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The Unknown Battleground

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Have you ever heard about a battle royale themed game? PUBG, Fortnite, H1Z1, etc? Or you haven't known about it all? Fine I'll tell you what it is: A battle royale game, also spelled battle royal, is a video game genre that blends the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game with last man standing gameplay. Battle royale games challenge a large number of players, starting with minimal equipment, to search for weapons and armor and eliminate other opponents all while avoiding being trapped outside of a shrinking "safe area", with the winner being the last competitor in the game."


Yes as you can see it's similiar with "The Hunger Games" and I'm going to turn it into a DYOM Mission Pack. I'll try to make it as close as the original game (even though DYOM is really limited but let's see if I can use some features in DYOM to make it real). The mission will have a storyline, therefore is not just shooting, running around and killing each other without moral story in it, so yeah, here's the story.



In San Andreas, a mysterious company kidnaps people to experiment with a project called "The Battleground", an experiment to test human development through realistic simulations. Every kidnapped person becomes a 'player' who's connected to a highly developed and very dangerous Virtual Reality system. If a player dies in the simulation world, the player will die in the real world.


All players will be given new memories. With only one surviving condition. The rest must die. The only option is to win this match by fighting against someone else who has been kidnapped as well!
That's it for now, more information will be updated soon.
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Posted A week ago

Finally a man who will design battle royale themed mission pack, nice and good luck. :D

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