suggest? Thank you Are you sure that's your Windows User account name?Have you tried locating the gta_sa.set file like I suggested before?Alternatively, try what lil weasel has suggested.

sir i have found GTA_vc.set file . what i have to do now .???

lil weasel
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Posted A week ago Edited by lil weasel, A week ago.

** Do not piggy back** on others problems, it is unlikely you have the same hardware. Which might make a difference in solving the problem.

NOTHING. Do nothing with gta_vc.set. If your problem is with GTA San Andreas

The gta_vc.set file belongs to another game (Vice City).
IF your problem is with the GTA San Andreas you might want to delete the GTA_sa.set file.

Is your game DVD v1, DVD v2, STEAM Registered v3 (legal Download)?
IF you have a stolen (Warez, Torrent, Pirated) Game, go to the web site where you got it and ask there. There are too many reasons for a Stolen game to not work.
IF your game has modifications (Mods), delete them, OR ask in the Modding Forums.

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Posted A week ago Edited by CoolMods, A week ago.

install SilentPatch. It's a patch everybody has installed and i'm pretty sure it fixes this problem, idk if really cause i never had it.

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