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[RDR-CELL-XENON|RAGE-V]Red Dead Redemption knowledge base

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RDR knowledge base - Path to Rage(n)lightment



Who am i ?


Hello i identify myself with the nickname "Mr Leisurewear" (from the nickname that Trevor gave Steve haines in one of the mission),

and in my spare time i hold myself busy with graphics programming and game programming , as this is also my profession it interests me a lot.

3 years ago i started to look into the file formats from Red Dead Redemption, because i have little time available it took me some time to gather enough info about the game.

Soon a small group of people gathered around me and we started converting the whole map of RDR inside V PC which you may have known from the hyped "high profile mod Red Dead Redemption V"


Link to the forum thread


Shortly after i was contacted by Take Two to cease my activities , as to why you can look that up in the thread.

So one year goes by and nothing changed on RDR's front , and we are nearing 1 year after the alleged C&D of our project so i decided to share my knowledge to the gta community.


What the community does with this info is entirely up to them, i hope by dropping this quite large knowledge it creates some momentum towards more Redemption stuff :)


I will be dividing the info up into sections of interest like -> META (Text , xml , tune , etc...), GFX (Graphics), SYSTEMS (Anims , sound, cutscene etc...)


I will be adding info more and more by the day as i continue to find more stuff as i'm constantly researching RDR expect more to come.

I can only do some pieces per day because of time limitations so if it seems a little bit too little of information please wait a few days :p


You can always hit me up on PM for more info !


All of this info will aply to both platforms , CELL and XENON are mostly interchangeable


- Standard information



-Magnificent streaming AKA RSC's (ReSource Container files)






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